1. Veda News: While I’m Away Getting Hitched…


    Hi Guys! Sorry for the radio silence over here. With our trip to Denver and all the last minute wedding planning (I’m getting married in less than a week!!), life has been a little tornado lately. We’re on a crazy ride and enjoying every minute of it.

    Over the last month I’ve been working really hard to get a bunch of blog content written, photos taken, guest posts lined up, and I’m excited to finally share this month’s lineup. I am beyond thankful for those who have taken time out of their busy schedules to contribute to this space while I’m away. This next month, things might look a little different, so I hope you enjoy the variety while I’m away.

    Can’t wait to share some of the highlights from our wedding and honeymoon trip to Tulum when we get back in June.

    **I won’t be monitoring comments while I’m away, but please feel free to comment and I’ll be sure to get them up and respond as soon as I get back! I love hearing from you guys!


    1. kelly ann says:

      Congrats, Cassie! Big hugs and lots of love-filled wishes.

    2. Kelly Brito says:

      Holy cow! You have some awesome stuff lined up. Can’t wait to read what these awesome gals have to say. :)

      • veda says:

        Yeah!!! So glad you’re excited to read. I’m definitely excited to share. There will also be more scheduled post from yours truly ;) haha

    3. Carol says:

      Yeah! have fun and hope all turns the way you dream it. A big hug.

    4. soo excited for you!! i hope you have the best wedding & honeymoon :) can’t wait to hear all about it! these are some major talents, i’m thrilled to read their posts!

    5. It’s been a while since the last time I checked in here ! I’m currently spending 3 month in New York and it’s been crazy. Positively crazy. I’m usually very settled and I like above all, peacefullness, quiet, small scales, lots of greens. So I’ve been really surprising myself enjoying my time here as much as this. But, I have to admit, you Americans are the most welcoming people I’ve ever seen .. :)
      I’m happy that I’m gonna get to read from all those cool chicks , hehe, that’s a great panel of guests bloggers !
      Enjoy your trip !

    6. Jessica says:

      Congrats, Cassie! And enjoy the time away! Looking forward to these posts. :)

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