1. Notable No. 27


    I’ve had a super busy last couple weeks, so as I gather my thoughts I thought I’d share some really great home tours and hand made products I’ve found floating around the internet. I really am a sucker for a good home tour. Enjoy!

    Notables this week:
    1. Nicole Franzen photographs Kate Dougherty for Suno
    2. The home of Elina Dahl is pretty adorable
    3. And this home in Mallorca is beautiful and simplistic
    4. Major girl crush
    5. Martha McQuade hand dyed silks
    6. The outdoor living space in this house just blows me away
    7.  Beautiful images of Japan taken by Parker Fitzgerald
    8. In love with a cactus, 100%
    9. A glimpse inside the Scout and Catalogue studio

  2. Thoughts on Turning 27


    Birthdays…each year they come an go, and each year they feel different from the last. Usually the day of my birthday I don’t do a lot of thinking and just enjoy the moment with the people I love most. The day itself doesn’t feel like a new start, but more of a recognition that I’m still ticking. It’s the days that follow the buzz that get my mind spinning.

    2012 (literally have of my 26th year) pretty much sucked big time with the exception of one huge life event…getting engaged. The year was TOUGH both professional and on a personal level. My day job was really starting to wear on me, our daily life was feeling pretty stale, and worst of all some close friends came and went. The second half of my 26th year was spent restarting…coming back to life…regaining my sanity. It’s been a lot of work, but all the transitions I’ve been able to make have been life-changing.

    I have a feeling my 27th year is going to be all about “letting go”. Letting go of expectations. Letting go of control and certainty. Letting go of how things were and being perfectly ok with how things are shaping up. I’m finding out that letting go is the toughest and most rewarding thing you can do.

    Did any of you have a quarter-life crisis in your mid-late 20’s? Any advice?

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  3. Reader Survey & Giveaway (Ends Friday July 5th)


    Hi guys! Thanks for stopping by often to see what I’ve been up to. I really enjoy sharing things with you and chit chatting about design. I really have grown to love the blog world and I think I’d be a little lost without blogging as part of my daily routine.

    As this blog goes through some design updates this summer, I’d  like to make sure I’m sharing content that you’ll love (and that I love). My freelance business is finally growing and so is this blog, so what would you like to see here in this space? Anything missing? Want more of something? Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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    Your comment enters you in to this little giveaway provided by one of my awesome clients, Always Something (blog and shop coming this summer!)

    * Set of hand-printed cards were made in Toronto Canada – Snap + Tumble Letterpress Goods

  4. Planning a Wedding


    Sorry for all the crickets around here this past week. I kind of picked up and left without warning. As I mentioned a week or so ago, I’ll be getting married in Florida next May. Wahoo! The boy and I (along with my mom & pops) just got back from a week-long scouting trip to scoup out the location and get a little more hands on planning done. It’s pretty tricky planning a wedding from afar, so I was very pleased to be able to almost completely nail down our cake deign, venue planning, hair stylist, DJ, furniture & decor rentals, rental home found, and our entire menu picked out. WHEW!! Feels super refreshing to have a big chunk of that done and now.

    We’ll be getting married on the Beach at Alys Beach, Florida. It’s a quant little beach community that feels like it’s been plucked out of the Mediterranean. We’ll be renting out a beach house for the entire week and holding are reception in the cutest coffee bar that has the best outdoor patio. I’m pretty giddy and look forward to sharing more DIY projects with you as I go. You can see the first DIY project here.

    Is anyone else planning a wedding? Has anyone been to Alys Beach? oh….and congrats to my online buddy Amy Moore for getting engaged while I was away.

    *All photos by Veda House

  5. Studio Hours: Tie the Knot / Photo Holders


    Next May, I’ll be getting married to my favorite person of all time. We’ll be getting married on a beach with our closest friends and family. Over the next year, I’ll be sharing some of the personal touches we’ll be making along the way. We want our wedding to feel carefully crafted and full of our personality.

    First up are these doorknob photo stands. I’ve been a big collector of small vintage trinkets and these porcelain knobs (found at a flea market) are one of my favorite items. The project was super simple and only required a few things: pliers, aluminum gage wire and a screwdriver. I love how we’ll be able to share our photos and the story behind how we made the stands.

    Want to see our wedding mood board?

  6. In The Studio: Spaces Feature


    I’ve been lucky to be featured in the Eva Black Spaces feature for a second time. I’m over on Eva’s blog today talking about my home studio space and how it’s transformed since moving into the new house. You can see my old studio tour here, and the follow up tour here. In the old interview, I talk about where I found some of the vintage pieces and how I started my creative journey.

    The SPACES feature on Eva’s blog is one of my favorites in blog land and I love how it shows how diverse the creative community is. The feature interviews several creatives and gives you a glimpse at how they work at home. I hope you enjoy the feature as much as I do. :)

  7. Notable No.26


    I’ve been saving lots of inspiring links these days, deciding whether to post about things in a full post or just to share in this post. I’m learning that less is more, so although I’d love to share EVERYTHING I find, that’s just not so good for my brand. Enjoy the links below. There are some goodies there!

    Notables this week:
    1. This cozy fur blanket has stolen my heart…even in 85 degree weather!
    2. This home via My Scandinavian Home
    3. The RUE magazine June/July issue is pretty great
    4. This frame…I want it and CAN NOT find it!! Help!
    5. Beautiful pillows by MeLongings studio
    6. Super cute french blog called Petite Sweet
    7.  Amazingly designed soap packaging
    8. A fun shop called By Molle
    9. I’m in love with these handmade fringe curtains

  8. Recent Work: Verily Magazine


    I’ve got a little project to share with you! My friend Jane (now Art Director for Verily Magazine) was looking for someone to help her with some divider pages for the Summer issue of Verily Magazine. She wanted something bold and hand-crafted that she could use to help divide up the sections of the magazine in a cohesive way.

    I decided to take on the challenge and do something not only out of my comfort zone, but also something I’ve always wanted to toy around with – watercolors. After playing around with watercolor like a kid in grade school, I landed on 4 section images that all use watercolor in an abstract floral way. Let’s just say that I had a blast working with Jane, Verily and watercolors and I look forward to possibly collaborating with Verily Magazine in future issues.

    * My other friend, Mary Frances Foster has a few of her fabulous illustrations in the issue as well! You can also find a beautiful story by the girls of The WeaverHouse.

  9. Lesson Learned: Tip for Happy Clients


    As I work my way through the world of freelance I’ve been able to refine how I interact with my clients and how to ensure they are happy with the results. For me, I don’t only want my clients to be happy with the design outcome, but to be happy with me. Frequently, I even become friends with some of my clients because working together is such an intimate process.

    One tip I’ve learned along the way and has proven to be successful is to ALWAYS go the extra mile. Do something your client isn’t expecting. Of course this takes extra time (un-paid) time, but I guarantee it will lead to happy clients and more referrals.

    Some of my favorite “extra-mile” tactics:
    1. Doing a mini photo shoot to provide your client with unique social media imagery to share (facebook, blog, twitter)
    2. Throw in a rubber stamp of your clients finished logo
    3. Send your client an “I’m excited to work with you” card (use Paperless Post)
    4. Tweeting about your client’s brand throughout the process (free promotion for client)
    5. If you are designing a blog for your client, offer to write the first post introducing the new blog to their readers.

    Do you guys have any go-to tactics? I’d love to find new/unique ways to surprise my clients.