1. Studio Hours: Props


    One of the benefits of owning a vintage curated Etsy Shop is that you get to sift through all the lovely stuff you find and decide if you want to keep anything. I’m not really putting any attention towards¬†my shop Market203 and have shifted gears to looking for photo worthy props. Finding the smaller/unique items seems to be what I’m drawn to while out and about anyway. Needless to say, I’ve got a good collection of props to work with and they look so pretty all piled on top of each other. It’s kind of like gathering all your Halloween candy together after a night out ¬†as a kid. (haha. ok…kind of)

    Photo Styling & Photography by The Veda House

    1. alicia says:

      Love how monochromatic this is, so easy on the eye. Styling looks great, it’s a little craft on it’s own.

    2. Stephanie T. says:

      I love seeing your personal work in the studio. This setup makes is like a messy/luxe scene….love it!

      Keep these posts coming please :)

    3. Kate says:

      You can take pictures of seemingly boring things and make them so wildly attractive. All these photos are just so lovely!

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