1. Inspired by: Bedow’s Book for Julia Hetta


    Julia Hetta (photographer) worked with Bedow (graphic design studio run by Perniclas Bedow) to create a really stunning booklet of her photography work. I’ve always loved the photos by Julia because they have a very mysterious fine art quality to them. I think Bedow did a really good job at showcasing her photos in unique way and I’ve been drawing a lot of inspiration from her with one of my current freelance projects. I just love working with other artists, especially when it involves designing their portfolio or lookbooks!

    If you need help designing your artist portfolio (print or digitally) or a lookbook for for next season’s launch, shoot me an email. I’d LOVE to work with you :)

  2. Inspired By: Matthew Craven


    I recently stumbled upon the work of Matthew Craven and fell in love with his black and white ink drawings. His signature style is to sketch on aged paper and has a historical/cultural feel to them. I love how they feel like they were torn from the antique pages of a really unique history book .

    See more of his work here!

  3. Inspired by: Matthew Brannon


    Back in 2012, Matthew Brannon had a gallery show at the Office Baroque Gallery, titled Ventriloquist. I first saw a few pieces of his work when Amy Moore posted about his just recently. When I first saw his work, I pretty much stared at it for a good 15 min. Completely feel in love with not only his work, but how it was presented in the gallery. I’ve always been curious to see how/why artist arrange artwork the way the do, and Matthew’s collection is just stunning. See more photos here.

    Thanks Amy for posting yet another inspiring artist to follow :)

  4. Inspired by: Gerhard Richter, Atlas


    Gerhard Richter is one of the most influential artist who has re-defined contemporary painting and is a master of abstraction. Gerhard chose to paint from pictures so he didn’t have to waist his time choosing a subject. Atlas, is a project that maps the ideas, life and processes of Gerhard. I love the Atlas project because it showcases Gerhard’s newspaper clippings, photos and sketches that have inspired him over the years.

  5. Inspired By: Mack Publishing

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    In the near future, I’ll be revising my own portfolio as well as taking on a new freelance job to  help a friend revise hers. I was completely inspired by MACK. MACK is an independent publishing house that works with artists, writers and curators to create a book, that tells that artist’s story. All the books are beautifully produced and each has their own personality.

    Check out a bunch more here!

  6. Hanging Art


    As an art/design student, I frequently attended gallery shows and occasionally had my work in a few. Over the years, I became really drawn to unique and minimal ways to display art. I’d love to have a few of these picture rail hanging systems to hang things is a really clean and minimal way. I love how the artwork appears to be floating. What do you guys think?

    * Image above is a abstract version of the real thing, but check out the real picture rail hangers here! Really neat!
    * This post was done in collaboration with AS Hanging Systems. (Thanks!)
    * The artwork shown is from the brand new Etsy shop Ammiki & the Bamboo frames you can get at Dick Blick

  7. inspired by: Malin Gabriella Nordin


    Malin is an artist from Sweden who currently works in Norway. Her work is so striking to me and I’m finding a lot of inspiration in the organic shapes, texture usage, mini installations,and color palettes used. As you can see from my header design, her and I have a little love affair for ambiguous shapes with overlaying textures. :) She’s making quite a name for herself in the art/gallery scene and has had many notable shows over the past few years.

    Browse her work here and read her blog!

    *above images made with graphite, permanent market, acrylic, papier-mâché (2010)

  8. mini collection: crystals


    If you’re a frequent visitor of this blog, you’ll know that I’m a fan of rocks, minerals and crystals. I’ve posted about them here and here. This is my personal mini collection, ranging in size, shape, and color. Currently I have these guys scattered around my loft and I love how they bring a natural element to the room.

    I look forward to sharing more of my mini collections with you soon :)

    * all photos by Veda House