1. Ina Weise for Sonnenzimmer

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    Always inspired by the Chicago-based studio Sonnenzimmer (past feature post on VedaHouse). The mix of texture, typography and color are just stunning. Ina Weise (screen printer, textile designer, installation artist, designer) was curated by Sonnenzimmer to create a screen printed  zine for their “Curated By” series.

    ”The work in this book documents a slice of contemporary art practice, through the lens of four working artists. In each of their work, minimalism, formal exploration and the legacy of pop art are tackled, explored, and digested in a unique way.
    Carrie Pollack, Peter Power, Alexander Valentine, and Ina Weise came into our lives through the multifaceted world of Chicago printmaking and we are quite happy to have them together in one place.” – Sonnenzimmer



  2. Thankful


    Oh man guys! It’s Thanksgiving here in the US and I’m feeling all gushy and thankful for you guys. You’ve all been lovely dedicated readers to the Veda House and you guys are truly what keeps me going. I’m thankful I’ve been able to curate a space where design discussion happens on a daily basis and where I’m able to make connections with amazing people. I’m thankful my online friendships are strong and engaging. Hope you all enjoy your little breaks and I’ll be back after the holiday!

  3. Podcast: Live Chat with Joy & Naomi


    For this week’s personal podcast challenge I listened/watched the live chat between bloggers/moms, Joy of Of Joy and Naomi of Rockstar Diaries. I listened to the live chat while at work and took a few notes along the way. I really enjoyed hearing some insights who got in on the blogging train around the time that blogging was actually becoming something. You can watch the live chat here.

    1. There is no one way to go about blogging and creating original content. Most importantly, be consistent, stay focused, and be passionate about what you’re blogging.
    2. While striving to gain new readers, no neglect the readers you already have! Engage them in more than one way with support from Twitter and Pinterest.
    3. When you’re strapped for time, choose quality over quantity.
    4. Lastly, finding a “balance” is near impossible, but learning to “juggle” is much more manageable

    If you have 30 min, I think you would really enjoy hearing their insights.

    Volume designed by Dmitry Baranovskiy from The Noun Project

  4. Inspired By: Ryo Takemasa


    Ryo is an illustrator based out of Tokyo Japan. I absolutely love these modern illustration that have a unique vintage vibe. So great!

    These veggie illustration felt very fall to me and with Thanksgiving right around the corner, I thought they were just perfect.