1. A project for my temporary self


    Until I can figure out exactly how I’m going to rebrand myself, I chose to make some temporary business cards for those “just in case” cases. Remember how I was in a really great networking situation and I didn’t have anything to pass along? Yeah….That’s not going to happen again.

  2. Podcast: A New Personal Challenge


    As a freelance designer I feel it’s important to constantly seek more information. I think it’s extremely important to take the time to learn more and specialize in what you do. Starting this week, I’ve decided to challenge myself to listen to a few podcasts each week. In my opinion, podcasts are amazing ways to learn new things WHILE doing other things. I’m a big fan of multi-tasking, so if your excuse is that you don’t have time to dedicate to soaking in new information, podcasts are the way to go!

    For this week’s challenge I listened to Grace Bonney’s (After the Jump) podcast series that focused on “Becoming Your Brand”. Listen Here.

    1. Come up with a personal mission statement that is ownable. Who are you and what do you stand for?
    2. Become an expert and own that expertise.  Don’t misrepresent yourself, but use your expertise to set you apart from others.
    3. Practice your elevator pitch. How would you introduce yourself and your business to a complete stranger in a 20 sec elevator ride. Are you relatable?

    All great things to think about as I rebrand myself. Love it!

    Volume designed by Dmitry Baranovskiy from The Noun Project

  3. Mineralia


    I’ve been super interested in Minerals lately and I think it’s solely based on their beautiful colors. I don’t know anything about rocks/minerals except that as a kid I used to collect them and keep them as the most precious things I owned. Thinking about investing in one of these beauties from Mineralia.

  4. Lesson Learning: Competition is good (maybe)


    I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and chatting with other bloggers/designers about this idea that “competition is good for business”. Some days I think that statement is right one and other days I feel it’s so far from the truth. Competition can be the biggest motivator IF you have a base in reality. Once you let your guard down to unrealistic expectations, the game is thrown way off.

    The internet world is bustling with creative individuals, many of them putting themselves out there and sharing their personal work or curations. I’m finding its extremely difficult to stand out amongst the masses and when you’re feeling a little beaten down to begin with…its tough to stay grounded.

    I’m curious how you guys pull the inspiration out of all the clutter and how you keep grounded when everyone else seems to be killin’ it. Thoughts on internet competition??

    Here’s another good post about internet competition and stepping up your game when it comes to using Pinterest. (Thanks Decor8!)

  5. Polaroids by Bernadette Pascua

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    Have you guys heard of the blog called DECADE? This beautiful fashion focused blog is curated by illustrator Bernadette Pascua. (who lives in New York). Her notable work pulls heavy inspiration from the fashion industry and she has mastered incorporating watercolor with illustration. Such great work. Please stop here to see her illustration work.

    However, while scrolling through Bernadette’s blog, I was captivated by the simple snapshots taken with a polaroid camera. Super simple, sophisticated glimpses into the fashion industry.