1. Lesson Learned: Utilize the Uninspired


    I’m noticing a trend in my working patterns as I gain more and more experience in the freelance world. Gaining insights on how to NOT drive myself crazy. There are days that just aren’t working out the way you had hoped. The days you wake up and the last thing you want to do is get on the computer and knock out awesome design. You feel uninspired and honestly…all you want to do is what the next episode of Dexter. And watching Dexter is sooo much easier considering the television is haunting me from two feet away (perks & pits of a home office)

    So here’s what you’ve got to do. On those days mentioned above, sit down on at your desk/computer and get all the “business stuff” done. You know, the stack of bills in the corner, the dreaded “I’m sorry I don’t think I want to work with you” emails, the super scary unorganized excel spreadsheet you made to keep track of finances….and let’s not forget your computer desktop….eeee

    Knock that crap out ninja style and you will feel 500 times better about not being creatively inspired that day. I find that if I spend my creatively uninspired days getting some of the nitty gritty done, I’m able to be much more creative the next day.

    What do you guys to on your “off” days. Do you use them or abuse them?

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    1. Tanea says:

      On my “off” days, I like to catch up on my TV shows and movies. If I really want to get a creative jolt I’ll go out somewhere, like the movies, and I’ll usually be excited to come back and get back to work.

      I really embrace my “off” days! I think it’s good to have some time away. I think it helps my creativity.

    2. Kate says:

      Thanks so much for this advice. Sometimes it’s hard to get the ball rolling on being productive but it really does help to get the grizzly stuff out of the way.

    3. Janine says:

      One of the things I love most about freelancing is that as long as I meet my deadlines, the hours I work don’t really matter. I’m fairly manic with my work habits – if I’m on a roll, I can easily put in a 16 hour day and barely notice. On the other hand, when I’m not feeling it, I have no problem stepping away from the computer. Sometimes I’ll use the time to get some “business stuff” done, but usually I’ll just take the day off. Often when I’m out & about with my current project in the back of my mind, something will come along and inspire me.

      This is how I’m happiest and most productive, but I know some people need a more regular schedule. I think it’s really about figuring out what works for you :)

      • veda says:

        Thanks for stopping by Janine. I love your method and I really try to step away from the computer every once and away. I’m glad that the nature of my business allows me to do that.

    4. Nikkol says:

      It’s nice to hear that other people have days like mine. I do what it seems lots of others do…working forever when it feels good and I’m on a roll and getting away from the computer when I’m not feeling it. Making myself have “fun” and not “work” all the time is a must! (Luckily, I have awesome kids that help me remember what is really most important in life!)

    5. Kreetta says:

      Everyone needs those off days. Good tips you have! But cleaning…I always avoid that too so I might find myself watching television…even though there’s nothing good to watch :)

    6. Ninja style is right! I love the advice, thanks!

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