1. Podcast: Ben Silbermann (Pinterest Founder)


    Hey team! I know watching a video doesn’t really count as a podcast, but while I was at work I was listening to this little video. The video is from last year’s Altitude Summit when Ben Silbermann (creator of Pinterest) was the keynote speaker.I know its a whole year after he spoke, but it was beyond interesting to hear how the idea of Pinterest was conceived and how it all came to life…especially since the whole process has been hugely successful. You can watch it here.

    Here’s my two most important take aways from his speech.
    1. Even if you don’t have a detailed plan of what you want to do or who you want to be, surround yourself with like-minded people. It’s sooo much easier to find clarity when your surrounded by a constant source of inspiration.

    2. “Just stop talking about it and go do it!” Even if that means walking out on the best job you’ve ever had…in the middle of economic crisis. Thank you….amen.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts about what he had to share. Did any of you get the opportunity to see him speak live?

  2. Inspired By: Mack Publishing

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    In the near future, I’ll be revising my own portfolio as well as taking on a new freelance job to  help a friend revise hers. I was completely inspired by MACK. MACK is an independent publishing house that works with artists, writers and curators to create a book, that tells that artist’s story. All the books are beautifully produced and each has their own personality.

    Check out a bunch more here!

  3. Notables No. 14


    Hello lovely readers. It’s FRIDAY!! I’m going to run off to start my weekend, but I’m leaving you with a list of inspiring things. Enjoy!

    Notables this week:
    1. A lovely shop (Anaise) for home goods
    2. The photography portfolio of We Are The Rhodes
    3. French glass sculpture via Design Sponge
    4. Uta Barth photography is really dreamy
    5. I love everything from the Kaufmann Mercantile Store
    6. Centre Commercial concept store
    7. More & Co. project with Misha Puff
    8. Oliva Rae James photographs for Freunde von Freuden
    9. Favorite blog of the week – Brooke Holm

    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. January in Review


    Hi lovely readers. January is finally over!! January for me was all about JUST getting through it. I’ve spent a lot of time wrapping up lose ends and preparing myself for what February & March will have to offer me. I’ve got some BIG news to share (next week), so until then, I thought I’d update you on how my 5 New Year’s resolutions have panned out this month. I’m determined to keep myself on track and see my resolutions through, so here is this month’s recap.

    1. Let it Be – Welcoming change has been AWESOME. I’ve never in my life felt so open to new possibilities. Change usually makes me really uncomfortable, but now…it feels liberating. I’ll fill you in next week on the biggest change of all.

    2. Be More Present – With all the changes, I’ve been challenged to see the positivity in the tougher times. There have been a lot of hiccups along the way, and with most of them, I’ve been able to go with the flow. The boy and I have worked really hard at helping each other recognize the small but really lovely things.  Ice cream overindulging, TV series marathons, date nights, outings with friends, and unexpected 70 degree days in January were amongst the mix.

    3. Be Adventurous – It’s been REALLY cold here in St. Louis this month, so the adventuring have been limited to dog walks around the neighborhood. Remember that motorcycle I mentioned?? The boy and I are gifting each other helmets for the upcoming V-day. (I know that’s technically a Feb achievement, but it was planned in January ;)

    4. Follow My Heart & Feed My Soul – I’ve been doing just that…Listening to my heart, even though my heart has a crazy “I don’t care about anything” kind of attitude. I kind of like it. I’ve also taken on the challenge of teaching myself to cook. This month I’ve learned how to properly make a steak, make frocaccia bread, make 2 massive pound cakes, roast onions and potatoes, and learned to love green peppers…which is good for a non veggie eating gal.

    5. Be More Conscious – This month was all about saving money. Compared to the month of December, January was a very responsible month. This month I’ve been really good at using a credit card for gas and food related expenses to build my credit score (for future home buying purposes). Working out starts in February ;)

    *Above photo taken by Nathan Williams of Kinfolk

  5. Hanging Art


    As an art/design student, I frequently attended gallery shows and occasionally had my work in a few. Over the years, I became really drawn to unique and minimal ways to display art. I’d love to have a few of these picture rail hanging systems to hang things is a really clean and minimal way. I love how the artwork appears to be floating. What do you guys think?

    * Image above is a abstract version of the real thing, but check out the real picture rail hangers here! Really neat!
    * This post was done in collaboration with AS Hanging Systems. (Thanks!)
    * The artwork shown is from the brand new Etsy shop Ammiki & the Bamboo frames you can get at Dick Blick

  6. Lesson Learned: How to Get Out of Your Funk


    Holy smokes guys!! Thank you, thank you for all of your feedback to my “Burnout at Age 26″ post last Wednesday. It’s incredible to see that so many other creatives are in the exact same place as I am and have the exact same obstacles. It’s kind of refreshing to hear that I’m not alone in this and that so many people are willing to share their stories. Turns out that age 26 is just a demon, haha.

    Thanks to my lovely readers, I’ve compiled a list of things to do/try if you ever get in a creative funk or if you’re headed for burnout. I’ve also listed some really important things to remember when you’re down and out. This post makes me feel like Baz Luhrmann (the guy that sung the “Sunscreen” song). So add, “wear sunscreen” to the list of things to remember.

    Things to try:
    1. Try letting go….see what clarity presents itself afterwards
    2. Go back to school, take a class, take an e-course
    3. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and just go with the flow
    4. Say “NO” if you’re feeling overwhelmed (I wrote a post last year about cutting your current schedule in half)
    5. Network, network, network…never stop networking
    6. You know those things you do while you’re procrastinating…do those!
    7. Take a sabbatical or any length of time
    8. Travel
    9. Utilize creative recruiting agencies
    10. Plan for short term, and for long term (I use TeuxDeux  to make lists)
    11. Incorporate more mediums into the things you explore
    12. “Plan, Save, Make the leap, and Give yourself a year”
    14. Read The Four Hour Work Week
    15. Volunteer your time

    Things to remember:
    1. As humans, we’re naturally always searching for happiness
    2. Try your hardest to be self-aware and honest with yourself at all times
    3. When you fail, you’ll most likely learn something about yourself
    4. Treasure your free time and don’t forget to soak it all in
    5. You are NOT alone!
    6. Inspiration comes and goes, waxes and wanes, ebb & flow (don’t get too attached)
    7. Carve out a few hours here and there to do something you’re insanely passionate about
    8. Everything WILL work itself out
    9. Please be patient
    10. Always trust your gut first

  7. Notable No.13


    Hey guys. WOW, was this week busy or what! I’ve been trying really hard to keep up with my blog roll and I’m glad I did because bloggers are killing it right now. So many great posts being shared, lots of amazing Altitude Summit recaps, and endless inspiration. Here are some notables –>

    Notables this week:
    1. Making perfect home deodorant scents at home
    2. One of my new favorite blogs –> Musla Fi
    3. Winter scenes captured by Fieldguided
    4. The design projects of Forest Design
    5. The photo stream of Maria Louceiro via Flickr
    6. The textile design shop of Lee Coren
    7. these lovely Korin d’Orsay Pumps at Anthropologie
    8. Hand lettering loveliness by Hazel Wonderland
    9. This chair…always love.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  8. Veda News: Burnout at age 26


    So I’m finally admitting it. I’ve reach full blown out BURNOUT at age 26. I have no idea how I even let myself get this way, but it’s official. Over the past year, I’ve been feeling the weight of working in the advertising world. I’ve been feeling pulled in a new direction, but glued to the security of my day job with lovely benefits. The constant pulling in opposite directions has lead to a clean rip, right through the middle of my core.

    I was warned about this thing called “burnout” from so many people but always told myself that it wouldn’t happen to me. I was told that if you stretch yourself too thin, that you’d eventually grow to hate what you’re doing. Since I’m a stubborn person, I tested that theory for far too long.

    If you would have talked to me about a year ago, I would have told you that doing full time freelance was what I wanted to do. I would have told you that I wanted to design blogs, websites and do branding for brands that I love. Unfortunately as time went on, my clear direction of what I wanted to do “when I grow up” blurred into a fury of confusion. I’ve become sooooo sick of sitting in front of the computer that my soul is craving to work with my hands. I’m sooooo sick of no-so-friendly clients that all I want to do is work on hassle-free personal projects. I’m soooooo sick of the politics of working at a large company, that all I want to do is barricade myself into a little corner (people-free). I know all of this sounds very dramatic, but all of it is painstakingly true. At the young age of 26….I’m throwing my hands up and saying “fuck it”.

    So, thanks for listening to my rant. haha. I’m now going to go and figure out what to do about it all. Have you ever reached the point of burnout? What did you do to get past it??

  9. inspired by: Malin Gabriella Nordin


    Malin is an artist from Sweden who currently works in Norway. Her work is so striking to me and I’m finding a lot of inspiration in the organic shapes, texture usage, mini installations,and color palettes used. As you can see from my header design, her and I have a little love affair for ambiguous shapes with overlaying textures. :) She’s making quite a name for herself in the art/gallery scene and has had many notable shows over the past few years.

    Browse her work here and read her blog!

    *above images made with graphite, permanent market, acrylic, papier-mâché (2010)

  10. mini collection: crystals


    If you’re a frequent visitor of this blog, you’ll know that I’m a fan of rocks, minerals and crystals. I’ve posted about them here and here. This is my personal mini collection, ranging in size, shape, and color. Currently I have these guys scattered around my loft and I love how they bring a natural element to the room.

    I look forward to sharing more of my mini collections with you soon :)

    * all photos by Veda House