1. New Instagram Feed – Little Snippets No.1


    Hello guys! Happy Monday to all of you. I hope you enjoyed your week and feel refreshed and ready to kick this week in the batootie. ok good….

    I’ve got a new little series for you, one of two actually. These two new series aim to give you a little more insight into my daily life as a self employed designer/photo stylist. I’ve gotten a lot of emails/comments recently from readers who are interested to see how my new adventure is going and what the day to day life is like. Ask and you shall receive.

    The first is a new little series that shows you little snippets from my day. All these images will be documented on my new Instagram feed, so you can follow along daily if you please. The second will be more in-depth posts about projects I’ve taken on to build my personal brand…unpaid projects that I’m going to call “Passion Projects”. Stay tuned.

    1. making mood boards  2. playing with textures and layering through the lens  3. My favorite pair of shoes this season  4. inspired by Gather Journal  5. lace and baubles  6. a piece of my pottery collection

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  2. Notables No.16


    Hello everybody! It’s Friday, so naturally I’m pretty giddy over here. I’ve just completed my first week as a self-imployed individual and I must say that I think I’ve made the best decision of my life. I’ve never felt so free as I did this week. First week in YEARS that I was completely stressed free. I didn’t even care that our car got stuck in a random parking lot last night because the snow was so bad…and it’s still stuck…Oh well! Enjoy some lovely links!

    Notables this week:
    1. This interview with Louise Olsen & Stephen Ormandy of Dinosaur Designs
    2. I’m in love with this home. It’s minimal, bright, but LIVED in.
    3. Sydney home of Leah Fraser…OMG!
    4. Nothing more than a beautiful photo of beach glass
    5. Kirra Jamison featured in Inside Out Magazine & on the Happily Mundane blog
    6. This project called Critical Objects is really awesome
    7. Diary of the Spell & Gypsy intern
    8. After a few years, I’m still in love with Annette Pehrsson’s Photography work
    9. This wooden orbit mirror from Anthropologie is pretty darn neat

    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Veda News: What I’ve been up to


    If you’ve been following The Veda House these past couple weeks, you would know that I’ve taken the scary leap of quitting my day job and starting to work for myself. Last Friday was my last day at the Agency and boy oh boy, the day did not go as I had envisioned. I envisioned being able to walk away at the end of the day full of excitement and giddy emotions, but in reality I was overcome with these really sad feelings. I felt like I was letting go of a lot of really good people that I’ve built relationships with. My team there was definitely like my family away from home and I was taken back by the realization that I wouldn’t seem them everyday anymore. For whatever reason, I hadn’t even thought about that aspect of leaving. Aside from feeling a little bummed about losing that close connections with my “work family”, I was also feeling completely free to explore and build my OWN brand.

    Over this past week I’ve received a few tweets, emails and blog comments from my readers asking what I’ve been up to and so I thought I’d share. I decided to start this new adventure with a clean slate, so I’ve been deep cleaning my entire loft building to make it feel workable. I’ve also been attending Kathleen’s E-Course about personal branding and I’ve been completely blown away by it. I’ll be writing a complete review on it in a few weeks, but I highly recommend it! I’ve been exploring food styling and photography. I’ve challenged myself to bake/cook two recipes this week, style them, and photograph them. Let me tell you…I love every aspect of it (which is a sign I need to spend more time exploring it). Lastly, I’ve done a little pampering like get my hair colored and meet up with a dear friend for a brownie date.

    All in all, my first week away has been going just as planned….to not have a concrete plan and allow myself to explore. Yes, I’m maintaining my existing freelance jobs, blogging, keeping up to date on emails and exploring a new blog design for The Veda House, but the majority of my day is spent getting inspired. Cheers to that right?

    Question: What would you like to see on The Veda House in the future?

    *Photo above by Max Farago (more here)

  4. Podcast: Embracing Failure with Milton Glaser


    As I venture into the land of the unknown (fully self employed), I’m bound to experience one failure after the next. I completely understand the importance of failing and have always seen failure as a learning too (even though I get really impatient with myself). I was really inspired by Milton Glaser’s perspective on failure.

    This little video is all about embracing failure as the way to gain professional accomplishment & personal development. It was interesting to hear how Milton thought that specializing in something actually hurts your development because there is less opportunity to fail. In his eyes, they only way out is to…embrace failure.

    You can watch the video here.  Artwork image here.

  5. Inspired by: Gerhard Richter, Atlas


    Gerhard Richter is one of the most influential artist who has re-defined contemporary painting and is a master of abstraction. Gerhard chose to paint from pictures so he didn’t have to waist his time choosing a subject. Atlas, is a project that maps the ideas, life and processes of Gerhard. I love the Atlas project because it showcases Gerhard’s newspaper clippings, photos and sketches that have inspired him over the years.

  6. Notables No.15

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    It’s Friday!!! Happy Dance!!! today is the first day of my Braid Creative E-course that I’ll be taking for the next week. I’m pretty excited to be doing a deep dive into my personal brand and look forward to sharing my findings with you. Stay tuned!

    Notables this week:
    1. The online shop called Quitokeeto
    2. This moon pot mat by Fine Little Day
    3. The Toast spring lookbook is SOOOO lovely!
    4. I love the color of this simple top by COS
    5. British designer, Louise Goldin (unique styling)
    6. And this lovely abstract top by COS
    7. The work of Mary Frances Foster kills me every time!
    8. The amazing thread drawings by Allison Watkins
    9. Immortal Desert Bag photographed by Studio Choo

    Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Veda News: Tomorrow, I Leave The Agency


    Tomorrow is the day, guys. Tomorrow, February 15th is my last day at my full-time day job with the advertising agency and the start of a new and exciting adventure. To say I’m excited, terrified, and extremely relieved would all be understatements. I have a new sense of freedom to explore and bring my brand fully to life…finally!

    It all started 3.5 years ago when I graduate with a graphic design degree from a large university. The summer following graduation, I traveled through Europe for 2 weeks with my boyfriend and his mother :) Upon returning, I immediately started working as a digital art director at the advertising agency, slowing moving my way up through the ranks and learning a lot along the way. I learned a lot about designing within restrictions (ultimately making me a better designer), how working with a strong team can be your biggest asset, and how politics of business can quickly overshadow the excitement of the industry. I learned a lot about myself as a designer, about what I liked about the corporate world, but more importantly…what I didn’t like. By learning what I didn’t like, I was able to gain some insight into how I would ideally shape my future.

    During my 3.5 years as a digital art director, I worked A LOT on my “time off” (nights/weekends). I took on exciting freelance projects that I sought out to expand my personal portfolio. I briefly opened a vintage home goods shop on Etsy to give me something to tinker with. I did a deep dive into photography and taught myself the ins and outs of shooting manual with my DSLR, and most importantly…I started The Veda House blog.

    Over time, I feel in love with my blog and sharing design inspiration to the online world. I posted ALL the time and really looked forward to spending my down time in front of the computer. My little blog (that is still pretty little), grew very very slowly over the next couple years. I met a ton of creative people (a lot who are freelancers and designers) and ultimately feel in love with the idea of blogging/freelance design as a profession. I started working towards making that happen by blogging my heart out to grow readership and by building a network that could support a personal business when the time would come.

    About a year ago, I was committed to making this leap into the freelance world but “LIFE” kept getting in the way. Work was insanely busy, I got engaged to my boyfriend of 10 years, plans of moving across country were brewing, and honestly…I was terrified of losing the stability of my 9-5. Fast forward to last November/December and you’d find me bawling my eyes out, stressed to the max and my fiancé pleading me daily to quit my day job and pursue what I’ve always wanted to do. Thank goodness I’ve always had his support.

    I spent this last holiday vacation really lost, completely sick of everything design and in the middle of a full blown out breakdown burnout session. It’s taken me until now to pull myself out of it, but I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. With a crazy amount of support, encouragement, and excitement from others, I’m finally making the leap. I’m going to start building my dream baby and I couldn’t be more giddy than I am write now…counting down the hours until Friday at 5:00PM!

    My plan is to not really have a plan  for the first month and spend that time getting inspired again. I’ll be attacking my mile-long list of DIYs that have been piling up and I’ll be focusing on rebranding The Veda House. Come March, I’ll be 100% open to take on all new clients. I’ll be focusing my brand on designing and photography styling for small businesses and other home made brands. EEEE! So excited.

    Stay tuned and I’ll be sure to keep you up to date with a new feature on the blog where i share glimpses into my day to day life in my home studio.

    • Doesn’t this post by Savannah of MaieDae sound really really familiar?
    • And because this had me crying with laughter…screaming goats (you’re welcome!)
    • Inspring little interview with Bri Emery of Design Love Fest about making the freelance leap.

  8. Podcast: Ben Silbermann (Pinterest Founder)


    Hey team! I know watching a video doesn’t really count as a podcast, but while I was at work I was listening to this little video. The video is from last year’s Altitude Summit when Ben Silbermann (creator of Pinterest) was the keynote speaker.I know its a whole year after he spoke, but it was beyond interesting to hear how the idea of Pinterest was conceived and how it all came to life…especially since the whole process has been hugely successful. You can watch it here.

    Here’s my two most important take aways from his speech.
    1. Even if you don’t have a detailed plan of what you want to do or who you want to be, surround yourself with like-minded people. It’s sooo much easier to find clarity when your surrounded by a constant source of inspiration.

    2. “Just stop talking about it and go do it!” Even if that means walking out on the best job you’ve ever had…in the middle of economic crisis. Thank you….amen.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts about what he had to share. Did any of you get the opportunity to see him speak live?

  9. Inspired By: Mack Publishing

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    In the near future, I’ll be revising my own portfolio as well as taking on a new freelance job to  help a friend revise hers. I was completely inspired by MACK. MACK is an independent publishing house that works with artists, writers and curators to create a book, that tells that artist’s story. All the books are beautifully produced and each has their own personality.

    Check out a bunch more here!