1. Notable No.21


    Life is starting to slowly get put back together as I empty all the moving boxes and get my home studio set up. I’ve been saving a few links over the past few days, so I thought I’d share. Enjoy the start of your week. Toodles!

    Notables this week:
    1. The online store FATE has some really great pins
    2. This post about gardening from one of my favorite blogger, Ohdeardrea
    3. This blog called Musla
    4. This photoshoot and styling: Ryan Roche
    5. Melbourn Home of Simone and Rhys Haag on The Design Files
    6. I love this home tour and interview of this family from Copenhagen
    7. I’m in love with this Console cabinet by Horchow
    8. This photo by Hawaiian Coconut (Tumblr) makes we want to travel
    9. Logo design concept for Simple Threads


  2. Little Snippets No.4


    I’ve taken on the challenge of starting my own garden this season. Because I don’t have a yard, I was lucky enough to get a small plot at the neighborhood community garden. I’ve been spending my time starting some seeds indoors until the weather decides to warm up.

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  3. Studio Hours: Vintage Vignettes

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    Recently I was asked by the lovely Moorea Seal to do a guest post while she is away visiting family. I love her blog and her shop, so I knew I wanted to contribute. Moorea asked all her guest bloggers to share their favorite parts of their homes with her readers. I chose to share some of my favorite vintage finds.

    You can read the whole post over on Moorea’s blog to find out the details about each piece.

    Photo Styling & Photography by The Veda House


  4. Inspired By: Ann Cathrin


    The intricacy of Ann Cathrin’s work keeps you looking for a long while…analyzing all the little details and personal touches. Not to mention the display of the work, the simplicity contrasted by the tangled beauty of each piece…that’s the best part.

    View more of Ann’s work here –>

  5. Studio Hours: Salvaged Lights

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    I’ve got a real “thing” for industrial lighting and have been collecting random pieces for the last few years. Since I’m showing more pieces of my studio with you guys, you’ll be sure to see many more black lights of all different  shapes and sizes. I’m in the process of creating some really fun cage lights that I hope to share soon. Stay tuned!

    Photo Styling & Photography by The Veda House

  6. Notable No. 20


    Hello lovelies. I don’t know about you, but all I have to say is I’m fed up with all this extended winter crap…that’s it…

    Notables this week:
    1. Bekka Palmer photos called “a touch of red”
    2. Autumn in Surry Hills by Che and Fidel
    3. Ojai Rancho Inn looks just amazing
    4. These beautiful photos taken by Moon Face
    5. Rental dinning chairs by The Apartment
    6. The home of Iwona Ludyga and Mike Mazor on Design Sponge
    7. The living room of Bri Emery of Design Love Fest
    8. Christina’s 1950s Bathroom Makeover
    9. DIY rose garland

    Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Veda News: Now Accepting New Clients

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    Hi Veda House friends. I’m stopping by today to do a little update. As you know, a month ago I left my full-time day job at the advertising agency to run my freelance business full time. I promised myself that I was going to take a full month off to work on personal projects, find a new place to live, and just all around get inspired again.

    This month has been awesome in helping me get back on my feet and feel excited about design/styling again. I’ve been taking SOOO many photos and spending a lot of time focusing on my personal brand. I’m excited to announce that a new blog design is in the works as well as a brand new Facebook page where I hope to share more behind the scenes from my studio.

    But most importantly, I’m finally ready to start taking on clients again, full time. If you’re looking for a little help on rebranding, putting together a lookbook, developing a logo, taking shop photos, etc…you know where to find me. I’d love to work with you :)

    Email me: casspyle@gmail.com

  8. Little Snippets No. 3

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    I’m continuing to knock out all the little projects on my “to-do” DIY list. Unfortunately I keep adding more items to the list. Oh well! Recently the fiancé decided the only way to eat amazing pickles is to make them ourselves…so that’s what we did. I also finally got around to giving these adorable little hooks (found at my favorite warehouse for $10) a nice coat of black paint. I’m still deciding whether I should hang the hooks by themselves on the wall…or attach them to a plank of wood to make a coat rack. Thoughts?

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  9. Lesson Learned: The Internet Rabbithole


    This is how my mornings go. I wake up anywhere between 7:00 & 8:00. If I’m feeling peppy, I make coffee/tea for my fiancé and I before he leaves for work at 8:30. Once he leaves, I plop myself on the couch with my ipad and zone out for about an hour. I spend that hour reading through my emails that came in overnight, go through my bloglovin’ blog roll, and scroll through inspiration on Pinterest and Tumblr. The hour goes by quickly, but I’ve found it to be a really good way to start the day.

    I find that the hour I spend a day browsing online inspiration has a really big influence on how creative I’m going to fell that day. This got me thinking about how much my personal work is influenced by others. Bri of Design Love Fest recently wrote about this exact thing HERE and makes some great suggestions about how to avoid being sucked down the rabbit hole.

    I totally agree with her suggestions/ concerns and strive to let the internet inspire my own personal ideas to grow and evolve, and for my personal ideas to not mimic my internet favorites. It’s a tough one, but I think we can all find the perfect balance of drawing in inspiration and generating your own to share.

    What are your thoughts on using internet inspiration to influence your own personal design???

  10. Studio Hours: Props


    One of the benefits of owning a vintage curated Etsy Shop is that you get to sift through all the lovely stuff you find and decide if you want to keep anything. I’m not really putting any attention towards my shop Market203 and have shifted gears to looking for photo worthy props. Finding the smaller/unique items seems to be what I’m drawn to while out and about anyway. Needless to say, I’ve got a good collection of props to work with and they look so pretty all piled on top of each other. It’s kind of like gathering all your Halloween candy together after a night out  as a kid. (haha. ok…kind of)

    Photo Styling & Photography by The Veda House