1. Samantha Casolari for Collezioni Sunglasses


    I just love these photos and I think it’s a lovely way to showcase sunglasses. Instead of showing the sunglasses big and bold, the glasses are more subtle as the colors shine through (almost like looking through a kaleidoscope). Very unique. Photographer Samantha Casolari has an extensive online portfolio with more great work.

    See Samantha’s portfolio and more from this shoot.

  2. Album Cover via The Ghostly Store

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    I’ve really been enjoying what The Ghostly Store has to offer. This place has so many unique items it’s hard to choose which ones to add to your cart. Not only are they great items, the attention to design detail is spot on. The album covers in particular are some of my favorite things to look at.

    Stop by and peruse the music section–>


    * Thanks to all of you who responded to my twitter poll about incorporating my own photography into this blog. I got an overwhelming response suggesting that I start sharing some more of my own snapshots. Stay tuned for a new feature…!

  3. Simply Grove’s Insider’s Tips / Week 2


    How is everyone today. I hope you are enjoying the changing seasons and feeling the need to do some spring cleaning. I’ve been throwing stuff away like a mad woman, and boy does it feel good!

    Today we are gaining some more insights about home styling and design from stylist Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove blog. Her design vision is just amazing and picking her brain has been truly insightful.

    If you missed the first week of tip/suggestions, go check it out, and don’t forget to stop over at Simply Grove to see my latest color palettes!

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  4. In Their Home // Elisabeth Heier


    I’m really excited to share with you the home of Elisabeth Heier. This place has style! I love everything about it, the simplicity and all the natural textures. Elisabeth has been working very hard to get their space ready for a new bundle of joy (who just arrived last week!) and I’d say they’ve done an amazing job. Please stop by Elisabeth’s blog for inspiration for your home.

    Are you visiting this feature for the first time? Catch up on all previous In Their Home posts HERE!

    * All photos in this post were taken by Elisabeth Heier specifically for this feature. If you chose to pin or use these images, please make sure you “link with love” and link to Elisabeth’s blog.

  5. Friday Finds & Favorites // 59


    1. Yum Yum Yum. This Berry Cheesecake Icecream looks yum-o.

    2. All these prints are really great. RetroMenagerie Etsy Shop sells art prints & textiles with a mid-century flare.

    3. Aren’t these easter cookies just the cutest things you’ve ever seen?

    4. DIY coat rack via Week Day Carnival. I can’t decide if I like it painted white or keep it unpainted??

    5. This Danish loft has stole my heart entirely.

    6. Interview with Jewelry Designer Jessica Marensfeld and Photographer Simon Howell .

    7. These paintings by Andy Curlowe are so nice to look at. Great color combinations.

    8. The blog Miss Moss has amazing music mixes. I think I’ve downloaded them all :)

    9. Nightstands made from cheese boxes, I’m in! Thanks Design Sponge!

    10. Have you ever wanted to read more about Scout & Catalogue? Now you can with a great interview with OTMzine,

    Happy Weekend!



    I’m a self-admitted paper hoarder, so it’s probably only natural that I find paper collages to be the holy grail of all pulp and fiber-based delights.  Artist Jessica Bell created these patchwork-like beauties; I chose these particular two works to share here because I love the neat, meticulous folds in the first, and the more haphazard, free approach in the second. Both pieces have stellar compositions and color palettes that I find very appealing.  It’s always commendable when an artist can make his or her work seem effortless – which is how these read to me –  although careful thought and multiple attempts at reworking probably went into the end result.  I hope you enjoy this week’s post!

    Art via Jessica Bell

  7. Tim Robison’s Film Set


    Tim Robison Jr, a painter, photographer and cooking enthusiast has a really great eye for capturing the perfect snapshot. Tim also has a really great collection of photos in his Flickr account, with his Film Set stealing my heart. All the shots are of everyday vignettes around the home, and the film grain just makes everything seem so dreamy. Stop by his flickr and take a look yourself.

    Tim’s Blog & Flickr.

  8. recreate it / 20

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    Today’s RECREATE IT comes from one of my favorite + new magazines out there, Wayfare. They’re a travel magazine, which obviously helps satisfy the little travel bug in me … for now. Here’s the thing about their spreads : alignment is spot on.

    Often times, you’ll find that they use their strong imagery to help guide where type sits on the page. In this case, they fit their spread’s paragraph in the crook of the centered chair, which makes everything a little off kilter and perfect. In my example, you can see that I used the pole to left align my text, and then vertically centered the two lines between what was above and below them. There’s always little hints here and there to help you decide where to place text, you just have to look!

    wayfare / quicksand / photo / breanna rose