1. In Their Home // Photographer, Hilda Grahnat


    If you follow the projects of Kinfolk or pin beautiful interior shots (with clocks in them), you’re most likely looking at the work and living space of photographer Hilda Grahnat. Hilda lives in Sweden as a graphic designer and commissioned freelance photographer. She often takes snapshots of her home’s interior, which is filled to the brim with an amazing vintage collection of goodies, specifically her table-top clocks. Stop by her blog to see what she’s been up to.

    See more of her home via Flickr.
    Look at her work in her PORTFOLIO!

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  2. trampoline vintage


    Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. I’m stopping by today to see if you have seen what Trampoline vintage (via Etsy) has had in stock these past months? Wowzers. I’ve been following Kim (from Portland) and her shop for over a year now and I must say, these past few months have been really amazing. Her styling is on point and the vintage curation makes me envious. She sure has an eye for pretty things and making you want to buy everything in her shop. The above images are just a few images of the perfection.

    If you haven’t stopped by to see all the goodies, please do! Enjoy!

  3. A stark white beauty


    I came across this home back towards the end of summer and just realized I never blogged about it. I was awe struck back in August and I’m still staring at the images with my mouth wide open. I love everything about this stark white town home. I love how it sticks out like a sore thumb for all the good reasons. I love how minimal and fluff-less it is. I love each and every corner of this space, especially the rooftop patio that connects to a separate home office.


    All photos taken by Lindman Photography
    View more homes via Yatzer.com

  4. Design For Mankind // 6


    Wahoo! We’re back at it for another edition of “Trending Graphics” over at Design For Mankind. Hey guys, did you hear our lovely lady Erin is expecting a little one this July!? I’m so happy for her!

    This week’s design trend is iconography. Once you start using them, it’s hard to stop. haha. Stop on over, send her best wishes with the baby and check out some iconography!

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    Week 1 // Geometric Assembly
    Week 2 // Typographic Packaging
    Week 3 // Double Exposure
    Week 4 // Vintage Inspired Graphics
    Week 5 // Ampersand Love

    * Icons above are from a project called “The Shoppe” by Celeste Provost.

  5. Friday Finds & Favorites // 50


    * Video found via Previously Owned blog.


    1. Do you use Meyer’s Hand soaps?? Here’s a DIY that shows you how to make 1 gal of soap for only $4.

    2. The illustrations by Mathilde Aubier are really amazing. Love the look of mixed media.

    3. I’ve got a really great new blog read for you. Lots of inspiration on Prints & Prints blog.

    4. Make your own leaf skeletons. Who knew this was possible!!

    5. I was really loving the colors in Katie’s post called “Embracing Winter”. Did you guys happen to see Katie’s lovely painting in Kinfolk Vol.2??

    6. A great post about all the details of opening your own online shop. I really wish I had access to a post like this when I was launching Market203.

    7. Ikea to switch to cardboard shipping pallets??! Very interesting read.

    8. A designers’ new year’s resolutions. Read many here via Designboom.com

    9. Did you ever play the memory card game as a kid? Now they have a beautiful typographic set via Mega Laser Magazine

    10. Check out this New Orleans Pharmacy Museum!

    Happy Weekend!

  6. To Resolve Project


    The To Resolve Project is a project created by Chris Streger in an effort to gather New Year’s resolutions from talented designers. Each image was supposed to be designed as a reminder that you would then place on your iPhone. After it’s first successful year, the TO Resolve Project is back with another handful of great designs/resolutions.

    Feeling up to the challenge of creating your own background. Download a template HERE and have some fun. NO Restrictions! Go HERE to submit your design!

    * The above images are just some of my favorites from this year’s submissions. Please visit the website to see who created each image and many more submissions!

  7. A Steady Hand // Dana Tanamachi


    I’ve been seeing Dana’s hand lettering chalk work pop up all over the place ( tweed run, westelm catalogue, etc) and I’m blown away at her skill. When I think of chalk, I think of bright colors swirling down the neighborhood streets, but Dana’s work takes that idea to a whole new level. Stop by her website to see more recent project and keep an eye out for more to come.


    Want to see more time lapse? Look here!

    Love this interview with Dana & DesignSponge!

  8. recreate it / 13


    One thing that I truly admire about RUE is just how bright + fun it always is. You just know that with Bri Emery behind the scenes, you’re going to get some fun spreads and color. This miniature house shoot was by far my favorite part of their January issue, that I instantly knew I needed to share it. But what really made me extra excited about this spread were the quirky parts. The text is slanted, opaque, and titled just so. Then, there’s the tiny scribble to the left, just cause … it all works!

    I know I forget this all the time – but it’s okay to go outside of the box. Often we get stuck in ruts and become repetitive. This just shows you that fun looks good. So why not give it a try, huh!?

    And of course, don’t forget to check out Cassie’s post over on moxee!! She’s mixing things up this week.

    rue / photos / helvetica neue lt pro / breanna rose




  9. Jonathan Levitt // Photography Blog


    WHOA. That was my thought when I stumbled upon the work of Jonathan Levitt. His iconic images (housed on Grass Doe blog ) are breathtaking and so well executed. His subject matter will turn you into a dreamer as you envision yourself surround by the nature of his photos.

    Take some time to escape into his images. So great!

    Check out his BLOG
    See my favorite recent gallery collection of images titles, Wake to Songbirds, Wake to Crows.

  10. In Their Home // Time Of The Aquarius


    Another lovely home for today’s “In Their Home” post. I’ve been following Minna’s blog (Time of The Aquarius) for some time now and she sure does have an eye for simplicity and she has mastered the method of decorating with black & white. Her family home is featured often on her blog, which focuses on interior design and scenes from day-to-day life. Minna is a freelance stylists and blogger for Deko Magazine. Stop by her blog and check it out!

    If you are a new reader to this blog you can catch up on all previous Monday feature posts HERE. Enjoy.