1. branding backwards / 01


    I’m SO excited to announce a new collaboration series between cassie and myself ( bre ) : Branding Backwards. Of course we loved bringing you Recreate It posts weekly, but after 20 weeks, we felt it was time to move on. Being that Cassie and I are both graphic designers who love branding, we thought it would be neat to focus on identities this time, and work backwards to their beginnings. I find making moodboards to be extremely therapeutic, so this new bi-monthly series is right up my alley! Our goal is to pick out brands we love and dissect them. Essentially, we will be coming up with moodboards that match the aesthetic of a brand for exploration + inspiration!

    First up for me is Mignon Kitchen Co. I fell in love with this little shop and their brand within seconds of seeing it. Their overall look is light and airy with a hint of modern flair in their logo. Everything is extremely simple, but done with care. See that little swoop in the “O” of “MIGNON?” Yeah, that’s my favorite.

    mignon / landscape / woman / palm trees / floral print / j’adore / breanna rose

  2. Veda News: Fish Floppin’ + Decision Makin’


    Have you ever been floundering so much that at the end of it all, you just feel like pouting in the corner and giving up? That was me last week. I had reached a point where I had so many thing on my “I want to-do this” list, but just didn’t have enough hours in the day/week/month to achieve them. It’s completely overwhelming/crushing to be 100% inspired to achieve something and to have less than 0% of the energy to put into it.

    For me, my days are spent at the advertising agency usually clocking in about 45-50 hours on an average week. With this schedule I am left with only a few hours each night to work on my “I really want to-do this” list and let me tell you…nights are not the time of day I feel most inspired. I usually come home cranky with a sour taste in my mouth feeling like all I want to do is sit my batootie on the couch and watch Mad Men. So when am I supposed to knock things off my list?? Who flippin’ knows.

    So in the midst of my mini breakdown that happened the other night I decided I needed to get focused again. I’m one of those people that loves so many things (blogging, photography, cinema, knitting, thrifting, etc ) all at the same time that it’s hard for me to dedicate A LOT of time to any one thing. I’m working on changing that around a bit. Starting now…

    This blog is going to become a little more focused on subject matter. You’ll see the same design/photography posts, just less of them. I plan on regaining my Saturdays & Sundays as “ME” days with no blog posts. I’m also going to be throwing in some more personal posts. I look forward to sharing with you my journey into becoming a full-time freelancer and gaining some reader insights along the way (this whole process is really scary you guys!). I also look forward to sharing more of my personal photography that has been evolving over the last couple months. Lastly, I’m going to start to share more of my design process and projects when I can. 

    Does that sound like a plan?? I feel like this little transition in my online space will help things move more smoothly in my freetime in the evenings as well as my freetime on the weekends.

    Is anyone else feeling like their blog’s identity is getting a little fussy or that they just don’t have enough time in the day to do what you WANT to do? I’d love to hear your thoughts :)

    Photo by Savannah Martiniere

  3. Eva Black Spaces Feature


    I’m over at Eva Black’s blog today sharing some pics of my tiny little home office. This feature was exactly what I needed to finally finish my home office. Since all the items in my space are thrifted, the whole process took a lot of time and my vision changed along the way. In THIS POST I shared my original vision & in THIS POST I shared my progress, but be sure to hop on over to Eva’s blog for some more images.


  4. Friday Finds & Favorites // 60

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    1. Studio tour with photographer Jeremy Harwell. Soooo good.

    2. Instructions on how to grow new succulent plants from the ones you have. Very interesting and so easy!

    3. DIY painted chopsticks. These are perfect for any gift giving situation. Adding them to my To Do list.

    4. My favorite Tumblr site this week is The Coastal Theory. Great source for visual inspiration

    5. Isn’t this a beautifully styled food post via Food & Cook.

    6. This is a really great photography blog by photographer Brooke LeAnne.

    7. My new favorite blog of the week, The Fresh Exchange.

    8. This logo design by the lovely Amanda Jane Jones is so perfect in its simplicity. Love it!

    9. Having a hard time finding the right coffee table for your living room? Stop by Simply Grove and read up on her tips/suggestions.

    10. 96 tips photographers wish they would have learned sooner.

    Happy Weekend!

  5. When Two Becomes One


    I just love this home…even the story that comes along with it. The homeowners (one works and marketing and the other at H&M Home!) originally bought two worn out apartments and combined them to create one modern family home. The house covers two whole floors, lets in lots of natural light and is filled with flea market finds (the best in my opinion). The images above are just some of my favorites.

    Continue reading and see more photos–>


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    I thought I’d switch things up a little this week with a different type of inspiration and a fresh layout.  Fashion editorials are always pushing the envelop with creative concepts, so much in fact that they are truly works of art.  When I first got into graphic design, I really wanted to work for a fashion magazine – it would be impossible for me to not be bursting with ideas for layouts when you have material like this to work with!  This spread is from JNC magazine…I am blown away by how well the saturated color and the devoid thereof pair so well to build this ethereal story.  I had a lot of fun putting this week’s post together – hope you enjoy!

    Editorial from JNC Magazine via Behance


  7. Samantha Casolari for Collezioni Sunglasses


    I just love these photos and I think it’s a lovely way to showcase sunglasses. Instead of showing the sunglasses big and bold, the glasses are more subtle as the colors shine through (almost like looking through a kaleidoscope). Very unique. Photographer Samantha Casolari has an extensive online portfolio with more great work.

    See Samantha’s portfolio and more from this shoot.