1. In Their Home // Maria Emb


    Maria, the engineering student/blogger of Maria Emb showcases sneak peeks from inside her home as well as food photography and other interior design inspiration. Her blog has become one of my favorites because she is constantly pumping out original content, and did I mention her design sense is amazing. Her home looks warm and cozy, but keeps simplicity at its core. Every item in the space works well with one another and the color palette or each room is one I envy. I’d also die for her stoneware collection!

    Please stop by HER BLOG and jump from one post to the next. I know you won’t be disappointed!

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    4 // Le Dans La (Oct 24)


  2. downloadable wallpapers from me to you!


    Hi guys. I thought I would do something a little different today. I’ve designed some desktop wallpapers for you. I’ve just loved this section of the song After the Storm by Mumford & Sons and I’ve been wanting to do something with it.

    Download the wallpapers by clicking on the links below and then saving the files. Let me know if you have any issues downloading or installing.

    Computer Widescreen 2560 x 1440
    Computer Standard 1680 x 1050
    iPhone 640 x 960
    iPad 768 x 1024


  3. I’m a Design Contributor on Design For Mankind!


    I’ve got lots of exciting design collaborations going on right now and one of them happens to be with Erin of Design for Mankind. I just love her blog and stop by on a daily basis for a good dose of inspiration. I’ll be posting over on her blog every other Friday, sharing some of my favorite design trends.

    * This means my Saturday featured called “Trending Graphics” will only appear every other Saturday. We can’t have too many trends going on now can we? :)

    Please stop by and check it out. You’ll also be able to access the latest trend by click on Design For Mankind in my sidebar. Enjoy!

    (original image)

  4. friday finds & favorites // 39

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    1. Marjon’s Photography is just stunning. Love all the energy in the photos.

    2. Completely in love with ALL of these pillows. ALL of them!

    3. The illustration work of Marise Maas is just amazing. Stop by The Design Files to read the interview with the artist.

    4. Oh no Berlinhas some great Graphic T-Shirts with a fun personality.

    5. Mark Allen Miller has become one of my favorite illustrators. His portfolio is stunning.

    6. The illustrations by Faye Moorhouse are a little bit odd, but a lot a bit awesome.

    7. Who doesn’t need a large bright red balloon print to hang on their walls?

    8. Please stop by Anna’s vintage shop. You won’t be disappointed!

    9. Are you a designer that uses Lorem Ipsum on a daily basis? Well now you can you Cupcake Ipsum….you’re welcome ;)

    10. The current issue of Collect Magazine is pretty amazing!

    Happy Weekend!

  5. Line Klein’s Interiors


    Danish photographer Line Klein (view online portfolio) started out as a portrait and food photographer. Today she spends the majority of there time snapping photos of interior spaces and still life. Line’s work has been popping up in my life here and there, but I never knew she had a blog until just recently. Go explore her little space of the internet.

  6. recreate it / 01


    Hi guys! I’m excited to announce a new design collaboration happening here every Wednesday with Bre of MOXEE. The two of us have really “hit it off” in the terms of designer-to-designer relationships, and we felt like it would be fun to share some design insights with you. We could go on and on about what typefaces we drool over or what design websites keep us glued for hours, but that would only bore you over time. Instead, every Wednesday we are going to share 2 Recreate It posts (one here on my blog and one over on her blog) that will hopefully help you translate those pretty magazines spreads you see into something more tangible. Hey! You may even get some new blog post layout ideas from it. Hope you enjoy this new feature as much as the both of us. Cheers!

    kinfolk / photo / grotesque mt / linux libertine / aw conqueror / breanna rose


  7. Score + Solder // Terrariums & Planters


    These beautiful pieces are made to order by Matthew Cleland of Score + Solder. Stunning pieces of art, each terrarium and planter  are made by hand (a skill he acquired by passed down generation * even more magical) Not only are the lead-free structures hand made and individually crafted, the glass is custom made too!

    Check out the SHOP!

    * Plants sold seperately

  8. In Their Home // Le Dans La


    La Dans La is a magical blog full of childhood whimsy and scenes from every day happenings. Written by a stylist and mama, La Dans La is daily showcase of all things stylish. The rooms are organized and put together with simplistic details. Even this family’s wardrobe sends jealously running through my bones. Love everything about this blog and have spent way too many hours flipping through the archives, slowly watching the children grow up.

    Stop by her blog to learn/see more or visit her shop.

    Previous Features:
    1 //  Annaleena Karlsson (Oct 3)
    2 //  Old Brand New (Oct 10)
    3 // Weekday Carnival (Oct 17)

  9. B&W walk + 12 by 2012


    Danni from Hello, Friend has put together 12 by 2012, which encourages everyone to get those final items marked off your 2011 To Do lists. I’d determined and hope this digital list will keep me motivated. Click on the image above to stop by Danni’s blog and submit your own 12 by 2012 lists!

    1 // Organize blog content and post structure. Make blogging more streamlined
    2 // Full Etsy shop update before the shopping holiday
    3 // Finish putting together office area and do an office tour on the blog
    4 // Start taking on freelance blog designs (email me if you are interested)
    5 // Finish 3 more books from my “to read” list
    6 // Start a new Thanksgiving tradition with the boy
    7 // Send out Christmas cards to family (I really going to do this!!)
    8 // Go to yoga class more consistently
    9 // Get my portfolio up to date
    10 // Try 5 NEW recipes (I’m attempting to broaden my horizons)
    11 // Have real evergreens in my home this holiday season!
    12 // Reconnect with pen pals :)


    * photos by : the veda house