1. In collaboration w. Vuela Boutique / Kuppers & Wuytens

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    Hello there my faithful readers. It’s been a little over two months since I’ve last created content in this space, but I wanted to stop by today and share a fun little collaboration with you. I’ll hope to fill you in on why I’ve been MIA very soon. Thanks so much for your patience :)


    When the company Vuela Boutique contacted me months ago, I just fell in love with their range of products and their sophisticated eye for curating the best mix of items. I’m a real sucker for uniquely crafted leather accessories, so when I saw that Vuela Boutique had a few items from Kuppers & Wuytens in their summer collection, I knew I had to share both these brands with you! The item shown above is the stunning Sophie bag crafted by the duo Jan Kuppers and Karen Wuytens, in Belgium.


    Vuela Boutique was founded on the principal of bringing hard-to-find beauties back to the states. Founder, Marji De Las Alas says ” Vuela Boutique provides access to global design but with the personalized service you might find in a cozy neighborhood Boutique.” Her mission and brand story really resonated with me as I’m a firm believer of living with less and curating a home interior space that is rooted in story.  You can check out more Vuela goodies at the very first Pop Up Shop this Saturday!


    Vuela Boutique Pop Up Shop


    Althouse Boutique, Downtown LA

    12-6 PM


  2. A Favorite Corner with Framebridge


    Hi guys! I can’t wait to share this little corner of my living room with you! Since we are now officially living in the “West”, I wanted to go with a arid landscape mood with warm woods that would stand out against our white walls. I could have easily chosen a black or white frame (my usual go-to), but decided to step outside my comfort zone and try a new look.

    With the help of Framebridge, I was able to get some larger scale art pieces framed on a budget (I’m forever thankful, team Framebridge!). I couldn’t be any happier with the finished product, the quality of the frames, how stupid easy the entire process was and how quickly I was able to mark this project off my to-do list…and free really good about it.

    In the past, getting artwork framed has been a real headache and a major dent to my wallet. I love collecting new pieces of art, but the art usually sits unframed for far too long. I’ve used everything from frames from IKEA (usually the RIBBA line), the so so ones at Target, to a fully customized made-to-order situation. In the past, that last option has turned out the best, but the overall experience was horrendous…not to mention the final framed art piece weighs as much as me. So…

    I recommend Framebridge for any framing projects. I won’t hesitate in the future. Yes, it’s still an investment, but you will not be disappointed and you’ll actually enjoy the process. Did I mention how awesome customer service was? Sold yet? haha?

    Interested in the exact specs for these pieces? More after the jump.


  3. Recent Work: Interview w. The Citizenry



    Today I’ve got some more fun things to share with you! Last fall (almost a year ago now!) I started working with The Citizenry. The lovely duo, Rachel Bentley and Carly Nance launched Collection One about a month ago and we’ve been jumping with joy as the word gets out about these beautiful products. The three of us really “hit it off” before the design process started and our friendship just continues to grow as we jump all the hurdles of starting a new brand. I’m beyond thankful they have brought me along for the ride.

    Now that Collection One (from Peru & Argentina) is now officially LIVE and out in the world, I’ve wanted to sit down (interview style) with the girls and reminisce about the ups and downs of the development and design process. It’s been a learning experience for the whole crew and I’ve really enjoyed looking back through the past year.


    Let’s dive in, shall we? (more…)

  4. In Collaboration W. Rose & Fitzgerald


    Hi Lovelies!

    Today’s a great day and I have a really amazing brand to share with you. Wahoo! If you’ve been following along, a few weeks ago (while away getting hitched) I posted about some jewelry from the brand Rose & Fitzgerald. <— read it here if you missed it. The ring and bangle from the summer collection has quickly become a everyday staple in my wardrobe. Thanks Courtney for passing it my way!


  5. In Collaboration W: 70percentpure


    Hello friends! I’ve got another really fun collaboration to share with you today. Back at the start of the new year I was contacted by the lovely Stephanie Duval of 70percentpure. Stephanie is a lifestyle journalist/ blogger/creative living in Geneva and she was excited to share a recent project of hers with me. Recently, Stephanie had the opportunity to work with Antwerp diamond accessory label Diamati Per Tutti to design her own capsule collection – inspired by graphic design, architecture and my minimalist style.

    She reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in a piece of jewel from her collaboration to help spread the word . With a shared mentality that is “less is more”, I was immediately drawn to these beautiful geometric pieces and eager to help spread the word.  Watch a fun video from the shoot.


    ( In Collaboration w. 1 )

  6. In Collaboration w. Commodity Goods ( part 1 )


    I’ve got another new series for you this year and I’m really excited about it. Over the past year, this little blog has grown and grown. We’re still itty bitty, but a bigger kind of itty bitty  and that means some exciting changes have taken place. In 2014 I hope to be able to share more of my favorite brands with you. There are so many amazing makers, craftsman, crafters, and shakers out there and I’m just dying to share my favorites with you.

    I’m calling this new post series “In Collaboration W.” because I’ll be collaborating with my favorite brands to share their story and my love for what they are doing. First up is one of my more recent clients,  Commodity Goods!


  7. branding backwards / 11

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    Have you guys seen the beautiful paper goods shop called Quill & Fox?? They’ve been around for awhile, but if you haven’t heard of them – I’d definitely suggest of stop. I promise you’ll fall in love! They have rich designs with quirky illustrations. A definitely must have if you love sending notes to your friends and family.

    And of course, make sure you stop by my blog to see what Cassie picked out today!

    Quill & Fox / Table of Notes / terrarium set / book / stamps / adventure print / breanna rose

  8. branding backwards / 10


    First of all, a MAJOR thank you to West Elm for featuring our most recent Branding Backwards post of ours on their blog! That was a majorly cool surprise. Anyway, on to the next feauturing one of my favorite food blogs, Spoon Fork Bacon. I’m a big fan of theirs for two reasons. One, they have AWESOME / quriky branding. I mean, check out that pig. Fun, right?? And two, they have extremely unique recipes that never fail to make my mouth water.

    Remember to stop by my blog to see what Cassie is cooking up!! Something good, I bet.

    spoon fork bacon / drinks / ice cream / cutlery / tarts / tacos / breanna rose

  9. branding backwards / 09


    I thought I would keep things a little more neutral this week for Branding Backwards since the last post was SO colorful. But of course, I managed to find a brand that uses pops of color extremely well. West Elm, that is. One of my favorite things about walking through this store is all of the neutral + modern-ness going on with a little bit of funk thrown in here and there. It’s perfect!

    Make sure you stop by my blog to see what Cassie’s cooking up today.

    west elm / bedroom / clock / spoons / dots / kitchen / chair / breanna rose

  10. The Veda House x I ART U Summer Collaboration 2


    Today I get to share with some more photos from Jennifer of I Art U. She’s a fabulous lifestyle photographer with a really lovely eye for capturing the beauty of everyday life and the things around her. This summer, we’re doing a little photo collaboration (one topic each month) and this month the theme was favorite neighborhood in our city. Stop by her blog to see my favorite city!

    Favorite San Luis Obispo Neighborhood — Railroad District

    San Luis is a small coastal town, and when I’m home and wanting a break from work, you can find me enjoying the outdoors (beachin’ it or hiking trails), or in the Railroad District of SLO. My favorite businesses all exist within walking distance–Sally Loo’s CaféThe Yoga CentreMeze Wine Café and Market, and I enjoy the vibe of The Sanitarium, a great B&B for out-of-towners. I love the mix of styles of buildings in the area and the best thing is that they are within steps of each other. If you’re ever out this way, please come for a visit!