1. Notable No.1


    After about 1.5 years of doing Friday Finds & Favs the same way, I felt a need for change. In an effort to make that featured post a little more visual (maybe a little more enticing to explore) I’ve switched things up. Hope you like the switch (and the new title)

    1.”New-To-Me” artist of the week – Russian Red
    2. Building Block bags are dreamy !
    3. Beach cabanas in the Netherlands.
    4. Raw Color presents “Eating By Design”.
    5. Lauren Moffatt’s home featured on Design Sponge.
    6. Parker Fitzgerald shoots with Vera Balyura.
    7. Zara for kids, fall collection.
    8. Jennifer at the beach. Lovely photo :)
    9. New York in the 80’s. (via Miss Moss)

    Have a lovely weekend!