1. Knitting Adventure


    So I’m off on a new adventure, something I hope sidetracks me enough to take me away from my computer screen. I’ve been surrounded by amazingly talented knitters over the past couple years, but never thought it was “for me”. Something has ignited an interest in me and now I’m on a mission to teach myself the basics of knitting. I really only have interest in knitting scarves at the moment, but if I become addicted, like most knitters tell me I will, I may try other items.

    Over Christmas break I tapped into the resources shared by my dear friend, Emmadime. Emma said one of her favorite knitting websites was Wool and The Gang, and oh boy…she was right on. This website single-handedly taught me the basic stitches and how to start your first project. Amazing resource for any of you looking for some video tutorials to guide you through the process.

    So far, I’m having fun.

    Here are some images of knitted items that have gotten me excited to try something new. Cable knits are lovely aren’t they?? :)

    Images: top, center left, center right, bottom

  2. Design For Mankind // 5

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    Wahoo! We’re back at it for another edition of “Trending Graphics” over at Design For Mankind. Erin has grown to be such a great source of inspiration for me and I’m so glad I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with her. This week’s trend is another one of my favorites. I love how the ampersand is regaining recognition as one of the most beautiful typographic forms. I’m definitely Team Ampersand!

    Previous Trends:
    Week 1 // Geometric Assembly
    Week 2 // Typographic Packaging
    Week 3 // Double Exposure
    Week 4 // Vintage Inspired Graphics

  3. Friday Finds & Favorites // 48

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    1. This mid-century credenza (before & after) makes me want to start redoing furniture again. Its pretty magical.

    2. The Exchange Hotel in Amsterdam looks like a really interesting place.

    3. I’m really loving Madewell’s Spring Looks–> here

    4. A great resource, website and online magazine for the foodie!. Really good!

    5. Would you be interested in tracking your caffeine consumption?? Check it out!

    6. I’m on the hunt for some baskets like these. I’d love to hunt them done in person, but I might just have to buy them online!

    7. Did you see Dabito (one of my favorite bloggers)  featured in West Elm’s blog feature called Front & Main?

    8. Sticker Madness featured on Craft blog.

    9. Just in case you’d like to be put into a trance today. This will do it.

    10. I have an extreme love for house doctor. See my favorite picks for this 2012 issue very soon in a blog post.

    Happy Weekend!

  4. TEA AT 2:00 // EMMADIME


    It’s a new year, which means new things are happening in collaboration land. Emma and I have decided to switch up the Hand-Picked feature so that it focuses less on gift ideas for the holidays and more on certain occasions, big & small. For example, this week’s post is called TEA AT 2:00 and hopefully will inspire you to put together an afternoon of tea for yourself.

    Stop by for more next Thursday! See all previous posts here!

  5. Studio Visit from Lithuania


    The studio of Graphic Design pair, Agnė Kananaitienė Milena Liutkutė is stunning. It’s an environment that is engaging and inspiring. Not only is their space inspiring, their story (featured in Llamas’ Valley Online Magazine) was just as inspiring for someone like me. Both women previous worked as graphic artists in corporate advertising agencies. When the gals needed a change, the both quit their day job and jumped into a world with no business plan, but full of
    freedom and discovery.

    The gals waited patiently for this beautiful space to become available for SIX MONTHS!

    READ WHOLE STORY (pages 67-83)

  6. recreate it / 11

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    Lonny is no doubt a wonderful online magazine and one of the most well known out there. I was paging through their most recent issue and fell in love with this spread. So often, you’ll see magazines simply cut out images for a collection, which is totally fine. However, I really do love that lonny took the time to lay out everything in the form of an image. It looks completely cohesive!!

    On top of that, they added a fancy pants font, memoriam pro, to the mix. I fell in love with this one while working with it on a client project not too long ago!! And finally, the image on the bottom is from an amazing website called Things Organized Neatly. There’s a stream of photos that are laid out and fun to look at – which is definitely something you should give a look. Enjoy + don’t forget to stop by moxee for cassie’s post!

    lonny / Things Organized Neatly / memoriam pro / breanna rose



  7. Maurice Padovani // Marseilles Home


    This beauty of a home, in Marseilles was designed by Maurice Padovani (interior designer since 1985). Maurice specializes in workspaces, but more recently has taken on the homes of private customers. I love the carefully curated vintage details added to a clean/white base with a minimalistic design sense . The mix of wood tones also adds lots of warmth to the space. Stop by his website to see more spaces he’s had the opportunity to work on.

  8. Quill & Fox


    Quill & Fox is an Oregon based paper goods shop with lots of character. With my dear friends Bre & Emma opening their paper shop this week, I’ve been keeping my eye out for really great inspiration. Stop by the website to look through a wide selection of stationery, view the winter lookbook, or contact the crew for custom designs.

    They also have a blog where you can follow along with shop updates and things that inspire the Quill & Fox team.