1. Notables No. 43


    What a great week. St. Louis weather has decided to show us a little what spring is all about. Today it’s going to be 70 and sunny! What a 180 shift from a week or so ago. This week was another super busy week preparing for another scouting trip to Denver and working on client work. Hope you had a grew week as well :)

    Notables This Week:

    1. I love this marble printed scarf from Scout & Catalogue
    2. A cursive clothing hanger via Annalenna Hem
    3. Beautiful travel inspired decor on Blog Milk
    4. The new shop called Association
    5. Forever inspired by Doug Johnson

    6. Unexpected house guests feature
    7. Amazing Stockholm apartment 
    8. The color palette in this living room
    9. The raw materials used in this kitchen!!!

  2. Notable No. 42


    Hi Guys! I’m in Denver doing a little scouting for an upcoming adventure (more on that soon) and wanted to stop in and share some of my favorite links I’ve found recently while scouring the net. Thanks to all of you who said they enjoy this feature. I think I’ll keep it around for a while longer ;)

    Notables This Week:

    1. A dreamy ceramic studio 
    2. The colors and patterns of this spring post
    3. This beautiful South African estate
    4. A cozy cottage via Design Sponge
    5. A fashion designer’s studio space

    6. This entire photoshoot for Kinfolk
    7. Love the rustic touches
    8. Beautifully dyed pillow
    9. This photo gets me excited about our honeymoon

  3. Notable No. 41


    Hey there! It’s almost Friday and I’m looking forward to the weekend already. This week has been a real doozy, but I’m happy to be busy. A few weeks ago I asked my readers if they enjoyed this Notables type post enough to keep it around. General consensus was to keep it! So here we go. Week 41!

    Notables This Week (For DIY-ers) :

    1. Simple coat rack via Almost Makes Perfect
    2. Beautiful Ikea Hack shelving via Smitten Studio
    3. Make these fake marble gemstones!
    4. A simple bench with metal base
    5. Copper magazine holder via Fall For DIY

    6. Beautiful Scandinavian knotted trivet
    7. Wooden jewelry box
    8. The forever famous tassel garland
    9. Modern hanging pendant

  4. Notables No.40


    Hey there! Wanted to drop by today to share some of my favorite things on the net this week. Can you believe this is notables post #40!

    I also wanted to ask if you guys like this feature enough to keep it around? I’ve got a few  new features lined up for the blog this year and I don’t want to lose focus. In the past this has been a favorite, so please leave a comment if you’d like it to stay or leave! Your help deciding is greatly appreciated. Also, for those of you on Instagram..I kinda started sharing photos again on my account. You can follow me here.

    Notables This Week :

    1. Beautiful salad recipe shared via The Design Files
    2. This boho house looks super cozy
    3. This embroidered shirt needs to get in my closet
    4. This dresser is just adorable, via design sponge
    5. I’d live outside if I had a patio like this

    6. I love the pops of blue in this bathroom
    7. Denim overalls. Love em or hate em?
    8. Geometric stacking bracelets, so pretty!
    9. Loving the woven artwork by Brook & Lyn

  5. Notable No. 39


    Happy Friday! Another whirlwind of a week. I’ve got to say that I am REALLY looking forward to a lazy week. No housework, no grocery, no running errands….just being lazy and maybe doing a little work (while plopped down on the couch). Enjoy your weekend and wish for spring!

    Notables This Week :

    1. Photographer, Jesse Leake’s Home
    2. 6 beautiful outfits for Hackwith Designs
    3. Amazing photos by the talented Nirrimi Firebrace
    4. Pop Plant featured on The Design Files blog
    5. Some beautiful images of South Africa

    6. Photoshoot inspiration these days
    7. Love everything about this Brownstone
    8. Favorite new blog to read – Wide Eyed Legless
    9. Another favorite blog to read – Scout & Catalogue 

  6. Notable No. 38


    What a week! I hope you all had a successful week and that you now have some fun things planned for this weekend. This week was a really funky one for me. My fiancé has started working from home full-time (more on that later), so my routine is a bit off. Good news is I’ve added two new great clients to my spring lineup and wedding planning is moving along smoothly. I think the boy and I are going to go see HER tonight, so I’m pretty excited!

    Notables This Week :

    1. One of my favorite makers & her blog 
    2. The artwork in this california home!
    3. In love with all the lighting via onefortythree
    4. Interior stylist Danielle Witte has a new blog1
    5. Some beautiful images of South Africa

    6. This bedroom is filled with light and awesomeness
    7. This patio is calling my name!
    8. Love the mix of traditional and industrial
    9. Great article on propagating succulents

  7. Notable No. 37


    Hi guys! This is the first Notables post of 2014 and I’m pretty excited to share with you what I’ve found interesting over the past couple weeks. Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend!
    The boy and I are in full swing wedding planning mode and spent a good deal of time planning a wedding playlist. Such a tough job!

    Notables This Week :

    1. Love the use of this small space
    2. A new-to-me blog, 70Percentpure
    3. A unique apartment in Stockholm
    4. AP Cafe in Bushwick, Brooklyn
    5. Beautifully put together home in Melbourne

    6. Love everything about this little bathroom
    7. Styling work by Daniella Witte
    8. This minimal fireplace
    9. This really beautiful Swedish home

  8. Notables No. 36 (Shop Small Edition)


    I just realized it’s been a while since I’ve posted on of these posts. I really enjoy gathering some of the most notable posts (in my opinion) from the week. For this edition, I’m sharing some of my favorite small scale shops that would be perfect places to pick out some holiday goodies for your friends/family. Please stop by and show your support for shopping small!

    Notables This Week (Shop Small):

    1. Iron & Resin (For motorcycle riding lovers)
    2. The newly launched Lone Flag site
    3. An all time fav – Imogene + Willie
    4. The beautiful Shop Terrain
    5. Handcrafted at Stitch & Hammer

    6. Died goods via Scout & Catalogue
    7. Really unique pieces by Le Shop
    8. Have you ordered your Julia ’14 planner yet?
    9. Leif Shop has great textiles!

  9. Notable No. 35 (DIY Edition)


    Hey Everyone! This post was originally scheduled for Friday, but in an effort to make a little difference I participated in a blogger’s day of silence. If you missed the post about the Philippines, you can catch up here and donate here. I’ve got a really busy week ahead of me. A couple smaller scale photoshoots for blog content, client web projects, a packaging project and then traveling at the end of the week. I’m not quite sure how everything is going to get done, but’s let’s give it a try!

    Notables This Week (DIY Edition):

    1. Love this gift wrapping idea
    2. Easy built-in shelving unit
    3. Concrete looking spray paint!!!
    4. This simple photo wall is so dramatic
    5. Fun holiday garland ideas for your home

    6. Amazing rope lighting
    7. Still loving this flush mount light from Home Depot
    8. Really beautiful dreamcatcher idea
    9. Diamond pattern painted floors

  10. Notables No. 34


    I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to a sunny Friday and weekend. It’s been all doom and gloom here in St. Louis this week, which has put a real cramp in my style for photographing with natural light. Hope everyone has an amazing Friday and weekend :)

    Notables This Week:

    1. Some tips of framing art via A Design Sponge
    2. Beautiful handle pulls on these cabinets
    3. A glimpse at twelve Brooklyn apartments
    4. A home in the Catskills
    5. Goldie & Co. – A collaborative workspace

    6. Amazing ceramics at Chen Williams shop
    7. Where a graphic designer lives
    8. Beautiful framed artwork via Varpunen
    9. I love this photoshoot for Les Creatures