1. Studio Hours: Wedding Update


    Hi Guys. The one month countdown to wedding week has officially begin. This time next month, I’ll be packing my bags for a whirlwind of a month and couldn’t be more excited. These past few weeks have been spent pulling together the finer details of the event, such as buying clothing for the honeymoon in Tulum Mexico, scheduling salon appointments and making final DJ playlist selections. I’m getting really antsy!!!!

    One of the projects I’ve been toying with for months now is making natural fabric dyes to create beach flags for the ceremony. I got the idea fr

    href=”http://greenweddingshoes.com/dreamy-beach-proposal-colleen-justin/” target=”_blank”>photoshooton the Green Wedding Shoes website. The flags are dyed using the natural pigments found in yellow onion skins. Its the combination of amount of time in the dye and amount of water that gets the color to range from yellow, to peach, to pink. Lots of experimenting to get just the right colors.

    If you’re interested in making your own natural plant based dyes, this is the resource I used.


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    envelope assembly, the smaller details, and final invites!

  2. Inspired By: Uncommon Matters


    Hey there! Is it going to be spring yet? The midwest is just holding on to dear life to those chilly days and unpredictable storms…I’ve about had enough of it. With that said, I’ve been oooing and ahhhhing over all the spring jewelry and clothing launches these past few weeks. So many great things happening and some very unique “outside the box” kinda stuff!

    One of those really unique brands happens to be Uncommon Matters. Amélie Riech, creator/artist/jewelry maker extraordinaire describes her brand like this…

    “When traditional craftsmanship meets the immateriality of the future”

    How awesome is that? Geek out moment. Want to learn more about her process or materials used, stop by her site!

    ( Browse Uncommon Matters )

  3. In Collaboration w. Bonheur Prints


    Back to blogging!! I’ve taken a few days  to remedy a head cold after getting back from the other side of the US, But here I am and ready to share with you another really great brand I had the privilege of working with recently. Have you guys heard of Bonheur Prints? This company specializes in fine art photography prints and I was just blown away by the print quality of each piece. You can shop by artist or by category and the selection is continuing to grow.

    I chose a few landscape images to be paired together and potentially hung in my living room or bedroom. I got them framed and matted and I couldn’t be any happier with how they turned out. Go check it out!


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  4. Notable No. 42


    Hi Guys! I’m in Denver doing a little scouting for an upcoming adventure (more on that soon) and wanted to stop in and share some of my favorite links I’ve found recently while scouring the net. Thanks to all of you who said they enjoy this feature. I think I’ll keep it around for a while longer ;)

    Notables This Week:

    1. A dreamy ceramic studio 
    2. The colors and patterns of this spring post
    3. This beautiful South African estate
    4. A cozy cottage via Design Sponge
    5. A fashion designer’s studio space

    6. This entire photoshoot for Kinfolk
    7. Love the rustic touches
    8. Beautifully dyed pillow
    9. This photo gets me excited about our honeymoon

  5. Inspired by: HRUSKAA


    It’s no shocker that I’m a big fan of Scandinavian design and home decor, so posting about HRUSKAA shouldn’t be a big surprise. This amazing little Etsy shop creates Scandinavian inspired decor pieces such as Himmeli Mobiles and plant hangers. I just love the geometric aspects and the simple materials used. The shop owner (Melissa from Michigan) does a really great job showcasing the roots of Scandinavian design.

    ( Shop HRUSKAA )

  6. Lesson Learned Mini-Series: Taking Cues From Our Childhood



    “In order to live a fascinating life – one brimming with art, music, romance, and intrigue –
    you must surround yourself with precisely those things.”
    — unknown author —

    Hello Veda House Readers! I’ve been excited to share with a new little build on the regular “lesson learned” freelance series. I’ve paired up with Maggie of Type & Title (the amazing talent behind the hand lettering on my wedding invites!) to chat about a few freelance topics that “just starting out” individuals may really get into. With this mini series, I’ll be answering questions about making the leap to a freelance career. We’ll then pair the question with a quote to illustrate the topic together; my photography and Maggie’s lettering. We’re starting way back at our childhood with the first topic below.

    How has your childhood potentially shaped your professional career? Were there distinct “clues” that now looking back, really spoke loudly towards which career you’d choose?

    As I grow older (especially during the first part of the new year), I find myself reflecting back to my childhood on a more regular basis. I find it super interesting to see how our pasts shape whom we are today, all the little elements building upon one another. For a lot of us, or childhood hobbies are the roots of the career path we choose later in life.

     ( Keep Reading over on Type & Tile )


  7. In Collaboration W: 70percentpure


    Hello friends! I’ve got another really fun collaboration to share with you today. Back at the start of the new year I was contacted by the lovely Stephanie Duval of 70percentpure. Stephanie is a lifestyle journalist/ blogger/creative living in Geneva and she was excited to share a recent project of hers with me. Recently, Stephanie had the opportunity to work with Antwerp diamond accessory label Diamati Per Tutti to design her own capsule collection – inspired by graphic design, architecture and my minimalist style.

    She reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in a piece of jewel from her collaboration to help spread the word . With a shared mentality that is “less is more”, I was immediately drawn to these beautiful geometric pieces and eager to help spread the word.  Watch a fun video from the shoot.


    ( In Collaboration w. 1 )

  8. Worn. 04


    Sharing my favorite new addition to my wardrobe and I can foresee spending my entire summer wearing it. This beautiful teal striped tunic from Emerson Fry stole my heart and I was able to snag it at an outlet price!! I’ve started buying a few key pieces to take on my honeymoon trip to Tulum, Mexico. I’ve actually added an absurd amount of color (for me), so I’m pretty excited for a change.


    Worn / teal stripped tunic from Emerson Fry Outlet, denim jeans BDG,
    black leather boots by Steven, necklace (gifted/ forget maker),


    ( Worn 01, Worn 02, Worn 03 )

  9. Recent Work: Photo Styling & Photography for Commodity Goods


    Hello there! I’ve got something fun to share with you and it builds on the collaboration I shared last week. I’ve recently been working with Commodity Goods to help bring their online visuals to life. You can see some of the finished images on their site now.Don’t you just love their branding!

    The objective for this project was to give the male scents and the female scents a bit of a unique personality. I had fun styling the photos, photographing and editing everything in a way that was “relaxed and lived in”. I hope to be able to work with the team in the next few months and continue building their image library.

    Stay tuned for the second part of the collaboration. The mister and I have been experimenting and finding “our scents”. If you haven’t explored Commodity Goods, definitely give the fitting kit a try. It’s only $9!

    ( View My Portfolio )

  10. Studio Hours: Around Here


    Hello dearies. Just stopping in to say hello. Sorry for the mini crickets over here. Days have been long and wild. I’ve been knee-deep in client photo shoots, new websites, wedding planning, and getting organized enough to do my taxes. We had two really warm days this week that allowed me to escape outside a few times, but now that those days are gone (and colder temperatures are back), I’m got extreme cabin fever.

    How about you guys?