1. Hermes 3000


    A few years I acquired a lovely mint typewriter, a Hermes 3000. He sat on my shelf looking pretty, but wasn’t really functioning. Right before the holiday I deduced to get that bad boy out, order a new ink tape and learn how to clean all the keys. I was pretty proud of myself for getting him up and running and now, I’m kind of addicted. The sound is amazing!

    *photo taken by Veda House

  2. Inspired By: Wuthering Heights

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    I don’t really have a lot to say about this show stopping outfit/design combo except for wow…I really need this outfit and boy am I inspired. (Featured in U+Mag)

    Hope all you lovelies had an amazing holiday and stay tuned for some Veda House resolutions. It’s going to be a big year of change and I can’t wait….

  3. Frankie Magazine Gift Paper Book

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    Hey guys. I hope everyone is done with their Christmas shopping and has starting their wrapping. This year I’m mixing things up a bit and using the NEW Frankie Magazine Gift Paper Book. Thanks to the lovely ladies over at Frankie, I was lucky enough to receive the book to have a little fun.

    The book is filled with 50’s inspired colorful gift wrap papers (10 sheets) that you can tear out and use as you wish. I chose to use the paper in 3 different ways – paper cranes, wrapping presents, and confetti. I had a lot of fun with the book and I can’t wait for the release so all of you can test it out.

    *Thanks Frankie Magazine for thinking of The Veda House to have some fun with your latest product.

    Buy the book here for $30.

  4. Inspired By: Steffen Bunte


    Steffen Bunte, A german born artist now working and living in Paris as some absolutely beautiful  (yet simplistic) pieces of work. I was immediately drawn to the dominant black and white color scheme, the mix of textures, and of course the geometric features of his subjects.

    Stop by his site and check out some other pieces. :)