1. Painted floors & graphic prints


    Stopping in today to share some more inspiration for my loft. I’ve been seeing some realllllllly amazing painted floors. What a perfect idea for rental floors right?? I’ve also been keeping track of all the graphic bold black & white prints and artwork. It’s so hard to get artwork only in grayscale, but if you do it looks absolutely amazing.

    What kind of things are you hoping to have in your living space??

  2. Carlie Armstrong


    Carlie, a Portland based photographer (analog) with a real eye for catching the beauty in simple treasures. I love her style and how each one of her photos tells a story full of emotion. You may have seen her work in her current documentary project called work.place where she goes into Portland workspaces and captures their day to day life in their studios.

    Stop by her tumblr to see endless amounts of gorgeous photos.

  3. In Their Home // Artists Alicja Kwade & Gregor Hildebrandt


    This week’s In Their Home post is just a bit different in that it doesn’t feature the living space of a blogger in my daily reads list. But that’s ok folks, because this space is pretty darn inspiring and really showcases the work/style of the individuals who live there. This home & interview was shown on Freunde von Freunden so stop by to see more photos and the actual interview with both artists.

    Catch up on all previous In Their Home posts HERE!

  4. Skarp, yes please!


    I’ve been seeing these lovely hand lettering prints floating around the internet and pinterest, and I’ve finally found their original source. The script writing is so intricate that it makes a perfect stand alone art piece.

    “When the designer Ylva Sharp writes letters by hand is transformed into patterns. The patterns she puts on ceramics, textiles, paintings, paper and more. ” (Ylva studyied calligraphy at the Roehampton Institute in London)

    Aren’t they just gorgeous!

  5. Hand Woven & Organic


    I’ve been struggling for some time whether or not my petite couch needs throw pillows or not. Of course they would look lovely when nobody is seated, but that’s not all that often. I know for a fact that when people are sitting, the pillows will be thrown to the floor and the dog might even take them for himself. What to do, what to do?

    If I were to buy pillows for my itty bitty lovely couch, these would be them. The hand woven details make each pillow one of a kind, and hey…they are organic!

    What do you guy think about decorative pillows on your couch?? Worth it, or a waste of money??

    Buy these pillows—>

  6. Friday Finds & Favorites // 52


    I absolutely love this song, but man…this video is just a little cooky…and I love it!

    1. Check out this yoga blog. Now that’s what I call originality!

    2. Needing some photography inspiration in the form of Tumblr…here you go! (Tony Katai)

    3. I would really like to buy one of each of these concrete planters/candle holders from the Etsy Shop Rough Fusion.

    4. oooo. Loaded Trunk website is filled with amazing home goods with a travelers mindset.

    5. Planning a handmade wedding this year. How about making these DIY bow ties!

    6. A tutorial on how to make a fox stamp from Linoleum.

    7. If I hadn’t already bought my 2012 calendar I would purchase this Nature Photographic Calendar from Miles of Light Etsy shop. So beautiful.

    8. Make some easy peezy no-knead bread. Stop by Lark & Linen to see the end result!

    9. A really great source for typography inspiration.

    10. A really great post showcasing gorgeous abstract maps via Lady Loves Design.

    Happy Weekend!

  7. Design for Mankind // 7

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    It’s Friday and you know what that means!!! We’re back at it for another edition of “Trending Graphics” over at Design For Mankind. I don’t know about you guys, but OMG am I glad we made it to friday.

    This week’s design trend is written by hand. I’ve been seeing this design trend EVERYWHERE and I love how it adds personality and a personal touch to any project.

    Previous Trends:
    Week 1 // Geometric Assembly
    Week 2 // Typographic Packaging
    Week 3 // Double Exposure
    Week 4 // Vintage Inspired Graphics
    Week 5 // Ampersand Love
    Week 6 // Iconography

    * The above image was transformed from the Poster Redux project by Katrina Regino



    As much as I adore color in art and design, something about the simplicity of black and white is just so appealing.  The stark contrast between light and dark in these works by Jonas Lindstroem makes for a big visual impact, and the devoid of color lets the organic shapes and intricate details within be the focus.  I think these would be quite stunning displayed in a variety of settings and styles…another advantage of a colorless piece.  Enjoy!

    image credits: Jonas Lindstroem

  9. A Gray Day


    SONG: “Song 1, DJ Krush
    1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

    As a designer/creative person, I am constantly on the look out for things that will inspire me and bookmarking them for later. Pinterest has been a really great tool to aid in the process, but at some point you have to pick through the weeds to find inspiration for a particular project. My process is usually like this…

    Step 1: Find some tunes that fit your current mood or the mood of the project you’re working on.

    Step 2: Sift through all your gathered images/resources/links and pull out the ones that fit nicely with your concept or tone (Ex: in this case a cold gray day)

    Step 3: Organize your findings neatly to help you tell your story

    * Look for more of my mood board in the future.