1. Studio Hours: Behind the Camera


    The beauty of non-existant budget photo shoots! You’re the model, the photographer, the prop, the everything. You quickly learn to multi-task, hold things down with your toes, set up your camera timer….and then RUN! Yup…the beauty of working for yourself :)

    These photos are a little sneak peek into one of the current projects. I’m working on pulling a few brand asset images together for her to use to promote the launch of her new blog and website. I’ll also be sharing the full lookbook on the blog within the next week or so. I’ve had ¬†A LOT of fun playing with unique compositions, play on light and adding in a little of the unexpected.

    1. alicia says:

      Loving the above images, got me all curious to see the final products :)

    2. Maria says:

      I couldn’t love this any more. SO GOOD!!!

      • veda says:

        Are you getting excited yet? I have 2 more images in my head that I want to create for a total of 17!!! I’m excited to share them with you and then we can work on distributing them how you’d like. Email coming your way this week. Promise :)

    3. I mark says:

      Looks like fun, I can tell your having a blast….

    4. KAIT says:

      I love these! Especially the second one :) I am no stranger to the art of no budget photo shoots, sometimes it makes it more fun to stretch your creativity that way!

      • veda says:

        Totally agree Kait. It’s also nice to know that you can still accomplish something unique and beautiful with next to no money ;)

    5. Kate says:

      Wow. You’re a pro at this! I love the photos. Well done.

    6. […] can view a little behind the scenes of the “one man band” photoshoot¬†and her final logo […]

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