1. BillyKirk in Refuel magazine


    I’ve been a long time lover of BillyKirk and their bags. I’ve had one of their beauties on my “really want/can really afford” list for some time now. I try to keep up what the guys have been up to and if they’ve launched any new products to the public. They are an extremely interesting brother duo and they have a beautiful several page spread in the latest refuel magazine. If you haven’t heard of them or seen their work, please stop by their shop and see what you’ve been missing out on.

    Billykirk Online shop
    Refueled Magazine

  2. Friday Finds & Favorites // 53


    1. What a genius idea. Now that’s what I call handy dandy!

    2. I really love seeing where everyone choses to work. Stop by work.place and see some great spaces.

    3. A really great blog (the Glow) about enjoying the day to day life being a mom.

    4. Another great blog by two photographers, Sara & Rocky.

    5. Thanks to blog land and Pinterest, I was able to see Kristen Bell have a sloth meltdown. Thanks guys!

    6. These boots are just glorious. Need to track them down…pronto

    7. This antique spoon plant marker DIY will be happening soon. I just love the rustic look of these!

    8. Fun online shop with pretty pretty vintage (Fleur Wood)

    9. A really great source for typography inspiration.

    10. Thanks to Bre of Moxee, we now have these beautiful downloadable patterns to love on. Thanks Bre!

    Happy Weekend!

  3. Poster Design / A collection of my favs


    I’ve been pinning some really great examples of poster design and felt the need to share. As a graphic designer, a poster design project is like a blank canvas just waiting to have your story painted on it. My favorites display a mix of photography, perfectly combined colors, and of course typography.

    1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6



    This week I thought I’d go to the opposite end of the spectrum (as compared to last week’s post) and give you all a dose of bright, cheerful color.  I’ve really been digging installations lately, and this is one of the most vibrant and joyful ones I’ve seen around.  I love how the light lends a luminous, prism-like appearance to the work.  Totally enchanting, don’t you think?

    Art by Artie Vierkant

  5. recreate it / 14

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    Hey everyone, Bre here with another week of recreate it!! I got really excited when I saw the spreads in Pony Anarchy, because not only are they photo heavy, but the designer makes all of the pages connect by cohesive design. You see how all of the imagery has rounded corners up there … it’s cool + different, huh?!

    There may be several colors going on, but that grid becomes like one solid piece of art work when done this way. One of my favorite parts about blogging ( nerd alert ) is taking different imagery and putting it together. You have to mix & match, see what’s right, and put your own spin on it. Rounded corners make this piece work like a charm. I’m digging it!!

    Have you missed a week of recreate it?? Click here to scroll through the archives or visit moxee to see Cassie’s take on things.

    Pony Anarchy / marie hochhaus / droid serif / breanna rose



  6. Painted floors & graphic prints


    Stopping in today to share some more inspiration for my loft. I’ve been seeing some realllllllly amazing painted floors. What a perfect idea for rental floors right?? I’ve also been keeping track of all the graphic bold black & white prints and artwork. It’s so hard to get artwork only in grayscale, but if you do it looks absolutely amazing.

    What kind of things are you hoping to have in your living space??

  7. Carlie Armstrong


    Carlie, a Portland based photographer (analog) with a real eye for catching the beauty in simple treasures. I love her style and how each one of her photos tells a story full of emotion. You may have seen her work in her current documentary project called work.place where she goes into Portland workspaces and captures their day to day life in their studios.

    Stop by her tumblr to see endless amounts of gorgeous photos.

  8. In Their Home // Artists Alicja Kwade & Gregor Hildebrandt


    This week’s In Their Home post is just a bit different in that it doesn’t feature the living space of a blogger in my daily reads list. But that’s ok folks, because this space is pretty darn inspiring and really showcases the work/style of the individuals who live there. This home & interview was shown on Freunde von Freunden so stop by to see more photos and the actual interview with both artists.

    Catch up on all previous In Their Home posts HERE!

  9. Skarp, yes please!


    I’ve been seeing these lovely hand lettering prints floating around the internet and pinterest, and I’ve finally found their original source. The script writing is so intricate that it makes a perfect stand alone art piece.

    “When the designer Ylva Sharp writes letters by hand is transformed into patterns. The patterns she puts on ceramics, textiles, paintings, paper and more. ” (Ylva studyied calligraphy at the Roehampton Institute in London)

    Aren’t they just gorgeous!