1. recreate it / 01


    Hi guys! I’m excited to announce a new design collaboration happening here every Wednesday with Bre of MOXEE. The two of us have really “hit it off” in the terms of designer-to-designer relationships, and we felt like it would be fun to share some design insights with you. We could go on and on about what typefaces we drool over or what design websites keep us glued for hours, but that would only bore you over time. Instead, every Wednesday we are going to share 2 Recreate It posts (one here on my blog and one over on her blog) that will hopefully help you translate those pretty magazines spreads you see into something more tangible. Hey! You may even get some new blog post layout ideas from it. Hope you enjoy this new feature as much as the both of us. Cheers!

    kinfolk / photo / grotesque mt / linux libertine / aw conqueror / breanna rose


  2. Score + Solder // Terrariums & Planters


    These beautiful pieces are made to order by Matthew Cleland of Score + Solder. Stunning pieces of art, each terrarium and planter  are made by hand (a skill he acquired by passed down generation * even more magical) Not only are the lead-free structures hand made and individually crafted, the glass is custom made too!

    Check out the SHOP!

    * Plants sold seperately

  3. In Their Home // Le Dans La


    La Dans La is a magical blog full of childhood whimsy and scenes from every day happenings. Written by a stylist and mama, La Dans La is daily showcase of all things stylish. The rooms are organized and put together with simplistic details. Even this family’s wardrobe sends jealously running through my bones. Love everything about this blog and have spent way too many hours flipping through the archives, slowly watching the children grow up.

    Stop by her blog to learn/see more or visit her shop.

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  4. B&W walk + 12 by 2012


    Danni from Hello, Friend has put together 12 by 2012, which encourages everyone to get those final items marked off your 2011 To Do lists. I’d determined and hope this digital list will keep me motivated. Click on the image above to stop by Danni’s blog and submit your own 12 by 2012 lists!

    1 // Organize blog content and post structure. Make blogging more streamlined
    2 // Full Etsy shop update before the shopping holiday
    3 // Finish putting together office area and do an office tour on the blog
    4 // Start taking on freelance blog designs (email me if you are interested)
    5 // Finish 3 more books from my “to read” list
    6 // Start a new Thanksgiving tradition with the boy
    7 // Send out Christmas cards to family (I really going to do this!!)
    8 // Go to yoga class more consistently
    9 // Get my portfolio up to date
    10 // Try 5 NEW recipes (I’m attempting to broaden my horizons)
    11 // Have real evergreens in my home this holiday season!
    12 // Reconnect with pen pals :)


    * photos by : the veda house

  5. Trending Graphics // It’s all in the circle!



    Today’s Trend // Circle Logos
    Is it just me or is there an enormous amount of circular logos out there right now. I’m also noticing that a lot of these circle logos are black & white and bunch of them have a stamped texture. I like this trend, but the more and more I see it, the less excited I get.

    I am a big fan of symmetry and typically circular logos show some form of symmetry in their design. Most are typographic in nature as well, which is always a winner in my books.

    Are you a liking the circle craze? 

    1  / 2  / 3  / 4  / 5  / 6  /  7  /  8  /  9 /  10  /  11

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  6. friday finds & favorites // 38




    1. Did you stop by the Babble Blog Awards to see the top rated blogs across multiple categories. Lots of good reads!

    2. Really great graphic design/artist portfolio with a unique style.

    3. Stop by TrendLand to keep up to date with the latest trends in fashion, design and culture!

    4. Invisible Film poem.A different way of viewing a storyline.

    5. I loving the graphic prints by Little Studio. The bright colors are glorious!

    6. The illustrations by Faye Moorhouse are a little bit odd, but a lot a bit awesome.

    7. A really great post about blogging with lots of photos. Great observation. “On Being Wordless”

    8. This Tumblr caters to my need to organize things neatly. Not sure this is a good thing

    9. A new favorite – digital version of Bodie & Fou Fall/Winter Catalogue

    10. This Pennyweight Pin Board (via Pinterest) is really great for showing how to photography found objects in nature.

    Happy Weekend!

  7. A Fresh Look for The Veda House


    Hi guys. As you can see from just landing on my blog, things have been switched up a bit and in my eyes, improved greatly. I’ve spent that last couple of weeks compiling blog design inspiration and bookmarking web design elements that I’d like to bring into my own site. Once I knew what I wanted,  the design came together rather quickly. WIth the help of Bre of MOXEE, the hero behind the backend coding of this baby, I now have a design that I feel reflects my blog content.

    Ok, so let’s talk about Bre shall we. She’s sweetest and most talented chick on the internet….no really…trust me on this one. I stumbled upon her design blog a few months back and have been reading along every time a new posts pops up in my bloglovin’ feed. She posts inspirational design related content and she frequently posts content I haven’t seen floating around the internet, which is hard to do. It’s original and each post is designed specifically for her brand MOXEE.

    Did I mention that she’s a graphic designer by trade and a geek web developer by heart? I’d say that’s a perfect combination. This past week, Bre launched her portfolio website and now her blog and portfolio are working together to take over the design community. She’s a freelance designer always looking for the next exciting design project. If you’re looking for someone who is incredibly professional, extremely sweet and passionate, lightning speed fast with amazing communication skills, go to Bre. Please….it will save you SOOO much time.

    Stop by her BLOG and her PORTFOLIO.

    On another note //
    I’m Guest posting over at A is for Ampersand blog today, sharing a favorite fall outfit. Stop by Amy’s blog and say hello!

  8. Humble Abode


    Last weekend I had my Saturday to myself to do whatever I wanted. I decided to flip flop my weekend routine and get all the “domestic” stuff done on Saturday so that Sunday could be in the running for laziest Sunday of all time. To my surprise, I got everything done I sought out to do and even had time to take the pup out for a mid-day walk. During “Domestic Saturday” I captured some scenes from around the ole humble abode.

  9. Chris Court’s Mushrooms


    Chris Court’s work is ALL over the place and if you flipped through some Australian interior design magazines, you know what I’m talking about. I’d say the guy is somewhat of a genius with the camera and as a bonus, he has a wide range of subject matter.

    Today I’m sharing some of his food photos because they are just as fabulous as his interior shots which I drool over almost daily. He even makes mushrooms look yummy to someone who’d rather eat dog food than a mushroom.

    Take a peek at the rest of his portfolio here! His portfolio website was designed by Laura Baxter and developed by Nyssa Sutherland

  10. In Their Home // Weekday Carnival


    I’ve got a magical home tour for you for today’s “In Their Home” feature. I stumbled upon Riikka’s blog, Weekday Carnival, a week or so again and when it happened, I was clicking through the archives with my mouth open in awe. She a photographer living in Ireland who has taken a few years “off” from her day job to be a stay at home mom. Her daily mission is to capture the lives of her growing children and capture the moments of every day life. Scenes from her home make many appearances on her blog and I love it all. Her style is spot on and the pops of color throughout her space bring life to every room. Enjoy! (Sorry. I went a little picture heavy, but its was all too good!)

    Stop by her blog to learn/see more or visit her shop.

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