1. trunk furniture = perfection


    As you can see from the first image, I’m giving this company the “love this” stamp of approval. Yummy right? Too bad the company is based over seas and the entire website is in Japanese. Love the beauty and simplicity. Clean lines, comfy textures, amazing colors. Check out their shop here!

    1. elisabeth says:

      i love your posts/blog.
      so many pretty things to look at.

    2. Jackie says:

      Oh, so beautiful.. especially the one with the windows and the flowers on the table. and the one with the bed. Beautiful.

    3. Anna Z says:

      Yep. Basically perfect.

    4. Rochelle says:

      I feel totally fooled (in a very good way)! Nothing about those pictures are remniscent at all of Japanese design. I agree, loves it!

    5. Caitlin says:

      Beautiful, I love all of it!

    6. kelly ann says:

      Can I pretty please have EVERYTHING in this post?!

    7. hello olive says:

      I love the table in the 1st pic – want!!!

    8. CJ says:

      All of these pieces of furniture are to die for! I’m in love. Especially the shelves. Love love love.

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