1. New Instagram Feed – Little Snippets No.1


    Hello guys! Happy Monday to all of you. I hope you enjoyed your week and feel refreshed and ready to kick this week in the batootie. ok good….

    I’ve got a new little series for you, one of two actually. These two new series aim to give you a little more insight into my daily life as a self employed designer/photo stylist. I’ve gotten a lot of emails/comments recently from readers who are interested to see how my new adventure is going and what the day to day life is like. Ask and you shall receive.

    The first is a new little series that shows you little snippets from my day. All these images will be documented on my new Instagram feed, so you can follow along daily if you please. The second will be more in-depth posts about projects I’ve taken on to build my personal brand…unpaid projects that I’m going to call “Passion Projects”. Stay tuned.

    1. making mood boards  2. playing with textures and layering through the lens  3. My favorite pair of shoes this season  4. inspired by Gather Journal  5. lace and baubles  6. a piece of my pottery collection

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    1. alicia says:

      I’m pretty much drooling over your instagram feed right now. I love it when blogs or instagram feeds or whatever have a very consistent style throughout. It just makes everything look so clean and perfect together. It’s the perfectionist designer in me.

      Keep it up!


    2. Kate says:

      Yay Instagram! I’m following you now.


    3. Noor says:

      What pretty pictures you have curated. I am following you now (x7anoonah).

    4. Yay, excited to find you on instagram. Love the little glimpses into your day. I’m @dervlakelly if you want to follow back :)

    5. […] The image above is a glimpse of my mood board that sits next to my desk. It’s a work in progress, but that’s the nature of a mood board. Do you guys use mood boards in your creative process?(digital & physical) If you do, I’d love to see them! You can also follow little snippets from my studio with my new Instagram feed. […]

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