1. I need a Picker Sister please


    This past week I got a call from my mom around 10:00 PM, which is pretty late for the early to bed early to rise kind of gal. She was calling to tell me there was a show on Lifetime TV that I’d just love. She was right, I’ve kind of fallen in love with the show called Picker Sisters.

    It’s a show about two best friends who are starting a business together and traveling throughout the US to source all the items that will be in their pop up shop. Both gals are interior designers and have an eye for design. My favorite aspect of the show is that they are not searching for shiny new object, but rather they are looking for the junkiest/rustest stuff they can turn into something else. They truly are turning one man’s trash into another man’s treasure.

    Read the girls tips for pickin’ here–>
    And check out their tips on where to treasure hunt here—>

    I’d love to have a picker sister to go out treasure hunting with me. You can tell these girls have a long history together and each adventure is a blast. Having a boyfriend who doesn’t mind pickin’ with me isn’t bad though, so I’ll take it!



    1. Chaplinnn says:

      Nice! I don’t have television (except for “normal” channels) so I otherwise probably wouldn’t have heard about this show! I love watching American Pickers on Netflix, so hopefully this will be on it soon. Looks awesome!

    2. Shelley says:

      Oh very cool, I haven’t heard of that. What a dream job.

    3. Caitlin says:

      I’ll go with you! :). I’ve never heard of this show but I do really enjoy American Pickers.

    4. Liz says:

      Ooh, “pick” me! ;)

    5. kelly ann says:

      I MUST check this out! Thanks for sharing, Cassie :) I love the second photo – I want that “possible dream” thing above my bed!

    6. I found your blog a little over a week ago, I love it I find it beautiful AND interesting (:
      And you made me become a fan of the Felissimo Japanese magazine!
      I hope you have a lovely sunday!

    7. Oh my god look at that radiator chair! That rules!

    8. kate says:

      If you have tryouts for your picker sister, let me know. I’m in!

    9. Kait says:

      I love this show so much!!! All the new picker shows are so addicting.

    10. Andrea says:

      i just saw this show for the first time last night!!
      it was cute.


    11. allie says:

      I need a picker sister as well. :)

    12. thelma e powers says:

      I Love——– this show!! It is the BEST. I love junk from old barns, garage sales, estate sales, flea markets.I’m 58 yrs old and sick in bed.Dr.says don’t let blood go up so my body can heal. Ha! This is what makes my BP go up getting excited. It is a good habit. This something my husband and I enjoy together. The Lord has blessed my life with my small family and selling my small crafts and antiques in Faragett,Tenn (Homespun)

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