1. Studio Hours: Tie the Knot / Photo Holders


    Next May, I’ll be getting married to my favorite person of all time. We’ll be getting married on a beach with our closest friends and family. Over the next year, I’ll be sharing some of the personal touches we’ll be making along the way. We want our wedding to feel carefully crafted and full of our personality.

    First up are these doorknob photo stands. I’ve been a big collector of small vintage trinkets and these porcelain knobs (found at a flea market) are one of my favorite items. The project was super simple and only required a few things: pliers, aluminum gage wire and a screwdriver. I love how we’ll be able to share our photos and the story behind how we made the stands.

    Want to see our wedding mood board?

    1. Amy says:

      Love this! Can’t wait to hear more details about your wedding…especially now that I’ve got to start seriously getting some kind of plan together for mine, ha!

      A beach wedding sounds perfect — that’s what I always envisioned for ours. I’m sure your special day is going to be gorgeous and perfect! I think we will be doing something nature-related, hopefully by the water and just keeping it very small and intimate too. :)

      So fun to plan out all the special touches (and also a little overwhelming, not gonna lie).

      • veda says:

        Amy. My only suggestion would be not to rush the engagement. I’m thankful we’ve taken a year to just be engaged! Now I get to enjoy planning the wedding for the next year. What’s the rush right?

    2. Kory says:

      Wow! I love these! It’s so cool that they look so vintage yet so modern!

    3. Amy says:

      I love you so much for saying that! Literally the first question almost everyone asked upon hearing about the engagement was “when is the wedding?” It immediately stressed me out, because, like you, I have been counting on a long engagement. I want it to be fun/relaxed planning the wedding and take my time and enjoy the process. Definitely shooting for at least a year of being “just engaged” :)

    4. Kate says:

      This is a great idea! Your wedding is going to be so beautiful…. =]

    5. [...] We’ll be getting married on the Beach at Alys Beach, Florida. It’s a quant little beach community that feels like it’s been plucked out of the Mediterranean.¬†We’ll be renting out a beach house for the entire week and holding are reception in the cutest coffee bar that has the best outdoor patio. I’m pretty giddy and look forward to sharing more DIY projects with you as I go. You can see the first DIY project here. [...]

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