1. Worn. 01


    Hello there! Happy Valentine’s Day :) Sharing something new to switch things up a bit. In an effort to get a little more personal on the blog these days, this is the first post of a new series here on Veda House called WORN. I’m not a gal that’s big into fashion or even really keeps up with clothing trends, but I do appreciate a wardrobe that has personality…and a few great pairs of boots ;)


    Worn / Sanctuary Clothing knit top, Flats by Coupleof, Khaki Skinnies by Gap, concrete cube necklace
    by Maple + Mauve, ring and bangle – vintage

  2. Studio Hours: Favorite Corner


    When working from home, I’ve found that it’s really important to create a cosy and inspiring space to work in. For me, I spend my days bouncing around my home, from room to room, usually utilizing a different room for different reasons. I shoot a lot of blog content in our guest bedroom, work out in my living room, sit at the computer in my little side nook, etc etc. More recently I’ve worked to create a really cozy space in my living room where I can ease into my mornings with a laptop instead of the desktop computer. I’ve found that I do most of my inspiration gathering first thing in the morning, so being comfortable is a must.

    This lovely chair  from West Elm (Paidge in Ink Blue Velvet) is one of my first adult purchases and I couldn’t be happier. The studded ottoman is from Euro Style lighting and I think brings some much needed “toughness” to the space. The lighting in this corner was thrifted as well as all of the little baubles on the shelves.

    ( More Living Room Snippets  & Here )

  3. Studio Hours: Photoshoot Prep


    Just dropping by today for a quick little hello. I’ve been doing a lot of photoshoot preparations for clients this past week so I thought I’d share a little about my process. Each shoot is a bit different, but as photo stylist/photographer combo it’s important to keep the job organized so you don’t go crazy.

    Steps I always take:

    1. Research Gathering: This is almost always on Pinterest because it’s a really easy platform to share my thoughts with my clients. It also allows for both parties to seamlessly add and delete content as we go.

    2. Create a Shot List: This is a really important organizational stage in the process. Ideally, I like to plan out ever shot of the shoot to make sure I have the right props, lighting, surfaces, camera lens, etc. I find that if I have a shot list, its easy for me to capture the “must have” shots, but it also makes it easier to snag those more in-the-moment shots.

    3. Prop Shopping: This is one of my favorite parts of the process. Not necessarily because it’s shopping (because I’m not a huge fan), but because you get to pick those really key pieces to make your shoot iconic and unique. Usually there is a prop allowance budgeted into the original quote.

    4. DIY & Setup: Since DIYs are a fun thing for me to do, I often find a way to incorporate one into the shoot. Usually this means building a light for the shoot or building a structure of some sorts.

  4. Notable No. 39


    Happy Friday! Another whirlwind of a week. I’ve got to say that I am REALLY looking forward to a lazy week. No housework, no grocery, no running errands….just being lazy and maybe doing a little work (while plopped down on the couch). Enjoy your weekend and wish for spring!

    Notables This Week :

    1. Photographer, Jesse Leake’s Home
    2. 6 beautiful outfits for Hackwith Designs
    3. Amazing photos by the talented Nirrimi Firebrace
    4. Pop Plant featured on The Design Files blog
    5. Some beautiful images of South Africa

    6. Photoshoot inspiration these days
    7. Love everything about this Brownstone
    8. Favorite new blog to read – Wide Eyed Legless
    9. Another favorite blog to read – Scout & Catalogue 

  5. Podcast: Your Story is Valuable


    Hello lovely Veda House readers. I wanted to thank all of you for your kind words about the wedding details I’ve been sharing. I’m glad you are enjoying them as much as I am creating everything.

    I wanted to stop by today to talk about a freelance topic that has been on the top of my mind for some time now, basically since I took the leap into full time freelance last April. (wow, it’s almost been a year!) The topic of interest is about “telling my story” and how I should share that story in a successful way. I do know you want to tell your story in a way that is 100% authentic to YOU and in a way that you also enjoy doing so. Lastly, your story needs to be able to connect with people in an impactful way in order for it to be a successful “business”. I’ve struggled with defining what makes my brand truly authentic, but I feel I might finally be finding a place in the freelance world. Lots of fine-tuning needs to be done.

  6. Studio Hours: Wedding Update (smaller details)


    The fiancé and I have been plugging away at our wedding to-do list and marking off many items! Feels good to get all the BIG items out of the way and now we get to focus on the smaller details like thank you cards, picking out pocket squares, and finding little favors for guests. I hope you have been enjoying the wedding updates, but please let me know if too much is too much.

    I wanted to update you on some of the more exciting things (wedding related) that have happened this week.

    1.Favors: My mother and I have been planning out our wedding favors and have big things planned. I don’t want to share all the details just yet, but know that it involves air plants! More plants I can’t kill. Wahoo!

    2. Thank You Cards: I got our thank you cards designed, printed and addressed. I’ll be sending out thank you’s to all of those lovely ladies who attended my bridal shower over the holidays. We’ll also be using these cards for thank yous after the wedding. The hand lettering was done by the very talented Maggie of Type & Title. You can view our Save The Dates too!

    3. Ties & Pocket Squares: The boy has been picking out some fun details to go with his blue/gray chambray suit that he’ll be wearing come the big day. He found a really amazing pocket square and tie from April Look, a handmade men’s accessory company based out of Lithuania.

    4. Special Moments: This week I received a box in the mail from my best friend and Maid of Honor. I had no idea what it was and wasn’t expecting anything. I opened it up and found a handmade card inside and a bunch of dried flowers. She was asking me to be HER maid of honor in her wedding this coming August. I could have been more excited in that moment and have kept some of the flowers in this tiny glass test tube for safe keeping.


  7. Recent Work: A Client Moodboard


    Moodboards are probably my favorite part of the design process. I create moodboards digitally via my Pinterest, but my favorites are those created on the wall in my workspace (previous boards: one, two) . I tend to gather little pieces of inspiration throughout the research phase of a project and the board takes shape over time. I love seeing the collection of items grow. These images are of a moodboard I’ve been putting together for one of my clients. I can’t say much about the project yet, but hopefully from the inspiration board, you get a little idea ;)

    I think most creatives go through some kind of inspiration collecting/ moldboard phase when creating, so I’d love to hear your favorite way to do so. I’d also love to see your shared boards, so if you have a blog post, feel free to share it in the comments section.

    Some Moodboards I’ve been loving: Emmadime’s HUGE wall, This beauty, Annalenna’s Chair Inspiration, this playful one and the one in the studio of Claudia Dey.

  8. Studio Hours: Plants I can’t kill


    Man oh man. Winter is really killing my creative juices these days, so sorry for the random quiet days around here. In between the -20 degree temperature and the random 50 degree teaser day, I’ve been dreaming about what spring has in store….like getting married! Wahoo!

    Until then, I’ve been hoarding house plants like a crazy person to make it feel a bit more like spring/summer in here. I’m not really a green thumb, but I can keep the more hardy plants alive. These usually include different cactus varieties, philodendrons, rubber trees, jade trees, and a few air plants. There are the occasion cut stem flowers as well as little herb plants thrown into the mix every once and awhile. (those usually die). If you have any questions about the plants in the photos, leave a comment and I’ll message you :)

    + What are you guys doing to keep sane during this crazy winter? +

  9. Notable No. 38


    What a week! I hope you all had a successful week and that you now have some fun things planned for this weekend. This week was a really funky one for me. My fiancé has started working from home full-time (more on that later), so my routine is a bit off. Good news is I’ve added two new great clients to my spring lineup and wedding planning is moving along smoothly. I think the boy and I are going to go see HER tonight, so I’m pretty excited!

    Notables This Week :

    1. One of my favorite makers & her blog 
    2. The artwork in this california home!
    3. In love with all the lighting via onefortythree
    4. Interior stylist Danielle Witte has a new blog1
    5. Some beautiful images of South Africa

    6. This bedroom is filled with light and awesomeness
    7. This patio is calling my name!
    8. Love the mix of traditional and industrial
    9. Great article on propagating succulents

  10. Studio Hours: The start of a bedroom Makeover


    One room at a time, I’ve been making way through the house – redecorating this and that. I’ve finally made it to the bedroom, which has ironically been the most neglected room of the house. I’m still trying to wrap up the details, get a few additional artwork pieces framed, a DIY here and there, and then I’ll be ready to share the whole room.

    Until then, I wanted to share this amazing print I just bought from West Elm. This Highland Cow print is in collaboration with Minted.com and I couldn’t be happier with the character this piece brings to the room. I’ve also got my eye on this double exposure Diptych of the dessert.

    Another piece I’ve collected is this amazing handmade pillow from Scout & Whistle. I look forward to pulling the finishing touches together!

    Happy almost Friday!!