1. Notable No. 38


    What a week! I hope you all had a successful week and that you now have some fun things planned for this weekend. This week was a really funky one for me. My fiancé has started working from home full-time (more on that later), so my routine is a bit off. Good news is I’ve added two new great clients to my spring lineup and wedding planning is moving along smoothly. I think the boy and I are going to go see HER tonight, so I’m pretty excited!

    Notables This Week :

    1. One of my favorite makers & her blog 
    2. The artwork in this california home!
    3. In love with all the lighting via onefortythree
    4. Interior stylist Danielle Witte has a new blog1
    5. Some beautiful images of South Africa

    6. This bedroom is filled with light and awesomeness
    7. This patio is calling my name!
    8. Love the mix of traditional and industrial
    9. Great article on propagating succulents

  2. Studio Hours: The start of a bedroom Makeover


    One room at a time, I’ve been making way through the house – redecorating this and that. I’ve finally made it to the bedroom, which has ironically been the most neglected room of the house. I’m still trying to wrap up the details, get a few additional artwork pieces framed, a DIY here and there, and then I’ll be ready to share the whole room.

    Until then, I wanted to share this amazing print I just bought from West Elm. This Highland Cow print is in collaboration with Minted.com and I couldn’t be happier with the character this piece brings to the room. I’ve also got my eye on this double exposure Diptych of the dessert.

    Another piece I’ve collected is this amazing handmade pillow from Scout & Whistle. I look forward to pulling the finishing touches together!

    Happy almost Friday!!


  3. Inspired By: Alfie Douglas


    I was catching up on one of my favorite online reads, the blog of one of my designer pals,  Jessica Comingore when I landed on the beautiful leather work of Alfie Douglas. Any type of leather work usually stops me in my tracks, especially when all the finer details are as well thought out as these beautiful pieces themselves. Also, not only are the products crafted with perfection, the entire brand language (logo, photography, lookbooks, etc) do an amazing job at telling the overall story.

    If you’d love a new blog/designer/photographer to follow, please stop by Jessica’s blog!

    (Photos from Alfie Douglas)

  4. Lesson Learned: Knowing when to loosen your grip


    Hey guys! I wanted to stop by to thank you all for the lovely comments about the wedding  update yesterday. It’s a real big process and I’ve been having a fun time sharing that process with you!

    I also wanted to chat about something all new designers and even well-seasoned designer struggle with on a daily basis. This is the internal struggle with knowing when to “fight” for your design concepts and when to loosen the grip a bit and change things up.

    You’ve been cranking away on a new logo, or shooting loads of photos for days now. You’ve poured your sweat and tears into this concept and you’ve grown to really love the direction it’s going. You wrap up the designs and get them packed up nicely, ready to present to the client. You think because you love it, they will too…right? You are presenting your work on a phone conference and BOOM…the client would like to keep exploring…They think the change is small, but you know it’s a complete overhaul…sound familiar?

    I know I am at fault of this mini internal meltdown at some point in every project I do. I get so invested and attached to the project I’m building that when the client throws a curve ball (which is guaranteed to happen), I’m ALWAYS caught off guard. I’m not saying the change in direction is a bad thing…just something I wasn’t planning for. I then find myself fighting to the little baby I’ve been creating instead of really listening to the client’s reasons behind the change. Sound familiar…?

  5. Studio Hours: A Wedding Update


    Happy Monday folks! I wanted to quickly make a little shout out to my dear friend Kathleen who welcomed a little baby boy into the world yesterday!! Go mama! If you aren’t following her blog & brand, you’re missing something amazing!

    I’ve got a little wedding updated for those interested. These past couple weeks have taken me down the wedding rabbit hole. We’re marking things off our to-do list just as fast as we’re adding new things. It keeps growing and growing, but at least all the BIG details are figured out. I’ve had a few fun things pop up recently that I wanted to share.

    Gifts and Brand Collaborations:  The lovely ladies over at BHLDN recently sent me a little care package full of lovely wedding details. The beautifully wrapped box was full of mercury glass candle holders, some wood carved serving utensils and some really fun sparkly garland. I’m forever thankful to BHLDN and their addition to my special day. If you’re looking for some vintage inspired or classic pieces to add to your wedding, check out BHLDN.

    Candleholder Centerpieces: Over the holidays my father and I put on our tool belts and built our first driftwood centerpiece. We were inspired by these pieces in the Pennyweight Goods shop and decided to make our own. We’ll be making a bunch more once we get down to florida and have endless supplies of driftwood.

    If you’re interested in reading a few other Veda House wedding progress posts you can see our Save The Dates, Tabletop Details, Overhead lighting DIY, and envelope assembly.

  6. Inspired By: Gamma Folk, Brooklyn-Based Jewelry Line


    I was reading one of my daily blog reads, Miss Moss and ran into the work of Jewelry brand Gamma Folk. The Jewelry line is based out of Brooklyn New York and is full of fun braided pieces. The lookbook for Collection #2 is just as beautiful as the pieces themselves. You can read more about them and shop here. Enjoy!

    *Update: After posting this, Design Sponge posted a really great interview with lily Piyathaisere of Gamma Folk. If you want another look into the life of a creative business owner, you should read it!

    (Miss Moss / Gamma Folk)

  7. Studio Hours: Favorites around here


    Another room redesign is in the works these days over in the Veda House. The last big project shared was our guest bedroom, which I couldn’t be more happy with.

    This room, our living room has been a work in progress since last summer because I wasn’t completely sure what I wanted. You can see the first moodboard/ mini makeover post right here. I know I wanted to splurge on a few “adult” items like this chair (in Ink Blue) from West Elm and all new throw pillows. I’ll be sharing full room images soon once I tie together a few last details.

    I wanted to mention a few Items that made the cut because they come from companies that I really admire. The first are the Talia Candleholders from Crate & Barrel. I actually received this as a bridal shower gift just over the holiday and can’t wait to incorporate these beautiful sandstone pieces into my mantle.  The second is my dream lamp from EuroStyle Lighting. This Antwerp lamp made by Jonathan Adler has a super unique design and is made of Brass and matte black details. I’ve fallen head over heals with this adjustable lamp! Lastly are the mini collection of pillows I’ve acquired. I bought the indigo Ikat pillow from Etsy shop Indigo Bliss Boutique, and two navy tweed pillows from The Cottage Cupboard Etsy shop.

    I hope by sharing where I found a few pieces, you’ll be introduced to a few new shops and maybe be inspired to tackle a room of your home. This post is NOT a sponsored post, just me babbling about what I find beautiful.

    (Photos by Veda House – Studio Hours)

  8. 2014: onward & upward


    First, I’d like to congratulation Lily of Gold & Straw for being chosen as the Diario Shop Giveaway winner! I’ll be emailing you soon about details :) Thank you all for your support of this blog and participation in this little giveaway!


    I’m completely aware that it’s now January 14, and I’m just now posting about my hopes and dreams for 2014. A little behind the game, I know. That’s ok though, right? There are so many unknowns for the upcoming year, but oddly enough..there are a lot of things already determined. I’ve never had this many BIG life changes happening at once, so wish me/us luck.

    Last year at this time, I set 5 parameters for which I would use to guide my decisions and plans for 2013. The parameters were simple… 1. Let it Be, 2. Be More Present, 3. Be Adventurous, 4. Follow My Heart & Feed My Soul, 5. Be More Conscious. I’m pleased to say that I feel I’ve done a good job in all five areas, specially #4. I now have a good foundation for all the wild adventurous that 2014 has in store.

  9. Notable No. 37


    Hi guys! This is the first Notables post of 2014 and I’m pretty excited to share with you what I’ve found interesting over the past couple weeks. Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend!
    The boy and I are in full swing wedding planning mode and spent a good deal of time planning a wedding playlist. Such a tough job!

    Notables This Week :

    1. Love the use of this small space
    2. A new-to-me blog, 70Percentpure
    3. A unique apartment in Stockholm
    4. AP Cafe in Bushwick, Brooklyn
    5. Beautifully put together home in Melbourne

    6. Love everything about this little bathroom
    7. Styling work by Daniella Witte
    8. This minimal fireplace
    9. This really beautiful Swedish home

  10. Recent Work: The Design Confidential Business Cards


    Hope everyone enjoyed walking down memory lane with me yesterday when I shared my favorite posts to write and produce content for. It was a nice reminder for me to see how far this little blog has grown over the past year. Exciting stuff!

    Today, I wanted to share another element of The Design Confidential rebranding I’ve been working on with owner, Rayan Turner. The complete branding overhaul started with creating a few moodboards to nail down our direction. Next we moved onto logo creation and a mini branded photoshoot. After that, we designed (and eventually developed) a brand new website. Lastly, Rayan and I worked together to concept and create a few additional branded pieces like new business cards and  a media kit. The finishing touches are being added to the complex web redesign…but I’ll be sharing that soon!

    If you are interested in completely overhauling your creative brand baby, send me an email and let’s chat. My favorite projects to work on are projects like this…with like minded creatives who have a passion for their craft and desire to share their work with others. It’s such a fun community!

    (cards printed here)