1. Notables No. 43


    What a great week. St. Louis weather has decided to show us a little what spring is all about. Today it’s going to be 70 and sunny! What a 180 shift from a week or so ago. This week was another super busy week preparing for another scouting trip to Denver and working on client work. Hope you had a grew week as well :)

    Notables This Week:

    1. I love this marble printed scarf from Scout & Catalogue
    2. A cursive clothing hanger via Annalenna Hem
    3. Beautiful travel inspired decor on Blog Milk
    4. The new shop called Association
    5. Forever inspired by Doug Johnson

    6. Unexpected house guests feature
    7. Amazing Stockholm apartment 
    8. The color palette in this living room
    9. The raw materials used in this kitchen!!!

    1. Kelly Brito says:

      I’ve had my eyes on these hanging bulbs for a while. Would probably drive my kitties crazy trying to reach for them. Ha. They add such a modern and cool touch to the room.

    2. I love that stockholm apartment in number 7! Also 70 and sunny are the most superb weather conditions – enjoy your weekend!

    3. All of those textures, color shades and natural & random patterns … Definitely makes you want to dive in, head first in the pictures.

    4. This collection is sooo good! Happy the weather warmed up for you! It just took a turn for the cold here!

    5. I always enjoy this series! Gorgeous + always inspiring.

      That scarf — wow! I saw it earlier this week and fell in love. Gorgeous, isn’t it? :)

      Enjoy the sunny weather!

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