1. noun: a person’s place for things


    At the beginning of our Portland trip the boy and I decided to stop by a little shop that came highly recommended by a blogger pal of mine. She said it was a must-see and that I’d feel right at home. She was absolutely right! Noun, a little shop that sells a perfect mix of curated vintage home goods, selected jewelry, knick knacks, and artwork from a variety of local artists. I walked in and knew instantly I was in some sort of mini heaven. If I had the extra cash and a few more suitcases to take things home in, I would of bought out the entire shop.

    The bonus feature of the whole experience was that I was able to meet Stephanie, the owner and curator of the little gem. We “talked shop” for a while and share some secrets about owning a vintage shop (online vs. actual store). She was beyond helpful with her tips and way eager to answer any questions I had, and I sure had a ton. I asked her what her favorite items are to hunt down and she said she’s always looking for vintage typewriters and more recently, vintage desk accessories.

    I feel her and I have made a small bond that will only grow from here on out. I find that staying connected to other shop owners is the best way to grow and expand what you already know. It’s also quite nice to know that if we ever move to Portland someday that I’ll have at least one vintage lover soul mate to chill with.

    3300 Southeast Belmont Street, Portland OR, 97214
    Email Stephanie –> shopnoun@gmail.com
    Read the story behind the shop–> Go! 

    1. Charis says:

      This shop certainly does look like a little slice of heaven to me!

    2. Jackie says:

      What a witty little name for her shop. I like it.

    3. sécia says:

      What a creative name for a store. And what a fantastic store it is! Will definitely be visiting this place next time I’m near Portland.

      ♥ sécia

    4. Caitlin says:

      What a neat store! And yay for building up relationships with other shop owners :)

    5. shannan says:

      This looks like a lovely store, and lovely pictures.

    6. Shinypigeon says:

      I love it! ANOTHER reason for me to visit the US. So many cute things. I love the flags.

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