1. Notables: A Veda House Wishlist


    Happy Monday, Friends! We’re doing things a little different over here today. Usually I share a collection of my favorite links from the week, but I thought that I’d share a few items on my holiday wish list this year. It appears I’ll be doing a lot of cooking and wearing clothes. HA! Hopefully these ideas help you with your gift buying duties :)

    A few holiday gift ideas:

    1. A new (fancy) teapot –  here

    2. Book: Tartine Bread by Chad Anderson

    3.  Beautiful scissors by Individual Medley

    4. T-Bar earrings in gold – here

    5. Buddha aromatherapy diffuser for essential oils

    6. Book: Sunday Suppers by Karen Mordechai

    7.  Book: What Katie Ate by Katie Quinn Davis

    8. Sorel Out and About boot

    9. The worlds softest tee – here

  2. Lesson Learned: Saving time with Streamlined Blogging


    Example Blog Post Visual

    To be shared on Facebook/Pinterst                             /                              to be shared on Instagram/Twitter

    Feeling the pressure to constantly produce valuable, one-of-a kind content for your blog? I know I am. It’s pretty darn time consuming and when your job title isn’t solely “blogger”, the pressure to keep up can sometimes be debilitating. For me, I use blogging as a way to connect with other creatives and to gain exposure to new clients interested in the work I’m sharing. Blogging is a vital piece of my business.

    I’ve discovered a few ways to streamline sharing content no social media. These days, blogging means more than pushing publish in your blogging platform. If you’re doing it “right” (read: thoroughly) it means, sharing that finished post of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, etc….and do so in a way that isn’t just spamming the same content on all platforms. Whew!! A few tips below.


    1. Photograph Wisely
    If you’re taking photos for a blog post, be sure to take a few additional shots at different/unique angles so you can tell the same story in a new way. Each platform you share on should ideally have a new visual to represent the story you’re telling. See the photos in this post as an example.

  3. Inspired By: Michael Anastassiades Lighting

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    During one of my many morning Pinterest scrolling sessions I stumbled upon the beautiful work of Michael Anastassiades – a London-based product designer.


    He creates objects that are minimal, utilitarian and
    almost mundane, yet full of vitality one might not expect.


    These particular pieces were created in collaboration with FLOS, a leading manufacturer of contemporary and modern light fixtures. Aren’t they just stunning! So minimal, yet so freaking interesting. If you hop on over to Michael’s website, you see modern light fixtures paired with a little bit more rustic/historically classic background….perfection. I’m actually a big fan of combining the unexpected (old & new). Check out my Pinterest for more inspiration.

    ( View Michael’s Work )

  4. Ask Me Anything


    Hi There lovely readers. As time goes by, I’ve been wanting to compile all your questions into one post and share a few answers. I’ve started a good list of questions that have already come through my inbox and will be answering them soon. Some of the more business related questions might make their way into a full blog post so I can ramble a little bit more.. If there is anything you’ve ever wanted to ask me or inquire about, leave a comment for me. I don’t typically touch on a lot of personal aspects of my life, but everything is fair game as long as you play nice ;)

    A few questions that have already come in….How did you get your start? Did you go to school for design? What camera do you use and how do you edit your photos? What design services do you offer? How do you go about setting your daily schedule? How do you set a minimum hour working agreement with your retainer clients? How do you make freelancing work from a money/income standpoint?


    Look forward to hearing your questions and providing some answers.

    What do you want to know?

  5. Notables No. 47



    Hey there folks! It’s been several weeks since I’ve shared some fun things floating around the net. I don’t know about you, but I get really overwhelmed by all the holiday promotions and “extra” content that floods my inbox during this time of year. Let’s keep this short, sweet and hopefully a little bit inspirational.

    Here’s a little inspiration for the week:

    1. Studio tour: Black Creek Mercantile

    2. Some pretty neutral gift wrap ideas

    3.  Anything Tarafirma…Anything.

    4. Beautifully styled Ceramics by Casalinga

    5. This look is minimal & classic

    6. Inspired by this post called “From The Earth”

    7.  My favorite item in The Citizenry shop right now

    8. This candlestick holder via The Line

    9. There is something SUPER comfy about this photo

  6. Inspired By: Trouvé Magazine (Get a free copy!)

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    It’s black friday!!! Woooop Woop. Haha. I don’t really indulge in the mall madness, but I do enjoy the holiday hustle and bustle. Wanted to drop in today with a fun inspiration post for those of you doing some online shopping. Trouvé Magazine is one of my favorite “in print” magazines (alongside other favs like Kinfolk, Sweet Paul, Collective Quarterly). It’s pages are filled with creative inspiration, food & city guides, artist interviews, shop visits, etc – all beautifully photographed and perfectly bound with high quality printing/paper.

    My client, The Citizenry is offering a FREE copy of the newly released (hard to find in stores) second issue of Trouvé Magazine with any purchase. You also get complimentary gift wrap & free shipping from today until December 2nd, so don’t hesitate too long ;) Head on over and shop my favorite items – The Zua Lamp, Light Cowhorn Tumblers & The La Brisa Throw. I’ve also added Issue Two to my Amazon wish list ;)

    **Note: All photos above are from Trouvé Magazine: Issue One **

  7. Dear Colorado: You’re mean… (but I still love you)


    Alright, Colorado. We need to have a chat. I have a love/hate relationship with you right now and I just needed to put that out there. This summer, you welcomed my husband and I with open arms and gave us the most beautiful first summer in your lovely state. The dry heat, mountain views and super sunny days were a welcomed change from our mostly muggy St. Louis summers. Upon moving in, the first space we “renovated” was our outdoor patio space and I peppered that space with a gazillion succulent plants, cacti, and potted palm plants. You could say I went a little overboard, but hey…Colorado…you inspired me. I basically created a jungle. Nothing fancy ;)

    Flash forward to about 2 weeks ago. I woke up and the outdoor thermostat sat at 3 degrees with a “feels like” temperature of -14 degrees. What!? Just 2 days before that, my husband and I were walking around the park and people were laying outside with their shirts off in 70 degree weather. With their shirts offfff! So you can see, Colorado, you’ve side swiped me. You’ve side swiped all of us, you fool. You also side swiped all my outdoor pretty plants previously mentioned. My precious jungle beauties. Every last one of them….dead. Completely and 100% D-E-A-D. Next time, dear friend….how about a warning? XOXO, Cassie


    You could say I’m still adjusting to this new season, but I’m beyond thankful to be living in a state with so much beauty. Sending lots of love back home to St. Louis right now as it’s community struggles and a Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the US who celebrate.

  8. Finding a Workflow Balance & How Retainer clients can help


    Finding a balance…seems to be the ultimate challenge in life, right? Balance to me has never been about finding “the answer” to the problem, but rather learning how to juggle this and that in a manner that seems somewhat successful. Haha. I’ve also realize that what feels balanced right now can easily feel out of whack a week later. That constant adjusting is actually a really smart thing to do and it’s also important to know that you’re never going to figure “it” out fully. Knowing that is actually really reassuring. We’re all juggling.

    I’m a huge planner and someone who likes to have a say in how things are going to take shape. I know that’s silly because I can’t control the universe, but I sure do try. The beauty and the beast of freelance/consultant work is that you have to live in a world with very little to no certainty or set path. That uncertainty will constantly be swirling around the timeline of your next paycheck, who going to hire you, and how your going to evolve your brand over time. That uncertainty is also the guide to many unexpected awesomeness.

  9. Studio Hours: Bits of Randomness


    Hi Guys! We’ve made it to another “hump day” and I couldn’t me more excited. Is it just me, or do you always picture a camel yelling “hump day” every time we get to the middle of the week? Ok…just me.

    Whew! The beginning of this week was a mental roller coaster for me as I impatiently waited to see if I’d landed some cool projects for the new year. Thankfully, the answer is yes! I’ll be able to share more later, but in the season of being thankful…I’m super thankful.

    While my mind has been whirling around with maybes and maybe nots, I’ve been knocking out lots of client work to keep myself distracted (aka…I’ve been glued to my computer screen). I’ve also been shooting bits and bobs for different projects, so the opportunity to step away from the computer and photograph has been a welcomed change of scenery for my eyeballs. For those of you who enjoyed my last random image post, this one’s for you!

    Photos were taken during different work days, capturing the mini messes that happen during the work week. I’m a fan of pretty messes.



  10. Are you ABLE?


    Happy Friday, Folks! First of all…that you so much for your kind words about Erin’s new blog design. I am so please that many of you feel the re-design has been streamlined to it’s most essential elements and is still engaging. Less is truly more!

    Today, I wanted to share something fun with you that kind of relates to Wednesday’s post. This custom scarf for fashionABLE, was designed by my dearest friend Erin Loechner and hand woven by some amazing ladies in Ethiopia. This kind of project is exactly what I get jazzed about. Amazing people with a “do good” spirt, working with brands on a “do good” mission. Each scarf is beautified with hand lettering (by Melissa) and screen printed with statements of ability. These statements are full of heart, intention and gratitude.  It’s the perfect daily reminder  that you are more than ABLE and to wrap yourself (and others) in encouraging thoughts. So simple and so empowering.



    “My own statements, as a result, have shifted. I have to work,  is I am ABLE to work.
    I have to get through this. I am ABLE to get through this. I am ABLE to grow.
    I am ABLE to change. I am ABLE to learn. I am ABLE to overcome.”


    ( purchase the ABLE scarf  )

    Purchasing this scarf helps fashionABLE’s mission of creating a sustainable business for those incredibly talented individuals in Africa. Made of 100% Ethiopian cotton and the PERFECT gift for the holidays.