1. Design for Mankind // 7

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    It’s Friday and you know what that means!!! We’re back at it for another edition of “Trending Graphics” over at Design For Mankind. I don’t know about you guys, but OMG am I glad we made it to friday.

    This week’s design trend is written by hand. I’ve been seeing this design trend EVERYWHERE and I love how it adds personality and a personal touch to any project.

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    * The above image was transformed from the Poster Redux project by Katrina Regino



    As much as I adore color in art and design, something about the simplicity of black and white is just so appealing.  The stark contrast between light and dark in these works by Jonas Lindstroem makes for a big visual impact, and the devoid of color lets the organic shapes and intricate details within be the focus.  I think these would be quite stunning displayed in a variety of settings and styles…another advantage of a colorless piece.  Enjoy!

    image credits: Jonas Lindstroem

  3. A Gray Day


    SONG: “Song 1, DJ Krush
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    As a designer/creative person, I am constantly on the look out for things that will inspire me and bookmarking them for later. Pinterest has been a really great tool to aid in the process, but at some point you have to pick through the weeds to find inspiration for a particular project. My process is usually like this…

    Step 1: Find some tunes that fit your current mood or the mood of the project you’re working on.

    Step 2: Sift through all your gathered images/resources/links and pull out the ones that fit nicely with your concept or tone (Ex: in this case a cold gray day)

    Step 3: Organize your findings neatly to help you tell your story

    * Look for more of my mood board in the future.

  4. A studio to dream about…for sure


    Haworth Tompkins ( a London based firm) renovated a dilapidated old building on the Devecote Studio campus, turning the space into a one of a kind workspace. The studio is perfected nestled within the shell of the former building. It’s a perfect mix of rustic tradition and new modern architecture. I can’t even imagine how lovely the light is coming in from the roof! Those visiting artists and musicians are a bunch of lucky ducks!

    Photos by Philip Vile
    Originally seen via Mackapar blog
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  5. Andrew Farrow

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    I recently came across the work of illustrator, Andrew Farrow via one of my favorite inspiration blogs ( Raney Town). Andrew is a really amazing illustrator that has work shown across so many mediums, including print publications, installations, patterns, and even typography. I’ve found his work to be not only eye catching, but extremely detailed and fun to look at.

    Stop by his BLOG or his PORTFOLIO for more pieces.

  6. In Their Home // Design Love Fest


    Let’s take a look into the living space of Bri from Design Love Fest. From what I can gather from Bri’s blog and her style is that she’s one little firecracker with an amazing sense of color. Her home/loft is a perfect reflection of her ability to put together rooms that are pleasing to the eye and it’s proof that she’s not one bit afraid to use color in her home. The images in this post were taken by Bonnie Tsang and the shoot was styled by Emily Henderson.

    Stop by Bre’s BLOG here
    Take a peek at her design work in her PORTFOLIO!

    Catch up on all previous In Their Home posts HERE!

  7. Quilts of Gee’s Bend


    If you’ve been following this blog since its start about a year ago, you’ll know that I once attempted to start quilting. I love the look of seemingly unorganized patchwork and I thought it would be a fun hobby to get into. Being the impatient person that I am, I found the task to be a little too overwhelming and tedious for my liking. Knowing how much patience and skill is required to bring one of the beauties to life makes me appreciate them even more than ever.

    I came across the top left quilt via Pinterest which led me to a plethora of quilts by Gee’s Bend. The variety of color and pattern in this catalog is just amazing. Take a look for yourself!

  8. Brian’s Eye for the simplest of simple


    I have recently been following Brian W. Ferry’s work and loving everything about it. Like me, he tries to capture the everyday simple moments that come across his camera’s lens. Him images capture all the perfect lighting and angles to turn those everyday simple objects into something really amazing.

    View more of his work via HIS PORTFOLIO.
    See what PROJECTS he’s been up to.