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    I always love when I get a project that allows me to combine art with design, so I thought I’d share some work that has a wonderful marriage of both this week.  Enter Susan Stefanizen, an illustrator/designer who is a pro at hand-lettering.  Her whimsical, brush-like strokes bring such a fun effect to the typography.  I’ve seen a lot of hand drawn type floating around the design world lately, and I love it – it’s one way to guarantee your work is unique and original every time!  Enjoy!

    Design by Susan Stefanizen


  2. A Room For The Wee Ones


    I’ve been eyeing this interior space for some time now. I’ve decided that if I have have children I’m going to go bold and paint black floors. Decided….done & done.
    This space is lived in by two little ones, ages 2 & 7. It’s minimal with all the right details; false suspended ceilings and sliding doors. All furniture pieces serve a purpose and the space was designed in a way that the space can either be open to the rest of the house or closed off for quite times.

    Ahh. I just love it…and I’m not a big fan of pink or red ;)

    Visit original SITE here!

    Photos by: Louise Desrosier

  3. recreate it / 16

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    This week’s Recreate It is from the wonderful Refueled Magazine, which has two of my favorite things : full spread photography + justified text ( justification not shown in this post, though ). One thing that Refueled does well is keeping typography cohesive. In their latest issue, any type that is layered on top of a photograph is opaque. Not only that, but they have this cool grunge effect going on. If you’re not 100% sure about whiting out text on top of imagery, just remember that there’s always that translucent option!!

    Refueled Magazine / photograph / steelfish font / breanna rose



  4. A Home with History


    The home of  Tara Mangini & Percy Bright was featured on Design Sponge yesterday and it literally stopped me in my track and made me have this huge urge to reblog it’s amaziness! Usually I fall in love with one room of a home that I track down on the internet, but this ENTIRE house is perfect. All the love that went into rehabbing this home shows through. My favorite aspects of the whole space are the natural details like reclaimed wood walls, exposed brink, and even painted black floors!

    This home has been featured on Design Sponge in the past, but I was only able to see little transformations along the way  (here & here), which in my opinion is one of my favorite aspects of home design and styling. Hope on over to Design Sponge’s Sneak Peek feature to see many more corners of this home. Drool a little and then start planning your own rehab project!


  5. Jersey Ice Cream Co. / Vintage Vignettes

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    I just recently stumbled upon the work of Tara Mangini & Percy Bright owners of Jersey Ice Cream Co. Honestly, these two have my dream job. Their company offers their services to home owners who want a new wall finish (plaster treatments or reclaimed wood walls), space transformations, styling and photography, design consultation,  and of course sourcing and renting out vintage items! That’s talent Folks!

    Stay tuned because tomorrow I am going to share some snippets of their home. I was drooling when I saw their home featured on Design Sponge and just had to reblog.


  6. Mjolk


    Did you guys enjoy the home of designer pair, Juli & John from earlier this morning? I mentioned that they had a shop below their living space and I thought I’d show you some of my favorite smaller items they have to offer.

    Mjolk is a lifestyle store that sells items designed with Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics in mind.

    “A year after opening the symbolism of milk is just as strong. Our focus for our future is about nurturing. Providing a gallery space for new limited production design by emerging designers from Scandinavia and Japan, nurturing their creativity as they grow together with our store. Thank you for your continued support.” — Juli & John

  7. In Their Home // KITKA


    I’ve been reading through the archives of one of my new favorite blogs called KITKA (a design blog / lifestyle blog). The blog is run by two very talented designers, Juli & John. The couple live in a “renovation project” apartment situated above their shop in The Junction neighborhood of Toronto. I’m actually pretty jealous of the whole work/live setup they’ve got going on. Their blog is filled with sneak peeks of the home renovation, scenes from around Toronto, snippets for weekend trips to their cottage, and captured moments from vacations. Stop by and make sure you have an hour or so to look around. Their blog is like one gigantic rabbit hole of greatness!

    Visit KITKA and Shop their store MJOLK

    Catch up on all previous In Their Home posts HERE!

  8. Peachy Pink

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    I’m a really huge fan of color and all things related to choosing the perfect color combination. I could look at shades of green all day and tell ya that the one with the blue undertone, most likely won’t look great. haha

    I’m color obsessed and look forward to doing more color palettes like these. I particularly like the mix of a pastel palette with darker hues. Contrast doesn’t always mean black & white!

    *Images from here & here

  9. Derek Root @ Monte Clark Gallery


    All I have to say is wow! What a beautiful show and collection of work. I’ve never been to the Monte Clark Gallery in Toronto, but if I lived closer, I’d be checking out the work of Derek Root. His work has such a great energy to it. This particular series called “Curtains for the Bunker” is a little bit abstract and a lot geometric, but none the less, a perfect combination of color and design.

    To see more by Derek Root—->

  10. Design for Mankind // 8

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    It’s Friday and you know what that means!!! We’re back at it for another edition of Trending Graphics” over at Design For Mankind.  Wahooo! I was in need of some major color boost, so this week’s all about bold brush strokes! Stop over to Erin’s blog for a bright Friday post!

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    * The above image is from  All Things Stylish on Tumblr