1. Inspired by: Su at Heist

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    Heist is an online shop hosting lots of really fantastic clothing designers, such as SU. SU has these really beautiful drapey shirts/dresses that are beautifully made and are made of high quality materials. I’d love to own the Grey Jimba Kaftan, but wouldn’t also make a really amazing throw blanket or scarf??

    See more Su or shop by via Heist

  2. Notable No.24


    Hope you guys have a lovely weekend. I think my weekend will be full of wedding season dress shopping, relaxing and maybe even buying a motorcycle if all goes as planned. Enjoy your time!

    Notables this week:
    1. A bit of color from my favorite blogger, A Merry Mishap
    2. The Polder Spring/Summer collection
    3. Noon Design Studio tour via Design Sponge
    4. Shelving design by Melbourn Studio, Lightly
    5. Sirocco by Arne Norell via Weekday Carnival
    6. New necklaces designed by Jennifer!
    7. Jessie Weber Home Tour via Design Sponge
    8. This vignette stole my heart.
    9. Really unique studio of Helle Jorgensen

  3. Inspired By: Alberto Fabbian

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    Alberto’s project called &ABILITY is an intricate interaction of pieces. Each pieces has it’s own identity and each pieces is a smaller piece of the whole. The project was a collaboration between different craftsman, an idea that is held highly in Italy.

    “I believe that every artisans know-how reflects the identity of its territory. In Italy, where traditional handcraft has always played a fundamental role, craftsmen represent a real opportunity to experiment and innovate, as well as an essential way to create connections between people. -Alberto”

    You can see more photos of this project HERE.

  4. Lesson Learned: Learning to be awesome.


    I came across this really great article called “What to do…” It’s a really great article that gives you an actionable plan/strategy to try out when you are feeling overwhelmed by the tasks on your to do list. You can read more about it HERE on the site called Build a Little Biz.

    So when you are feeling overwhelmed:
    1. Start with the tasks that will make you money
    2. Do one thing a day to get the job done
    3. Do one more thing a day to fuel your spark.

    I’ve been trying it out and I think it’s working. It’s really nice to start your day knocking out the money maker because you’ll feel like it was a successful day no mater what else happens. Give it a try and I’d love to hear if it works for you too. :)

  5. Inspired by: Craft and Culture


    I was reading through my favorite blogs and came across a giveaway (now closed)on Jennifer’s blog, A Merry Mishap. Her blog is amongst my top favs and I get lots of inspiration from the things she shares. You should check it out if you haven’t already.

    Craft and Culture strives to bring the world of talented artisans to the masses. Their products range from accessories, to clothing, to jewelry. Read more about their unique story here. Another one of my favorite artists, Scout & Catalogue is also showcased in the shop.

  6. A peek at spring

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    The midwest is struggling to switch on over to Spring (full-time) this year and it’s really bumming me out. We get one nice somewhat warm day and it’s followed by 4 cool rainy days. I feel that the funky-ness of the weather has impacted the trees here in St. Louis. They were blooming for AT MOST a week. Their beauty was cut short, but I made an effort to get outside during the nice days and soak it all in…and snap a few photos.

    *All photos taken by Veda House

  7. Lesson Learned: Finding your “Style”


    I recently got a comment from a Veda House reader that made me feel really good about the work I’ve been putting into this space and how I’ve been shaping my brand. I was flattered and humbled.

    The comment:
    “I’ve been following you for a few months now and I gotta say that I love your style. I think more then loving your style I love how consistent it is. Like, I totally know what kind of things you are attracted to and it’s great seeing different elements from fashion to nature, photography, design and styling come together so carefully curated on this blog. Although it’s consistent it’s definitely not boring! I feel like I am still very much trying to find “my style” as I am still attracted to so many different things. A little jealous but also very exciting about how your blog is consistently growing and reflecting YOU.”

    This got me thinking that about how I’ve been able to establish my style, because like this reader…I love a bunch of different styles, colors, themes, and artists. I struggled with this very idea (and blogged about it here), but recently had a breakthrough.

    As a designer/artist you don’t have to define your entire craft on ONE thing. You’re creative and you pull inspiration from everything. My advice (and realization) is that you don’t have to SHARE everything you like. You need to decide what you want people to know you for and how you want people to read into your brand. If you’re a minimalist, don’t post about intricate collages. If you’re a photographer, don’t post about logo design. You have the ability to craft what you want people to know about you. Kind of exciting right?

    How do you define your style? Have you had any hurdles along the way?

    *pendant light –> here

  8. Inspired By: Landon Metz


    Landon Metz in an american artist (only one year older than me!!!) and living in New York City. If you follow my blog on a regular basis, you know that I’m drawn to artist who’s work is abstract, but overlaid with a unique story or concept behind the work. Wikipedia says that Landon’s work is centered around an elevated consciousness that he believes to be synonymous with a state of “no mind”. Without researching the work more, I took the work to be the result of painting without over-thinking.

    See more of the show here–>

  9. Lesson Learned: Perks & Pits No.2


    So I’ve been doing this freelance full time thing for almost three months now. Somehow I’ve managed to provide myself with a full week’s paycheck each week, a paycheck that is more than I was making at my 9-5 job. The whole thing seems unbelievable to me, especially since I’ve managed to create a work day that I love.

    I’ve continued to keep track of some of the perks & pits that I’ve experienced along the way so far, 3 months in.

    - Sitting outside on the stoop, smack dab in the middle of the workday…drinking wine with a best friend
    - Changing your daily plans…whenever you feel like it. Not inspired enough to blog, just switch gears.
    - Regaining my nights and weekends. I’ve stayed strong and kept my word…No working (if at all possible) on nights and weekends.
    - Now that I have more time to schedule each day as I wish, my inbox is almost always at zero by the end of the day.
    - Sitting on my couch with laptop at 3:00 in the afternoon, with the sun pouring in the windows, the windows wide open, the ceiling fan on, and the birds chirping. Best work environment ever!!

    - I’ve become obsessed with my Swiffer. Since I work in my living room, every time my floor get AT ALL dirty…I Swiffer.
    - Being too lazy to get dressed. I told myself I wasn’t going to fall into this habit of jammy-wearing all day long, but the truth is…I have. Boo!
    - I’m still having a really hard time remembering to each lunch, but I am getting better at eating leftovers
    - You know that moment when every client you have “active” at the moment decides to email you needing something…yeah, that stinks.
    - Not having taxes automatically taken out from each payment is ONE BIG TEASE. so mean.

    So at month 3, the perks are still outweighing the pits. I can’t imagine ever going back to a 9-5 office job, ever and I can’t believe I waited so long to make the leap. Silly me.