1. Notables No. 32 (Design Edition)


    Hello everyone! I hope you all had an amazingly productive week :) I’m been focusing my energy on working with new clients as well as creating more original content for this blog space. My goal is to share almost ALL original content with very little being pulled from the internet. It’s a big undertaking considering that usually means taking a bunch of photos and then editing them, but that’s my favorite part of the whole process! Excited to keep sharing

    Notables This Week (all related to design):

    1. The Noma Authentic website is amazing!
    2. Branding for Tabarka Studio
    3. Lovely lovely CD packaging
    4. I’m in love with this illustration
    5. This 2014 Gem & Mineral calendar

    6. The Monogram 1950 book
    7. Packaging for Etta + Billie
    8. Wedding invitation / Ketchup & Mustard
    9. “E” A Piano album / cover by Tang Ho lun

  2. Recent Work: My Living Room Mini Makeover


    We’ve lived in our little town home now since April (2013) and I just love this little adorable place. I’d say that about 5 years ago, the majority of my money spending transitioned from clothing to almost all home goods. I’ve got a few really great staple pieces, (like my couch, dining table, new mattress) and thanks to my obsession with warehouse diving and antique store shopping, I’ve got a good mix of other “stuff”.

    I always tell myself I could NEVER be an interior designer because I only really like to design within MY style in my home. Now…if I could design in MY style aesthetic everyday…for other people…that’s what I’d do. I’ve had a blast chipping away at each room in my home, pulling the final touches together and slowly making grown up purchases. The room I’ve made the most progress with is our downstairs living area, which consists of the “dining” room and living room (which connects to my home office)

    I hope to get around to posting a full home tour, but until then…This is the “real life” mood board for the space. It was ALL inspired by this St. Louis World’s Fair poster we purchased the first summer we were in the city.

    (Custom Framing, World’s Fair Print)

  3. Inspired By: Organic Patterns


    Dropping in to chat about something that has been inspiring me big time lately – organic patterns. Between taking on a new client who has also been inspired by organic patterns and getting a chance to meet Julia Kostreva this past weekend at DesignerVaca…my mind is now buzzing with ideas. I know this kind of thing is a bit of a trending topic these days, but when you find someone who is using the patterns correctly, it’s a really beautiful thing.

    You’ll be seeing patterning coming through in one of my client projects (to be shared at a later date), so in the mean time I’ll just be sharing some of my inspiration.

    Do you guys have something you’re really gravitating towards these days? I’d love to hear!

    (Pour Porter, Julia Kostreva, A Merry Mishap)

  4. Recent Work: An old project resurfaces – Market 203


    Hi guys! I thought I’d drop in and share an older project with you. This was a personal project of mine that allowed me to experiment with my passion for all things old and vintage and create  a space where I could share that love. Although this project, Market203, is currently off the market, it was still an adventure I loved dearly…and might pick up again later down the road.

    Market203 was  an online market where I sold industrial vintage items on Etsy and BigCartel. I would go out on my weekends and scour old beat up warehouses, flea markets, estate sales, auctions, garage sales…and even a dumpster here and there. I would bring that found item home, fix it up if need be, style it in a scene and then list the item online.

    I’d say this is where my passion for photo styling kind of came about. I had always enjoyed “styling” things together, but never had I captured the scene through my camera. A new passion was born.

    If you’d like to see more of this project, you can browse my portfolio.

    (view Market203 in Portfolio)

  5. Lesson Learned: We’re all faking it


    What a whirlwind of a weekend. I just got back from a trip to Palm Springs where I attended a designer retreat with 50 other creative like-minded women. I’ll be honest and say that the trip was really exhausting, mostly mentally. For me, I felt like I had to constantly be networking to make use of the opportunity in front of me… this meant I was basically talking with new people for 4 days straight. Whew!

    This trip was extremely helpful in making me realize something REALLY important. I found out through honest conversations that all of us ladies felt like we were faking it. We all had really no idea what we were doing with our creative careers and that we are all flying by the seat of our pants. After making this realization there was this wave of comfort that covered the entire room of participants.

    Whether you are just starting out in the freelance world, creating a business from the ground up, or chugging through your day job…we’re all faking it. Knowing this equals the playing field and gave me a new sense of confidence to keep going…to keep figuring things out as I go and pursuing my dreams.

    I’ll be back to talk about more tactical things I learned at the retreat, but the biggest and most comforting take away is that we are all faking it!

  6. Studio Hours: My Childhood Rock Collection


    Hello lovelies! While I’m away in Palm Springs, I thought I’d share something near and dear to my heart – my childhood rock collection. When I went “home” (back to Indiana) to visit family this past August, I was tasked to go through my childhood room and clear out anything valuable because my parents were selling the house. Because I didn’t want to lose anything to my dad “the hurricane throw-awayer”, I did just that.

    As a kid, I was ALWAYS picking up rocks and couldn’t leave the store, Natural Wonders in the mall, without a new rock to add to the collection. I’d also frequently snag some glowing stars for my ceiling, a constellation lamp, or a tube of candy bubbles. That store was magical and I’ll always cherish my memories in that store. Maybe I was an Geologist in my past life…or maybe my next. And one thing I know for a fact is that I was supposed to be a storm chaser in this life. ;)

     (more from my studio)

  7. Veda News: Off To Palm Springs (DesignerVACA)


    Today I’m packing my bags and flying (on a super early flight) to Palm Springs to spend the weekend with 50 other designers, bloggers & creative females at the lovely Ace Hotel. Whoa!!! Last year’s event (only 20 girls) was such a success that the entire event has been re-structed to accommodate more people. The idea is exciting.

    The event is structured like this –> meet great people over shared meals, connect over shared experiences, lay around by the pool, attend really laid back Q&A sessions, explore palm springs, hang out on the Ace Hotel grounds and much more.

    I’m not going to lie. I remember coming back from the event last year feeling 100% overwhelmed by the amount of information I had gathered. I was comparing my successes to all the other girls and the pressure was on. At that point in my career I hadn’t left the agency life yet and was feeling frustrated and feeling stuck. This year (now fully engaged with freelance life) I have a new sense of adventure and determination to gather information.

    Like I mentioned in my post a few weeks ago called Business Travel, I really don’t like the whole traveling process. Fortunately I’ll have a really awesome pool and palm trees waiting for me and not to mention miss Jane Riley waiting for me in the Phoenix airport :)

    (read up on DesignerVaca)

  8. Recent Work: Veda House Portfolio Update


    Wahoo! It’s finally complete.

    You know…Portfolio updates are a bit overwhelming and usually get pushed to the side or to the bottom of the list until you feel absolutely awful. That’s what happened. It had been a good 1.5 years since I even logged into Cargo Collective (where my portfolio is hosted), and now I’ve got a whole new space for you to browse.

    Yes, the updating process was daunting and took me about an entire day, but luckily Cargo Collective is a SUPER user-friendly interface to use. If you know a little bit about editing CSS, your possibilities are nearly endless. I’d suggest this platform for anyone looking for an easy to update – easy on the eyes way to display your work.

    If you’re looking for a designer, shoot me an email. You can learn a little more about me —> here

    (view Portfolio now)

  9. Notables No. 31


    Wow! What a whirlwind of a week last week. I’m crossing my fingers for a little slower week this week and ending the week in Palm Springs, California for a designer retreat with some really talented gals (more on that later). I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends!

    Notables This Week:

    1.  Something about this photo
    2.  A beautiful Mediterranean home
    3.  Lovely large-scale pottery
    4.  Concept store in Amsterdam
    5.  Awesome table styling

    6.  Aren’t these chairs amazing!
    7.  Stack and stacks of beautiful dishes
    8.  Inside Jessica Comingore’s home
    9.  A maker series via Bleubird Vintage