1. OUR 50’S EICHLER – Guest Room Inspiration


    Dropping by today to share another home “renovation” moodboard as part of the the blog series Our 50’s Eichler. I’ve previously shared this moodboard for our outdoor patio, but haven’t got a chance to photograph that space just yet. I’m hoping to capture it before the weather fully changes to fall!

    These images are more about the feel I’d like our guest room to have and less about what’s exactly in the room. I wanted the room to feel super calming and for me, the best way to achieve that is to keep it super simple and clutter free. I’ll be back tomorrow to share the actual space with you. I’ll also be sharing a few tips/suggestions you can use when pulling together a space you don’t own (renters).

    I wanted to ask…When it comes to decorating your space on a budget, are there any aspects you really need inspiration for? Let me know!



  2. Recent Work: Interview w. The Citizenry



    Today I’ve got some more fun things to share with you! Last fall (almost a year ago now!) I started working with The Citizenry. The lovely duo, Rachel Bentley and Carly Nance launched Collection One about a month ago and we’ve been jumping with joy as the word gets out about these beautiful products. The three of us really “hit it off” before the design process started and our friendship just continues to grow as we jump all the hurdles of starting a new brand. I’m beyond thankful they have brought me along for the ride.

    Now that Collection One (from Peru & Argentina) is now officially LIVE and out in the world, I’ve wanted to sit down (interview style) with the girls and reminisce about the ups and downs of the development and design process. It’s been a learning experience for the whole crew and I’ve really enjoyed looking back through the past year.


    Let’s dive in, shall we?

  3. In Collaboration W. Forma Jewelry


    Hi Guys! Happy almost Friday. I don’t know about you guys, but this week has been a busy once paired with very little motivation. I did however has a lot of fun shooting a few images for Forma Jewelry, all pieces hand made by Galit Barak (goldsmith + jewelry designer living in Israel). When Galit emailed me to inquire whether or not I had interest in styling a few of her pieces, I never hesitated. Her limited edition pieces are right up my alley with clean lines, high-qality recycled materials and an overall simplistic aesthetic.

    The pieces styled in this post are the Minimalist Oxidized Silver Necklace and the Black Nugget Studs. I’ve also been eyeing the Oxidized Silver Bangle that is currently 30% off in her Etsy Shop. Side Note: If you decide to get a few pieces yourself, you’ll notice that all her pieces come in really beautiful packaging!! Thanks Galit for creating such beautiful work and allowing me to share it.

    (Shop Full Collection)

  4. Inspired By: Minimalist Instagrammers


    Instagrammer: Carol – Account: @oylife

    Instagrammer: Faith – Account: @faithlord

    Instagrammer: Victoria – Account: @oh.sopretty

    Instagrammer: Alejandrina – Account: @alebesso

    Instagrammer: Daniella – Account: @daniellewitte

    Hey there! I can’t really come up with any other excuse why I haven’t blogged a ton recently aside from the fact that I spend every waking hour on Instagram. Haha. No no. Just kidding. I do spend quite a bit of time browsing my favorite minimalist Instagram accounts and I find their eye for pairing things down very inspiring. I hope you can find a few new gals to follow!

  5. Notables No. 45


    Hi Everyone! Hope your weekends were just splendid. I’ve been trying my hardest to get in the “fall is approaching” mindset even though I’m hoping summer will stick around as long as possible. My mister and I also spent the weekend get out into our new city (Denver, CO) and exploring a bit more. Let me tell you…the Contemporary Art Museum is a real winner.

    I also spent a good chunk of my weekend browsing blog land and catching up on neglected feeds. It’s amazing how quickly you get behind!! Good thing there are lots of inspiring links out there. Some of my favorites are below.

    Here’s a little inspiration for your week!

    1. Lovely little paintings by  Satsuki Shibuya

    2. The colors in this painting are stunning

    3. Loving these calm beach photos by La Designerie

    4. Ohhh pretty… minimalist kitchen

    5. Beautiful sconce by Allied Maker

    6. The home of Amanda Chantal Bacon via MOTHER mag

    7. Another beautiful hanging light fixture

    8. A glance inside The Standard via Blog Milk Blog

    9. Pottery by Laura Letinsky

  6. Our 50’s Eichler – Patio Inspiration


    Hello everyone! Excited to get this new blog series (Our 50’s Eichler) started today. As previously mentioned in this post, we’ve recently moved into a 1950’s Eichler design Mid-Century modern home in the heart of Denver. This new series will hopefully give a little insight into how you can turn a rental property into something you love, hide a few of those gremlins, and do it all without breaking the bank. The very first project we tackled was giving one of our outdoor patios a small budget facelift.

  7. New House Quarks & a New Blog Series


    Welcome to the house of our dreams…for the most part at least. Mid-June, my husband and I moved into a new-to-us home here in Denver, Colorado. It’s an Eichler Mid-Century home built probably around 1955, which might be its saving grace. When we found this listing, we thought all our dreams had come true, and in many ways they have. This is the first time we’ve lived in a free standing home with our own front door (major win). This is the first time we’ve had a backyard and TWO patios to call our own! The entire house it lit up like a dream, has an abundance of south facing windows that are perfect for photography, and even an entire floor-to-ceiling window wall in the living room. It also comes with 3 bedrooms and did I mention that the original hardwood floors have recently been refinished? Hallelujah!

  8. Freelance Journey: Noteworthy Podcasts


    Podcasts. When I talk to people I either hear that they love them or hate them. I personally love podcasts and seem to gain really helpful insights every time I listen to them. Here are a few noteworthy ones I’ve enjoyed these past few months.

    Erin Loechner (of Clementine Daily) on the Lively Show: My favorite aspect of this chat was hearing about how Erin was able to completely restructure her workday to accommodate the family life she wanted. She also talks a lot about you can slowly alter your mindset to appreciate the ‘everyday” and how to NOT get wrapped up in all the inspiration that’s swirling around the Internet. It’s OK to not have everything ;) Listen here

    Kate Arends (of Wit & Delight) on Minnesota Minds: The best part about this chat was the whole aspect of blogging and creating with honesty as your inspiration. It was nice to hear about how blogging has evolved for Kate over the years and how that evolution is welcomed. Listen here

    Joy Cho (of Oh Joy) speaks at Alt Summit: Wow! This lady is one powerhouse with an incredible entrepreneurial spirit. I loved hearing about how she got her start in the creative industry and how she pulled a lot of her inspiration from her parents and childhood. Listen here

    If you love podcasts as much as I do, here are a few more favorite I’ve shared in the past. Megan Gilger talks about how your story is valuable. Lynn Casper talks about being producers of content and Angela Lee talks about the importance of having grit.

  9. All 2,000 wedding photos have arrived!


    Thanks to our amazing wedding photographer, Olivia Rae James, my husband Jake and I have over 2,000 photos to sift through and make the impossible decision of choosing which ones to print. Holy cow! Needless to say, all 2,000 are perfect to us and we’re not getting anywhere on making decisions.

    I thought I’d share a few more here on the blog as well as share a few deets on the venue, florist, dress, suit, etc. I could keep posting photos for days, but I’m sure it’s going to be old news real quick. Hope you enjoy these little captured moments.

  10. Veda News: Cha Cha Changes!


    Omg! Sorry for the radio silence my dear readers. This summer has been a colossal whirlwind of changes and new routines; many of which have left me needing a little break from this space. It’s now August 25th, time is flying, so no better time to jump back in.

    Back in June, my husband and I moved across country and are now working to build mini roots in our new home here in Denver, Colorado. My husband has officially started working one-on-one with his business partner to continue building their industrial design studio, which is rooted in outdoor & lifestyle design. We’ve both traveled for work, attended weddings, hosted dinner parties, and we even had our first out of town guests stay with us this past weekend. Oh, and I chopped over 10 inches of hair off…like whoa!

    I’m pleased to report that life as a freelance designer and photographer has been going extremely well. Of course their are the daily ups and downs of running our own business, but we’re on the upswing my friends. I’ve been balancing a handful of clients since getting back to work after the wedding, which has been harder than expected. I hope to share more of these fun projects on the blog soon.

    I also wanted to thank you all for sticking around and checking in every now and then. Thank you for the support and the “OK” to take all the time needed to get re-inspired. This time away has been extremely helpful and needed, but now I’m ready to get back to producing some fun content. Stay tuned. Fun things ahead.