1. Inspired By: Annaleena’s Hem


    I’ve been a long time follower of Annaleena, her blog and her styling work. If you’re looking for a minimalist blog with unique DIY projects… and lots of inspiration. Not only is her blog a showcase for her amazing sense of home styling, but she’s got an shop where she sells some of her one of a kind designs.

    I guarantee you’ll love her ;) Go check her out!

    I featured Annaleene’s home in my old “In Their Home” blog feature.

  2. Lesson Learned: Have a backup plan (Daily Routine)


    As I figure out this whole freelance thing, I’m noticing the dire need and value of “plan B”. You would think that because you are working for yourself, that you’d have complete control of how your day is going to flow, but….WRONG!! Haha. For the most part, you have a lot of freedom and control of your day to day routine, but whenever you throw another variable into the mix (any client), there are bound to be hiccups and roadblocks that you never expected.

    Of course, you set out and start each project with super high expectations, guidlines, timelines, shared goals, etc, but no matter how much planning you put into things…sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. I’m learning that happens more often than not, and so it’s always nice to have a plan B or even a plan C in place, just so you can still have a productive day.

    More recently, whenever a client project has a hiccup and I’m put on “hold” mode, I pick up a project that on my home “to-do” list. That way I’m still feeling productive and things are getting done. This week’s hiccups were filled with repainting my fireplace and buying/planting  a bunch of plants on my front stoop.

    I’m curious…How do you handle a botched schedule, a unexpected hiccup, or worse…a cancelled project? Tell me!

  3. Inspired By: Of a Kind Shop


    Of A Kind is a collection of really amazing artisans, clothing designers, and jewelry designers. The website is a place where each designer is showcased along with their handmade goods. My absolute favorite thing about this site is that it gives you a glimpse behind the scenes of how each product in the shop was crafted and a little insight into the designer.

    It’s a really great way to feel connected to the item your buying, especially in an online environment. Even if you don’t plan to buy anything, you can learn a whole lot about some great artists. What do you guys think?

  4. Inspired by: Su at Heist

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    Heist is an online shop hosting lots of really fantastic clothing designers, such as SU. SU has these really beautiful drapey shirts/dresses that are beautifully made and are made of high quality materials. I’d love to own the Grey Jimba Kaftan, but wouldn’t also make a really amazing throw blanket or scarf??

    See more Su or shop by via Heist

  5. Notable No.24


    Hope you guys have a lovely weekend. I think my weekend will be full of wedding season dress shopping, relaxing and maybe even buying a motorcycle if all goes as planned. Enjoy your time!

    Notables this week:
    1. A bit of color from my favorite blogger, A Merry Mishap
    2. The Polder Spring/Summer collection
    3. Noon Design Studio tour via Design Sponge
    4. Shelving design by Melbourn Studio, Lightly
    5. Sirocco by Arne Norell via Weekday Carnival
    6. New necklaces designed by Jennifer!
    7. Jessie Weber Home Tour via Design Sponge
    8. This vignette stole my heart.
    9. Really unique studio of Helle Jorgensen

  6. Inspired By: Alberto Fabbian

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    Alberto’s project called &ABILITY is an intricate interaction of pieces. Each pieces has it’s own identity and each pieces is a smaller piece of the whole. The project was a collaboration between different craftsman, an idea that is held highly in Italy.

    “I believe that every artisans know-how reflects the identity of its territory. In Italy, where traditional handcraft has always played a fundamental role, craftsmen represent a real opportunity to experiment and innovate, as well as an essential way to create connections between people. -Alberto”

    You can see more photos of this project HERE.

  7. Lesson Learned: Learning to be awesome.


    I came across this really great article called “What to do…” It’s a really great article that gives you an actionable plan/strategy to try out when you are feeling overwhelmed by the tasks on your to do list. You can read more about it HERE on the site called Build a Little Biz.

    So when you are feeling overwhelmed:
    1. Start with the tasks that will make you money
    2. Do one thing a day to get the job done
    3. Do one more thing a day to fuel your spark.

    I’ve been trying it out and I think it’s working. It’s really nice to start your day knocking out the money maker because you’ll feel like it was a successful day no mater what else happens. Give it a try and I’d love to hear if it works for you too. :)

  8. Inspired by: Craft and Culture


    I was reading through my favorite blogs and came across a giveaway (now closed)on Jennifer’s blog, A Merry Mishap. Her blog is amongst my top favs and I get lots of inspiration from the things she shares. You should check it out if you haven’t already.

    Craft and Culture strives to bring the world of talented artisans to the masses. Their products range from accessories, to clothing, to jewelry. Read more about their unique story here. Another one of my favorite artists, Scout & Catalogue is also showcased in the shop.

  9. A peek at spring

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    The midwest is struggling to switch on over to Spring (full-time) this year and it’s really bumming me out. We get one nice somewhat warm day and it’s followed by 4 cool rainy days. I feel that the funky-ness of the weather has impacted the trees here in St. Louis. They were blooming for AT MOST a week. Their beauty was cut short, but I made an effort to get outside during the nice days and soak it all in…and snap a few photos.

    *All photos taken by Veda House