1. Yummo on a plate


    Last night I made dinner. If you know anything about me, this rarely happens and when it does, it’s super simple. I’ve been pinning really yummy looking recipes on pinterest and I finally had  a little extra time to try one. It’s still simple with “picky eater” ingredients, but hey…it didn’t come from a box.

    If you interested in getting the recipe, stop by SkinnyTaste.com for this yummo Spaghettic with Sauteed Chicken and Grape Tomato recipe. Of course I put my little spin on things because I watch the food network and feel like I know how to “wing it” ;)

    Stop by my pinterest boards and see what other yummy goodies I’m going to make. (warning/ I pin a lot of sugary things)

  2. In Their Home // Annaleena Karlsson


    Welcome to a new feature post here on The Veda House called “In Their Home”.  As a blogger I am constantly on the hunt for things that inspire me and interior spaces is on the list of top 5 inspiring things to look at. On most days I stumbled across a really great interior space and most likely there is a creative soul residing within. I know there are blogs out that that mainly post about creatives in their workspaces (and I LOVE those), but I’m more interested in where those creatives get away from their work.

    I’m going to post one of these features once a week and hopefully their spaces will inspire your nest. If you know of any home that I MUST SEE, please let me know.

    *Warning…I’m a lover of danish modern and scandinavian design aesthetics, so you’ll most likely see a lot of homes in this style. I’m also a big fan of rustic detailing, classic furniture names, minimalism, and a little bit of whimsy along the way (odd combination right?) 


    This first home belongs to Annaleena Karlsson, a blogger, interiors photographer, DIY crafter, and home owner. Her blog is place where she frequently showcases her own work as well as spaces that are inspiring to her.  Her home is all about the small details. Nothing is overlooked.

    * all photos in this post were taken from Annaleena’s blog and were photographed by her. Click any image to be redirected to her blog!

  3. Herriott Grace: Kitchen Eye Candy


    I’ve noticed I’m quite attracted to food blogs that show beautifully photographed food on pretty plates with amazing silverware and garnishes. This is odd coming from one of the pickiest eaters you’ll ever meet. So, today I give you food/ kitchen eye candy. Enjoy!

    I totally forget how I stumbled upon Herriot Grace’s online shop / blog , but OMG am I glad I did. Its absolute eye candy! In the shop you can buy beautiful kitchen items at a decent price (think Holiday gifts guys!). All of the products are made from 100% salvaged wood! No two pieces are exactly alike, so you’ll get a piece that is completely unique. (I love that!) Her blog is just as beautiful and gives her readers the inside scoop on what’s going on. Please stop by and ohhh and ahhh. I know you won’t be disappointed!

    *all images are pulled from Herriott Grace Online Store // click images to go to store!

  4. for the love of graphic design


    Graphic designer, Laura Javier took on the challenge of finding out a way to visually capture “life” and how people’s occupations influence how they go about living. Can a happy life be captured in numbers and diagrams? I’d say she was successful in telling the story of many “Elements of Happiness” in her recent book design project that mixes research with typography, infographics, and image collages. You can download the full book project in PDF form, or just read it like an online magazine. I spent quite of bit of time looking over her work and falling in love with how she shares such common information.

    The images above are just a few of the pages that stood out to me. Enjoy!

    Download the whole PDF here and read more about the project here.

  5. friday finds & favorites // 35


    1. Read the story behind this collection and see more behind the scenes.

    2. So last weekend I bought a really great silk scraf while out thrifting. Would this look stupid on my tiny pea sized head of mine?

    3. A great blog to peruse to find inspiration for creative workspaces.

    4. I will make this orb lantern out of wire. I will! (thanks HOMEMAKER!)

    5. Looking for a small compact camera case with some style? I found it for you!

    6. Mattias sketches some pretty amazing things. Check out his latest sketch of the “current city”.

    7. I’m a big fan of She & Him and this polaroid picture of the two of them is just perfect. Love everything about it!

    8. What’s polagraphing you ask. Check out this feature on Notcot to learn more. Beautiful form of art.

    9. I think this chicken and pasta recipe is happening this weekend, and maybe even these home made toasted raviolis

    10. And this….this magnificent thing is happening this weekend if everything works out as planned. This beauty will be covering have the surface of my new desk. haha. Go large or go home people!

    * I wanted to thank all of you who visit  my blog on a daily/weekly basis. If you’re a blogger yourself, you all know blogging takes a lot of time and energy and when you know others appreciate what you have to say/share, it makes the whole experience that much better. So thanks to all of you. :)

  6. mini DIY: framed pressed flowers


    Whenever I see a pretty flower just asking to be picked, I usually take it home and press it in my hand made flower press (see my Flowerpress DIY here) I picked these flowers mid summer when they were at their best. Now after months of pressing and aging to a beautiful brown color, they are ready to be framed.

    I found this frame this summer at a near by town’s annual garage sale weekend. The lady I bought it from was quite old (and wise) and said that the frame has held her highschool graduation picture all these years and she’s just now getting rid of it. The story plus the $1.00 price tag mean the frame was coming home with me.

    Not sure where I’m going to put it yet, but it has  temporary seat on my nightstand so I can stare at it.

    Directions: Simply find a frame you love and some flowers to press. Press the flowers for about a month for the best results. Cut to the backing to the size of your piece of glass ( I used a cream colored watercolor paper for mine). Play with multiple ways of arranging the flowers until you settle on a composition that makes you happy. Next gently sandwich the piece of paper with flowers laying on top with a piece of glass. Slide the “sandwich” into the frame. I never use a glue adhesive in my pressed flower projects because it tends to destroy the flowers over time.

    Let me know if you have any questions and happy pressing!

  7. The Restoration Committee

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    One of the most interesting aspects of  living in a historic district of St. Louis is that the original charm of the neighborhood still shines through after so many years. Houses have remained painted in the exact same bright colors they was paint years ago. It’s comforting knowing that you live in a neighborhood full of character and dedicated history.

    Their is a committee that is responsible for keeping things the way they were. The Lafayette Square Restoration Committee restores the homes, streets and parks back to their original beauty. They also organize summer concerts and movies in the park, home and garden tours, and even a period correct baseball game. I feel lucky that the boy and I stumbled upon this great neighborhood by chance a little over two years ago.

    * all photos taken at the Lafayette Square Restoration Committee neighborhood building.

  8. rolling with the punches


    I’m really horrible at rolling with the punches. It must be a skill only the most talented have the ability to do. Either that or I’m challenged in this department (most likely). What I mean by rolling with the punches is to be able to go with the flow. To not get upset and majorly discouraged when things don’t go as planned. Most of all, I think it means being strong and confident in your abilities to make things alright.

    I’m a planner, an obsessive planner to put it lightly. I like to organize my life in a way that I know I’ll be pleased with the outcome. I have good intentions for my actions, but when things don’t go as planned I hope you’re wearing boxing gloves. Recently I’ve noticed that even the smallest of mishaps tend to push me off my rocker. I usually take the easy way out and blame it on daily stressor and my slightly crazy personality, but I must say…it’s hard living life like this.

    My boyfriend is extremely good at rolling with the punches. All things, big or small, don’t seem to phase him. He’s shrugs it off and says things like “shit happens” and then he’s back to playing video games or watching YouTube videos. How does he do it? How can your dog barfing in the back seat of the car be a learning experience? Whaa? To me it’s more like an experience from hell! I know for a fact that it’s not a lack of passion on his part or a “who gives a fluff”  kind of attitude, because he’s one of the most passionate/dedicated people I know. It baffles me how he thinks the glass can always be half full while I’m sitting here debating with him about how I know for sure that it’s half empty. ( I have proof, y’all)

    I hate this about myself. I’m becoming more aware of my flaws as I grow into my skin. I see things in myself that I don’t like, strive to change them, but out of bad habit and comfort I go back to doing things they way “I do things”. I have a hard time seeing when I’ve been successful and when I’m just missed the mark by a hair like smig. To the boy everything is a “mini-win” and nothing is a failure. Really??? Says who???

    The boy reminds me on a daily basis that getting a single sale in my etsy shop or 3 people to comment on a blog post is a “mini win”. What would I do without him….oh I know. I’d go around telling myself that one etsy sale is pitiful and that 3 blog comments is nothing compared to this or that. I’m looney and I know it. I’m working on it, so don’t judge.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you see things as mini wins and how you strive to see the positive in the simple things. I’m trying to change my attitude around, but it’s been challenging. It’s kind of like working magic turning a glass half empty into a glass half full, ya know?

  9. My workspace is on its way!


    * please visit my pinterest workspace board for original image sources. Note: the desk and blow glass bottles are my images. (desk bought at Rocket Century in St. Louis)

    I’ve been taking my time putting my workspace together with collected pieces that are spot on to the looking I was trying to achieve. (See my original mood board here!) I’ve recently purchased my Mid-Century stanley desk that I’ve been waiting patiently to find. Now everything is starting to fall in place because everything was going to be based on the desk I was able to find.

    I’ve been visiting my Pinterest on a daily basis collecting workspaces for inspiration. I love the look of the spaces with controlled chaos, but I know I’m more of a person that likes things REALLY organized. We’ll see what I end up with.

    My desk will site in a corner of our city loft and I have the surrounding walls to work with. The space is small, but very open.

    Things that I’ve got so far:
    Desk, standing lamp (task lighting)
    Overhead barn style hanging pendant
    Old black lunchbox to store mail
    A vintage kitchen scale to weigh market203 product
    My mint green typewriter
    Amber glass bottles as book ends
    Tall 2 column file cabinet
    All my design books and magazine subscriptions
    Vintage hanger to hang artwork
    Table top clock
    My new iMac desktop computer
    Vintage stapler

    Things I’m still trying to track down:
    An industrial stool
    A wire trash bin

    So you can see from my list that I’m moving right along. This was a project I started months ago, but I’m so glad I’ve taken the time to slowly craft something perfect. (totally not my normal way of doing things ;)

    I’d love to see your workspaces. Leave me a link in the comments section if you’d like to share!