1. Inspired By: Milleneufcentquatrevingtquatre (MNCQVQ)



    MNCQVQ (the year 1984 in french) is a French textile brand that is just killing it with originality and authenticity in their designs. They create printed square silk scarves that features hand drawn/painted artwork by creators Amelie Charroin and Marie Colin-Madan. The duo has been featured in many reputable fashion magazines such as ELLE, Refinery29, Mademoiselle, and more. 

    I love how the girls have stepped outside the box, yet still use some classic techniques on such a classic fashion item.

    ( explore the collections )

  2. Inspired By: The Light Container – Guest Post with Ana of Blog Milk



    Guest Post By Ana of Blog Milk

    Ana is an Art Director, Designer & Developer living in Brazil.

    Hello Veda House readers! This is Ana of Blog MilkI’m ecstatic to be here today and so thankful that Cassie invited me over. I recently found these beautiful lights designed by Basque Artist Martín Azúa. Martín gratuated in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. His project The Light Container has made my day today.  The idea of having a floating mass of light inside a metallic basket as a lamp in my home sounds and looks exiting. Don’t you think?

    ( Read Blog Milk Blog, Hire Ana )


    A HUGE thank you to Ana for taking time out of her day to contribute to Veda House while I’m away on my Honeymoon. You can view her great work and shop at the links above.
  3. Veda News: We’re Back (from Ms. to Mrs.)



    Hello dear loyal Veda House readers. I’m back from my month long wedding hiatus and am so thankful that so many of you stopped by the blog while I was away. I hope you enjoyed the guest bloggers who were generous enough to provide amazing content.

    I’ll be sharing more about the wedding and honeymoon in posts to come, but wanted to stop in and say “hi” while a take a little while to regroup and get back into the swing of a normal work week. The mister and I are currently packing up all our belongings and will be making the move to Denver in about a week. Lots of transitions happening, but we couldn’t be more excited.

    Aren’t all the palms pretty? All the photos above are from our wedding location and trip in Tulum Mexico. One thing I noticed while away is that my love (maybe obsession) for tropical plants is VERY strong these days. I’ve always been a die-hard beach fan, but I had no idea how overwhelming I loved me some palms….and agave…and cactus…all of it. I definitely documented my palm love on Instagram while traveling. You can see some snippets from our travels in the link below.

    ( Veda House Instagram )

  4. Studio Hours: w/ Frida (Guest Post)



    A few day to day insights from Frida Salomonsson of Vardagsbrus

    Frida is a Photographer and Visual Storyteller


    I try as much as possible to have a very natural working process. I can start editing something and realize that I like the person’s eye color, so I save it and use that tone to something else, which makes me remember that I need to change the color of something I did yesterday. To switch between different projects and ideas to let one lead to the other, thats a luxury. I do however try to work it out with my planned “unplanned” calendar. It´s chaotic but never boring! – FRIDA

    ( Frida’s Flickr , Read Vardagsbrus Blog )


    A HUGE thank you to Frida for taking time out of her day to contribute to Veda House while I’m away on my Honeymoon. You can view her great work and shop at the links above.
  5. Worn. 07


    Hi Guys! Here’s another wardrobe item that I’ve brought with me on my honeymoon. It’s a super cozy patterned jumpsuit WITH POCKETS! In my opinion nothing is better than something with pockets. I also added these amazingly beautiful brass jewelry pieces from Rose & Fitzgerald to my collection. Both pieces are unique, one of a kind pieces that were handmade by artisans in Uganda. Rose & Fitzgerald has quickly become one of my favorite online shops that are also “doing good” in the handmade artisan community. You can read more about them here.


    Worn / jumpsuit from Forever21, bangle & ring – gift from Rose & Fitzgerald, necklace from Steve Madden


    ( Worn 01, Worn 02, Worn 03, Worn 04, Worn 05 )

  6. Notables: w/ Almost Makes Perfect (Guest Post)

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    A home goods round up brought to you by my Molly Madris of Almost Makes Perfect

    Molly is a Graphic Designer/Blogger who has a great knack for DIY projects.


    Hi guys! It’s Molly from Almost Makes Perfect. Cassie asked me to share some things I’m currently wanting to spruce up my apartment for summer. Here’s what I’m wanting the most! – Molly

    Notables This Week:

    1. Ikea’s version of the wishbone chair

    2. nothing makes me happier in the home than a new comfy item to never take off

    3. pring cleaning = organizing

    4. I love stocking up at the farmers market, but love having a pretty vessel for my fresh produce almost as much

    5. I can’t think of better inspiration to get outside and picnic than this tiny mobile grill

    6. Fresh blooms call for the perfect simple little vase

    7. My favorite inexpensive way to update the kitchen is a new cute tea towel

    8. Pining over this gorgeous mid century dresser (pun intended)

    9. Sad but true – the only way I’ll get into spring cleaning is with pretty cleaning accessories


    ( Molly’s Blog , Almost Makes Perfect Pinterest )


    A HUGE thank you to Molly for taking time out of her day to contribute to Veda House while I’m away on my Honeymoon. You can view her blog & lovely pins on Pinterest at the links above.
  7. Studio Hours – w/ Scout & Catalogue (Guest Post)

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    A few day to day insights from Bre of Scout & Catalogue

    Bre is a small handmade shop owner specializing in custom-dyed leather goods & textiles.


    Usually a day in the studio starts with an extra large coffee from the coffee shop downstairs. Once I have coffee in hand, I spend the first few hours in the morning answering emails and doing any of the admin work that comes with running a small business.

    The studio building cat, Bruce Wayne, always stops by (he knows how to open the door) and lounges in sun puddles while I’m at my desk. Around 11 I switch over to production which can mean anything from setting up dye pots to cutting and stamping leather.

    Some days I have interns come in to help out since there never seems to be enough hours in the day. I leave work around 6 or 7 and often run by the post office on my way home (I spend so much time/money at the post office that they send me a Christmas card every year!).

    I often do more admin work when I get home which is a habit I’m trying to break. I’ve learned the hard way that working too much just leads to burn out so am now trying to spend more time doing things with friends and family after a long work day…

    ( Shop S&C , Read S&G Blog )


    A HUGE thank you to Bre for taking time out of her day to contribute to Veda House while I’m away on my Honeymoon. You can view her great work and shop at the links above. ALL images in this post are by Bre of Scout & Catalogue.
  8. Studio Hours – w/ Oy! Blog (Guest Post)

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    A few home snapshot from Carol’s Home of Oy! Blog

    Carol is the designer of the OY! Concept Factory and lives in Costa Rica.


    I stumbled upon Carol’s blog a few months ago and have been truly inspired ever since. I love how the scandinavia style home decor has made it’s way down to Costa Rica! Her blog and shop are beautifully curated, so I hope you have some time to stop by and discover a new blog read. She also has a really great instagram account.

    ( ShopPrints , Read OY! Blog )


    A HUGE thank you to Carol for taking time out of her day to contribute to Veda House while I’m away on my Honeymoon. You can view her great work and blog at the links above. ALL images in this post are by Carol of Oy! Blog.
  9. Worn. 06


    Hi Guys! I hope you have been enjoying the guest posts while I’ve been away! I’ve had a lot of fun sharing some new blogs/ talent with you and there is more to come! Until then, today I wanted to share with you a few more items I bought for the trip to the tropics. I knew I needed lightweight flowy tops and of course, hats! This hat has been a lifesaver while in the sun :)


    Worn / embroidered cream top from Free People, high waisted denim jeans (I think H&M…), hat from J Crew, flats are vintage (thrift store find)


    ( Worn 01, Worn 02, Worn 03, Worn 04, Worn 05 )

  10. Worn: w/ Madelynn of Wide Eyed Legless (Guest Post)



    A new wardrobe staple with Maddie of  Wide Eyed Legless

    Maddie is a stylist and wardrobe consultant living in Minneapolis, MN.


    “Lately I have been craving more structure to my wardrobe, so when I found this white jumper and marble print skirt at Zara I knew they were just the pieces I need to give my wardrobe a little chic boost. I love how they are both incredibly minimal but have unexpected modern touches. Like the white jumper being slightly longer in front and higher in the back. Paired here with round 60s inspired white sunglasses and chunky Swedish Hasbeens boots and you have my easy go to spring and summer outfit. ” – Maddie

    ( Read Wide Eyed Legless Blog , Browse Maddie’s Pins )


    A HUGE thank you to Maddie for taking time out of her day to contribute to Veda House while I’m away on my Honeymoon. You can view her great work/blog and browse her beautifully curated Pinterest page at the links above. ALL images in this post are by Madelynn Furlong.