1. friday finds & favorites // 26


    Were still away on vaca enjoying some time together and escaping reality. We’re blown away with the atmosphere out here and it’s going to be a challenge getting us back on the plane come Tuesday morning. I didn’t want to slack and not provide some links to peruse. What would you do without links to peruse?? haha

    The Tree Ring held a private house show with a cover charge of one household lamp. The event was created and captured.

    Vincent Moon and Efterklang are proud to announce their film AN ISLAND. This is the 3rd teaser of the film that will premiere February 2011.

    1. I adore this little mid-century room style board put together by Somewhere Splendid

    2. These little invitations are just perfect. Use a sewing thread spool!

    3. The West Chelsea home tour photographed by Anita Calero. It’s pretty swoony! Seriously…go look at the fridge!

    4. One of my dearest work friends has started a travel blog. I love her and her blog. Go check it out and leave some love!

    5. This post over at Olive Green Anna. I’d love one of each of those James Rowland Shoes!

    6. Some great vintage photoshop actions provided by wishwishwish.net

    7. The plush doll work of Matha of Lanapelana makes me want to be a kid again so I can collect a bunch of plush items.

    8. Making laces braids over at A Beautiful Mess! (hair tutorial DIY)

    9. I’m in love with the color palette and pattern of Eythink tea towels ($17 each)

  2. factory 20: it’s called a love affair


    I sit back and flip from one image to the next, knowing I don’t have the funds to afford anything in their shop. The products are beautiful, artfully displayed and I can tell they are full of history, but $300+ for a beat up metal trash can??? I’ll search the dumpsters for that if I need one.

    Check them out. I know you won’t be disappointed in the variety of products to peruse.

  3. Inside the home of Tick Tock Vintage


    Today, we get a little sneak peek inside Veronika’s (of Tick Tock Vintage) home. She has an amazing throw back style and her home is put together with just as much attention to detail. I love envy her ability to style with a focus on simplicity and her ability to track down the most unique pieces from around Philadelphia. Her home tells a story and you’d be one lucky person to be an overnight guest.

    Hi, Veda House readers! I’m going to share some pictures of my 1930′s philadelphia row home. This december will mark 5 years of living in our home, and it’s definitely been a labor of love. It was in need of major rehabbing and we’re still working on several rooms. I thought you might like to see some of my favorite knick-knacks and flea-market finds.

    This hoosier cabinet is one of my favorite possessions. It’s from the very early 1900′s; they were used before kitchen cabinets became a staple in American kitchens. There’s a bread box and flour sifter inside!

    These old fans are so neat (if not incredibly dangerous). This one is from 1951 and is in our living room.

    Bryan likes bright colors, so I tried to accessorize our bedroom with brightly colored knick knacks. The tulips are from our honeymoon, where we stayed a couple of days in Amsterdam.

    I’m a huge fan of kitschy ceramic figurines, and this little lamb might be my favorite.

    iIcollect these little flower suitcases, which are displayed on top of a china cabinet turned bookshelf in my office.

    Bryan’s grandfather had this lamp in his hunting cabin for a very long time; he knew Iloved it and let me bring it home. It’s hard to find these with all of the shades in tact – each of the shades lights up!

    We love to decorate our walls with old advertising and print materials. There’s a set of four of these prints in our kitchen. They’re from the 30′s and were part of an ad campaign to encourage children to drink milk.

    I have a pretty giant shoe collection, but we don’t have many closets in our house for me to store them in. I bought this old bookcase made out of barn wood at a flea market last summer and it works perfectly as a display case.

    I love collecting old embroideries and turning them into pillows. These are in our guest room.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed these pictures of my home! A big thanks to Cassie for asking me to guest post. I had a blast taking these pictures and sharing my finds.

  4. Away we go!


    art print by Gemma Correll

    And we’re off. Today we are traveling to Portland OR and plan on getting into town around noon. We’ll be staying at the Ace Hotel the entire duration of our trip, and let’s just say we are pretty darn excited about it. I wanted to let all of you know that I am going to try to keep up with blogging while I am away, but may miss a few days here and there. I know once I return I will have so much to share with you!

    For today, I leave you with a collection of Portland Bloggers/artists to check out. I’ve been slowly gathering this list. If you live in Portland and would like to be added to the list, leave you name and link in the comments section and I’ll make sure to add you. Thanks for playing ;)

    Stop by when you have a spare moment!
    Street Fashion – Urban Weeds
    Portland Design Tumblr – Portland.Design.Love
    Food blog - Princeton Eats Portland
    Lifestyle Blog - Clumsy Fox
    Vintage Fashion – Clever Nettle
    Vintage Fashion/Lifestyle – The Friendly Fox
    PhotographerParker Fitzgerald
    Independent Fashion/Lifestyle - Seablanket
    Online Vintage Shop – Much Finer Things
     Lifestyle Blog- Princess Hotcakes


  5. DIY – make a travel box


    With everyone enjoying their summer vacations and visiting great places, I thought it would be fun to show a simple DIY project that allows you to keep all vacation memories in one place. 2 summers ago, my boyfriend, his mother and I backpacked around france and italy.

    Along the way I gather lots of little maps, photos and little printed pieces from each city. When I got home I didn’t know what to do with everything and didn’t want to use a standard photo album. I wanted the material to be tangible so people could interact with it. I decided to make a travel box that would be wrapped in city maps from Paris, Venice, Florence and Rome. Within the box, I created envelopes for each city that would house all the printed photos from those areas. (I had 4 envelopes total) The box also allowed me to loosely keep all the other items I collected along the way.

    I’m very pleased with the result and now I have a unique way to show others our trip. I feel it brings the experience to life and feels a little more authentic.

  6. my new camera bag


    Thanks to my parents for the best Birthday gift and thanks to ONA for constructing an amazing camera bag, I now own The Roma (camera bag insert/organizer). I found this beauty several months back, before I even owned my DSLR camera, and knew I would need this when the time comes.

    I look forward to testing this baby out on our upcoming trip to Portland OR (3 days away, who’s counting?) This camera bag insert fits perfectly inside my purse/bag that I carry every day (that big black BCBG one you see in the pictures). I didn’t want to have to buy a separate camera bag just for my camera, so this is the perfect solution. Now my “camera bag” can fit inside about 3-4 larger bags I already own.

    In my opinion the little bag is a little pricey, but the construction and material are very high quality. I have zero complaints and am pleased to pass this review on to my readers looking for a new camera bag.

    Check out ONA’s blog–>

  7. He said it…not me.


    So the boy and I are a bundle of awkward mess and I thought it would be fun to see what Jake finds most Awkward. I gave him one rule…”no poop jokes”. (that’s such a funny word…poop)

    1. When you’re at the movies during the previews talking really loud about, “HOW COOL WILL WOULD IT BE IF ANIMALS REALLY COULD….talk.” Then the audio cuts out and you enter moron mode.

    2. When you pass someone you don’t normally talk to and give them the, “head nod” only to realize they weren’t going to give the, “head nod,” but actually say hello. Then, you say hello back mumbled and stuttering, but you’re already about 5 steps past them.

    3. When you’re walking your dog and someone walks by to give you compliments on how cute your dog is and how dogs just don’t get any better than that. Then you dog takes a dump.

    3. When you catch your roommate in college watching porn. (This also goes in the “gross” and “never again” category.)

    4. When it’s 3a.m. in the morning and you’re by yourself in the dark on your computer and start, “cooking (link).” Then your see your dog staring at you.

    5. When you spend a decent amount of time saying goodbye to someone and then you both leave in the same direction.

    6. When you try to hold back a HUGE manly sneeze because you know it’ll blow buildings down and it comes out all high pitch and girly.

    7. When you wish your girlfriend happy birthday in Leet speak and she has no idea what you were saying. (Also the moment when you realize your nerdiness gets in the way of your relationship.)

    8.  iPhone autocorrect. Where dimples become nipples and Cameron’s become cameltoe’s.

    9. Making “cool guy” faces in the mirror, then your girlfriend walks by and laughs.

    Make sure you laugh today! It’s good for you!

  8. friday finds & favorites // 25


    I’ve been bookmarking websites like crazy recently. I’m glad I have a weekly record of all the things I liked so I can reference them in the future. I hope you enjoy my weekly links as much as I enjoy collecting the material.

    A camera phone did that? Wow!

    And for your daily dose of odd and your daily time waster.

    1. Will Bryant makes things. He’s creative and works with a collective called Public School, in Austin TX.

    2. Have you heard of the “no packaging” grocery store idea? Check it out!

    3. If you like to keep up on current events in the creative world check out Good Magazine. I might have to subscribe. The website also has a feature that you can opt in to get email “good” messages on a daily basis. Genius idea.

    4. Season 2 of Emily Henderson’s Secrets of a Stylists airs this coming Saturday. (7:30PM Central)

    5. I love these kitchen storage container ideas via The Kitchen.

    6. Needing some DIY wall art inspiration? Check out 10 project ideas via Apartment Therapy.

    7. Stumbled across this Etsy shop and almost died. Really? Hand made vintage shoes!!!! Does it get any better than that?

    8. This workspace via Design Sponge feels very cozy. I think I could work there ;)

    9. If you know anything about me you should know I love big bags. This one is yummy! (even though I know that large flap would drive me nutty)

    10. One of the best DSLR tutorials I’ve seen recently. Really good way to get to know your camera in and out (Nikon and Canon)

    Now I’m curious. What are you favorite types of links that I share. Design, consumer goods, videos, etc???

  9. guest posting over at Easily Dunn!


    If money/time/family/work constraints did not matter, what would you do?

    I was extremely flattered when I was asked by Jamie over at Easily Dunn to participate in her Big Dreams feature.  Jamie believes that we all have big dreams brewing inside each and every one of us. Her new feature hopes lets other bloggers tell their stories of how they are working towards their big dreams. What a better way to start my 25th year, so I graciously accepted the offer. Hop on over to see what I had to say.

    I have big dreams inside my heart, inside my head, that are just desperately trying to claw their way out. I want to give them life, to coax them out gently. And I want to know that when they’re born into the world, they’ll meet equally big, equally earth shattering dreams…so that they aren’t alone. Dreamers should never be left to dream alone.  -Easily Dunn blog

  10. collected & reused (the 4 favs – 15% OFF)

    1 Comment

    I’ve had my shop open for just over a week now and I am blown away with how it is being received. I’ve worked extremely hard to bring you guys unique vintage containers that you could use in your home/workspace. Today, I’ve selected my 4 personal favorites that are in the shop right now. These items are going to be hard to part with, but I know they will go to a good home.

    Today only – get these 4 items at a discounted price! Here is a little extra info about each piece.

    1. Set of 4 Apothecary Bottles (instant collection)
    This is a great mix of apothecary bottles all varying in size and detailing. The amber glass has a lot of character. One bottle displays a measurement scale embossed on one side with a unique cork topper. Another shows embossed type details. Another has a Corn Silk label in good vintage condition and the last bottle is plain with a white screw on lid. Instant collection!

    2. Vintage Wire Gym Basket
    This basket was numbered 25 by the American Playground Device Co Of Anderson, Indiana. These baskets were used in gyms or swimming pools as lockers. This item has visible patina caused by years being near swimming pools. The structure is still very sturdy and reliable.

    3. Vintage Eastman Kodak Company Film Tin
    This is a vintage film canister that reads “Eastman Films” with the EKC logo in the center metal is discolored, but gives canister a great aged look. George Eastman put the first simple camera into the hands of consumers back in 1888. You could own a piece of history!

    4. Pair of Vintage 1950s Green Glass Water or Juice Jars
    These 2 green glass jars display the words “juice & water” in embossed type running down the side. Both come with their original metal yellow lid and are in excellent vintage condition.

    Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

    New products in the shop this week!
    1. Industrial Metal Storage Box 2.  Set of 3 Teal Spice Jars 3. Peach-Colored Decorative Tin