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    Hooray! Summer is officially here and I couldn’t be more excited about the warmer weather, short shorts, and tank tops. I live for this kind of weather and my summer wardrobe is probably my favorite.

    Summer also kind of comes with fun accessories, right? This worn post shows off an amazing new watch I received (co.) Jord Watches. Jord Watches is a St. Louis (my old city) brand that is changing things up in the watch department and I couldn’t be more excited to share this beauty with you. I also had a lot of fun taking pictures of the watch with my plants. (plant obsession is getting a bit out of hand) This gender neutral watch, called the Ely is made of maple wood (cool huh?), but other watches from their shop sport more “fancy” woods from all over the world. I love how it’s a conversation starter and something you don’t see everyday.

    Giveaway ends Tuesday, July 21st

    The crew over at Jord is gifting one Veda House reader with $130 shop credit to purchase the Ely watch or any other watch of your choice! If you’d want to check out the features of the watch I’m wearing (sizing, materials, etc) you can head over .

    To be selected to win, please leave a comment below sharing how you’d style your watch! 

    1. I think it’s a great looking watch, and depending on the finish it already has, I’d be curios about options to stain it.

      • veda says:

        Hi Jonathan! Thanks for stopping by. Long time no chat!

        The watch is really beautiful in person and it does have a slight clear finish to it. Not sure if you’d be able to stain it or not. Love the idea though. You might be starting a new trend.

    2. Eros says:

      I think a watch like that would look lovely with a simple white tee with some blue lettering and a pair of good ole blue jeans- and I have just the outfit in mind!

    3. ali says:

      ooh! i’d wear mine with a black t-shirt dress, some all-white adidas shell toes, and lots of little stackable gold rings.

    4. I think I would let the watch style me…in need of an upgrade! It’s gorgeous & I love the wood since metals irritate my skin.

    5. Such a pretty natural piece! loving your little plans too :)

    6. Kim says:

      Beautiful watch! I’d wear it paired with the black silk maxi dress I made last summer..

    7. tiffany says:

      I tend to adhere to a modern, minimalist aesthetic so I would pair it with a tried and true black maxi dress, sandals, simple earrings and maybe a scarf…. nothing fancy but just my style :)

    8. Kate says:

      Love your pick out of the options available! Went to check out their site and their associate who popped on my chat was super nice! haha cool feature for a retail site. I’d style mine with a chambray midi dress and panama straw hat. Perfect summer outfit!

    9. Jhanelle says:

      I would wear it mainly with casual outfits like a simple pair of jeans with a t shirt.

    10. Erica says:

      i love this! i’d wear it with a blue denim button up, dark denim shorts and sandals.

    11. gosh, i’ve been debating if i want a watch, but these ones are so freakin’ cute and finally fit my style. i feel like it would go perfect with a neutral loose fitting top, black skinny pants, and some rockin’ beige heels. thanks for introducing me to this company!!

    12. Debi says:

      I’d pair this beauty with my pale blue line dress.

    13. christina says:

      i’d pair the ely watch with a dark linen dress (like the Georgia Midi dress from Elizabeth Suzann!), leather slip ons and messy beach waves in my hair.

    14. alina says:

      it’s really really beautiful..
      i love the maple one since it’s the simplest and most elegant one. and oh so perfect for a summer walk down the beach. colours matching & all

    15. Shy says:

      Whoa! Those wooden watches are so cool! I love the cherry!

    16. Shelby says:

      I love gold accessories! So I’d pair a gold Jord watch with a plain white or black top and jeans.

    17. I would pair my watch with a white, breezy sundress so the watch can stand out!

    18. Ashley Mi says:

      I would match mine to my black, flows maxi tent dress, big, floppy orange straw hat, and gold Havianas for a beach lunch.

    19. Stacia says:

      This watch is lovely! Thanks for turning me on to such a beautiful company!

    20. Tiffany says:

      this watch is gorgeous! and a definite upgrade from my sporty watch with the broken strap. I’m seeing it with a chambray button down with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of shorts.

    21. I love the watch! Thanks for the chance!

    22. tiptopidea says:

      Love IT! wood sunglasses and now a watch, I believe both of them are an accessory MUST!

    23. Kristin says:

      I love this watch and just the natural wood. I also love that they are a stl based company! I would rock the Ely on the daily with the perfect washed pair of jeans and a plain tee.

    24. beth says:

      Lovely! Most likely with my uniform of jeans and a simple tank top and summertime sandals.

    25. Kelly says:

      So pretty….love the simplicity & would definitely keep it as the ‘stand out piece’ in a very simple understated outfit…muted tone flowy blouse, dark skinnies. x

    26. Megan says:

      I would wear it with denim skinny jeans, a white tee, and some simple gold jewelry!

    27. Wow, that’s incredibly beautiful! I’m looking around their shop now and just loving their style. Loving the maple the most! However, I think my husband would kill for the Cherry! They’re both gorgeous. :)

      I think the perfect styling would be something simple, to bring more attention the that gorgeous watch! Dark jeans + a simple white tee. Perfection! Maybe a subtle cream-colored or peach ring too, on that same hand. :)

    28. with basic jeans and tee to show it off!

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