1. recreate it / 13


    One thing that I truly admire about RUE is just how bright + fun it always is. You just know that with Bri Emery behind the scenes, you’re going to get some fun spreads and color. This miniature house shoot was by far my favorite part of their January issue, that I instantly knew I needed to share it. But what really made me extra excited about this spread were the quirky parts. The text is slanted, opaque, and titled just so. Then, there’s the tiny scribble to the left, just cause … it all works!

    I know I forget this all the time – but it’s okay to go outside of the box. Often we get stuck in ruts and become repetitive. This just shows you that fun looks good. So why not give it a try, huh!?

    And of course, don’t forget to check out Cassie’s post over on moxee!! She’s mixing things up this week.

    rue / photos / helvetica neue lt pro / breanna rose




  2. Jonathan Levitt // Photography Blog


    WHOA. That was my thought when I stumbled upon the work of Jonathan Levitt. His iconic images (housed on Grass Doe blog ) are breathtaking and so well executed. His subject matter will turn you into a dreamer as you envision yourself surround by the nature of his photos.

    Take some time to escape into his images. So great!

    Check out his BLOG
    See my favorite recent gallery collection of images titles, Wake to Songbirds, Wake to Crows.

  3. In Their Home // Time Of The Aquarius


    Another lovely home for today’s “In Their Home” post. I’ve been following Minna’s blog (Time of The Aquarius) for some time now and she sure does have an eye for simplicity and she has mastered the method of decorating with black & white. Her family home is featured often on her blog, which focuses on interior design and scenes from day-to-day life. Minna is a freelance stylists and blogger for Deko Magazine. Stop by her blog and check it out!

    If you are a new reader to this blog you can catch up on all previous Monday feature posts HERE. Enjoy.

  4. Currently Adoring // Baskets


    Hello everyone. I hope you are having a splendid day. I’m just stopping by to inform everyone I’m on the hunt for a basket for my loft. I’m needing a catch all container that I can put next to my front door. The dog leash, the pair of ballet flats, and the umbrella all need a place to live and I thought a basket would be a perfect solution. I’m having a hard time deciding between 3 styles of hand-made baskets and I’d like to spend no more than $50. Do I go effortless with the “slouchy”? Bold with the “structured”? Or safe with the neutral “geometric”? Currently I’m leaning toward the effortless slouchy but in the neutral color of the geometric. I know…I’m making things tricky.

    If you’re browsing the internet or pinning on Pinterest and come across something similar, send me a little note. Let the hunt begin! Mission organization!

    Basket #1 ($65), Basket #2 ($99), Basket #3 ($59)

  5. Keepin’ Cozy


    It’s been really really chilly here in the Midwest US these past few days. It went from a good 50 degrees to 20 degrees and windy. I’ve been staying indoors wrapped up in all my cozies. The lovely ladies over at Soft Surroundings recently gifted me with THIS amazingly cozy faux fur blanket. It’s been a life saver on those super chilly nights. Thanks girls!

    How are you guys keeping warm?

    Paris Faux Fur Throw c/o Soft Surroundings
    Soft Surroundings on Pinterest & Facebook!

  6. My week with Marilyn


    I know this is a completely random post about film, but oh well. You’ll get some of those here and there ;) Just recently in 2011, the cinema has tried to resurrect Marilyn Monroe with a film called “My Week with Marilyn”. I’ve watched the trailer via iTunes too many times to count, but have yet to see it in theater. My gut is telling me that the boyfriend is going to make me wait until it releases to rental.

    In my opinion Michelle Williams was the perfect choice for this role. I can’t wait to see how it is. Have any of you seen it yet?

    Images via Nowness

  7. Friday Finds & Favorites // 49


    This week’s links post is going to be just a tad different than the normal friday finds & favs. I’ve been reading a ton of new blogs over the past several months and so I’m sharing the love. There is no way for me to share all of them because my blogroll has gotten somewhat out of hand. If you’d like some more suggested reads in a certain category…just ask ;)

    Home + Interiors
    79 Ideas   •    Annaleenas HEM   •   Decor 8   •   Design Attractor   •   French By Design   •  Lark + Linen   •   Maria Emb   •  Mackapar    •   Old Brand New   •   The Brick House   •   The Design Files   •   The Yvestown Blog

    Graphics + Art/Design Inspiration
    A Merry Mishap   •   Amanda Jane   •    As Ink Remains   •   Emmadime   •   Honey Kennedy   •   i art u   •   Inspiration Overdose   •   Jessica Comingore   •   Lady Love Design   •   Lushee   •   Miss Moss   •   Moxee   •   Oh Joy   •   Poppytalk   •   Prints & Prints   •   Raneytown   •   Strataflora   •   Sweet Thing   •   Varpunen    •   Weekday Carnival   •   Wit & Whistle

    Family + Lifestyle
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    Alica Bock   •    Andrew and Carissa   •  Mandy Lynne   • Call Me Cupcake   •   Luisa Brimble   •   Daniella Witte   •    Foxtail + Fern  •   Sweet Fine Day    •   Hilda Grahnat   •   Le Dans La   •   Notes From More & Co   •  Roost   •   Rose & Crown   •   Schorlemadchen   •    Threading the Choirs   •   What Katie Ate

    Gatherings + Weddings
    100 Layer Cake   •   Green Wedding Shoes   •   Kinfolk   •   Oh Happy Day

    Happy Weekend!

  8. Judy Kaufmann // Some of my favs


    I’ve been following the work of illustrator Judy Kaufmann ( from Barcelona) for some time now. She specializes in drawing animals, people, houses, cars, and anything in repetitious pattern. I’ve been eyeing the two prints in this post for my home office, especially the neighborhood print (bottom print).

    More recently I discovered Judy also writes daily on her blog called Prints and Prints. Her little space of the internet is truly inspiring and I can’t wait to own a print for myself.

    Stop by her SHOP.
    See what she’s up to on her BLOG.
    Keep up to date on new illustrations on her WEBSITE!

  9. Interiors Photographed // Tina Stephansen


    I can’t remember where I came across the work of Tina, but I just feel in love with one shoot in particular. I don’t know much about it except that the home is gorgeous and as a set, the images are something special.

    Visit Tina’s site for more images of this shoot as well as other projects.
    Also, Please check out interior designer/stylist/writer Mira Woehlk who played a big part in making this shoot happen..

  10. recreate it / 12

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    Okay, I know this is the most intense recreate it post to date, since there’s a whole bunch of black + red typography going on, but I couldn’t help it. I came across this amazingly awesome swiss inspired spread in Platinum Love Magazine and instantly new I had to write about it.

    Back when I was in design school, one of my favorite things to learn about was the history of SWISS design. I remember staring at all the bold work and falling in love each and every time … my true love lies within typography forever and always.

    So, despite the images above being intense, look at how well the type is laid out, layered just so and true to Swiss form. By using clean and modern san serif fonts, paired with bold colors ( usually white, black, and red ), you too can come up with your own little swiss inspired design! Have at it.

    platinum love magazine / alte haas grotesk (free!) / poster / breanna rose