1. Lesson Learned: Being Uncomfortable, Part 2


    Recently I was asked to attend a photoshoot for the advertising agency I work with. I was 100% NOT thrilled about the idea because I’m not one to like being away from home and my brain has been far less from fully functioning these days.

    I ended up going (didn’t really have a choice) but ended up loving every minute of the experience (minus being away from my man and pup). It was a three day shoot and I was the only art director on set. The days were filled with10 gallons of ice cream a day, product styling, lifestyle shoot with an adorable little boy and a full day of capturing beautiful sweat treats in natural daylight. I learned a lot.

    I was kind of just thrown into the whole thing, but walked away with a realization that maybe I should become a stylist. It feels natural to me and I’m really good at getting lost in prop rooms for long periods of time. I’ve always enjoyed styling (my favorite part of having an etsy shop), but haven’t had a lot of professional experience learning the ins and outs.

    I’m thankful for the experience because It allowed me to realize where I need to focus my energy. I think 2013 will include more styling jobs. Looking forward to it!

    Have you ever been forced into something to find yourself unexpectidly walking away with some gained insights and inspiration.

  2. Inspired by: Ceramics


    I’m realizing that I’ve got quite the fondness for pottery…unpolished pottery with organic shapes and patterns. I realized that whenever I head to the thrift stores/antique malls, it’s usually pottery that I carry around to the very end until I decide I shouldn’t spend the money. I think 2013 will be the year where I start to official collect some beautiful pieces and the pieces above are stealing my heart.

    Do you have a “thing” for anything in particular? Jewelry? Books?…?

    Above Pieces: Mug, Charms, Bird Vase, Bottle, Set of Bowls, Lattice Bowl

  3. Inspired By: Elina Brotherus

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    The booked called Artist and Her Model has been really inspiring. The book was photographed by Finish photographer Elina Brotherus. I love how the book is a “meditative journey, a diary and a reflection” of the artist herself.

    “The work gathered in the book documents the time wrap from 1996 to 2011. The story is told not in time, but rather in fragments. She works in self-portiture, sometimes bringing people who have special place in her life. Elina’s photographs depict relationship with people, love, disappointments, search, pain and how they shift/change over the years. While the images are constructed, she is completely present in every moment, living/experiencing her life. ”

    Read more here –> and purchase the book here –>

  4. Notable No. 11


    This week I’m switching things up a little bit and featuring my favorite bloggers. I’ve realized that as a blogger/blog reader…I read A LOT of blogs. Most of the blogs I read I skim to find that one piece of inspiring content. The bloggers included in the list below are people who share their lives in a very unfiltered way. I appreciate their openness and find myself always coming back to check in on how they are doing and what they’ve been up to. Their lives and positive outlook on life is contagious and I can’t help but be inspired by them…constantly. It’s more than just being inspired, though. It’s about building an inspiring online community of creatives.

    Notables this week:
    1. Love Taza – snippets of life from a young family full of energy and adventure
    2. Bleubird – the queen bee of multi-tasking and an extremely beautiful life
    3. Che & Fidel – an Australian family enjoying life with simplicity
    4. Jeremy & Kathleen – newlyweds with healthy souls looking for adventure
    5. A Blog About Love – pure pure pure honesty
    6. Katie’s Pencil Box – perfectly color coordinated life, full of joy
    7. Petite Biet – A young family living is the bustling city of New York
    8. The Road is Home – the beauty of a bohemian lifestyle, captured by the camera lens
    9. Dear Baby – Love is all you need

  5. Changes. Some Scary. All Welcomed.


    I’m going to be honest and say that I was glad to see 2012 go. The year wasn’t all that kind and I can’t seem to think of any other year that included so many physical and emotional ups and downs. I’m exhausted from the whole thing and really glad 2013 has decided to show up. I’ve been waiting for it for what seems like months now. Unfortunately I’m getting a really slow start to the year as mother nature has decided to kick my immune system’s ass AGAIN and curse me with the flu.

    But here I am, thinking about how I want to set myself up for success and I’ve been gathering quite a bit of inspiration from other bloggers who have been kind enough to share their new year’s resolutions. One blogger, Kathleen (from Braid Creative) talked about defining one word to describe the year past, and another new word to describe the upcoming year. I thought this would be a good exercise to get my juices flowing. I’ve decided my word for 2012 was LOST, and my word for 2013 is GROW (originally CHANGE). I used the word GROW to help me define what 2013 looks like to me.

    1. Let it Be – I’m going to welcome change with open arms and learn to let go more

    2. Be More Present – I’m going to work hard at seeing positivity everyday, enjoy the small things in life, and really be thankful for what I already possess.

    3. Be Adventurous – I’m going to uproot and restart, take more road trips, have more picnics, take more walks, and yes…buy a motorcycle this spring.

    4. Follow My Heart & Feed My Soul – I’m going to start living my dream job, find a studio, garden and learn to cook.

    5. Be More Conscious – I’m going to consciously make healthier decisions with food and exercise, build my credit and save my money

    We’ll see how it all goes. I’ve keep things more general this year to allow for the year to shape itself. Im up for big changes so I didn’t want my goals to be too concrete. Let’s cheers to a new year, but first I must thank all of you for being such loyal readers of this blog. I hope 2013 brings a little more focus, resulting in even better content to share with all of you. Cheers!

    Some of my favorite resolution post from some of my favorite bloggers:
    Oh Joy talks about things to improve on & things to keep doing in 2013
    Che & Fidel speaks about good intentions for 2013
    Jeremy & Kathleen sums up her goals for 2013 in just a few words
    Andria Lindquist talk about starting the year off slow
    Design For Mankind talks about doing good each day
    Miss Modish speaks about want to learn how to FEEL & BE

  6. Lesson Learned: 2012 Recap


    2012 was the year I had originally planned on taking on Freelance Projects full-time and letting my day job at the advertising agency go. Things never go as planned, and a whole year later I’m still working 8-6 every day at the agency and taking on freelance projects in the evenings and weekends. It’s exhausting!!!!

    Fortunately I’ve been able to still gain a lot of valuable information along the way, so I’ve decided to do a little recap of my “Freelance Journey: Lesson Learned” feature that appeared this year on the blog. I’ve really enjoyed sharing what I’ve learned along the way and I hope you’ve been able to find little nuggets of info too.

    Lessons Learned(ing):
    1. research before you leap
    2. attend Blog Brunch
    3. don’t call your client a moron
    4. it’s ok to be unmotivated
    5. list making saves lives
    6. it’s ok to take a break from blogging
    7. don’t hoard clients
    8. pros and cons of communication through email
    9. definition of a “sick” day
    10. the ins and outs of font licensing
    11. frankenstein rounds of revisions
    12. the importance of a business card
    13. it’s ok to feel uncomfortable
    14. competition is good (maybe)

    I’d love to hear your thoughts about the series and if there is anything in particular you’ve been curious about when it comes to the life of a freelancer. Let me know :)

  7. Playtype

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    Just a little something to spark creativity this Monday morning. Playtype is an online type foundry created by the Copenhagen-based design agency, e-Types. I’ve found it to be a source of inspiration for type heavy designs that are also based on the principal of less is more.

    Check it out here.

  8. Lesson Learn-ing: Take an E-course


    I’m a big believer of continuing your education way past your school days. I also believe that there is no reason why the learning can’t be fun. I’d suggest taking an e-course to strengthen your blog, or learn a few extra things about your freelance process/business.

    I’ve had my eyes on a few classes that I hope to get around to taking in 2013.
    1. Braid E-course: Braid is a creative and consulting company that is now offering e-courses. I’m particularly interested in the Dream Customer Catcher class. Check it out here.
    2. Oh Joy RX: Joy of Oh Joy offers brand brainstorming, career advisory, portfolio development, and product feedback. Learn more here.
    3. Alt Summit/ Alt Channel: A diverse mix of classes for only $15 each. A new class is offered every few days. I’ve got my eye on the “Media Kits That Will Make You Money” class by Victoria Hudgins. View all December classes here.

    Have you guys taken an e-courses or attending any conferences that you’ve found to be valuable to your career or personal development. I’d love to hear about them!