1. Notables: A Veda House Wishlist


    Happy Monday, Friends! We’re doing things a little different over here today. Usually I share a collection of my favorite links from the week, but I thought that I’d share a few items on my holiday wish list this year. It appears I’ll be doing a lot of cooking and wearing clothes. HA! Hopefully these ideas help you with your gift buying duties :)

    A few holiday gift ideas:

    1. A new (fancy) teapot –  here

    2. Book: Tartine Bread by Chad Anderson

    3.  Beautiful scissors by Individual Medley

    4. T-Bar earrings in gold – here

    5. Buddha aromatherapy diffuser for essential oils

    6. Book: Sunday Suppers by Karen Mordechai

    7.  Book: What Katie Ate by Katie Quinn Davis

    8. Sorel Out and About boot

    9. The worlds softest tee – here

  2. Notables No. 47



    Hey there folks! It’s been several weeks since I’ve shared some fun things floating around the net. I don’t know about you, but I get really overwhelmed by all the holiday promotions and “extra” content that floods my inbox during this time of year. Let’s keep this short, sweet and hopefully a little bit inspirational.

    Here’s a little inspiration for the week:

    1. Studio tour: Black Creek Mercantile

    2. Some pretty neutral gift wrap ideas

    3.  Anything Tarafirma…Anything.

    4. Beautifully styled Ceramics by Casalinga

    5. This look is minimal & classic

    6. Inspired by this post called “From The Earth”

    7.  My favorite item in The Citizenry shop right now

    8. This candlestick holder via The Line

    9. There is something SUPER comfy about this photo

  3. Notables No. 46


    Good Morning everyone! Hope the week has treated you all well. We’ve made it to Friday and I don’t know about you, but this felt like a “double week”. Looking forward to resting up and doing a bit photoshoot preparation. Next week, I’ll be heading to The Citizenry studio in Dallas to shoot & style the next collection of items. I couldn’t be more excited to hang out with the gals and get my hands on some beautiful handmade items.

    Next week, I’ll be sharing some behind the scenes shots of Erin Loechner’s Capsule Collection with Lunya. Until then, head on over to the Lunya site and snag a few pre-order items!

    Here’s a little inspiration from the week:

    1. A  beautiful image I’ve seen on Instagram

    2. I’d might have to snag this flannel Jacket

    3. This reading nook stole my heart

    4. Amazing (unidentified) bathroom design

    5. Beautiful sconce by Allied Maker

    6. This photo essay about rest stops. Wow!

    7. Swoon worthy Moroccan courtyards

    8. Perfectly Styled Corners pinterest board

    9. Branding for Harlem Gourmet

  4. Notables No. 45


    Hi Everyone! Hope your weekends were just splendid. I’ve been trying my hardest to get in the “fall is approaching” mindset even though I’m hoping summer will stick around as long as possible. My mister and I also spent the weekend get out into our new city (Denver, CO) and exploring a bit more. Let me tell you…the Contemporary Art Museum is a real winner.

    I also spent a good chunk of my weekend browsing blog land and catching up on neglected feeds. It’s amazing how quickly you get behind!! Good thing there are lots of inspiring links out there. Some of my favorites are below.

    Here’s a little inspiration for your week!

    1. Lovely little paintings by  Satsuki Shibuya

    2. The colors in this painting are stunning

    3. Loving these calm beach photos by La Designerie

    4. Ohhh pretty… minimalist kitchen

    5. Beautiful sconce by Allied Maker

    6. The home of Amanda Chantal Bacon via MOTHER mag

    7. Another beautiful hanging light fixture

    8. A glance inside The Standard via Blog Milk Blog

    9. Pottery by Laura Letinsky

  5. Notables No. 44


    Hi Everyone! Hope your weeks are going well. We’ve made it to Wednesday, so that’s pretty exciting. Haha!

    First I wanted to thank all you lovely readers for stopping by last week, exploring the JORD watch brand and entering the GIVEAWAY. Kate from Kate Albee Design was our lucky winner. Congrats Kate!

    Here’s a little inspiration for your week!
    Notables This Week:

    1. I am loving these driftwood necklaces

    2. Girl crush moment with Alisa Carroll

    3. some white on white color inspiration

    4. Loving the simplicity of this Nordic home

    5. beautiful wooden mobiles made by Fort Makers via DesignSponge

    6. Young Frank Jewelry will forever be my favorite

    7. visual inspiration – the mix of concrete and glass

    8. Art wall inspiration

    9. this mirror is blowing my mind!

  6. Notables: w/ Almost Makes Perfect (Guest Post)

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    A home goods round up brought to you by my Molly Madris of Almost Makes Perfect

    Molly is a Graphic Designer/Blogger who has a great knack for DIY projects.


    Hi guys! It’s Molly from Almost Makes Perfect. Cassie asked me to share some things I’m currently wanting to spruce up my apartment for summer. Here’s what I’m wanting the most! – Molly

    Notables This Week:

    1. Ikea’s version of the wishbone chair

    2. nothing makes me happier in the home than a new comfy item to never take off

    3. pring cleaning = organizing

    4. I love stocking up at the farmers market, but love having a pretty vessel for my fresh produce almost as much

    5. I can’t think of better inspiration to get outside and picnic than this tiny mobile grill

    6. Fresh blooms call for the perfect simple little vase

    7. My favorite inexpensive way to update the kitchen is a new cute tea towel

    8. Pining over this gorgeous mid century dresser (pun intended)

    9. Sad but true – the only way I’ll get into spring cleaning is with pretty cleaning accessories


    ( Molly’s Blog , Almost Makes Perfect Pinterest )


    A HUGE thank you to Molly for taking time out of her day to contribute to Veda House while I’m away on my Honeymoon. You can view her blog & lovely pins on Pinterest at the links above.
  7. Notables: w/ Breanna Rose (Guest Post)



    A home goods round up brought to you by my gal, Breanna Rose

    Breanna is a Graphic Designer and owner of RowanMade.


    I’ve always loved sifting through Cassie’s notables column since we seem to enjoy similar aesthetics. Plus, everything is always curated so beautifully, which is a major plus. So when she asked me to guest post while she’s off getting married + enjoying her honeymoon ( can’t wait to see more!! ) – I was 100% up for it. A few times a month, I share tailored “wantlist” posts on my own blog, so we’ve essentially merged our two columns into one this week. I decided to feature items for the home, with a specific color palette ( fairly neutral with pops of blue ) in mind. Being that my fiancé and I purchased our first home last fall, we’ve been slowly adding things here and there to make it our own. It’s taken much longer than I expected with lots more to go, but it’s been fun placing things just so and creating a comfortable environment for us both. Thanks again, Cassie, for having me. And cheers to you and your mister! – BRE

    Notables This Week:

    1. This scented candle by Eclectic, Tom Dixon
    2. Brush stripe pillow from Leif Shop
    3. Beautiful brown leather & iron chair
    4. Everyone loves a cactus baby!
    5. These amazing sconces from onefortythree

    6. Wooden scoops via Herriott Grace
    7. The forever lovely Aesop skincare products
    8. Marble wall clock via MenuDesignShop
    9. Beautiful napkins from A Sunny Afternoon shop


    ( Bre’s Blog , Bre’s Studio )


    A HUGE thank you to Breanna for taking time out of her day to contribute to Veda House while I’m away on my Honeymoon. You can view her blog & studio at the links above.
  8. Notables No. 43


    What a great week. St. Louis weather has decided to show us a little what spring is all about. Today it’s going to be 70 and sunny! What a 180 shift from a week or so ago. This week was another super busy week preparing for another scouting trip to Denver and working on client work. Hope you had a grew week as well :)

    Notables This Week:

    1. I love this marble printed scarf from Scout & Catalogue
    2. A cursive clothing hanger via Annalenna Hem
    3. Beautiful travel inspired decor on Blog Milk
    4. The new shop called Association
    5. Forever inspired by Doug Johnson

    6. Unexpected house guests feature
    7. Amazing Stockholm apartment 
    8. The color palette in this living room
    9. The raw materials used in this kitchen!!!

  9. Notable No. 42


    Hi Guys! I’m in Denver doing a little scouting for an upcoming adventure (more on that soon) and wanted to stop in and share some of my favorite links I’ve found recently while scouring the net. Thanks to all of you who said they enjoy this feature. I think I’ll keep it around for a while longer ;)

    Notables This Week:

    1. A dreamy ceramic studio 
    2. The colors and patterns of this spring post
    3. This beautiful South African estate
    4. A cozy cottage via Design Sponge
    5. A fashion designer’s studio space

    6. This entire photoshoot for Kinfolk
    7. Love the rustic touches
    8. Beautifully dyed pillow
    9. This photo gets me excited about our honeymoon

  10. Notable No. 41


    Hey there! It’s almost Friday and I’m looking forward to the weekend already. This week has been a real doozy, but I’m happy to be busy. A few weeks ago I asked my readers if they enjoyed this Notables type post enough to keep it around. General consensus was to keep it! So here we go. Week 41!

    Notables This Week (For DIY-ers) :

    1. Simple coat rack via Almost Makes Perfect
    2. Beautiful Ikea Hack shelving via Smitten Studio
    3. Make these fake marble gemstones!
    4. A simple bench with metal base
    5. Copper magazine holder via Fall For DIY

    6. Beautiful Scandinavian knotted trivet
    7. Wooden jewelry box
    8. The forever famous tassel garland
    9. Modern hanging pendant