Toast has recently released their new spring items and boy are they good. I love all the natural materials, quality construction and of course their use of bright colors here and there. If you haven’t already, I’d go check out the site and see what items you’re drawn to. So much good stuff it’s hard not to “add all to cart”. The above images are just a few of my favorite items.


  2. An Early Spring Thing


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    As a designer/creative person, I am constantly on the look out for things that will inspire me and bookmarking them for later. Pinterest has been a really great tool to aid in the process, but at some point you have to pick through the weeds to find inspiration for a particular project. My process is usually like this…

    Step 1: Find some tunes that fit your current mood or the mood of the project you’re working on. (in this case: Coeurs De Pirate, Berceuse)

    Step 2: Sift through all your gathered images/resources/links and pull out the ones that fit nicely with your concept or tone.

    Step 3: Organize your findings neatly to help you tell your story

    * Look for more of my mood boards in the future.

  3. Mr. Sullivan’s Polaroids


    I’m a recent following of Mister Sullivan’s photography. I believe I first came across one of his horse photos via tumblr and I’ve been in love ever since. He shoots in many different camera formats, with my favorite being his Polaroid work. Michael Sullivan is a designer/photographer living in Wales, UK. He’s pretty darn talented guys! View HIS PORTFOLIO & FLICKR pages here!

  4. Friday Finds & Favorites // 56

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    1. This is a really beautiful photo series documenting bring Baby Alba into the world, via Miss Moss.

    2. It’s What I’m Into is my fav blog of the week. Very inspiring posts about culture, fashion, interiors.

    3. The Sally Richardson Melbourne Home featured on The Design Files is just gorgeous. I love all the artsy details throughout.

    4. Land & Shape has an amazing portfolio featuring quirky illustrations

    5. Look at these illustrations by Ericka Olson Gross. I just love her style.

    6. Check out this rag pillow pouf DIY. If I knew how to crochet, I’d do it!

    7. This hotel looks like a fun stay. Has the Ace Hotel vibe, but in Texas!

    8. I love everything about this No-Stree cafe. What a great idea.

    9. And look at this itty bitty moble coffee cart. Such a cutie isn’t it?

    10. Very well done publications from the men’s store OEN.

    Happy Weekend!

  5. Simple Living via Milk Magazine


    One of my favorite sources on interior inspiration is Milk Magazine. This home was recently featured and that you can live with kids and without the mass of primary colors that come along with them. Melanie Ireland, the designer for Simple Kids visited this home several times before making it her own. She fell in love with the homes well preserved old details such as the old mirrors, wooden floors, high ceilings and large windows.

    Read this article here–>



    Knowing Cassie and I both share a fondness for catchy color combinations and geometric designs, it was a no-brainer when it came to sharing this work by Holly Wales, a London-based illustrator.  This series is based off of the TV show Twin Peaks, and in Holly’s words, it “explores ideas about how narrative affects the way images are presented separately, rather than as whole complete scenes” – pretty cool, right?

    Illustrations by Holly Wales

  7. Portraits of Gramps

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    Have you guys seen this personal project by photographer Hilda Grahnat? I saw these snapshots of the project on her blog and instantly thought how this kind of object would make an amazing gift for any family member you love. It’s incredibly personal to the creators and extremely beautiful to any on-looker.  I think this piece is a perfect combination of illustration, pattern, typography, book binding, and of course…subject matter.

    Hop over to her blog to see a few more images of the project and to read about how the project started between Hilda and a few of her friends.

  8. recreate it / 17


    I wanted to take a look at the latest lookbook for Ruche, which is absolutely gorgeous. There is no text in this book, so photography is key for communication in this case … but guess what? They handled it so well. One of the most interesting parts I found was the placement of imagery. In most cases, they would have a zoomed out view of an outfit on one side, with a matching photograph on the other. Now, this matching photograph could either be a detailed shot or an image that’s completely different, but share similar colors. Try it out sometime! Mixing and matching can be completely refreshing + fun to do.

    ruche lookbook / anette schive / breanna rose



  9. Face / Typographic Geniuses


    Face, a design studio based out of Mexico has the skill of typesetting DOWN! They are typographic geniuses with amazing attention to detail where it counts…you know…kerning and leading. Every project in their portfolio has it’s own unique identity with the common them of killer typography.

    Stop by Face Design studio to see more work samples. Follow these guys on Twitter!