1. Studio Hours: Our Bedroom Tour


    Stopping in today to share a few photos of our bedroom. I realized that with the move coming up I should probably share a few of my favorite aspects of our current bedroom before I have to box everything up.

    I kind of feel like our bedroom has been the most neglected room in the house (poor guy). We don’t really “hang out” in there and it’s seem more as a place to sleep and store clothes. There’s usually piles of laundry scattered around and most certainly an unmade bed. In the new house, the bedroom is getting bumped up on the priority list ;)


    ( Guest Room, Living Room, Dining Room )

    ** A few key items shown in our room are from the home decor brand called The Citizenry. Over the past 9 months, I’ve been working alongside The Citizenry’s co-founders, Carly Nance & Rachel Bentley to bring their start-up visions to life. I’ll be sharing more on this on-going project next week!
    The Citizenry items included: throw pillows, area rug, blanket
    1. Gorgeous room tour! It’s pretty cool to see how your aesthetic plays out in your own home. I absolutely love your lion closet door handles!

      • veda says:

        Thanks Kevin. Appreciate your feedback. Funny thing. Those door handles came with the house and made me instantly fall in love with the bedroom! Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Such a gorgeous space you’ve curated — I’m a new follower on here and Instagram and LOVE your style. Can I ask where that hanger is from? I’m in hanger-love. ;) xo

      • veda says:

        Hi Mary! Welcome and so glad you decided to comment. love hearing from my readers :) The hanger was found at an antique store. I actually bought an old apron and asked if I could take the hanger too. Haha. Love it.

    3. Audrey says:

      Visiting your blog is always a peaceful and happy moment thx !

    4. Love those blankets featured on the chair! Mind sharing where they are from?

      • veda says:

        Hi There! Thanks for stopping by. All the blankets were found in antique shops around the mid-west. I’ve got a bit of an obsession with fabrics and textiles :)

    5. Kate says:

      Awww! That cow photo! I totally forgot about it…. That’s one of the first things that made me follow your blog dedicatedly!

      I just love him. <3

    6. cleshawn says:

      I would totally pay to sleep in this room… haha it looks like it belongs in a hip + trendy boutique hotel! It’s so lovely. :)

      xx/ http://www.hometohem.com

    7. These candle holders are pretty amazing. And the fact that there’s so much of them, love it. How are you feeling about needing to restart all over again your decoration. Exhausted or excited ? :)

      • veda says:

        I’ll be honest and say I’m a bit exhausted but also very excited. Unfortunately I’ve only lived in my current home for 1 year, so many spots didn’t get the attention they needed. I hope we’re in our next home long enough to get “settled in”. I’m also excited about the architecture change. We’ll be moving into a mid-century ranch, which is very different from our current 1890’s victorian home. Thanks for stopping by!

    8. Jenny says:

      What color stain did you use on your headboard? I LOOOOOVE it! Did you use any oils as well?

      • veda says:

        Hi Jenny!

        Thanks for stopping by. The headboard was stained with a dark walnut stain and just wiped on with a wrap for that light “see through” effect. No oils were used. It has a matte finish.

        I believe the brand was Miniwax Wood Finish. The product that “protects, stains & seals”.

        Hope that helps.

    9. Abby says:

      Wondering where the area rug is sourced from? Beautiful, simply elegant design. LOVE. -Abby

    10. Jeff says:

      Can I ask how you did this headboard? What is the wood, and where did you get it? Really digging the look.

    11. Daisy says:

      Love the room! I especially love the cow print! Do you know if it is available anywhere?

    12. Stacie says:

      Love your room!! I was wondering where you got your nightstand from?

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