1. Notable No.1


    After about 1.5 years of doing Friday Finds & Favs the same way, I felt a need for change. In an effort to make that featured post a little more visual (maybe a little more enticing to explore) I’ve switched things up. Hope you like the switch (and the new title)

    1.”New-To-Me” artist of the week – Russian Red
    2. Building Block bags are dreamy !
    3. Beach cabanas in the Netherlands.
    4. Raw Color presents “Eating By Design”.
    5. Lauren Moffatt’s home featured on Design Sponge.
    6. Parker Fitzgerald shoots with Vera Balyura.
    7. Zara for kids, fall collection.
    8. Jennifer at the beach. Lovely photo :)
    9. New York in the 80’s. (via Miss Moss)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Friday Finds & Favorites / 71


    1. Tips for designing your website from Promise Tangeman.

    2. Isn’t this a great way to introduce your engagement to your family?

    3. Love this youtube video showcasing the song by John Newman (cheating)

    4.  I will see this movie, Anna Karenina. So excited!

    5. Because I work at an advertising agency I had to share this. Memphis Tennessee comeback travel video.

    6. A simple DIY project. Turning magazine pages into envelopes.

    7. One of my favorite new blog post series to check out. Called “Charleston, I love you” by Olivia Rae James.

    8. Do you love flower arrangements and beautiful blogs? Here’s a good one for you. An Apple a Day by Amy Merrick.

    9. The Rifle Paper Co. blog is just lovely. So much whismy!

    10. Favorite band of the week—> Yellow Ostrich.

    Happy Weekend!

  3. Friday Finds & Favorites / 70


    1. If you haven’t seen this already, Where have you been???? Just kidding. I’m still in love with the new Herriot Grace video.

    2. I love this DIY. Using recycled sailcloth to cover chairs and create curtains. Great idea!

    3. This is another DIY added to my relatively “easy” list of things to do. Hand painted linen kitchen towels.

    4.  This post by Melissa (of Dear Baby) about being spontaneous really hit home for me.

    5. Have you watched Erin’s Mom.me maternity video series. She’s adorable!!!

    6. I would like one of everything in this shop…Please & Thanks

    7. Needs some new tunes this week. Check out Armistice on Bandcamp.

    8. The most beautiful ceramic tiles I ever did see. OMGolly.

    9. Brass details in this home are stunning. Who would of known I would of liked something BRASS!

    10. Favorite blog of the week —> Johanna Wallin

    Happy Weekend!

  4. Friday Finds & Favorites / 69


    Hey guys, Sorry for the lack in posting this week. I’ve been down and out with Mono and let me tell you, this illness is a curse for impatient people. OMG. I’m hoping to start feeling better soon and to be back to posting regularly. Until then, here’s some links I’ve collected.

    1. Have you guys seen The Voracity by Anna Williams? Such a great collection of photographic themes.

    2. I recently made Red Wine Sangria for a friends house warming party and it was delish. Here’s the recipe I used.

    3. Have you ever wondered how to access the fancy font variants you see in script fonts? Here’s how!

    4.  This article by Margarita Tartakovsy is really great. You’ll see some creative faces you may know being featured.

    5. I think this print might be added to my personal collection soon. The color and illustration is just perfect.

    6. These snug geometric magnets are awesome.

    7. Curious about what plants you should put on your patio to keep the bugs away. One Kings Lane has the answer.

    8. I really really love this video featured by the Selby. Such a great way to live a creative life.

    9. Jessica Comingore’s 5 ways to find inspiration.

    10. Newest favorite blog to stop by —> US-ology

    Happy Weekend!