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    Today’s Trend // Collected Collage
    Ever since I was a kid growing up, I’ve been a BIG fan of clipping magazines. I clip and clip and clip and then say I’m going to do something really great with the clippings, but they usually end in a pile somewhere. As a kid I would organized clipped letters and words into collages and fill entire pages of clipped greatness and then hang the finished product on my bedroom door.

    With a love for magazine clipping, collage style artwork always stops me in my tracks. Most collages are a bit odd and the combination of photos, textures and words get your mind thinking. I imagine each piece has a pretty big story to tell. Love it!

    Are you a chronic clipper? 

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  2. friday finds & favorites // 37


    Florence Welch: Not Fade Awayfrom Tabitha Denholm on Nowness.com.

    1. Are you ready to quite your day job and make a living off of your creative endeavors? Paper & Stitch help you decide.

    2. Paired with the above link, Paper & Stitch’s Track This resource is a real big help while making the leap!

    3. I’ve fallen in love with the illustrations of Stranger In My Home (Art Prints and home goods)

    4. This engagement photo session is beyond adorable. I love adventure in these photos and you can tell their in love.

    5. OMG! This tea house is inside a vintage trailer. Awesome.

    6. Elise’s “No Stat Checking Experiement” post is exactly what I needed. I’ve now turned off all statistics on my own blog.

    7. Obama for America is seeking poster submissions for artists across the country to support President Obama’s plan.

    8. Favorite blog of the week. Such original content!

    9. I don’t know who this chick is, but I really love this outfit!

    10. I love this color post on LushLee Blog. “Six Servings of Green”

    Happy Weekend!

  3. Sibella Court: A cozy home


    This fall, I got my Design Sponge book in the mail (see the DesignSpong Sneak Peek)and I’ve been reading through it slowly, soaking up all the little details. Within the book, Sibella Court’s home was featured and OMG…love. Seeing her space in the book drove me to look her up on the internet. Great stuff, people…everywhere. This chick is awesome!

    Sibella seems to be an extreme collector and it’s refreshing to see how she displays these collections in her home. She also has a storefront in sunny Australia. (jealous) Both spaces are extremely unique with unexpected combinations of color and objects. Hope you enjoy her as much as I have.

    1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5  // 6 //

  4. Elephant Magazine : buckets of inspiration

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    Elephant Magazine, issue no. 5 is sure to impress anyone who’s goo goo over typefaces. This issue includes 5 new headline typefaces and 1 new numeral set. It’s a real beauty to look at and a frequent page layout guide in my design arsenal. I’m currently drawing inspiration from this issue in my most recent design project…stay tuned!

    * you can buy this publication in both print and digital forms

  5. Alicia Bock photographs “Outstanding in the Field”


    The work of Alicia Bock is relatively new to me, but her recent project Outstanding in the Field (view part I/ view part II) was just so gorgeous I had to share. He photos have a moody atmosphere and capture the smallest details. Not only is Alicia’s photography stunning, the project Oustanding in the Field is just as great. The project’s mission is to re-connect dinners to the land (originally place the food comes from). Great thought right! It also strives to honor local farmers and food artisans to bring the food to our tables. Check out the project here and Alicia’s Photography blog here! Enjoy!

    * All images were pulled from Alicia’s blog as part of Outstanding in The Field Part I / click images to go to blog.

  6. In Their Home // Old Brand New


    This week’s “In Their Home” features the home of Dabito, a Los Angeles native currently living in the downtown area. His home is a mix of really classic vintage pieces, bold pops of color, lots of daylight,  and  unique clusters of items. He’s a master of many trades (collector, photographer, barber, blogger, printmaker, and graphic designer) and his home is definitely a reflection of that. I’ve been able to draw lots of inspiration from his vignettes of collections. Hope you find something inspiring as well!

    Stop by his blog to learn/see more or visit his print shop.

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  7. Trending Graphics // Black & White Basics


    I’ve been doing some soul searching trying to ways to bring more of my interests to life on the blog without having to create 100% original content in each and every post. (I’m one busy gal and I think this will help ;)  This past Monday was the first of NEW things on The Veda house with the “In Their Home” feature that gives sneak peeks into bloggers homes. I hope to post one of those posts each week.

    Another new feature will help bring a little more focus to my graphic design side. As someone who lives and breathes graphics day in and out and keeping up with design trends is part of my job, I thought sharing those trends would be a great feature. Even if you’re not a designer, knowing how people communicate with what’s around them is incredibly important.


    Today’s Trend // Back to Basics with Black & White
    Recently there has been a growing trend to use black and white detailing or photography in graphic design pieces and advertising. The imagery is usually very eye catching and dramatic. I’ve always been in love with the black and white combination and jump for joy if I get the opportunity to design with those two “colors”. I remember back in my design school days that we used to start ALL logo designs in black and white before ever thinking about adding color. The saying was “If it’s working in it’s simplest form (black & white) it will be easy to transform it into whichever color palette you choose.” I truly believe this is the chase and the majority of black & white designs I’ve seen have been quite successful.

    Thoughts? Do you like the stark color palette? Is it effective?  

  8. friday finds & favorites // 36


    1. This home tour on Smile & Wave this week was pretty grand. I’d love to have the Boyd’s as neighbors!

    2. Are you in love with play cameras? Here’s an amazing site for all you play camera accessories and goodies.

    3. Did you guys see Lackluster Co on Fab.com this week? This gal’s shop has been in my Etsy “fans” for the longest time. Great shop for vintage greatness.

    4. Check out this chicken coop!!!! Like Wow!

    5. Martha Stewart is adding a little bling bling to dollar store toys. I’m totally loving it! (I’m thinking Christmas tree ornaments??)

    6. Yet another Martha Stewart shout out. This woman is killin’ it. These donuts and coffee wedding treats are AMAZING!

    7. Caitlin Moe: Musical Muse on Refinery29. Great photoshoot!

    8. This recipe for spiced popcorn would be a great item to bring to fall get togethers.

    9. Tapestry pillows in great patterns….yes please!

    10. This Pennyweight Pin Board (via Pinterest) is really great for showing how to photography found objects in nature.

    Happy Weekend!