1. Owner of J’Antiques Tokyo: A Family Home


    I’ve had this home saved in my bookmarks for some time now, drawing inspiration for the interiors photographed. As a lover of antiques, this home is like a dreamland, covered with history and story telling. I love how the owner of J’Antiques Tokyo brought his love for antiques from his business into his home so his entire family can enjoy their beauty. Isn’t it just magical?

    * View more interior shots HERE.

    1. kelly ann says:

      I may have had a mini freak-out when I saw this post… ;) You’ve been posting some of my favorite interiors EVER the last few months! You have such a great eye, love.


      • veda says:

        Hey Kelly Ann! So glad you are liking the interiors post. I know we have very similar taste when it comes to clothes, patterns, colors….everything. I’ll keep posting them for you :)

    2. Mark says:

      Cass, that Antique Armoire and those old pillars, leaning against that “white” brick wall in the last picture, soooo, cool!

    3. ally says:

      all these textures and woods and woolies. i love this.

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