1. 1920 Hickory Street: our 95% bad idea


    Just last week, the boy and I were walking out pup around our lovely neighborhood and saw a “For Rent” sign in front of one of the row home duplexes with blue shutters. It’s extremely rare for a home to come up for lease in our neighborhood. Most are for sale and WAY out of our price range. The “For Rent” sign stopped us in our tracks. We stood there looking at the beauty, took one of the sheets of paper that outlines the details of the home, and continued to ooooo and ahhh as we read what was included in the property. It had everything we wanted in our next place, including a larger space for less rent money (can’t get better than that right?).

    We took the paper home and continued to talk about how great it would be to be able to rent a larger space WITH WOOD FLOORS! The bummer thing is we JUST resigned our year lease in our current loft building and breaking that lease would mean we would be out some moolah. There is also a good possibility that the boy will have a job relocation over the next year and breaking a lease and signing a new one just because we like that place better, doesn’t justify the logistics.

    I fought hard. I didn’t really care that we’d have to move all our stuff literally across the street, that we’d lose out on some money, that we’d most likely break 2 leases and be moving within the year. I was just excited for the possibility of having ‘easy to clean up pet fur’ wood floors, built in book cases, free parking, in-unit washer & dryer, 2 bedrooms/2 baths, and a fireplace, yo!!!!

    The boy had his ‘I’m all grown up pants on’ and told me the whole thing was 95% a bad idea. Let’s just say that’s a good way to kill the spirit. So now we walk past our dream place on a daily basis and I pout for a good long while.

    Have you guys had a dream place slip out from under you recently? 

  2. A house of thrifted treasures


    As a thrifter myself, I strive to collect pieces that will make my home feel like it has a story to tell by the objects within. Adding thrifted treasures to your home happens over years of collecting and scouring cities, looking for that one piece that is like the cherry on top. I’m currently working on collecting items to redo my office/workspace area, and let me tell you… It’s an extremely fun and exhausting process. One thing I keep in mind while on the look out is to know that anything you purchase doesn’t have to be the final/ concrete piece. It’s nice to know that if you’re out and about and find something you like better, there is always the ability to swap things out. Oh, the beauty of thrifting

    My dad sent me this link to this home tour that utilizes everything we both love, bright spaces, thrifted treasures, antique touches, industrial lighting, and a lived-in personality. Love it!

  3. this//that GIVEAWAY (ended)


    I’ve been working my batootie off these past weeks gathering new items to put in my shop. Now that I’ve finally got around to editing some photos and listing items, Market203 now has some new to peruse through. Keep an eye out because I’ll be adding a few more items over the next couple days.

    Here’s your chance to bring a piece of market203 into your home. This month’s giveaway is just like the one back in July. There are two items being offered. Simply leave a little note telling me which item you’d love to have, and if you win…you get that item! Fun right?

    Up for grabs  are  two items with an end of summer theme! The first is a pair of green glass refrigerator jars that have “juice” & “water” embossed on the sides. Great for traditional beverage use or just decoration for your kitchen.  The other is a flower tin that’s the perfect size to hold old polaroids or other small knick knacks.

    1. leave a comment telling me which item you’d like to win.
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    There you have it. 3 ways to win. The winner will be selected by random next Monday, September 26th. Good Luck!

    Note: I’ve been trying to reward The Veda House loyal readers with little special surprises here and there. Doing GIVEAWAYS  that are only open to followers of my blog is one way of doing so. Please know that I am not trying to trick people into following my blog, but rather show my gratitude towards those that do. :)

  4. oh frankie…i love you so


    Let’s say that I have a pretty massive wish list tucked in my back pocket for a rainy day (or a lottery winning ticket). On the top of that list is a subscription to Frankie Magazine. The magazine is based out of Australia and comes out twice a month. It’s aimed towards both men and women with special focus on the latest trends, and news/events happening in the fashion, food, music, craft, and art scenes. I’ve been all googoo eyes over this magazine since the start of this year, but have never been in a place to drop $115.00 for a year subscriptions. It might be worth canceling all my other subscriptions for THIS one!

    If you’re like me and don’t have the money at the moment to buy a printed subscription, the online website and blog are constantly being updated with great content and sneak peeks. Stop by—->

    *all photos were pulled from frankie magazine click image to go to website.

  5. smallable magazine


    Smallable, the most perfect online magazine there is for kits clothing, accessories and home decor. The first time I saw it I was in awe of its attention to typographic details and unique page layouts. The layouts and photographic style of this magazine follow the principal is simple is better and provide a streamlined viewing experience.

    Each season gets better and better. Take a look at the latest catalogue!

    * all images in this post were pulled from the latest online catalogue.

  6. friday finds and favorites // 33


    1. Have you heard of 3 Potato Four? A super cute vintage go-to online store with really unique items. Think vintage mug shots.

    2. Poppytalk has done it again with this DIY rolling crate foot stool. Neato!

    3. Have you been struggling with all the details of shooting in camera RAW? I was last week and this tutorial was really helpful!

    4. Thanks to Melissa of Dear Baby, this website is my new favorite place to visit!

    5. For all my typography lovers out there! Order an Emigre Catalog today!

    6. Who knew Iceland was so gorgeous. I had no idea! I’ll be adding this place on my “to go to someday” list.

    7. Thanks Sandi of Adalou blog for introducing me to Grace of Daily Grace. Her YouTube channel will keep you laughing for hours!

    8. Blogger I’m crushing on —> Yup…Emmadime (Emma Roberston)

    9. The porcelain goods in the Etsy shop Kim’s Little Monsters are beautiful with a little bit of human. Love her style. 

    10. Totally in love with this kitchen. Everything about it. The color palette, the lighting, the wood work! Beauty!

  7. Pink Elephant Antiques


    I mentioned this Antique mll in one of my recent Friday Finds & Favorites as a place I’d like to go. While my parents were in town 2 weekends ago, we were searching for things for do, and or course Pink Elephant Antiques came up. About 45 min away from St. Louis and situated right off a highway 55, this little gem turned out to be  good find. The lawn is littered with oversized displayed collected from all over and the building itself is a converted old school gymnasium. They even sell ice cream out of an old swirl cone shop in the parking lot. Can’t get much better than that right?

    There were very few drawbacks to the place. When you’re visiting antique malls on a weekly basis you start to recognize what makes them “good”.  At this place,  the pricing was a bit high and they had soooo many things in locked cabinets that you had to get permission to unlock. There were some things I passed up just because I didn’t want to track down the owner to unlock it for me. I also felt like the place lacked a sense or organization and that the booths could have been easier to peruse.

    Overall…great trip. I’m a little pissed I didn’t snap a photo of the massive pink elephant in the front yard. The one iconic piece…and I missed it!


  8. a walk in the park


    St. Louis is a city that is filled with really great parks. They are not only pretty, but most are dog friendly. A week or so ago, the weather decided to give us a little break (less humidity and lower temperatures), so we took the pup to our favorite park to burn off some energy. (OMG did he need it) I of course brought my camera along for the ride to capture all the pretty things and even made a little iPhone camera video. Nothin’ fancy. Enjoy!

  9. captains of industry: a manly dreamland


    Travel back to when men were super dapper, perfectly outfitted and groomed to the T. Captains of Industry is a Melbourne based gentleman’s cafe and outfitter.  Like holy moly. This collaboration “one stop shop” includes a cafe, Bespoke Footwear and Leather Accessories, a barber shop, a suit shop, and a grooming shop.

    ““Classic men’s grooming never goes out of style. After six years in the industry I’ve seen fads and distractions come and go and now feel like I’ve found a home where I can settle in and do great work. No bells and no whistles, just great knowledge, style and service provided by a professional.” – Hairdresser Sam Fordyce at Captains Barber Shop.

    A man should look as if he bought his clothes with intelligence,. put them on with care, then forgot about them.” -Hardy Amies, Statler & Waldorf  (a Made to Measure suiting service)

    * click on images to be taken to original sources

  10. another lazy sunday


    On Sundays we do a lot of laying around, catching up on things, and doing the “domestic” stuff we’ve put off the entire week. This Sunday was no different and with  a massive headache plus zero blogging inspiration, I did a really good job at being a couch potato who eats lots of watermelon. I did get to stare at this cute face all day :)