1. Veda News: We’re Back (from Ms. to Mrs.)



    Hello dear loyal Veda House readers. I’m back from my month long wedding hiatus and am so thankful that so many of you stopped by the blog while I was away. I hope you enjoyed the guest bloggers who were generous enough to provide amazing content.

    I’ll be sharing more about the wedding and honeymoon in posts to come, but wanted to stop in and say “hi” while a take a little while to regroup and get back into the swing of a normal work week. The mister and I are currently packing up all our belongings and will be making the move to Denver in about a week. Lots of transitions happening, but we couldn’t be more excited.

    Aren’t all the palms pretty? All the photos above are from our wedding location and trip in Tulum Mexico. One thing I noticed while away is that my love (maybe obsession) for tropical plants is VERY strong these days. I’ve always been a die-hard beach fan, but I had no idea how overwhelming I loved me some palms….and agave…and cactus…all of it. I definitely documented my palm love on Instagram while traveling. You can see some snippets from our travels in the link below.

    ( Veda House Instagram )

    1. jensen says:

      i love all the texture in that third photo — so, so good.

      +++ welcome back!

    2. Corina Nika says:

      Oh my god, those picture are so much gorgeousness! YES i adore the palms, so beautiful i just keep staring at them! So happy for you and can’t wait to see more pictures!

    3. alicia says:

      Welcome back Mrs :) Loved following along on your instagram and these pictures are beautiful too. I’m craving a little get-away myself now!

    4. absolutely gorgeous photos! welcome back :)

    5. Alix says:

      Where did you honeymoon in Tulum? Any hotel or resort recommendations? Congratulations!

    6. How hard it must be to go back to normal life when you experienced one whole month of life at a way lower level of speed. I’ve always wondered, how does it feel to live and work (as a freelancer), on a Island in Greece for exemple. How would you experience your working hours, and how would the setting change your work, your mood, yourself ..

    7. Maria says:

      The photos are amazing!!! I can’t wait to see more. Congratulations and welcome back! xoxo

    8. Kate says:

      Yay! I can’t wait to see more!

    9. Glad your back, lovely pictures, love my mexico and all the beautiful places it has. So happy for you and your new life. Congrats.

    10. […] A crisp pair of Bermuda shutters in Tulum, Mexico. When open, this centuries old design helps protect interiors from the harsh sun as well as provide a clear view to the outdoors, thanks to its specially angled slats. Photo via Veda House. […]

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