1. Giveaway: Diario Shop (closed)


    Good Afternoon!

    If you have freezing cold weather where you are, I hope you’re staying warm.

    Today I’ve got a giveaway for you and a really great shop/artist to share with you. At the end of last year, Moises Hernandez (furniture + product designer) contacted me asking if I’d like to give one lucky Veda House reader a little something to start the new year off right. I jumped on the opportunity because aren’t these handmade pieces just adorable!! I love their simplicity and versatility. The two cups and napkin were designed to be a part of his Diario Shop collaboration.

    If black and white isn’t your favorite color scheme be sure to check out the Dario Shop to browse all products from this collection. I’m also loving the Red Clay pieces in the collection.

    One lucky winner will win this full set ( one enamel coffee mug, one enamel tequila cup, and one napkin )

    Here’s How To Enter:
    1. Visit Diario Shop to check out the rest of Moises’ beautiful work
    2. Leave a comment below telling me your biggest goal of 2014 :)

    That’s it. Best of luck. Winner will be announced Tuesday, January 14th.

  2. Veda News: Hello & Brrrr!


    Hi Guys! Wow, it’s been quite awhile since I’ve visited this space. The last 2 weeks of unplugging was exactly what I needed to do to transition into the new year. During my time “off”, I thought I’d have all these ideas swirling around my head about what I’d want to come back and blog about, but honestly…my mind never wondered in that direction. This was my indication that taking a break was way over due. I hope you all were able to unplug at some point during the holidays.

    Now that I’m back, I’ve been a busy bee planning an exciting start to the new year. Later today I have a wonderful giveaway lined up with Diario Shop (some lovely home goods). Later in the week there will be  a look back at my favorite posts of 2013, a little chit chat about what freelance life means to me these days, and even a little sneak peek at some of my recent work with The Design Confidential.

  3. Veda News: A Holiday Unplug


    We’re getting closer and closer to the end of the month, which for me means that I get to go spend some decent time with extended family and unplug from all digital devices a bit. I’ve been looking forward to this moment all month long and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m feeling a bit run down from all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and a super busy working season (which I’m super thankful for).

    Just a little heads up, this space is going to be pretty quiet for the next two weeks. I’m going to do my best to completely unplug from the computer and start up posting again in the new year. I’m hoping this time away will inspire me to come back with new creativity and new ideas for collaborations.

    I look forward to chatting about anything and everything in the New Year. Please take the time you need this Holiday season to unplug yourself, rest up, and soak in all the family time that comes with the season.

    Thanks for all your continued support of this blog and my tiny little growing business. Happy Holidays!

  4. Recent Work: Veda House Postcards


    Hi everyone! I have a fun thing to share with you today. A few months back, when Artifact Uprising launched their postcard packs, I jumped in. These beauties are made are really high quality paper and come ready for you to write a little note (add a stamp) and send off. You have the option to upload up to 20 different photos through a really simple seamless online form. Definitely give it a try!

    I’ll be using my branded postcards to send little notes off to new clients or when I want to connect with past clients. I hope that receiving something unique in the mail will put a smile of the face of anyone who picks them up.

    Have you guys used Artifact Uprising before? Recommend any other products by them?

  5. Inspired By: Annalenna’s Hem


    I’ve been a die hard Annalenna fan for a few years now and check in on her blog multiple times a week. I love her unique eye for styling, the lovely items in her shop, and the DIY projects she shares. One of my newly favorite features on her blog is called “one photo”, where she shares how only one photo has inspired her in some way. This new feature has introduced me to many other amazingly talented people.

    If you’re searching for a new blog to follow – Annalenna’s Hem is definitely one to check out.

    ( photos )

  6. Lesson Learned: Being of Service


    I’ve been thinking a lot about the golden rule … “Do onto others as you would like them to do to/for you.” Aside from the obvious benefits, I think this concept of being of service is some really important in the self employed/freelance world.  I’m noticing that with “freelance” you are constantly putting yourself out there, hoping the universe will reward you with a shiny new client, or maybe even a much needed break. You do things with the hopes that you will get something in return.

    What if you changed things up a bit and did things, just for the act of doing things…more importantly – did things for others with no intention of getting anything in return? Again, nothing new and ground breaking here…but is this the key to success in the world of the self employed.

    Gabrielle Bernstein, my self-aclaimed spirit guide these days talk about this concept often. She often mentions instances where she’s gone out of her way to be of service to people she admires…and just by the act of doing good…the universe showers her with things she’s been hoping for. She reminds us that you may not see an immediate result, but if you change the way you think about “being of service” BIG things change for us. You start to manifest everything you ever dreamed of…one at a time.

    I know I’m rambling a bit here, but basically the question is “How can I make your life easier…??” When you ask this question to those you work with, those you hope to work with, family and friends, what happens?

    You can download Gabrielle Bernstein’s Service Meditation here where she starts of the meditation with an excerpt from The Prayer of Saint Francis.

    In the spirit of the holidays and giving, I’m just curious to hear about how this concept has worked for you. Have you tried it and seen great results?


    (photo for Clementine Daily)

  7. Notables No. 36 (Shop Small Edition)


    I just realized it’s been a while since I’ve posted on of these posts. I really enjoy gathering some of the most notable posts (in my opinion) from the week. For this edition, I’m sharing some of my favorite small scale shops that would be perfect places to pick out some holiday goodies for your friends/family. Please stop by and show your support for shopping small!

    Notables This Week (Shop Small):

    1. Iron & Resin (For motorcycle riding lovers)
    2. The newly launched Lone Flag site
    3. An all time fav – Imogene + Willie
    4. The beautiful Shop Terrain
    5. Handcrafted at Stitch & Hammer

    6. Died goods via Scout & Catalogue
    7. Really unique pieces by Le Shop
    8. Have you ordered your Julia ’14 planner yet?
    9. Leif Shop has great textiles!

  8. Studio Hours: Season For Knitting


    Hi guys! Stopping by to share a little knitting inspiration. Knitting is a relatively new things to me (only been doing it for 2 years now), but I’m addicted.

    I don’t have any super skills, but I do love plopping myself in front of the TV and mindlessly crafting a cozy scarf. Maybe I’ll get a little more adventurous this winter.

    Here are a few “must see” knitting things –>

    First, my Friend Emma Robertson (Emmadime) has just realized her book on Knitting that is available on Amazon. The book is beautiful and all photography was shot by Max Wagner. Congrats Emma!

    Second, if you are a new knitter just starting out, you must watch the  Wool & The Gang how-to videos. Incredibly helpful and easy to follow –> http://www.woolandthegang.com/video-tutorials
    I also found the book Stitch n’ Bitch to be really informative.

    Third-ly, If you are wanting some inspiration as to what to make, you can check out my “knitted” Pinterst board. Are these massive yarns just gorgeous!


  9. Giveaway Winners (Maple+Mauve)


    Here we are folks! Back in the swing of things and pushing towards the holiday finish line. I wanted to thank you all again for being such loyal Veda House readers. You all shared your love for the Jewelry brand, Maple + Mauve and two of you are lucky winners.

    Congratulations goes out to Caitlin P and Kelly B!!! Please check you email inbox for an email from me.

  10. Studio Hours: Thanksgiving Table for Two


    I hope everyone had a beyond fabulous Thanksgiving (here in the states). This year was a little bit different for my Mister and I. We decided to minimize the amount of long distance travel this season and traded long car rides for super lazy days at home. Our Thanksgiving vacation started Wednesday when the mister came home from work early. On Thursday we cooked and baked our little hearts out – trying to make family recipes for the first time (and in smaller portions). On Friday we had a Christmas explosion! We bought some fresh garland from a local tree farm, set up our Christmas tree and watched a bunch of movies. The whole break was the definition of perfection. We started new traditions and had a chance to just breath!

    This was our table setting. The beautiful dining room chairs were graciously gifted by the folks over at Euro Style Lighting. I think the contrast of white black and lightly stained wooden legs work just perfectly in our dining room.

    (Chairs via Euro Style Lighting)