1. GIVEAWAY: hand printed fabric (ended aug 5th)


    *click image to go to DIY step by step over @ Sometimes Sweet!

    If you missed this morning’s post you need to stop by Danielle’s blog Sometimes Sweet where I am guest posting and sharing a DIY project (hand printed fabric). I thought it would be fun to give one lucky reader the finished product. The fabric is 42inches long by 27 inches wide, enough to make two small pillows :)

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    The winner will be randomly selected this Friday! Don’t forget to stop by Danielle’s blog and leave her a little note to come home to.

  2. guest post DIY project over @ Sometimes Sweet


    Today I am guest posting over @ Sometimes Sweet while Danielle is away on her east coast vacation. I chose to share a DIY project that I’ve had on my to-do list for some time now. Block printing your own fabric pattern is a lot simpler than you’d expect, once you get your hands a little dirty and try it out. Hop on over and follow the step-by-step process.

    If you end up falling in love with the process like I have, here are some books to check out. Check back this afternoon because I’ll be giving away the fabric to one lucky reader!!

    The Printmaking Bible –   The Street Art Stencil Book –  Lotta Prints

  3. Oh My Cavalier

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    Over the past year or so I have been looking closely at reprint artwork in hopes to create a photo/artwork wall that was entertaining to me and anyone who came to look at it. I’ve been frequently stumbling upon delicate watercolor paintings of girls & guys interacting with the nature around them. The painting are full of character and all have a story to tell. After a long time perusing artist’s website I realized I keep bookmarking the same artist, Oh My Cavalier. Let’s just say that I determinded that once I had a little extra cash flow, I’d purchase some of her pieces.

    While I was in Portland on vacation a couple weeks ago I saw her work everywhere. Was it a coincidence or had I fallen into the Oh My Cavalier jackpot. Turns out the artist, Julianna, is based out of Portland and sells her work to many of the local shops. I saw an array of products, from original artwork, reprints, stationery sets, thank you cards, etc. I regret not purchasing my first original artwork while I was there, but I blame it on not being able to decide which little scene was my favorite.

    That was a long drawn out story to tell you to simply  go check out her work. You won’t be disappointed and we all need a little whimsy every now and then. 

    She also has a blog–>

  4. besties reunited in the Pac North


    I can’t really express to you how excited I was to see my best friend while out on the West Coast while on vacation. We’ve been best buds ever since the second grade and throughout the years we’ve been inseparable. Any time we get a chance to see each other I’m reassured that our relationship hasn’t changed a bit. We still laugh for hours at nothing special and retell old stories until everyone else around us is annoyed.

    Every time we are together it’s guaranteed to be a good time. I got to spend less than 24 hours with this sweet gal, but while she was in town we ate at the most perfect restaurants, snapped some photos, told lots of stories, and had a calm girl’s night out. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that we got 8 donuts from Voodoo donuts for the two of us! Classic.

  5. friday finds & favorites // 28


    This week has been pretty stressful. First full week back from vacation is rough and I’m glad the weekend is in sight. Hope you all have some relaxing plans for this weekend!

    A graduation project turns a digital cookbook into a Alfred Hitchcock inspired short film. Perfection.

    A 10 min (totally worth it) documentary on Duncan Fallowell’s passion for his personal library.

    1. I’ve discovered a new to me blog that I think all of you should read. So creative, inspiring and well put together. Tabitha Emma Blog.

    2. Need a movable closet or more fashionable way to store your clothing. Try this hand made coat rack from Fossil’s Blog.

    3. I’ve seen this hair DIY floating around the internet, and if I were a little more brave, I’d give it a try.

    4. This collection of mix media art by Dawn Garner is just gorgeous. LOVE the color palette and the layering!

    5. The hanging lights in this image look like something I could jerry rig myself. DIY here I come!

    6. I think I need to buy one of everything in Leah Duncan Shop. Beautifully designed textiles!

    7. Kate Spade and Hotel Shutters (Santa Monica) have teamed up to create this “I need it know” bicycle.

    8. Asian inspired kitchen ware from Baum-Kuchen. So simple and elegant. Would fit perfectly in my kitchen!

    9. The Ace Hotel gets tech savvy and OMG thank goodness. What a creative idea to make a hotel experience that much better.


  6. noun: a person’s place for things


    At the beginning of our Portland trip the boy and I decided to stop by a little shop that came highly recommended by a blogger pal of mine. She said it was a must-see and that I’d feel right at home. She was absolutely right! Noun, a little shop that sells a perfect mix of curated vintage home goods, selected jewelry, knick knacks, and artwork from a variety of local artists. I walked in and knew instantly I was in some sort of mini heaven. If I had the extra cash and a few more suitcases to take things home in, I would of bought out the entire shop.

    The bonus feature of the whole experience was that I was able to meet Stephanie, the owner and curator of the little gem. We “talked shop” for a while and share some secrets about owning a vintage shop (online vs. actual store). She was beyond helpful with her tips and way eager to answer any questions I had, and I sure had a ton. I asked her what her favorite items are to hunt down and she said she’s always looking for vintage typewriters and more recently, vintage desk accessories.

    I feel her and I have made a small bond that will only grow from here on out. I find that staying connected to other shop owners is the best way to grow and expand what you already know. It’s also quite nice to know that if we ever move to Portland someday that I’ll have at least one vintage lover soul mate to chill with.

    3300 Southeast Belmont Street, Portland OR, 97214
    Email Stephanie –> shopnoun@gmail.com
    Read the story behind the shop–> Go! 

  7. our stay at the Ace Hotel


    See inside our room–>

    Last week, the boy and I were enjoying our stay in the Pacific Northwest. Since anything west of St. Louis is a totally new experience for us, we felt it was ok to splurge on our hotel stay. We chose to stay at the Ace hotel, a hotel that we both had been ooooing and ahhhing over for some years. Let’s just say that we were beyond pleased with our experience and would stay there again in a heart beat.

    Today I was asked by a close friend (who has a travel blog) if I’d write a review of the hotel. I jumped on the opportunity, so if you are looking for more information about our stay, you’ll find all the details over there. She just got back from a two week trip through Italy and will be posting little aspects from her trip over the next couple weeks. I highly recommend you stopping by. Written by a writer, Julie’s blog is always a good read!

  8. new city = new to me music


    I must say one of my favorite aspects of traveling to a new city is being exposed to the local music. Portland has some not so shabby music groups that I was completely unaware of before I got here. While my best childhood friend and I were spending time together we stopped in Tender Loving Empire and perused the rows of CDs (click to watch video of store tour)by local artists. The sweet shop owner noticed we were interested in several of the bands she had displayed and offered to play each of the groups in the shops sound system. This totally sold us on all of the groups we were looking into and walked away with 3 new CDs.

    1. Loch Lomond: Little Me Will Start a Storm
    Check out their album via Tender Loving Empire–>

    2. Typhoon: Hunger & Thirst
    Check out their album via Tender Loving Empire–>

    3. Nadine Mooney: Mouse House Worm Hole
    Check out their album via Tender Loving Empire–>

  9. DIY: simple homemade body scrub


    I’m a really big fan of taking the time each evening to take a bath and pamper yourself. This body scrub is 100% natural, relatively cheap to make and takes no time at all.

    What You’ll Need
    1. An old jar with lid
    2. Enough RAW sugar to fill the jar almost to the top.
    3. Natural Coconut Oil
    4. Lavender Essential Oil

    How to Make it!
    1. Make sure the jar you’ll be using is nice and clean and that the lid secures tightly
    2. Fill the jar with raw sugar until it almost reaches the top
    3. Pour coconut oil over the sugar slowly until you see it has completely coated the sugar
    4. Stir the sugar and coconut oil together until they are well mixed. It should NOT be runny
    5. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the mixture. The more drops, the more potent the smell.
    6. Stir and that’s it!

    - I bought all my supplies from my local Whole Foods grocery.
    - You may also use white pure cane sugar for a similar effect. The raw brown sugar I used has a rougher texture, which I like
    - Instead of coconut oil, you can use extra virgin olive oil or peanut oil
    - For an extra personalized touch, make a tag or gift the scrub with some twine :)


  10. Hoyt Arboretum: The first trail


    On our second night in Portland (when we were finally starting to feel settled in) we took an evening drive around the Northwest Quadrant of the city. Just outside of immediate downtown, we left the hustle and bustle and were suddenly surrounded by the Pacific Northwest iconic greenery. Since this was our first time in the west, we were both in awe and kept saying “Look how green it is”.

    On our way back into downtown, we stopped at the Hoyt Arboretum to walk some of the shorter trails. It was one of those “pull over to the side of the road” kind of unexpected adventures (the best in my opinion). This non-profit green space was an 187 acre ridge-top area with paved hiking travels of a variety of walking lengths. We discovered that slugs must be the state’s most popular animal. They were EVERYWHERE!