1. Notables No. 34


    I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to a sunny Friday and weekend. It’s been all doom and gloom here in St. Louis this week, which has put a real cramp in my style for photographing with natural light. Hope everyone has an amazing Friday and weekend :)

    Notables This Week:

    1. Some tips of framing art via A Design Sponge
    2. Beautiful handle pulls on these cabinets
    3. A glimpse at twelve Brooklyn apartments
    4. A home in the Catskills
    5. Goldie & Co. – A collaborative workspace

    6. Amazing ceramics at Chen Williams shop
    7. Where a graphic designer lives
    8. Beautiful framed artwork via Varpunen
    9. I love this photoshoot for Les Creatures

  2. Studio Hours: Wedding Lighting / Part 1


    This past weekend, I was lucky enough to have my parents come and visit for a quick weekend trip. The drive is about 7 hours, so weekend trips can be tough. We had an amazing time just chatting away about wedding plans and eating tasty food.

    Our goal for the weekend was to tackle some of our wedding DIYs we had on the list, the main one being the chandaliers that are going to hang above each farmhouse table. We were inspired by THIS image and took quite a bit of time sourcing the right materials to make them fit our aesthetic. We also put a lot of work into figuring out a better way to incorporate the mason jars with the wood beam…ultimately cutting holes and inserting the mason jar lids into the hole for a more seamless finish.


    Materials we sourced:

    1. Reclaimed wood panels – each was white washed and aged to perfection

    2. Vintage Mason Jars –  ( similar to these )

    3. Open Top Lids – to replace old lids ( buy here )

    4. Vintage Utility Rope ( similar to this )

    5. Hole Saw Drill Bit  + Drill ( buy here )

    ( More Lights By Veda House )

  3. Lesson Learned: Acquiring Retainer Clients


    If you are a well seasoned freelancer or a creative venturing into this work, you’ll know (or soon know) the important of retainer clients. I was fully unaware of this genius idea until a retainer client came along my path and wanted to work with me. Essentially all this means is that you are a clients go-to when they need help with any creative needs. In my case, my retainer client contracted me to work a certain amount of hours each week for them and each week’s deliverables would change a little bit. If you connect the dots, this means that the client likes you enough to have you on speed dial AND that you’ll have guaranteed work (and money) coming in the door.

    Here’s what I’ve learned about retainer clients so far (always still learning)

    ( photo – Veda House )

  4. Studio Hours: The Kinfolk Cookbook


    I’m sure everyone has seen this by now (at least the cover design), but OMG guys!!!! The inside is beyond beautiful. I’m loving the new trend where cookbooks go beyond just sharing recipes, they are sharing personal life stories associated with the recipe.

    I feel it brings the food to life and almost makes it feel like their traditions are your new traditions. If you haven’t picked up your copy of The Kinfolk Table, I definitely advise you to do so. If you’re not a big recipe fan, the book is just beautiful to look at at showcases the lives of many creative people.

    Has anyone tried any of the recipes in the book yet? If so, what has been your favorite so far?

    ( Buy Book )

  5. Inspired By: Mansur Gavriel


    I’m going to have a little “I need this” moment on the blog this morning. I’m exaggerating, but OMG aren’t these bags beautiful. I’ve had my eyes on the black pouch bag for months now and need to find a way to justify spending almost $500 on a bag. One of these days, I’ll just do it and feel guilty about it for months. oh well!

    Anywho. Mansur Gavriel is a high quality leather goods company based out of New York. This company came to life when two friends came together for a shared belief to bring fine goods (with a touch of italy 1960s) to the general public. You can read more about the powerful female duo here.

    ( Bags from This Collection )

  6. Veda News: I’m boycotting fall…again


    Today’s post is about how I’m boycotting Fall/cold weather again. I do this every year and I feel like the boycotting gets more intense each year. I’m pretty sure this is the Universe’s way of telling me I need to fly south (for the whole year).

    I took these photos a little while ago, but they make me think of one of my favorite parts of summer, wildflowers!  I’m a real sucker for hand-picked flowers and try to keep as many flowers as I can, all summer long. Now that I’m seeing the leaves change and fall, these photos take me back to my happy place. haha

    Am I the only one still hanging onto the idea of having the windows open, picnics in the park, BBQ, summer music festivals, barefeet and lazy days out on a boat? Ahhhh….come back!

    * Don’t forget that I’m selling a few props from my prop closet —-> here.

    (more studio photos)

  7. Lesson Learned: Doing Things Effortlessly


    I wanted to stop by and talk about something that has been popping up lately in my conversations with other creatives, specifically self-employed individuals. There is always this chatter about how to live a life with a career that you are passionate about. To me, that simply means that you need to turn your passions into your career or a supplemental component to your day job. Blurring the lines between jobs and passions is the key to “living the dream”.

    During these conversations with friends, I’ve been asking “So what do you do for fun when you aren’t getting paid?”.  This questions usually evokes a long pause and then something like…”I like to be outdoors. I like to cook/bake. I love renovating my home…” These things are quickly followed by “but I don’t really have any time for those…” I like to turn the conversation around by suggesting a few ways to make a few dollars from those things they do for fun. For example: the friend that loves to cook had  ideas swirling about how to make a cookbook.

    (photo for Clementine Daily)

  8. Sale: A Veda House Prop Closet Sale / Part. 1


    Ok. Here it is. I’m going to be sharing a few items (every couple weeks) that are for sale to anyone interested. Honestly, I was going to open a VH Garage Sale site through Goodsy, but with wedding planning and client work, it’s just a little too much right now. So…here’s a few VH items available on a first come, first serve basis. Just a little note: most of these items are from my prop closet or from my days when I was working on my Market203 project.

    Here’s how it works:

    1. Email Me:  Shoot me an email letting me know what item you are interested in. Please send your home address in the initial email so I can calculate shipping costs. casspyle@gmail.com

    2. Shipping Cost:  If you are the first to respond to an item, I’ll email you back with an estimated shipping cost.

    3. The OK:  You’ll OK the final cost and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice to you.

    4. Ship It:  I’ll ship your item out to you asap!

    If you have any questions about any of the listed items feel free to shoot me an email. Some of the items I have additional images I can share.
    Shipping to US & Canada (additional shipping cost for Canada)

  9. Studio Hours: Envelope Assembly


    It’s Friday!!! I’m so glad that another weekend has made it’s way in to another busy week. I look forward to spending some quality time with my fiance and working on a few wedding projects.

    Speaking of wedding projects…I’m in the thick of it on designing my own invitations. This is by far one of the most complicated projects I’ve taken on and I’ve come to realize it’s near impossible to design for your own wedding, and keep a level head. I had no idea printing would cost so much and that the entire process would be so time consuming. That’s what I get for being a perfectionist and not settling for “good enough” collateral pieces.

    The images above show the envelopes I’m making for the save the dates and formal invites. Of course, I could buy string and button envelopes from a craft store, but they are soooo expensive. So now I’m piecing everything together. Every hole punch, every grommet, every paper disk, every envelope and every piece of string. Ahhhh!

    Sorry, this was a rambling mess. Illustrates where my brain is today. I’ll come back and share the actual invite design later… when I regain sanity.

    (buy grommet punch)

  10. Recent Work: Photo Styling For Clementine Daily


    A few weeks ago, Erin Loechner and I started talking about getting together for another collaboration. I used to contribute regularly to her design blog Design For Mankind in a feature called “Graphic Trends”. Her and I work really well together and we were both eager to start something up again.

    With the universe working magic and good timing, Erin had just launched her newest adventure, Clementine Daily. This space is a place for the every-day woman to stop by for a daily dose of authentic inspiration in the form of original content, beautiful photography, & lovely articles (about home, health, entertaining, trends, etc).

    I’ve been hired by Erin to be a photo stylist for Clementine Daily. I’ve be assigned to style and photograph 5 articles a week and I couldn’t be more excited. Since we both work so well together, this project has felt like a dream! Can’t wait to continue sharing some of the photos with you guys.

    Read some Clementine Posts:
    ( Freshen Up, PumpkinProducts, Army Jacket, Organization, & Royal Blue )