1. Inspired By: Kirstie Van Noort



    Kirstie Van Noort does an extremely beautiful job at sharing a story behind a material. Kirsite researches the raw materials in a way that bring such authenticity to her work. She specializes in stoneware, earthenware and porcelain and has even created a “ceramic paint” that consists of a 108 different colors. All her work and color palettes showcase the beauty of the landscape that surrounds her.

    ( See More Work )

  2. Notable No. 41


    Hey there! It’s almost Friday and I’m looking forward to the weekend already. This week has been a real doozy, but I’m happy to be busy. A few weeks ago I asked my readers if they enjoyed this Notables type post enough to keep it around. General consensus was to keep it! So here we go. Week 41!

    Notables This Week (For DIY-ers) :

    1. Simple coat rack via Almost Makes Perfect
    2. Beautiful Ikea Hack shelving via Smitten Studio
    3. Make these fake marble gemstones!
    4. A simple bench with metal base
    5. Copper magazine holder via Fall For DIY

    6. Beautiful Scandinavian knotted trivet
    7. Wooden jewelry box
    8. The forever famous tassel garland
    9. Modern hanging pendant

  3. In Collaboration w/ Caitlin Wilson Textiles


    I’ve got another new series for you this year and I’m really excited about it. Over the past year, this little blog has grown and grown. It’s still itty bitty, but a bigger kind of itty bitty  and that means some exciting changes have taken place. In 2014 I hope to be able to share more of my favorite brands with you. There are so many amazing makers, craftsman, designers, and ground shakers out there and I’m just dying to share my favorites with you.

    I’m calling this new post series “In Collaboration w/” because I’ll be collaborating with my favorite brands to share their story and my love for what they are doing. First up is the lovely Textile company, Caitlin Wilson Textiles!

  4. Worn. 03


    Hope you guys survived your Mondays. It’s always SO tough to get back into the swing of our weekly routines. Today I’m sharing the 3rd worn post with you. This one has been my uniform of sorts for probably far too long. I typically rotate around to different pants, the everything else stays the same. Mayybeee I should changes things up a bit. Do you guys have a “uniform” of sorts that is your go to?


    Worn / chambrey button down from Stone & Cloth, patterned trousers from H&M,
    wide brim hat – thrifted, stackable rings from Forever 21, bunny head ring by Lily Melrose, black booties H&M 2012


    ( Worn 01, Worn 02 )

  5. Studio Hours: Wedding Update (The Invites)



    Happy Monday! Here in St. Louis we got hit with yet another ice/snow storm yesterday and you can tell the city is revolting. I even saw a middle-aged man walking out of Michaels Craftstore yesterday carrying a massive indoor palm tree plant!! When is spring coming??

    Anywho…Sharing something dear to my heart today. The wedding invitations (and all other printed materials) are designed, printed and shipped out, and thanks to the lovely hand lettering work by Maggie of Type & Title

    , I think they turned out beautiful. You will not believe how amazing it felt to mark that wedding task of the master (days long) to-do list. Honestly, the to-do list is getting much shorter and I couldn’t be more thankful and relieved.

    Also, if anyone were to ask me if designing/printing your own wedding invites was a good way to save money while adding personality…I’d say run the other way. I will never do wedding invitation design again and I can’t believe how many hours I spent fussing over paper texture or shade of gray! Spent the money for a full set (designed by someone else) and just be done with it.

    Have any of you designed your own wedding invitations in the past? I’m curious to know if I was the only one that would now suggest spending top dollar for someone ELSE to piece it all together. Seemed so simple in the beginning. Thoughts?

    More wedding progress posts : Save The DatesTabletop DetailsOverhead lighting DIYenvelope assembly, and the smaller details


  6. Lesson Learned: Manifesting the type of work you want


    Happy Thursday lovely people of the internet. Hehe. This post is a LONG time coming. I start writing, then stop, then start again, never really typing what I really want to say. So, I’ll start with a short overview just in case I start rambling. The gist of this conversation is that I believe in some higher power out there in the universe and that that power is more than willing to lend you a hand if you’re kind enough to ask. It’s like the whole lottery ticket saying …you can only win the lottery if you first buy your ticket!

  7. Worn .02


    Hi folks! Changing things up a bit again over here today. This is the second “Worn” post and I wanted to introduce the mister into the mix. I’ve got a brand collaboration coming up soon and he’ll be a part of that as well. So, in spirit of being newlyweds in less than 3 months, here’s a glimpse at Jake’s side of the closet.

    He’s definitely a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy, but has got quite the obsession with shoes, particularly boots. We were doing a little spring cleaning in our closets last night and it’s confirmed…he has more clothes and shoes that I do! Do your significant other’s have a go-to item?


    Worn / T-shirt from Iron & Resin, Standard Cloth denim
    Clark’s Desert Boots in Beeswax, horse hair boot brush from Ralyn, Military watch via Marathon


    ( Worn 01 )

  8. Notables No.40


    Hey there! Wanted to drop by today to share some of my favorite things on the net this week. Can you believe this is notables post #40!

    I also wanted to ask if you guys like this feature enough to keep it around? I’ve got a few  new features lined up for the blog this year and I don’t want to lose focus. In the past this has been a favorite, so please leave a comment if you’d like it to stay or leave! Your help deciding is greatly appreciated. Also, for those of you on Instagram..I kinda started sharing photos again on my account. You can follow me here.

    Notables This Week :

    1. Beautiful salad recipe shared via The Design Files
    2. This boho house looks super cozy
    3. This embroidered shirt needs to get in my closet
    4. This dresser is just adorable, via design sponge
    5. I’d live outside if I had a patio like this

    6. I love the pops of blue in this bathroom
    7. Denim overalls. Love em or hate em?
    8. Geometric stacking bracelets, so pretty!
    9. Loving the woven artwork by Brook & Lyn

  9. Inspired By: Moving Mountains

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    Happy Thursday folks! It’s been awhile since I’ve shared an inspirational brand with you, so today’s the day. haha . I’ve seen these beautiful images floating around in blog/pinterest/internet world and needed to do a little more digging to see who was responsible. The company is called Moving Mountains (based in Brooklyn NY) and it is rooted in industrial design practices. I found this aspect very interesting because my fiancé is an industrial designer/product designer so I have a good idea of what the design process is like. Also, the branding is beautiful and I just love the name!

    I love the raw materials used and especially how simple the designs are. Large impact without a lot of fuss.

    ( Moving Mountains Website, MM Shop )

  10. Lesson Learned: My days in hours


    Hope all of you are well!! It’s so nice to be able to log on to this blog and chit chat with all of you! Wahoo! Thanks for making this such a great place to come back to and continue to share.

    Two weeks ago I did a little experiment. With all this talk going around about how freelance designers have more on their plate than just designing, I was curious how I really spent my “working” hours. How much of my day is spent on responding to emails, writing blog posts, client work, house work, errands, etc? How much time do I spend growing my business, maintaining my business, and keeping that business afloat.

    I knew going into the life of a freelancer would come with tasks that I wasn’t used to doing. I knew I was going to have to wear ALL the hats, but I was ok with that because all those hats were growing MY business and not someone else’s.  If you’re curious about the hourly breakdown, continue reading after the jump.