1. An Island + friday finds & favorites // 32


    Do you remember when I got back from Portland and told you I had discovered a “new to me band” called Efterklang? Well, these genius musicians have paired up with Vincent Moon and produced a  film called AN ISLAND. This is the second teaser of the film. Learn more Here and watch the entire film!

    1. Are you looking for ways to bring industrial lighting into your home. Lots of visual inspiration at Barn Light Electric.

    2. I’m just blown away at the intricate detailing in these silk scarves. They are truly pieces are artwork.

    3. Making forts is one of my favorite childhood memories. This “adult like” outdoor fort is perfect and super simple to make.

    4. Desire to Inspire website is one of my go to online resources for great home decor inspiration.

    5. I still in love with Pure Green online magazine. Check out there fall issue on issuu.

    6. So THIS antique mall is about an hour from where I currently live. Why haven’t I been here?? I mean large pink elephants, space ships, ice cream cones…

    7. I love this idea. A little Red Riding Hood jointed paper doll.

    8. This Japanese Paper goods website is just AMAZING!

    9. Swedish goods oh my! Love the handbags they currently have in stock.

    10. This DIY project is on my immediate to do list. Love everything about it and its super simple and cheap to make. I’m thinking gift ideas!

  2. neighborhood community garden


    This year the neighborhood community garden has been struggling. The heat that has swept through the midwestern states has caused all the flowers and vegetable leaves to shrivel and brown. When we first moved to the neighborhood, this was the first community garden that saw that was well kept and active. There are about 20 plots of raised bed that you can rent out. Some contain veggies, so are empty and others are full of wildflowers. What a great way to bring some beauty to the neighborhood!

    *this place is filled with massive sized bees. I risked my life taking these photos for you guys… so creepy.

  3. DIY: creating a photography shooting surface


    I decided that I needed to create a new surface to shoot shop photos on. I really like the grayish wood surface I use, but MAN is that piece of wood heavy and almost impossible to transport. This time around I’m going for a nice clean white-washed look that will hopefully allow my Etsy shop products to pop a little more. I realized that if I was going to compulsive buy a lot of metal/gray items, that it might be nice NOT to have a gray surface. Smart cookie!

    So I bought a super large sheet of birch plywood at the local Home Depot, had the man at the store cut it into smaller more manegable sections, bought two shades of white/super light gray, some paint brushes, and a couple levels of sand paper. Let’s just say I had NO idea what I was doing and was crossing my fingers that everything would work out.

    After the mess was cleaned up I was pretty happy with the results. I ended up making two panels so I could keep one in the loft and use the other to cart around if need be.

    What do you think?

  4. Building Block leather bags


    I stumbled upon Building Block leather bags this past weekend while blog hopping and fell in love. Their products are simple, completely unique,  and 100% functional. The aesthetic is extremely pleasing to the eye and their website/blog is just as fun to sift through. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for what they come up with in the upcoming seasons.

  5. the sunflowers are blooming


    It’s about time. I feel like I watch the sunflowers grow nice and tall ALL summer long and right when I’m sick of waiting for something to happen, there they are in all their gorgeousness. I’ve been snapping pictures of sunflowers all around town. Definitely one of my favorite summer flowers!

    Somethings are worth waiting for…

  6. Pretty Zoo launches fall jewelry line


    Hi guys. I’m back for a day and then out again until next monday. I’m cheating on my blogging break because I felt the need to help announce Zoe’s (of Pretty Zoo blog) handmade jewelry line that launches today! Her style and vision are spot on and every item in the lookbook is calling my name. (casssssiiiiiieeeeee)  I hope to be able to get my hands on one of her bunny necklaces. Please stop by her shop and show some blogger support and empty out your wallets. I know you won’t be disappointed!

     I’m SO excited to fiiiinally be able to show you what I’ve been working on for the past 4 or 5 months. I wanted to be able to get this show on the road so much sooner than this, but I wasn’t prepared to do it in a country where English wasn’t the first language (post office nightmares!) However, waiting until I got to England made sure that I would develop my jewellery properly and not rush ahead. Now, I’m in England, and I’m ready to show you! It is a little bit scary, it’s something I’ve been pouring so much time and love into and I’m anxious to hear what you think of it! – ZOE

    I just wanted to thank everyone for being supportive of my decision to take a little blogging break. It’s been a great week of catching up on things and I’m excited to be back to blogging full time come Monday. I’ve had some time to get some projects done and get inspired again. Thank!


  7. starting today…


    I’m taking a mini- break.  A break to sit back and think, assess, reassess, and to get inspired again. When I got back from my trip to Portland this summer I had over a month’s worth of content I wanted to share with you guys. Of course I interspersed my normal “Love This” posts and “Friday Finds & Favorites”, but the majority of my sharing was from our trip. Blogging was almost effortless for an entire month. All I had to do was edit some photos of pretty things and then tell you a little bit about them. Easy peezy and fun.

    I’ve now exhausted all Portland content (I bet some of you are saying, thank goodness…haha) and now I am kind of at a loss. I know I have things to blog about because I’m thinking about stuff all the time. The thing I’m lacking is time to compile the posts in a meaningful way and to share those posts with you.

    Starting today I am taking a one week blogging break to kind of catch up on my to do list. I’m going to take this time to get inspired again and come back with some great content to share. September is going to be exciting. I have almost every weekend booked with family and friends weekend visits, lots of shop updates, new design opportunities, and a pile of DIYs to share. This all means there will be lots of fun stuff to be blogging about.

    I’ve never taken more than a weekend break and the thought of a whole week is super scary. As a new blogger I’m scared I’m going to lose all you sweet souled readers I have coming back on a daily basis and that’s terrifying. I hope everyone understands everyone needs a break once and while and because this blog is ultimately for ME, I need to pay it a little respect and not post crap.

    Some things to look at while I’m away. I’m a Pinning queen on Pinterestand will be updating my boards with some pretty pretties. I’m also on Twitter if you’d like to chat :)

    Last note. I’ve been sponsoring some other amazing bloggers this month. Go check them out! I promise you won’t be disappointed.
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    3// Katie of Skunkboy Creatures
    4// Leigh-Ann of Freckled Nest
    5// Amanda of Here’s Looking at Me Kid
    6// Kyla of Kyla Roma
    7//  Katie of I Go By Katie

  8. whimsy & spice: brooklyn confectioners


    One of my favorite daily blog reads is called Sweet Fine Day and is written by a creative pair, Jenna and Mark. Jenna is a designer and Mark is a pastry chef, and both are parenting the cutest two young gals.

    Whimsy& Spice was founded by the husband and wife pair back in 2008. The combination of culinary skills and graphic design produce a brand that is not only gorgeous to look at, but tasty too!

    Stop by their online shop to place an order or stop by their blog to catch up on a good read!

    * all photos were pulled from their online sweet treat shop

  9. recent find: stencil kit


    Last Friday I took my lunch break to peruse a local antique mall for an hour. I hadn’t been to this particular antique mall for a little over a month, so it was a nice surprise to see all the booths had had a little face lift makeover. It was definitely refreshing and I walked away with some great pieces.

    This box of vintage brass interlocking stencils was a great find. I’m attracted to anything that uses stamping or typography, so I knew I’d be taking it home with me. Although the box has seen better days, the stencils appear to be barely used! I was also pleased to find out it was a complete set.

    Look for this item in my Etsy shop soon. The set would be perfect for arts and crafts, embossing, scrapbooks, handmade card making, etc.

    *note: I appreciate everyone that is hanging in there with me during this blog identity crisis. I’m still working through why I feel my blog design still isn’t “there” yet and would love suggestions if you have any to share. 

  10. inside our loft building


    The boy and I have come to really love our loft space. It seems to be the perfect size, perfect style/details, and most of all perfect location in St.Louis. The building is a converted shoe factory and is filled with industrial touches like massive wood been, wood ceilings, wall to wall windows, and brick ever where. Enjoy a little insiders peek into our building.

    Inside the loft tour will happen some time soon. The place always seems to be in disarray when I get my heart set on taking photos. One of these days….