1. Friday Finds & Favorites // 58

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    1. These still life photographs via Sweet Thing blog are so eye catching. I love it.

    2. The Jealous Curator is one of my most favorite features via SF Girl By Bay blog

    3. The tea towels in this Etsy shop (Lisa Rupp) are beyond perfect. Amazing color palettes!

    4. Sneak Peek at Paula Mills family home is just stunning. I love the collected and cozy feel to each room (via design sponge)

    5. This really isn’t anything important. Just a load of panda cuteness.

    6. Dreamy Pink Milkshakes (via oh joy) have been added to my “food to make” list.

    7. This Kate Spade video is just dreamy. Makes you want to just live in it and transport yourself back in time.

    8. Looking for a place to download FREE photoshop curves for your photography?

    9. If I had a kid or a little person to buy for…I’d buy from Little Warrior clothing company. Such great pieces.

    10. yup! Homemade chocolate pudding via Call Me Cupcake blog.

    Happy Weekend!



    If I was absolutely forced to choose a favorite artist, I would probably name Winston Chmielinski as my guy.  His use of color is unparalleled, the variation in texture is delicious, and the sheer amount of detail that goes into his work is mind-blowing.  I’ve shared some of his paintings on my blog before, but I had a feeling that Veda House readers might really enjoy Chmielinski’s art too…so I couldn’t resist spreading the word!  Isn’t his new work gorgeous?  Winston updates his portfolio/blog pretty frequently – LOTS of eye candy over there if you want more…

    Art by Winston Chmielinski

  3. Rue goes Yellow


    One of my favorite online magazines is Rue . It was one of the first that I read on a regular basis and it’s one that is always inspiring. This home was featured in the latest spring issue, and is by far my favorite story in the issue. I love homes that are brave enough to use a bold color (in this case yellow) throughout their house to make a big visual impact. When done with the right color, using a consistent color throughout makes everything feel like it belongs together and helps tie rooms together. Good job Rue!

    Photographed by Emily Johnson Anderson, Design & Styling by Raina Kattelson

  4. recreate it / 19

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    Here is a spread from the latest RUE magazine that caught my eye. But why?? Key word : multiply. See how the right image of water is sort of translucent over the right image? Well, it’s not exactly opacity we’re dealing with here. Have you ever tried setting layers of images in photoshop to “multiply?” You can get some pretty neat effects from doing so, just try! The colors evolve in all sorts of new ways!!

    rue magazine / bauer bodoni / franklin gothic / photo one / photo two / breanna rose



  5. girly natural

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    Isn’t this color combination just the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen. Totally not what I’m normally drawn to, but now that I see it…I can envision it as the color palette for a lovely living room. Imagine a purple couch, patterned pillows, and neutral earth tones all around. Lovely!


    *Images from here & here & here

  6. New Project With Kirsten Grove


    Hi guys. Today marks the start of a new fun little project on both my blog and over at Kirsten’s blog, Simply Grove. I’ve admired Kirsten’s eye for styling and found her little space of the internet to be quite inspiring. She seems to just “get it” when it comes to home interiors, so I’ve enlisted her expertise.

    Here’s how it’s going to work:
    Every other week I’m going to send Kirsten some images of interior spaces that have been particularly inspiring to me. She’s going to study them and then provide some styling suggestions for each space. I’ll then share her suggestions with you and we can continue to chat about it.

    I really look forward to gaining a little more knowledge about styling from a professional level and you never know how this will help us transform our own spaces, right?

    Also, head on over to Simply Grove for my post series called The Perfect Palette. I’ll be sharing some colorful spaces and their color palettes! Don’t forget to check back in a couple weeks for some more tips and suggestions from Kirsten :)

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  7. In Their Home // Karen Barbe’s Studio

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    I’m excited to be back to my normal blogging routine with a new In Their Home feature. Today I am switching things up a bit and showing some snippets of Karen Barbe’s studio space. Karen just happens to be among my favorite textile designers (from Chile) and her visual aesthetic is so pleasing. Karen’s specialty is creating one of a kind pieces with her unique screen-printed,woven and embroidered textiles for the home.

    If you haven’t already stopped by her blog and website, please do (links below). Thank you Karen for sharing some of the corners of your studio!

    Catch up on all previous In Their Home posts HERE!

    * All photos in this post were taken by Karen Barbe. If you chose to pin or use these images, please make sure you “link with love” and link to Karen’s blog or her website.


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    We’re finally back at it with another “Trending Graphics”over at Design For Mankind. Things have hit a little crazy patch over here. Last Friday I was sharing a new graphic trend that was all about black and white packaging. One of my biggest pet peeves about the packaging industry is that most packages are cluttered with unnecessary “stuff”. I loved how the simplicity of black and white was paired with the simplicity of design elements. Hop on over to see some examples!

    Previous Trends:
    Week 1 // Geometric Assembly
    Week 2 // Typographic Packaging
    Week 3 // Double Exposure
    Week 4 // Vintage Inspired Graphics
    Week 5 // Ampersand Love
    Week 6 // Iconography
    Week 7 // Handwritten
    Week 8 // Bold Brush Strokes

    * The above image is from All Things Stylish on Tumblr

  9. My Little Fabric


    I stumbled upon this little space of the internet and was blown away with the aesthtic of the entire space. It’s part dream land, part graphic design space and part DIY-palooza. It’s truly amazing. Each post is written and put together with such attention to detail which keeps you coming back for more. Don’t these images make you feel like you’re surrounded by cotton candy. Love it!

    Stop By My Little Fabric or see THE PORTFOLIO.