1. Lesson Learned: The Summer Lull


    The inevitable “Summer Lull”. As a freelancer I’ve learned it’s 100% unavoidable, and somewhat necessary. Once the warmer weather starts rolling in, people (ex: clients) push those “BIG” projects to the side and get outside (as they should). This means that less inquiries come strolling through your inbox and consequently…less money in your pocket during the summer months.

    We’re just about to exit the whole “summer lull” time period and things will start picking up again. People will return to their computer, return to their weekly blogging schedules, and jump back on those projects they seek to accomplish. Get ready for it!

    I thought I’d share a few tips I’ve kind of gathered over the past three months that might help anyone who may be experiencing slow business, or a lull.

    If you are experiencing slow business:

    1.  Build Your Own Brand: Without as much client work pulling for your attention, you’ll be able to really dive deep into your personal brand. Make some updates, freshen things up, tidy up…do a little “summer cleaning”.

    2.  STOP Work @ 4:30: The summer days are longer, there is more light, and that means more time in the evenings to get out in your community. Take advantage of the warmer months and grill outside, visit the local park, and don’t forget to attend all the local music and movie shows hosted by your city.

    3.  Work on Personal Projects: These are those projects that DON’T make you money but you’re always wanting to do. For me this summer it’s been knocking out some DIY projects for my wedding, giving my living room a mini make over, and soon…an online garage sale!

    4.  Travel: Work will start picking up soon, so why not use this time to take a weekend vacation or visit an out of state friend. I did a lot of this this summer with a family reunion trip to Kentucky, a cousins wedding, to the family lake house, to Chicago to visit a friend and back again. All the traveling was tiring, but I know it was an opportunity I didn’t want to pass up.

    Basically, what I’m trying to say is that once you work for yourself, take advantage of the slower periods and try not to stress about the lack of cash flow. Things will always shift back if you work hard, so I suggest playing hard too ;)



  2. Recent Work: Veda House on VSCO Grid


    If you’ve been following this blog for over a year you may have seen bits and pieces of my personal photography. Today, the photography you see are styled shoots, usually for a client or my personal styling portfolio. I used to share a lot more of my personal life on this space until I felt I was floating around in big ole blog land without any direction. Since a lithe refocusing on the blog, my personal photography has kind of fallen off the grid. Bummer…

    I’m constantly taking photos with my DSLR, my iPhone and my mini Instant camera, so I felt I needed to find a subtle way to integrate it back in. A camera is on me at all times but I’m usually pretty restrained at posting this for the whole word to see. I’ve decided to take on a new personal challenge of sharing more of my personal life and jumped put together a VSCO Grid. VSCO is the primary application I use on my iPhone to edit photos, so I thought I’d give it a try.

    View my VSCO Grid here. (this will be a permanent link on the new blog design so you can get to it easily with browsing through Veda House ;)

    Here are a list of photographers that inspire me on a daily basis. I’m constantly browsing their portfolios to find new ways of capturing moments.

    Photographers to browse:

    1. Parker Fitzgerald
    2. Olivia Rae James (our wedding photographer)
    3. Andria Lindquist

  3. Recent Work: Blog Design for Always Something


    This project has been a LONG time coming. I’ve been working with Maria to develop a brand for her new online stationery shop that included all the essential elements: logo, branding elements, blog design, e-commerce shop design, and social media outlets.

    We’ve got most of the design process done, now it’s all about wrapping up the finishing touches and promoting the launch of her online shop. For now, Maria and I have decided that getting her set up in the “blog world” would only be an asset to promoting the launch and growth of her shop, as well as getting her social media outlets aligned with her new look & feel.

    Please stop by her BRAND NEW blog and welcome Maria to blogging. It’s definitely going to be learning process for her, so please be patient and help her welcome her stationery baby into the world! There will be a few additions to the blog as we go, but the base is there and it’s really really exciting!

  4. Inspired By: Obsessed with Cotton – Doug Johnson

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    Doug does it again. I first discovered Doug about a year ago (mentioned in Notables No. 19) and fell head over heals for the simplicity and intricacy of his designs. The bags/baskets he creates are beautiful pieces of artwork or intertwined cotton string. This time around, Doug is going beyond his first pieces and introducing more complex bag designs, as well as expounding on the pieces that have proven to be loved.

    (Lookbook, Beautiful blog)

  5. Recent Work: Veda House New Logo Design


    Here it is!

    Finally sharing my new brand logo for Veda House. It’s taken me literally a WHOLE YEAR to commit to a design that I felt captured what my brand stands for.
    Requirements for my logo were…

    1. Balance: Create a visual balance with fluidity
    2. Crafted: Be one of a kind and hand-crafted
    3. Natural: Speak to the artistic nature of Veda House without feeling too “designy”

    4. Character: Have texture, warmth, and character
    5. Color: Have a color palette that is unexpected

    I started this round of the design process by “doodling” my brand name Veda House all over about 50 sheets of paper with watercolors. I tried different brush strokes, different paint thicknesses and different drying methods to create a bunch of options to choose from. I went into this step knowing that I was going to scan in the hand prints and then “piece” together the final logo. Turns out that just by process of elimination I was able to land on a logo that just spoke to me and finally…after 12 months felt just right.

    After the logo was defined, I pieced it apart to create a signature of sorts and the color palette evolved slightly from where I was a few weeks ago. I’m happy to say that my new blog design is in the hands of a developer as we speak and the new logo will be featured front and center with the new blog launch.

    I’ve got a few other exciting personal projects for VH in the works for the upcoming months and can’t wait to share!

    You can see a little more where this project started –>  July 2013April 2013September 2012 (Part 2), September 2012 (Part 1)

  6. Notable No. 29


    I’m still enjoying my weekend at the lake, so in the meantime here are some pretty inspiring things! I’ll be driving the 7 hours home today and back it tomorrow!

    Notables this week:
    1. Studio Tour of Studiokyss featured on The Design Files
    2. The illustrations by Monica Ramos
    3. Beautiful table styling using antiques via Phoenix on Golborne
    4. The blog and portfolio of illustrator Minna May
    5. Photographs by Lingered Upon
    6. Ceramic pieces seen on Rickshaw blog
    7.  Beautiful 3D wall tiles via WallArt
    8. Synonym Magazine Issue #2
    9. This reading room, I need it!!!

  7. Veda News: Headed to the Lake


    Today (as you’re reading this), I’m driving the 7.5 hours home to my parents house to enjoy a long weekend at the lake. It’s been a year since I’ve spent some quality time at the lake front and I couldn’t be more excited. You could say that I grew up a “lake rat” and probably spent 50% percent of my childhood in a bathing suit. Being on boats and on the water bring me back to my comfort zone and I can’t wait! Not to mention most of my immediate family will be there to enjoy the water with me.

    Seems like this idea of taking time for yourself and factoring in “down time” into your schedule is a hot topic these days. It seems to come in waves as if everyone is in go go go mode and then just can’t do it anymore. One of my favorite bloggers, Mara speaks honestly (this post) about how she’s been able to shift her routine to include more “ME” times like acupuncture, meditation, and even cleaning her house. Another one of my daily blog reads is called Paper & Stitch and this week she had a guest blogger write about “The Power of Taking a Break” and the importance of scheduling in and planning for “Screen Free” days.

    It’s time to jump on the band wagon and take a screen free day this weekend.

    Buy these items: Poem Book, hand cream, shoes,  the longboard I have

  8. Podcast: Producers of Content


    I recently listened to my all-time favorite Podcast series called After The Jump (with Gracey Bonney of Design Sponge). She had guest, Lynn Casper of Homoground, come and chat about getting paid what your worth and inherently talking about other people recognizing your skill set as being worth something. This is a topic that gets thrown around A LOT in the creative community because it’s super difficult to put a dollar amount on creative services.

    Here’s a few tidbits that stuck with me:
    1. viewing creatives as “producers of content” is a easier way at putting value on the content produced.
    2. Because producing content takes an extreme amount of time, it’s smart to create multiple “revenue streams” to balance out the money coming in and relieve a little of the stress of a perpetually fluctuating pay check.
    3. You have to stay financially sound in order to produce creative content. If you are questioning whether or not you should work for free, go to JessicaHeish.com
    4. Stand up for your work and don’t let people walk over you. Get paid for everything you’ve produced and don’t let other devalue your work!
    5. This one is BIG…Exposure isn’t payment. If you’re a young designer, there are other options….AND you can create your own exposure if you want.
    6. Know when nice is “too nice.”

    Do you guys think about this topic a lot. It’s really tough being a young creative woman trying to make a living off of your art and I’ve love to hear any tips you have on the topic.

    Listen Here –>