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    Sorry for all the crickets around here this past week. I kind of picked up and left without warning. As I mentioned a week or so ago, I’ll be getting married in Florida next May. Wahoo! The boy and I (along with my mom & pops) just got back from a week-long scouting trip to scoup out the location and get a little more hands on planning done. It’s pretty tricky planning a wedding from afar, so I was very pleased to be able to almost completely nail down our cake deign, venue planning, hair stylist, DJ, furniture & decor rentals, rental home found, and our entire menu picked out. WHEW!! Feels super refreshing to have a big chunk of that done and now.

    We’ll be getting married on the Beach at Alys Beach, Florida. It’s a quant little beach community that feels like it’s been plucked out of the Mediterranean.¬†We’ll be renting out a beach house for the entire week and holding are reception in the cutest coffee bar that has the best outdoor patio. I’m pretty giddy and look forward to sharing more DIY projects with you as I go. You can see the first DIY project here.

    Is anyone else planning a wedding? Has anyone been to Alys Beach? oh….and congrats to my online buddy Amy Moore for getting engaged while I was away.

    *All photos by Veda House

    1. Kate says:

      I can’t wait to see all the DIY projects! Wow, so many happy announcements in the blogging world. Congrats to Amy! Her blog is gorgeous!

    2. Allie says:

      Love this! I’m to planning my May 2014 wedding from afar. Only 3 hours away, but still enough distance to make it difficult. Had no idea wedding planning could be so consuming! Excited to get the big things nailed down and be able to breath.

      • veda says:

        Good luck to you Allie. SO excited for you. Try to enjoy the entire process and remember it’s still almost a whole year away ;)

    3. Noor says:

      I was going to say that I thought this was in Greece wow how gorgeous. I wish you all a happy life together. Are you from FL? I am from TN and been to FL so many times but never there.

      • veda says:

        Hi Noor! Thanks for stopping by. I’m not from Florida, but my family had a family home down there that I would frequently visit over a 10 year span. Now the house is sold, but still love going back to enjoy the Gulf Coast!

    4. alicia says:

      The above photos are beautiful. Very you indeed :)

    5. Bre says:

      I saw all these photos on facebook this morning and they are beautiful. Plus, this location is SO you … love it!

    6. Amy says:

      Cass! These photos are stunning — I truly thought upon first glance that they were somewhere in the Mediterranean. How exciting (and surely a huge weight off your shoulders) that you’ve gotten all those details squared away for your wedding. The venue looks absolutely gorgeous and so very you. Can’t wait to hear more about it — kudos to you for being brave enough to plan a wedding from afar!

      And thank you so much for the engagement shout-out. You’re such a sweetheart :)

      • veda says:

        Thanks amy! I’ve never been to the Mediterranean, but have always wanted to go. I’m glad we were able to achieve the look, but still keep the wedding in the states so all our friends and family could attend :)

        Congrats again!

    7. Danelle says:

      Woah Cassie. This venue and location looks amazing!!! I can’t wait to see what you do with the styling and such for your big day. Must feel so good to get all of that planning out of the way!

    8. Wow! I love those photos – who knew florida could like this! Good luck with all your planning and I can’t wait to see the bits and pieces of planning I’m sure you’ll continue sharing. :)

      • veda says:

        I know, right? Who knew florida had a gem like this. It really is a very small community and it really feels like you’re in this little bubble of bliss :)

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