1. Inspired By: DIY Projects To Try


    I wanted to thank everyone for the sincere comments yesterday. You guys made “launch day” really special, so Thanks!

    On another note, I’ve always been a big DIY-er, especially when I find myself with a little extra down time. I’d always prefer to try and make something rather than spending the money on it. I’ve got a whole Pinterest board dedicated to a few DIYs I’d like to try in the future.

    The DIY projects above are a few I’ve been eyeing recently. I love how simple each one is, but how much of an impact you get with the result. Most of them use very limited materials, so I’m assuming the cost to complete them is minimal.

    Have you guys been thinking about tackling any DIYs recently. I’d love to see what you have in mind!

    (project 1, project 2, project 3)

  2. Recent Work: Veda House Facelift + Business Cards


    Oh boy! This has been a LONG time coming. It was exactly a year ago that I was sitting at my computer pinning images to use as inspiration for a brand redesign for Veda House. At that point, Veda House was 2.5 years old and steadily growing. I felt the need to spice things up with a whole new look and feel, but had no idea what that meant visually.

    One whole year later…and a lot of soul searching for my brand, I’ve been able to establish a look that is 100% me and what I do with Veda House. I feel like this was a real test in my patience, but I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. I’m excited to finally have a fresh space to share ideas in and connect with my loyal readers. Getting to know you guys has been a truly rewarding experience.

    With the help of Melinda R, I’ve been able to bring this new design to life. Melinda was searching for an opportunity to grow her knowledge base about WordPress specific websites/blogs and I was looking for a developer who was eager to help me. I also worked with Breanna Rose to fine tune a lot of the smaller details. Big thanks to both ladies!

    For Melinda’s rates & availability —> hello@melindarubaniuk.com
    For Breanna’s rates & availability —> imbreannarose@gmail.com

    (view MOO site, watch how they make them)

  3. Studio Hours: On my Feet for Fall


    Here’s something a little different for you! Fashion! I’m not really one to post a lot about fashion here on Veda House, but I do enjoy beautifully constructed clothes and splurge on a few items a year. This fall I decided I “needed” some new footwear and thought it would be best to get on pair to dress up and another to dress down. For dressing down, I went with a pair of swedish clogs from the brand Sven. I’ve been dreaming about these guys for over a year now, so it was about time. To dress things up a bit, I choose Ivanka Trump Indico Pump…totally NOT me, but I’m absolutely in love with them.

    Yesterday I shared my styling portfolio called (Studio Hours). I think I might had my feetzies ^ from this post to the collection of images ;)

    (clogs, pumps)

  4. Recent Work: My Photo Styling Portfolio


    This baby has been a long time come…and will always continue to evolve and grow. Back at the start of the new year when I decided I wanted to peruse more styling projects, I had no idea where to start. I had never “styled” anything professionally and styling usually consisted of me moving furniture and gadgets around my house or photographing products for my once Etsy shop, Market 203. I’ve always love finding items, grouping them together in interesting ways and then capturing these imperfectly perfect vignettes with my camera.

    So here it is at where it stands today. Studio Hours,  a mini collection of items grouped and photographed together. I thought all the images told a really nice story when showed in one cohesive space. I created the logo around the same time I created the new Veda House logo (to be revealed in about 2 weeks) because I wanted the two spaces to “speak” to one another.

    Browse through Studio Hours –>

  5. Inspired By: Self Portraits by Vanessa Correia


    Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about self portraits, specifically how I would like to have one for my new blog design’s ABOUT page. I’m not usually one to put myself in front of the camera, so the whole experience is a bit wonky and uncomfortable.

    Vanessa Correia does a splendid job at doing this and seems to be able to capture just enough emotion without being toooo “fine artsy”, if you know what I mean. I love the simple backgrounds, the moodiness and the natural unposed/yet posed positioning. I think I’ll be using her images as inspiration when I finally do step in front of the camera.

    What do you guys think? Like her perspective? Have you taken portraits of yourself before…any tips?

    (1, 2, 3)

  6. Lesson Learned: Business Travel


    Today I’d like to talk about one of my “character flaws”, if you want to call it that. Every time an opportunity comes up where I would get to travel, my heart races with excitement and then cringes. I’m going to be blatantly honest and say traveling (even for a really cool opportunity) is something I really dislike doing…the being away part. At first I thought it was inexperience that made me feel this way, but time after time, I come home after a trip and say something like…”I’m glad I don’t have to do that for awhile”. I know it’s pretty awful thinking considering I’m lucky enough to get to travel in the first place. I’m a fan of my routine at home and that’s ok too.

    I’ve learned a couple things along the way that help with the whole travel anxiety thing…

    1. Don’t overextend yourself. If you’re not a fan of traveling, stick to weekend trips or two days trips if possible. This allows for the excitement of the trip to set in, but a quick return is in sight.

    2. Step outside your comfort zone… but not too far that you’ll never step out again. For me, an example of this is attending conferences, but not agreeing to any big presentations (for now).

    3. Travel with people you enjoy being around. Solo trip can be stressful and can feel more like a chore than an adventure. Grab your team mates or gal pals and turn a learning trip into a mini weekend.

    4. Plan ahead. There is nothing more stressful than traveling with last minute reservations. I’ve found my most stressful trips to be the ones I wasn’t expecting to attend and then BAM…I’m on a plane.

    5. Stick to your “comfort routine”.  If you get up in the morning and the first thing you like to do at home is run…go run! If you eat granola bars for your mid-day snack…don’t forget to pack a few. I’ve found that inserting some of my comfort activities, foods and items really makes the trip run smoother.

  7. Recent Work: A little sneak peek


    I’ve been working on a little personal project here in the VH household. I’ll give you a few hints until I spill the beans.
    Hint #1: I photographed a TON of personal items I had laying around my home.
    Hint #2: All of these photos are going to be housed in one space soon enough…
    Hint #3: I’m on a mission to simplify and de-clutter.

    Can you guess what’s going on over here?

  8. Veda News: Being a Design Mentor


    Not too long ago, I was approached by a young emerging designer looking for a little guidance on how to run a start up freelance gig. As soon as I received the email, I was taken back to my senior year of design school where my whole world was a confusing blur and all I wanted/needed was a solid mentor. I needed someone that would tell me the truth about the “real world” without any sugar coating involved. I knew instantly that I needed to do everything I could to help this designer out and share some of the things I’ve learned along the way.

    Meet Laci! She’s a graphic design intern at Walt Disney Imagineering in Los Angeles. She’s been moving through the design world for a few years now, but tells me she just hasn’t had the right “first steps” and wants to direct her efforts more towards the blogging world. Her main hiccup along the way has been finding a professional PROCESS that she feels fits the way she strives to work. She understands that everyone has a process best suited for them, but is desperately seeking some guidance when it comes to creating contracts, improving client relations, what to expect along the way, and a general insider glance at a freelancer’s reality. That’s where I’m excited to step in.

  9. Recent Work: Inspiration Behind Photoshoot ( Always Something )

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    Hi everyone! Hope you guys had an enjoyable holiday weekend. I wanted to revisit one of my most recent projects…and one of my most favorite to date, Branding for Always Something. For a lot of my clients I offer my services as a photographer and photo stylist to help brings their brands to life or simply to add an additional element to their brand story . In this case, Maria McBride of Always something came to me with a desire to promote the coming of her online shops to her different social media sites with the use of a Lookbook.

    At this phase of the project, I knew what Maria gravitated towards and what she wanted her brand’s overall image to be. I started researching different photography styles I would use as my inspiration for the entire lookbook photo shoot. I knew a few things after gathering visual inspiration.