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    Today’s RECREATE IT comes from one of my favorite + new magazines out there, Wayfare. They’re a travel magazine, which obviously helps satisfy the little travel bug in me … for now. Here’s the thing about their spreads : alignment is spot on.

    Often times, you’ll find that they use their strong imagery to help guide where type sits on the page. In this case, they fit their spread’s paragraph in the crook of the centered chair, which makes everything a little off kilter and perfect. In my example, you can see that I used the pole to left align my text, and then vertically centered the two lines between what was above and below them. There’s always little hints here and there to help you decide where to place text, you just have to look!

    wayfare / quicksand / photo / breanna rose



  2. Slanted Mansion : On The Shelf


    I was recently looking through the studio archives on Slanted Mansion , a blog that showcases the organized chaos of home studio spaces and the artist that work in them. Each weekly post shows snapshots of the interior space as well as an interview with the artist. I’ve found the site to be quite interesting, especially seeing what all different kind of artists keep on their shelves.

    See all posts here.

  3. Berg Bild Series by Sonnenzimmer


    I’ve been eyeing the Berg Bild series by Sonnenzimmer as possible additions to my art collection. This series was commissioned by Ghostly International and created as a limited edition of 50.

    “Shortly after a summer trip to Switzerland to visit Nakanishi’s mother, Sonnenzimmer set about creating the series. The trip would prove to be a wellspring of inspiration—from a stumbled-upon book on Swiss poster artist Niklaus Troxler to the mountainous countryside itself. Closer to home, a recent collaboration with Chicago printmaker Alex Valentine would also provide influence, with hints of Valentine’s color palette finding their way into the series.”

    Buy a 20″ W x 24″ H, signed and numbered print here!

  4. Owner of J’Antiques Tokyo: A Family Home


    I’ve had this home saved in my bookmarks for some time now, drawing inspiration for the interiors photographed. As a lover of antiques, this home is like a dreamland, covered with history and story telling. I love how the owner of J’Antiques Tokyo brought his love for antiques from his business into his home so his entire family can enjoy their beauty. Isn’t it just magical?

    * View more interior shots HERE.

  5. In Their Home // A Merry Mishap


    It’s Monday folks and you know what that means… A brand new In Their Home post today featuring the lovely home of Jennifer Hagler, blogger of inspiring blog, A Merry Mishap. Her blog is a great space to visit when you’re needing some home interior inspiration, a little family life and of course great design/fashion inspiration. Stop on over and check out her space. Her visual aesthetic is so perfect and I know you won’t be disappointed in what you see.

    Are you visiting this feature for the first time? Catch up on all previous In Their Home posts HERE!

    * All photos in this post were taken by Jennifer Hagler specifically for this feature. If you chose to pin or use these images, please make sure you “link with love” and link to Jennifer’s blog.

  6. Caroline Gomez Snaps Pretty Pretties


    What do you think of that post title. After writing so many posts, coming up with creative post titles gets a bit tricky. So there you have it…a whole new form of creativity.

    Anywho…Aren’t these images pretty? I really love the work of Caroline Gomez. All of her images are a bit dreamy and bright out the beauty of simplicity. I’ve blogged about Caroline before, here.

    Stop by Her Tumblr page to see lots of beautiful photographs.

  7. Iceland Captured by Sean Pecknold


    Sean Pecknold is a visual artist who specializes in creative videos for a variety of clients. Last November, Sean took some really great photos while in Iceland that are just gorgeous. I’ve never been to Iceland, but every time I see images of it, I’d caught off guard by its beauty.

    Stop by Sean’s Portfolio and a special thanks goes out to Carissa Gallo for pinning something so inspiring :)

  8. Friday Finds & Favorites // 58

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    1. These still life photographs via Sweet Thing blog are so eye catching. I love it.

    2. The Jealous Curator is one of my most favorite features via SF Girl By Bay blog

    3. The tea towels in this Etsy shop (Lisa Rupp) are beyond perfect. Amazing color palettes!

    4. Sneak Peek at Paula Mills family home is just stunning. I love the collected and cozy feel to each room (via design sponge)

    5. This really isn’t anything important. Just a load of panda cuteness.

    6. Dreamy Pink Milkshakes (via oh joy) have been added to my “food to make” list.

    7. This Kate Spade video is just dreamy. Makes you want to just live in it and transport yourself back in time.

    8. Looking for a place to download FREE photoshop curves for your photography?

    9. If I had a kid or a little person to buy for…I’d buy from Little Warrior clothing company. Such great pieces.

    10. yup! Homemade chocolate pudding via Call Me Cupcake blog.

    Happy Weekend!



    If I was absolutely forced to choose a favorite artist, I would probably name Winston Chmielinski as my guy.  His use of color is unparalleled, the variation in texture is delicious, and the sheer amount of detail that goes into his work is mind-blowing.  I’ve shared some of his paintings on my blog before, but I had a feeling that Veda House readers might really enjoy Chmielinski’s art too…so I couldn’t resist spreading the word!  Isn’t his new work gorgeous?  Winston updates his portfolio/blog pretty frequently – LOTS of eye candy over there if you want more…

    Art by Winston Chmielinski