1. Recent Work: Branding for The Citizenry (sneak peek)


    Hello lovely Thursday blog readers. I get to share something with you that I’ve just been bursting at the seams to talk about. At the end of last year, I was approached by Carly Nance, on of the co-founders of the soon to be launched The Citizenry brand. We spoke on the phone for hours those first few weeks, gushing over minimalist interior design, the sprit of travel and the ups and downs of running your own business. We connected like two peas in a pod. Soon I would find out that her business partner Rachel was just as giddy about everything as we were.

  2. Studio Hours: Our Bedroom Tour


    Stopping in today to share a few photos of our bedroom. I realized that with the move coming up I should probably share a few of my favorite aspects of our current bedroom before I have to box everything up.

    I kind of feel like our bedroom has been the most neglected room in the house (poor guy). We don’t really “hang out” in there and it’s seem more as a place to sleep and store clothes. There’s usually piles of laundry scattered around and most certainly an unmade bed. In the new house, the bedroom is getting bumped up on the priority list ;)


    ( Guest Room, Living Room, Dining Room )

    ** A few key items shown in our room are from the home decor brand called The Citizenry. Over the past 9 months, I’ve been working alongside The Citizenry’s co-founders, Carly Nance & Rachel Bentley to bring their start-up visions to life. I’ll be sharing more on this on-going project next week!
    The Citizenry items included: throw pillows, area rug, blanket
  3. Notables: w/ Breanna Rose (Guest Post)



    A home goods round up brought to you by my gal, Breanna Rose

    Breanna is a Graphic Designer and owner of RowanMade.


    I’ve always loved sifting through Cassie’s notables column since we seem to enjoy similar aesthetics. Plus, everything is always curated so beautifully, which is a major plus. So when she asked me to guest post while she’s off getting married + enjoying her honeymoon ( can’t wait to see more!! ) – I was 100% up for it. A few times a month, I share tailored “wantlist” posts on my own blog, so we’ve essentially merged our two columns into one this week. I decided to feature items for the home, with a specific color palette ( fairly neutral with pops of blue ) in mind. Being that my fiancé and I purchased our first home last fall, we’ve been slowly adding things here and there to make it our own. It’s taken much longer than I expected with lots more to go, but it’s been fun placing things just so and creating a comfortable environment for us both. Thanks again, Cassie, for having me. And cheers to you and your mister! – BRE

    Notables This Week:

    1. This scented candle by Eclectic, Tom Dixon
    2. Brush stripe pillow from Leif Shop
    3. Beautiful brown leather & iron chair
    4. Everyone loves a cactus baby!
    5. These amazing sconces from onefortythree

    6. Wooden scoops via Herriott Grace
    7. The forever lovely Aesop skincare products
    8. Marble wall clock via MenuDesignShop
    9. Beautiful napkins from A Sunny Afternoon shop


    ( Bre’s Blog , Bre’s Studio )


    A HUGE thank you to Breanna for taking time out of her day to contribute to Veda House while I’m away on my Honeymoon. You can view her blog & studio at the links above.
  4. Veda News: Featured on Tara Hurst


    “The most rewarding projects seem to be the ones that include a lot of “firsts” and take me down unexpected routes.”


    Hello Veda House Readers! Recently I had the opportunity to be featured on the lovely Tara Hurst’s blog as part of her Creative Q&A feature. She asked some really great questions that got me thinking and looking back on this first full year as a freelancer. Thanks Tara for having me!


    “My workspace is all over the place. The days when I’m at my computer designing, photo editing or doing admin work, I’m in my little office nook that’s in my living room. It’s a tiny 300 sq. foot space filled with lots of personality and a big window…”

    ( Keep Reading over on Tara’s Blog )

  5. Veda News: While I’m Away Getting Hitched…


    Hi Guys! Sorry for the radio silence over here. With our trip to Denver and all the last minute wedding planning (I’m getting married in less than a week!!), life has been a little tornado lately. We’re on a crazy ride and enjoying every minute of it.

    Over the last month I’ve been working really hard to get a bunch of blog content written, photos taken, guest posts lined up, and I’m excited to finally share this month’s lineup. I am beyond thankful for those who have taken time out of their busy schedules to contribute to this space while I’m away. This next month, things might look a little different, so I hope you enjoy the variety while I’m away.

    Can’t wait to share some of the highlights from our wedding and honeymoon trip to Tulum when we get back in June.

    **I won’t be monitoring comments while I’m away, but please feel free to comment and I’ll be sure to get them up and respond as soon as I get back! I love hearing from you guys!


  6. Veda News: We’re Moving To Denver!


    Hi there! It’s HUMP DAY!! These weeks leading up the big-ole month off are killing me with client work and I’m counting down the days now. I’m beyond excited about the wedding/honeymoon and I have some more exciting news to share today. The mister and I have been scrambling to make everything work out, but the decision is made…we’re moving to Denver as soon as we get back from our Honeymoon!!! We’re really good at booking our schedules solid. haha. Someone recently joked, “why don’t you just throw a kid into the mix too!”. Oh man.

    Over the past several months the mister has been working alongside his best friend to join creative forces and start their own design consultancy. They are both talented industrial designers (who went to school together) and this new company will hopefully get them designing products they absolutely love and working with brands they are passionate about. Both men are huge outdoorsy types, so being in the heart of the backcountry is exactly what’s needed. And of course, I’m excited because I get to hop along for the ride.

    We’re worked really hard to make all the stars line up AND plan a wedding so bare with me if the blog is a little quiet over the next week. We’ll be making our last trip out to Denver tomorrow to hopefully get our housing situation figured out. It looks like summer barbecues at a beautiful mid-century modern ranch might be in our near feature ;)

    Denver is a completely new city for us and we’re welcoming all the fun places to visit, places to eat/see, etc, so please leave a comment if you know of some gems.

    Exciting times my dear Veda House readers. Stay tuned!!!

  7. Recent Work: Savvy Home Branding & Web Design


    This post has been a long time coming. Over the past several months I’ve had the opportunity to work with Gabrielle Savoie of Savvy Home to help with a total rebranding and website re-design. I love fully integrated projects like this because we get to start with a decent base and build onward and upward from there. For this project we started with a total logo redesign and style guide that we later used as a guide for making design decisions. Next we moved on to a few collateral pieces such as business cards, media kits and social media. Lastly we turned her blog into a “blog-site” with much more dynamic content, shopping function, an extensive directory of resources, and a new way for people to get to know Gabby and hire her to redecorate their homes!

    These brand build outs are really labor intensive, but when you’re done the results are beyond exciting. You can explore her new website at the link below.


    ( Explore the new Website )

  8. Inspired By: Oysho


    Happy Friday everyone! Hope your week went well! If you haven’t entered the California Naturels GIVEAWAY, be sure to do so. There is some really great skincare products to choose from.

    Today, I’ve got a fun brand to share with you. When browsing around for a key pieces to add to my wardrobe for the whole wedding month, I stumbled upon the clothing and accessories line Oysho. I loved how each piece has a hand made quality to it with focus on natural materials. Unfortunately, Oysho doesn’t ship to the United States!!

    ( Browse Oysho )

  9. In Collaboration w. California Naturels Giveaway! (CLOSED)


    This collaboration with California Naturels has come at a really great time. I’ve always been a low maintenance kind of gal when it comes to skin care and makeup, so I’ve never really had a solid skin care routine. With the wedding coming up I felt like it might be a great time to start and try out a brand I’ve been inspired by.  All the ingredients are organic and inspired by the simplicity of beach life, which is right up my alley. Bonus, all three products smell amazing (fresh and a little floral). I might even pick up the SPF 30 sunscreen for the honeymoon!

    I’ve been using the products with a 3-step approach, starting with the Gentle Cleansing Gel (like a soapy face wash & great for removing makeup), then the Balancing Complex, and finishing with the Nourishing Cream. I love how smooth my skin feels after 5 min of a little pick me up.


    I’ve loved the products so much that I’ve paired up with the California Naturels team to do a little giveaway.

    Here’s how to enter!

    1. Visit the California Naturels website to look around and see what product you’re most interested in.

    2. Leave a comment telling us what product you’ve picked! That’s it!

    Winner will be chosen one week from today, Wednesday April 23rd. Three people will win a full size product of their choice!


    Note: This post is in collaboration with California Naturels. All Veda House readers will receive 30% off with code: VEDA at checkout on the California Naturels website (code valid until May 7th).
  10. Veda News: Observing


    One of my favorite blogs to read and bloggers to follow is Jodi of Practicing Simplicity. She’s got a beautiful soul that appears to be full of patience and adventure…in my opinion two really important character assets. I use her blog as a calming tool after a long work day. Recently, Jodi posted a list of random thoughts and it got me thinking. More importantly, it got be observing where I am TODAY….taking mental notes along the way. Thanks Jodi!

    I am…

    making the last of the wedding DIY projects.
    cooking lots of salads and trying not to eat bread!
    drinking lots of my new found favorite – hazelnut coffee.
    reading Souther Makers by Jennifer Causey.
    wanting spring to stick around and for summer’s arrival.
    looking at all the flowering trees.
    playing The Lumineers – their songs are contagious.
    wasting my time sitting on the couch.
    sewing  nothing – I’m not even going to pretend.
    wishing for ice cream to appear in my freezer.
    enjoying working from home in my studio.
    waiting for May 17th – wedding day!
    liking having the windows opens and curtains blowing.
    wondering if being married will feel different.

    loving taking on more photography jobs.
    hoping this week flies by – really enjoying my weekends.
    marvelling at how things tend to just work out.
    needing to workout.
    smelling coffee brewing in the french press
    wearing jeans and a t-shirt (without a coat!).
    following my gut and recognizing my priorities
    noticing qualities of true friends.
    knowing that all I have to do is take it one day at a time.
    thinking about having an early lunch.
    bookmarking more and more ideas on Pinterest
    opening boxes containing photoshoot props!
    giggling at the pup who is afraid of ALL sounds.
    feeling anxious, but also super excited at the same time.

    ( photo from Veda House Instagram )