1. Brian’s Eye for the simplest of simple


    I have recently been following Brian W. Ferry’s work and loving everything about it. Like me, he tries to capture the everyday simple moments that come across his camera’s lens. Him images capture all the perfect lighting and angles to turn those everyday simple objects into something really amazing.

    View more of his work via HIS PORTFOLIO.
    See what PROJECTS he’s been up to.

  2. Friday Finds & Favorites // 51

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    1. A really great post for designers/artists talking about Inspiration vs. Imitation.

    2. Turn a canning  jar into a travel mug with Cuppow!

    3. I really love the illustration work of Sarah Abbott. Go check it out!

    4. UNICEF’s Voices of Youth program is beautifully designed and includes lots of ways to start dialogue around children speaking their mind.

    5. Have you heard of Greylag music. These guys are pretty darn good. Watch some videos here. and in the above video.

    6. Fortune cookie coin purse?? Whaaa!

    7. My favorite tumblr site of the week. That Kind of Woman.

    8. Absolutely love this knitted scarf pattern. Might just have to give it a go.

    9. Lets talk copyright people. What can you copyright exactly? Rena Tom gives us some great advice.

    10. This fireplaceis just calling for some cozy evening. I really really want one of thoseeeeee.

    Happy Weekend!

  3. Klein Line…again


    Hey darlings. I’m stopping in to show you some of my recent favorites from photographer, Line Klein. Here work is absolutely perfection and it’s rare to find a styled shoot that I just don’t love. These home shots are a perfect mix of whites and black, subtle touches of natural elements, and spot on lighting. Enjoy!

    Photos by Klein Line
    Shoot was styled by Helen Wiggers for ALL Interiors Magazine (sneak peeks)

  4. Inspired by Mark Weaver / curated by Amy Moore


    I would love it if everyone stood up, clapped their hands, did a twirl and ate a cupcake as they welcome Amy Moore to the Veda House blog as a regular curator of inspiration. I’ve been following Amy’s blog, Strataflora for some time now and just adore how well she can put together snippets of inspiration. Every Thursday, Amy will share with you something that’s been inspiring her in hopes to inspire you!

    “Hello Veda House readers! I’m so excited Cassie has asked me to contribute to her beautiful blog.  I regularly share art, photography and design on Strataflora, and my column here on Veda House will be a mash up of those things. Hopefully I can introduce you to some new artists!  This week I chose Mark Weaver’s art to share; he puts his work together as an assemblage of different pieces, which is one of my favorite ways to communicate a story.  I think the double exposure effects with added graphics give his work a futuristic and ethereal look that I can’t help but gravitate towards.  I hope you all enjoy it as well…if you want more, he has a multitude of lovely works in his portfolio. Check them out! ”

    Please give Amy a warm welcome, stop by her BLOG, and check out her deign PORTFOLIO.

    image credits: Mark Weaver Flickr



  5. Nancy Straughan’s Printed Textiles


    I was contacted last week by one of Veda House fans, thanking this blog for being such an inspiration to her during her art school days. I was extremely flattered when she contacted me and introduced me to her work. For being right out of school, this gal has got a pretty extensive portfolio to show. Nancy Straughan is a textile designer living in De Beauvior Town where she shares a creative space with other like-minded souls. I’m super excited for her and her new adventure. Please stop by and say hello.

    Visit her BLOG, SHOP, and PORTFOLIO!

  6. Andrew & Carissa


    If you’ve been following Kinfolk at all and those who contribute, you’ll run across the work of Photographer, Carissa Galo and Videographer, Andrew Galo. I’ve been follow this pair’s work for over a year now and checking in here and there to see how their daughter’s adoption was going. These two are full of love and their work shows it.

    As an amateur photographer I’m constantly on the look out for people who have found a style of imagery they can call their own. I go to their BLOG account for ooodles of constant inspiration. Enjoy!

    * a special thank you to Carissa who has been helping me with my own photography. I really appreciate the guidance.

  7. Soap Sud Dreams


    My bathroom at the loft (our current residence) is not my favorite. Sure its 100% functional and probably better than most rental bathrooms, but the wood tones in there clash and are sooooo wrong! So I’ve been dreaming about porcelain beauties and picking up irresistible bathroom type items as I go. I recently got all new perfect white (hotel style) towels, enough natural bars of soap to last probably two years, and this amazing vintage glove mold for my jewelry (thanks Lackluster Co!)

    My goal with the bathroom is to make it feel as natural as possible and smell like a minty/coconut/lavender dream room. I’ll get there eventually, and I guarantee you that my next bathroom with have a natural light source…trust me ;)

    Here’s some inspiration I’ve been pinning on my “FOR THE LOFT” Pinterest mood boar.

  8. In Their Home // Photographer, Hilda Grahnat


    If you follow the projects of Kinfolk or pin beautiful interior shots (with clocks in them), you’re most likely looking at the work and living space of photographer Hilda Grahnat. Hilda lives in Sweden as a graphic designer and commissioned freelance photographer. She often takes snapshots of her home’s interior, which is filled to the brim with an amazing vintage collection of goodies, specifically her table-top clocks. Stop by her blog to see what she’s been up to.

    See more of her home via Flickr.
    Look at her work in her PORTFOLIO!

    Catch up on all previous In Their Home posts HERE!

  9. trampoline vintage


    Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. I’m stopping by today to see if you have seen what Trampoline vintage (via Etsy) has had in stock these past months? Wowzers. I’ve been following Kim (from Portland) and her shop for over a year now and I must say, these past few months have been really amazing. Her styling is on point and the vintage curation makes me envious. She sure has an eye for pretty things and making you want to buy everything in her shop. The above images are just a few images of the perfection.

    If you haven’t stopped by to see all the goodies, please do! Enjoy!