1. In Collaboration W. Rose & Fitzgerald (Part 2)


    Happy Friday & Halloween to you all! Hope everyone has had a productive week. Here in Denver, we’re watching as the last bit of our fall leaves fall to the ground and the evening temperatures drop into the 30’s. Burr!! One of my absolute favorite things to do as the seasons change is to have a flower arrangement that reflects the season. Thanks to Rose & Fitzgerald, these floral beautifies have a good place to stay.

    If you’re been reading Veda House for some time, you’ll probably notice that I’m a big fan of Rose & Fitzgerald. Hand-made goods from afar is right up my alley and all the new fall items are just stunning. My personal favorites are these Tri-Color Ceramic Vases and the Ceramic Bowl Set! Perfect warm fall colors and natural textures.

    ( Our Past Collaboration )

  2. Our 50’s Eichler – My Home Photo Studio


    Hey guys! Happy Monday. I’m excited to share another room of our home with you today, my home photo studio. This is a really important space for me as I spend up to 10 hours a day in this single room. My home studio is bedroom 2 of 3 in this house. I posted about our guest room here! This room is decent sized and seems to be working perfectly. It’s primary use is to store all my photography equipment, props, office supplies, and my trusty desktop computer. I tend to photograph in all rooms of the house (as the light changes throughout the day), but this space is really nice for keeping “work” clutter out of our main living areas.

    Many of you may see this room as a bleak canvas, but that’s exactly what I need to take great natural light photographs. Because almost all elements in the room are white, the light can easily bounce around and illuminate the shot. The space is decorated minimally because things are being moved around CONSTANTLY. If I were to have more knick knacks, that just means more to move.

    My home office tips and suggestions for renters/home owners after the jump!

  3. Saying “Yes” to Interviews – Helpful tips for those just starting out



    “You are a true renaissance woman, skilled in all the visually artistic endeavors required for modern successful branding. How did you get here? Did it start with a crayon, a camera, a computer? What sparked you?” -Abby of JORD Watches


    That was by far one of my favorite questions I’ve answered in a handful of recent interviews. During the last month or so, I’ve challenged myself to say “yes” to any interview that was presented to me. I’m not one who likes being the center of attention, but it’s been an amazing experience and it got me thinking inward a bit. I’ve been able to connect with so many like-minded creatives and companies that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I also loved the variety of questions asked and loved when a question caught me off guard. If you’re interested and following along, you can stop by all the interviews via the links below. Thank you to all the gals/companies who hosted me on their space.


    1. Abby over at JORD Wooden Watches asks, “Where do you think companies miss the mark when branding their new products” and “what do you waste time doing?” Read Full Interview

    2. Francesca of Freja Daily asks, “What is the secret to standing out in the blog world” and inquired about my design process. Read Full Interview

    3. Shared my thoughts on the “side hustle” over on the Holly Marie Design blog. Read Full Writeup

    4. A few tips/suggestions about diving into the world of freelance as well as a glimpse into my daily routine.
    Full interview on Hunting Louise

    5. Embracing vulnerability on Organized Creatives Fear Confession series and talked about my fear of torrential downpours (the creative kind). Read Full Essay


  4. Inspired By: Daniel Barbera Furniture Design


    Falling in love with a furniture brand doesn’t happen a lot for me. Usually I’m able to knit pick the shit out of a particular piece of furniture or “claim” that I could make it myself (which I usually can NOT). When I stumbled upon Daniel Barbera’s work, I was awe struck at how perfect each piece was and how I wouldn’t want to alter his pieces in any way. They are just stunning.

    I think what I love most about his work are the really simple pairings of materials (like wood and bronze) and the overall structures don’t have any additional frills, but are such statement pieces. Not to mention all the pieces are beautifully photographed in a lovely grainy way!  You can view more of his work at the link below. Also, if you love behind the scenes type shots as much as I do – view behind the shoot here.

    ( Browse Barbera Design )

  5. Photoshoot Behind the scenes


    Hello everyone! It’s been a bit quite on this space this past week. Mid last week, I went down to Dallas, Texas to shoot the new collection of home goods with The Citizenry. It was nice to be back in The Citizenry office and get my hands on some really beautiful pieces from Uganda! Let me tell you. Stunning materials and really unique items!

    I’m working my way through a lot of photo editing and tackling a few website designs for other clients, but stay tuned for some lovely items coming to the shop soon.

  6. In Collaboration w. Erin Loechner for Lunya


    If you’re anything like me, you find oodles of inspiration in my gal pal, Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind. Erin teamed up with Lunya to create graphic patterns for the Lunya Capsule Collection. These pieces are just stunning and let me tell you…even more comfortable! Hurry though, because tomorrow (Oct 15th) is the last day for pre-orders!

    Curious how Erin came up with the abstract “Z” pattern or want to know a bit more about the design process, you can read more on Design For Mankind (Erin’s blog). I don’t know about you, but any clothing item that I can wear to bed and on a date is going to make it’s way into my wardrobe! Erin says,


    “Women wear many hats, and I really wanted to create a few pieces that could keep up the
    with the ever-growing demands of our day. From carpool lines to morning yoga
    to coffee shop dates to grocery runs to afternoon walks to impromptu meetings to
    dinner prep to date night, each piece can be worn in a zillion different ways. And the best
    part, in my opinion, is you can walk in the 
    door from a busy day and go straight
    to bed in your clothes. 
    They’re PJs, after all! Permission granted. ;)”


    Don’t forget to hop on over to the Lunya shop today and grab a few pre-order items marked with “Limited Edition.”
    My personal favorites are the From Dusk To Dawn top and the Lighten Up crop tank (not pictured above)!
    Other keepers are the From Dusk To Dawn PantsJust Relax pants, and Undone tee.

    ( Shop Limited Edition Collection )

  7. Notables No. 46


    Good Morning everyone! Hope the week has treated you all well. We’ve made it to Friday and I don’t know about you, but this felt like a “double week”. Looking forward to resting up and doing a bit photoshoot preparation. Next week, I’ll be heading to The Citizenry studio in Dallas to shoot & style the next collection of items. I couldn’t be more excited to hang out with the gals and get my hands on some beautiful handmade items.

    Next week, I’ll be sharing some behind the scenes shots of Erin Loechner’s Capsule Collection with Lunya. Until then, head on over to the Lunya site and snag a few pre-order items!

    Here’s a little inspiration from the week:

    1. A  beautiful image I’ve seen on Instagram

    2. I’d might have to snag this flannel Jacket

    3. This reading nook stole my heart

    4. Amazing (unidentified) bathroom design

    5. Beautiful sconce by Allied Maker

    6. This photo essay about rest stops. Wow!

    7. Swoon worthy Moroccan courtyards

    8. Perfectly Styled Corners pinterest board

    9. Branding for Harlem Gourmet

  8. Feedly Collection Sharing & A Pinterest Re-Vamp


    It seems like sharing what’s currently inspiring you is an ongoing hot topic in the blog and freelance world. Most of us probably start our mornings with a few solid minutes of finger scrolling through our favorite sites before we jump into the tasks of the day.  For me, I start my mornings with a cup of french press coffee, my iPad (sometimes my laptop if I’m feeling ambitious) and my two favorite sidekicks – Pinterest & Feedly blog RSS.

  9. What Blogging means to me.


    My relationship with blogging and the co-existing job title that comes with the act of blogging has been one of love and hate. Usually I’m floating somewhere in between love and hate, fumbling around in a state of “meh”. When I’m super inspired and have lots to say, blogging is the easiest job on the planet. Most days, the words are hard to write and I end up sharing a rambling post about a pretty corner of my home. Is this the kind of blogger I want to be known for? Do I even want to be known as a “blogger?”

    This space has been a bit quite all summer long. The ideas weren’t flowing and I didn’t want to force a post just for the sake of posting. During my much-needed break, I found myself questioning what blogging meant to me and my growing business and how I’d eventually ease back into sharing. I realized a few things…

    1. Thank you, thank you: Blogging is essentially the key element that propelled me into the life of full-time freelance and I’ll be forever grateful. Without blogging, my social network (all of you loyal readers) would not be as phenomenal as it is, my confidence in my skill sets would just be so-so, and my first paying clients would have never found me. Because of this reason along, I owe it to this little blog to keep going.

  10. Veda News: Settling into the Mountains


    I thought I’d stop by with a little life update for those who have been following along. It’s been 3 full months living here in Denver, Colorado and I will have to say the city is finally wearing on me. When we first moved here I was really missing the comforts of familiar things and all the lovely activities St. Louis has to offer in the summer. I felt “off” for quite a while.

    Thankfully, Denver is alive. It’s got a active spirit and when I say active, I am referring to just getting out and about in this city. I think a lot of people hear “Denver” and automatically thing of outdoor sports, snow, and mountains (at least that’s what I thought). Yes, all of those things exist, but I’m finding out that being active also means a really amazing food scene, lots of one-of-a-kind shop/handmade goods, and lots of organized events like festivals/art fairs/farmers markets. These are all the things I loved about St. Louis. So far the only thing I have found to dislike about Denver is how crazy inflated the housing market is. This might mean that buying our first home will take a few more years :(

    If you’ve visited Denver/Boulder/Vale/Breckenridge…I’d love to hear your recommendations. We are on a mission to explore as much as possible! Look forward to hearing your thoughts.