1. Recent Work: The Citizenry Photo Styling


    Hi Guys! Thanks so so much for bearing with me while I weather the summer blues and the plague of being uninspired. This summer has come with many life transitions (wedding, cross-country move, husband starting new business, etc), but the real world doesn’t hit the pause button like you wish it could.

    Freelance work has kept up it’s busy pace and I’ve had the privilege to work with the most amazing brand over the past 8+ months. The girls of The Citizenry have basically adopted me to help them brand their business, concept and style their products, and even photograph and edit all the imagery for their branding and website. It’s been a real dream come true to have my hands on so many integral pieces of this amazing brand.

    These photos are just a few photos I’ve taken for the brand. I’ll be sharing more and more over the upcoming months! Be sure to head on over to the pre-order website now to snag a few of these items. Let me tell you…that San Pedro Throw is to die for and I can’t wait to receive my very own Estrella’s Rug later this month!

    ( shop pre-orders now )

    * All product photos, branding design and website design is by yours truly, Veda House. Website development by sister duo Telegraph Creative
    1. alicia says:

      Great work Cassie. You have such a good eye. Product shots are usually kinda meh, nothing exciting, but these are so good, each shot is so interesting.
      Whenever I see your photo styling work I miss taking photos myself. Life just kind of takes over, you get busy, and the camera gets buried in the back of the closet. Must get it out again!!!!

    2. Kory says:

      Love that first photo! It’s so very you, and it works so well as a graphic!

    3. Maja says:

      Such bright shots. Nice work, really makes the pieces shine!

    4. Margo says:

      Your photography is so uniquely you, and I think your clients really benefit from having such unique photography. You see the same setups on almost every site. Probably because it’s difficult to get shots that are creative- but actually show what is being sold. But you always nail it in a really clever and unique way that let’s the product speak for itself!

      • veda says:

        Wow. Thanks Margo. Thanks for the ego boost today and I’m super excited you like how the brand is visually being captured :)

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