1. In Their Home // Elv’s Blog


    I’m really excited to share with you the home of Elvera from Elv’s Blog. I don’t remember how I found her blog, but ever since I did I’v been a frequent visitor collecting inspiration for my home. She considers herself an interior design junkie and lover of Scandinavian design. Just like myself she feels like she is always transforming her home and taking pictures along the way. I highly recommend you take a little gander over to her space and check out all the black and white details!

    Are you visiting this feature for the first time? It’s your lucky day and you can catch up on all previous In Their Home posts HERE!

    * All photos in this post were taken by Elvera specifically for this feature. If you chose to pin or use these images, please make sure you “link with love” and link to Elvera’s blog.

  2. Mario Hugo

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    Mario Hugo is a 25 year old design/illustrator with a great body of work to peruse. His work is incredibly unique and keeps you coming back for more. He uses pattern and texture perfectly, with subject matter that makes you think deeper.

    Some of the clients he’s worked with include: Nike, British Airways, Dolce & Gabbana, Microsoft, and MTV. Stop by his portfolio to see more.


  3. Friday Finds & Favorites // 62


    1. Between 10 and 5 has some really great inspiration for creative individuals

    2. This is one of the best DIYs I’ve seen in a long time! (via DesignLoveFest)

    3. Who knew painting a room like this would look so good. I really like the thinking outside the box.

    4. This website has some of the best wedding invitations I’ve seen. Really great selection!

    5. Blondie cupcakes with raspberry buttercream!!!! Yes, Please!

    6. This post by Rose & Crown is really beautiful. The lighting in these photos are just amazing!

    7. Favorite blog of the week = Lotfi Blog

    8. Design Sponge’s weekly sneak peeks are some of my favorite blog posts I read each week. This one was just stunning.

    9. This first image by Mike Perry is perfect- “It’s a Beautiful Day

    10. I really love this blog and this illustrator’s style. So good!

    Happy Weekend!

  4. Lesson Learned: via Blog Brunch


    Hi there guys. I hope the day is treating you well :) I wanted to pop in today and share some of my thoughts about the last blog brunch that happened this past weekend. Where you there?? I wasn’t able to make the first half of the chat, but found several topics of discussion to be very interesting. The whole chat got me thinking about my blog and some things that might need a little more thought.

    1. Weekly/Monthly Newsletters: I’ve always been interested in this idea, but wasn’t sure if adding a newsletter would be beneficial to my readers. What do you share? What extra content would be interesting to get. I completely understand why having a newsletter for a small shop would be a great asset in spreading the word about new products, but how can a newsletter help my for my blog?? Would love to hear your thoughts about newsletters in general and also what you’d like to receive in a newsletter.

    2. Less Commenting: It was mentioned that less commenting has been a trend recently in blog land. I’ve been noticing this as well and it was reassuring to hear that it’s not just my blog/my content, but an overall trend. I don’t know if this is a good or a bad thing…

    3. Search Bars: I really hate search bars and I really want to get rid of mine. Would anyone be disappointed if it just magically disappeared??

    4. Viewing Blog Content In Readers: I don’t know why I didn’t think about this before, but a lot of people don’t even come to my blog to read a post!! Shocking, but makes 100% sense. After making this connection, I realized that it is SUPER important that I design/write my blog post content to reflect that knowledge. I’m curious now…who reads blogs in readers versus actually visiting a blog??

    That’s it for now. Blog Brunch really got me thinking. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the topics above.

    Get an invite to BlogBrunch here, and catch up on the discussion here (recap)!




    Hello and happy Thursday!  In this week’s post, I decided to feature a well-known artist, whom I greatly admire: Toko Shinoda.  Her work graces the renowned walls of institutions like the MOMA and Guggenheim.  Classically trained in calligraphy (which is something I would love to learn!), she merges lithographs with modern abstract expressionism for a result that is uniquely stunning, fresh and inspired.  It’s always staggering to me when I come across an artist with such a large and consistent body of work – it drives me to produce more of my own, and to really analyze what my aesthetic is.  Which, to me, both go hand in hand; the more work you make, the better you can narrow your focus…certain characteristics will emerge and you can run with them.  Food for thought!

    Art via Toko Shinoda


  6. The Jone’s view of Pac Northwest


    During this past year there has been several occasions where a move to the Pacific Northwest was a possibility based on where the boy decides to take his next job(and still may be). The whole thought made me shiver, as I’m a girl that’s definitely happiest when surrounded by warm weather, sunny skies and of course…sandy beaches. After several months of talking things through with family/friends and even taking a trip up there, the positives of the area began to show through. Beautiful scenery, great food, oodles of artistic individuals, and my best friend (who lives in seattle).

    These photos were captured by one of my favorite photography duo, the Jones. They also recently moved to Portland and have been sharing some of their outings on their blog. They are definitely capturing the aspects of the Pac North that keep me thinking I could survive up there if I had to. haha

    Check out the Michael and Paige’s Portfolio!

  7. Ma tunes this week: 8 Track


    I follow some pretty lovely people on 8 Track and they’ve all got a wonderful ear for great tunes. Each week I usually find 1 or 2 playlist that keep me going through all the design work, and the ones above are winners this week.

    Playlist 1: “Spring” created by Blogmilk
    Playlist 2: “Sweet Sound 6” created by Sweet Thing Blog
    Playlist 3: “Brave” created by The Flowerchild Dwelling
    Playlist 4: “Harmony “created by For Me For You

  8. Recent Work: Blog Design for The Daybook


    Over the past few months I have been leisurely working with Sydney of The Daybook. She tweeted that her blog needed a little makeover and I jumped on the chance to work with her. Her blog has been one of my favorites from the very beginning and when she said her design style way modern minimalism, I couldn’t have been more excited. The process was a little long, but that’s what happens when you welcome a new little bundle of joy into the world (yeah, for baby Everette!). Check out her new blog design now!

    (this blog included: blog makeover)

  9. Simply Grove’s Insider’s Tip / Week 3


    Week 3! Week 3! And it’s Tuesday, so that means Kirsten of Simply Grove is sharing her styling wisdom with all you lucky readers! Over the past couple weeks I’ve been seeing so many really awesome kid’s rooms all over the net. I chose a few of them, sent them her way, and she responded with some lovely styling tips for each room.

    If you missed the first week of tip/suggestions, go check it out, and don’t forget to stop over at Simply Grove to see my latest color palettes!

    1 / 2 / 3

  10. Lesson Learned: Research before you leap


    I got some comments on my last post that got me thinking about my current “full-time” freelance goals. Last winter, when I decided I was going to start making the transition towards full time freelancing I was hit with on overwhelming feeling of flat out FEAR. The main questions that kept popping up in my head weren’t about how I going was to keep consistent work, but more about the nitty gritty details (process, contracts, taxes, resources, etc). I realized that my heart was already set on making this freelance thing work, but my mind needed a little catching up to do.

    I decided that instead of working a gazillion weekends on freelance projects, that I would spent a big chunck of my “free” time to start researching everything I could about the freelance business. I started to ask around to those I knew had already made the leap (which was insanely helpful) and start to work through the fine details. Yes, I’m still taking on freelance jobs that inspire me, but a lot of my time has been turned toward researching how to streamline my design process so that others understand me, create formal contract and process documents that I can send to potential clients, gather online resources that can help me along the way, and of course…keep networking.

    I’ve found this system to be working so far. Every day I spend about an hour working on making my dream come true. My hopes that are when I am fully ready to make the full time freelance leap, that both my heart and mind will come together and have a party. We shall see :)

    “Getting comfortable with discomfort is one of the first steps to not letting fear be a factor in making your decisions. Playing big means stepping beyond your normal and what you usually do. It means putting yourself out there in new and exciting ways. It means spending a LOT of time in the land of discomfort.” – Tiffany Moore (Paper N Stitch Blog)