1. Giveaway: Diario Shop (closed)


    Good Afternoon!

    If you have freezing cold weather where you are, I hope you’re staying warm.

    Today I’ve got a giveaway for you and a really great shop/artist to share with you. At the end of last year, Moises Hernandez (furniture + product designer) contacted me asking if I’d like to give one lucky Veda House reader a little something to start the new year off right. I jumped on the opportunity because aren’t these handmade pieces just adorable!! I love their simplicity and versatility. The two cups and napkin were designed to be a part of his Diario Shop collaboration.

    If black and white isn’t your favorite color scheme be sure to check out the Dario Shop to browse all products from this collection. I’m also loving the Red Clay pieces in the collection.

    One lucky winner will win this full set ( one enamel coffee mug, one enamel tequila cup, and one napkin )

    Here’s How To Enter:
    1. Visit Diario Shop to check out the rest of Moises’ beautiful work
    2. Leave a comment below telling me your biggest goal of 2014 :)

    That’s it. Best of luck. Winner will be announced Tuesday, January 14th.

    1. Ooh,I would love to win this! Very pretty and useful! My biggest goal for this year is to be more productive!

    2. Quyen says:

      I love the gradient cups. I’ve been looking for cups like this for ‘glamping’. My goal for this year is to be more creative: photography, sewing, and writing.

    3. ana says:

      my goal is more time for myself…to read, play with my kids, cook, relax :)

    4. Carly says:

      What a beautiful shop, I love the gradient blue tablecloth! My biggest goal for 2014 is to expand my freelance work with more projects and clients that I love. Wishing you the best for 2014!

    5. Allison says:

      these products are beautiful and your layouts are lovely (per usual!). i’ve seen some of this jewelry floating around pin-land but had no idea they came from the same shop.

      i have a long list of goals, but i think they could all be boiled down to three main ideas: learn more, love more (myself included) and strive to remain graceful under pressure.

    6. ali says:

      my biggest goal of 2014 is to find a way to turn away from impulsive negative energy and towards a calm place in my mind! i can be easily frustrated by really small things, and i hope that if i can find a way to stop, clear my mind, and continue with a fresh perspective, that some of my more specific goals will fall into place.

    7. Such beautiful products. My main goal for 2014 is to be present. 2013 was a tough year for me, but it made me stronger and showed me how precious life is. I want to enjoy it more, have quiet time with myself and loved ones, communicate better with friends (not just through texting and social media) , read books, travel and explore :)

    8. sage says:

      My goal is to give the most love to those who least deserve it

    9. Lily says:

      Stress less! That’s my main goal.
      I also want to read more and cook dumplings more often.

    10. andrea says:

      my goal for 2014 is to create time. time for myself, time for my husband, time for my kids. i need to convert stress into time and relax because i can’t do it all. i think i need to, and it’s taking my precious time with my family and with that for myself.

    11. Aina Yao says:

      2014 is the year for me to push myself the hardest I’ve ever pushed myself. I’m turning 21 this year so that’s huge and will be entering my fourth (not last yet) year in college. I hope to do my best as ever in school and in my friendships/relationships :)

    12. My goal for 2014? Take more photographs! I often let the obligations of life get in the way of my passion, but this year I’ve vowed to make a little time everyday to do the one thing that makes me smile the most.

    13. Amy says:

      I absolutely adore those cups.

      My biggest goal is to have a healthier lifestyle: exercise willingly a bit more, eat more healthy things, less junk and lose 15 pounds!

    14. Valerie C says:

      gorgeous gradient cups!

      my goal is to learn more this year. rather than invest my $ in a slightly alarming number of new shoes, i want to take more classes. i already have a calligraphy class lined up, and next is hopefully woodworking.

      thanks for sharing this giveaway :) xo

    15. Kari says:

      I love these items and hope to own them soon! My biggest goal for 2014 is to birth this sweet little baby currently living inside of me. Anything beyond that is just a bonus!

    16. Indigo says:

      Biggest goal for 2014 is to follow my heart more.

    17. Emily says:

      I enjoy making goals that have a beginning and an end. One of my goals for 2014 is to write a story.

    18. Annette says:

      My goal is to eat healthy and maybe lose some weight. So far I’ve not even been tempted to eat junk.

    19. Christyn says:

      My goal is to travel more. So much growth, happiness and understanding comes from spending time a little more “lost” than you were before. And the best adventures begin on unknown roads.

    20. My biggest goal of 2014 is to exercise my creativity every day.

    21. Kayleigh says:

      Love the shop. One of my goals for 2014 is to be more spontaneous!

    22. Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway!

      My biggest goal for 2014? Moving across the country (SF Bay Area) to pursue my professional dreams (I work with at-risk youth in the education sector) and refine my other creative outlets. 2014 has already been a sign of infinite possibility and I’m jumping on the chance to completely change my life and impact the lives of others.


    23. Brittanny says:

      My goal for 2014 is be happy. Happy in my career and in my personal life. 2012 was crap. 2013 started off as a disaster but got better. 2014 will be my year.

    24. Oana Befort says:

      This is such a lovely giveaway! My biggest 2014 goal is to organize my work better and spend more time with family.

    25. Lou Lou says:

      I have many goals. But the main one I want to ‘improve ‘ on is to relax and enjoy my kids more, to take more mental snapshots of them, they are growing way too fast.
      Love this giveaway. Thanks!

    26. My biggest and only goal for 2014 is to take the leap and go freelance. I’m both scared and excited but ready, I think … haha . I give myself a year to make it work so .. lot of pressure but I hope I can make it. Wish me luck !

    27. nadya kotik says:

      my biggest goal is to eat clean and it’s very hard!

    28. christina says:

      beautiful work!

      in 2014, i’m going to strive to use my time more effectively on my creative projects (instead of mindless tv or spending too much time looking at what other people are creating).

    29. Bre says:

      Oh yes please, these are beautiful! AND THEIR LOGO, I love it. My biggest goal for 2014 is to practice being in the “here and now” while keeping my forward moving attitude in tact. It’s going to be a balancing act!

    30. Danielle says:

      My biggest goal for 2014 is to push myself creatively while traveling & exploring of course!

    31. […] Hi Guys! So glad to see so many people entering the Diario Shop giveaway! Thanks for all your continued support of this little blog of mine […]

    32. Nataya says:

      My goal is blogging and make pictures again :)
      Btw..I got into the wrong link in the D(pink)iario, but I went to the right one when I click Diario Shop link. Just maybe you would like to know. Nice minimalist design.

    33. Robyn says:

      My goal is to travel on a plane for the first time. Especially as I want to be cabin crew one day! But to travel is the dream

    34. Kelly Brito says:

      Truly, my biggest goal for 2014 is to travel. At least 10 different cities/States. Seems like a silly goal, but I haven’t taken a real vacation or traveled for almost 10 years. So it’s a fair goal. :)

    35. jensen says:

      i just started a mug collection and those would be the perfect addition.

      my goal for this year is to explore without abandon, whether it be unknown avenues of my career or just getting out in the world and adventuring.

    36. Kristi Smith says:

      I really love enamelware, so those are so up my alley. My biggest goal for 2014 is to be a good wife, as I just got married in December. As far as simple everyday things go, that means listening attentively when he talks about his day, even if I find it boring, not complaining about little things like socks that missed the hamper, and carving time out of our schedules for each other.

    37. Julie says:

      My biggest goal of 2014 is to start a family! finger’s crossed!

    38. Christia Joy says:

      My biggest goal of the year would be to. . reach my weight goal. I plan on exercising and changing up my food into a much healthier style. it really sucks when most of the family prefers all the junk foods. And, don’t really purchase veggies and such. OTL Butt, I’ll manage somehow.

    39. tiffany says:

      what a fantastic giveaway – the shop is sooo lovely!

      my goal for 2014 is to get control over my health and find more joy in my life. the past two years have been incredibly difficult and stripped me of my identity and now i need to figure out who i am and where i want to go in life. here’s hoping for a great year

    40. Emily says:

      Oooh, his shop is so lovely! I want all of it! :) My biggest goal is definitely to to travel more. Doing this when you have two weeks of vacation is tough, but even short little weekend trips can count as “traveling” if you have the right mindset!

    41. Megan says:

      This shop is so gorgeous! My biggest goal for 2014 is to simplify. I want to simplify my possessions, my obligations/responsibilities, my friendships, finances, and my life in general!

    42. alyssa says:

      My biggest goal for 2014 is to make things – art, food, websites, graphics. I’m hoping that these inventions bring growth, improvement of technique, and along with it, broaden my knowledge of art, and further develop my thought process.

    43. Rashi says:

      Ooooo! Thanks for the intro to a new, beautiful shop!

      My biggest goal for 2014 is to live and work with more intention and more enthusiasm.

    44. rachel says:

      To give myself grace as a I adjust to life with a newborn

    45. ruth says:

      love the enamel cups! biggest goal would be to find a job in something i truly love. fingers crossed!

    46. Melissa says:

      My biggest goal is to find a job I love after I graduate college this May.

    47. patti says:

      amazing stuff! My biggest goal this year is to get in a regular yoga routine and work on getting my shoulder injury healthy and strong : )

    48. Michelle H says:

      My goal? Learn more coding and get everything done on time.

    49. Beautiful items over at the Dario Shop.

      Having always considered myself a creative person, my biggest goal of 2014 is to discover where I fit in the creative community and contribute to it. I truly admire people like you, who confidently know what they should do. Inspiring as always!

    50. tequila cup? awesome.

      my biggest goal this year is to find happiness starting my own personal styling business.

    51. Love the napkins! We always eat dinner with cloth napkins, so I’m always on the hunt for new ones. It’s one of those things that makes me feel like I’m doing a good job at being a mom ;) My big goal for this month and next is to get all my new lines in my shop. It keeps getting put on the back burner but my shop is really starting to bother me, so I must get it done!

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