1. Veda News: Help for the Philippines


    Last night I was contacted by Lucia from Utterly Engaged magazine and creator of a lifesaving website called For Philippines With Love. She informed me that today (Friday, November 15) was going to be an official “bloggers day of silence”. This simply means that instead of posting our regular scheduled content, we’d share the word of For Philippines With Love and encourage donations to the cause.

    I thought this was a fabulous idea and immediately jumped on board. Here’s a little snippet from Lucia.

    ” What’s happening in the Philippines is a terrible tragedy, and I’m not one to sit and just watch it happen. Our goal is $3,500 and we’ll be donating to ShelterBox (for emergency shelter) just because we know that daily living essentials are so needed over there right now.”

    Here’s How you can help

    1. Participate in today’s Day of Silence and spread the word!

    2. Visit the official website & Donate today!

    3. Purchase the first IN PRINT issue of Utterly Engaged to donate 10% of your purchase!

    4. Explore other causes who are making a difference


  2. Lesson Learned: The New Client Questionnaire


    Hi guys! Wanted to start another freelance discussion on the blog today. Needing help from the peanut gallery! What would you say if someone asked you…”If your brand was an animal, what would it be?” Confused? haha

    I’ve never formally handed out questionnaires to my new clients, but I’ve got a growing interest in creating a more formal process of gathering the who’s and what’s about my client, but in a really unique and unexpected way. Usually how I handle these things is I ask little questions throughout the entire design process, like “so what colors are you most drawn to” or “what brands are major inspiration to you?”. These questions are obviously helpful, but I have this gut feeling that I could know my clients on an even deeper basis by asking the RIGHT questions.

    With that said, I’m creating a questionnaire to hand out to my new clients. It’s going to be a simple form (5-10 questions) that gives them the opportunity to think about themselves and their brand in a new way. Keep reading after the jump!

  3. Recent Work: Anatomy of a Guest Room


    Ever since moving into our townhouse last spring, I’ve been attacking one room at a time and transforming it into a clean/inviting space. Megan Gilger described my vision of this room best in her blog post yesterday title “modern americana”.  I wanted to keep this space super simple with attention to the finer details.

    EACH piece in this room has a story. Anatomy of each piece below.

    1. Artwork:   Portrait of a friend from college, and my Fiancés father’s print, titled “Creative People”

    2. Farm Ladder:   Thrifted from my favorite antique store here in St. Louis – Rothchild’s

    3. Vintage Clothing:   Hat, vest and clothing hanger all collected over time

    4. Copper Overhead Lamp:   Thrifted by my father and I gave it a mini makeover with spray paint

    5. Dresser:   Left from old tenants and completely refinished ( see before )

    6. Skull:   Found at an antique mall here in St. Louis

    7. Copper Candle Holders:   Made from copper plumbing connectors from Home Depot (Inspired by)

    8. Headboard:   My dad and I found this on the side of the road before I headed to college 8 years ago

    9. Platform Bed:   Made recently from 2×4′s and a large sheet of MDF. Entire project cost $40.00!!

    10. Iron Fan & Nighstand:   Found over time at my favorite antique stores

    Browse my HOME Pinterest board for more ideas!

  4. Lesson Learn-ing : Defining Success



    Thanks to one of my lovely online mentoree’s, I read an article in the NY Times that really struck a cord with me. I read it and knew I needed to share it’s message. As a creative individual it’s almost always hard to explain to people what you do for a living, especially when you are talking about measures of success.

    When I tell people that I am doing what I love and that I will NEVER go back to a 9-5 desk job, I get a bunch of confused faces…especially from the older generations. You get questions like, “what about your 401K” or “what do you do without health insurance?”. People are VERY concerned about these things and the finny thing is…I still have a growing 401K and my health insurance is better than ever.

    In this article, titled “I Want to Be a Millennial When I Retire”  basically talks about doing what you love NOW, and not waiting until you are retired to seek out your dream living arrangement. When talking about measuring success, I loved with the article says “Maybe we need a word for “never having to sit in a meeting where someone reads long power point slides out loud.” I was like “YESSSS!!!”

    The article gives you a good idea of where my mindset is on going for your dreams early. I’m not one to be ok with waiting until it’s perfect timing or for when my bank account is overflowing with funds. I want it NOW and gosh darn it…I’m gonna get it!

    I suggest reading the full article –> here. I’d also love to hear your thoughts on the topic!

    ( Photo )


  5. Veda News: Lazy weekends


    Last Friday I debated and debated whether of not I wanted to blog. Ultimately, my mind was already on the weekend and I didn’t have a creative thread in me. I choose to take the weekend to continue working on a few personal projects. I feel like my house is in a state of half started projects, most of which are related to wedding stuff or my guest room makeover (coming to the blog soon!)

    I’m not complaining though. I feel like lots of exciting things are happening right now, so the sense of unfinished is kind of fun….so many possibilities in the works.

    Anyway…I’m rambling ( I do that a lot). Hope your weeks starts off on the right foot and here are a few images of randomness that is happening in my home these days.

    ( Photos )

  6. Lesson Learned: Perks & Pits No.3


    Its been almost six months since I’ve posted a “perks & pits” post. This post in reference to life as a freelancer and the situations that I can categorize as either a “perk” or a “pit” of the whole experience. When I write these posts, it gives me the opportunity to reflect on the things that are making me happy and maybe some things that need attention to.

    So now I’m officially 7 months into full-time freelance life and here’s my list of perks and pits.


    1. Evolving:   Allowing myself the flexibility to evolve as a designer/freelancer and to experiment with new opportunities and skill sets. I’ve learned a lot about pieces of my career that I’d like to put more attention towards.

    2. Friendships:   In these past 7 months my online friendships has sky rocketed. It’s amazing how your online friendships influence your successes.

    3. Gaining Confidence to Say “No”:   With time and experience I’m gaining the confidence to say “NO” to projects that aren’t perfect for me or my business.

    4. Shopping & Expensing:   Now that I’m running a business out of my home, there is a gained freedom to shop for props and other “business requirements” that I can later expense.

    You can keep reading to see the “pits”
    ( Photo )

  7. Sale: A Veda House Prop Closet Sale / Part 2


    Here’s some more goodies for you. It’s been a nice feeling to clear out the old and make room for the new. With props, it’s nice to swap things in and out to keep things fresh and exciting. All of the items I’ve been selling have made it into many photos over their years and now they are ready to retire to your home! There are a few left over items from last week’s sale. (vintage castor wheels, set of green glass bottles and a whole lot of vintage ceramic marbles. Just a heads up, next week’s sale will include camera gear – vintage and modern.

    Here’s how it works:

    1. Email Me:  Shoot me an email letting me know what item you are interested in. Please send your home address in the initial email so I can calculate shipping costs. casspyle@gmail.com

    2. Shipping Cost:  If you are the first to respond to an item, I’ll email you back with an estimated shipping cost.

    3. The OK:  You’ll OK the final cost and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice to you.

    4. Ship It:  I’ll ship your item out to you asap!

    If you have any questions about any of the listed items feel free to shoot me an email. Some of the items I have additional images I can share.
    Shipping to US & Canada (additional shipping cost for Canada)

  8. Recent Work: Branding for The Design Confidential


    Hello fellow VH readers. I’m excited to share with you a new branding project that I recently wrapped up. I was contacted by Rayan of The Design Confidential ( A DIY/ furniture brand)and she was in need of a complete brand overhaul…the whole deal – new logo, new website, style guide, business cards, media kit. So we’re slowly chipping away at all the details of her new brand image.

    The project started with gathering a lot of inspiration images, both her and I. As a result we selected our most favorite influences and turned them into a guiding moodboard.  From there we nailed down fonts, color palettes and patterns that we wanted to incorporate. Next was the first and second rounds of logo designs, ultimately landing on a primary logo and secondary logo design. We also established ways in which the logo would be incorporated into imagery and how it might be used on her website.

    We’re currently knee deep in The Design Confidential website redesign. The website uses unique user profile technology where people can upload design plans and photos of their finished projects. The site is also a hub for DIY/home inspiration as well as a forum to talk with like minded makers. I’m pretty excited to see the launch. Designs are off to a developer in a matter of day!

    If you are interested in working with me, please stop by my about page  and portfolio to see if we’d make a good fit. If so, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

  9. Inspired By: Heath Ceramics


    Hope you guys had an amazing weekend. I wanted to stop by and share a brand I’ve had my eyes on. The work of Heath Ceramics is always inspiring. With the holiday gift giving season just around the corner, Heath would be a person place to pick up some gifts! They are constantly putting out beautifully crafted pieces with originality. Their methods involve a lot of experimenting and concept development with an eye always on design principals.

    I love that they acknowledge that they are their own client and will continue to produce beautiful pieces that make them happy. You can read more about their extensive back story and heritage (here) as well as shop your little hearts out (here).

    ( Browse Heath Ceramics )

  10. Notables No. 34


    I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to a sunny Friday and weekend. It’s been all doom and gloom here in St. Louis this week, which has put a real cramp in my style for photographing with natural light. Hope everyone has an amazing Friday and weekend :)

    Notables This Week:

    1. Some tips of framing art via A Design Sponge
    2. Beautiful handle pulls on these cabinets
    3. A glimpse at twelve Brooklyn apartments
    4. A home in the Catskills
    5. Goldie & Co. – A collaborative workspace

    6. Amazing ceramics at Chen Williams shop
    7. Where a graphic designer lives
    8. Beautiful framed artwork via Varpunen
    9. I love this photoshoot for Les Creatures