1. Notables No.40


    Hey there! Wanted to drop by today to share some of my favorite things on the net this week. Can you believe this is notables post #40!

    I also wanted to ask if you guys like this feature enough to keep it around? I’ve got a few ┬ánew features lined up for the blog this year and I don’t want to lose focus. In the past this has been a favorite, so please leave a comment if you’d like it to stay or leave! Your help deciding is greatly appreciated. Also, for those of you on Instagram..I kinda started sharing photos again on my account. You can follow me here.

    Notables This Week :

    1. Beautiful salad recipe shared via The Design Files
    2. This boho house looks super cozy
    3. This embroidered shirt needs to get in my closet
    4. This dresser is just adorable, via design sponge
    5. I’d live outside if I had a patio like this

    6. I love the pops of blue in this bathroom
    7. Denim overalls. Love em or hate em?
    8. Geometric stacking bracelets, so pretty!
    9. Loving the woven artwork by Brook & Lyn

    1. ouu i love that patio and woven artwork! i would adore both in my future home!! i personally really like the notables post! i think it gives us a peak into things you love and have seen around the web. i really love when bloggers share these kind of mash-ups of their favourites and yours are always unique and beautifully curated!

    2. Great links, I love all the blue and white! Have a great weekend :)

    3. Funny how woven artworks were not really highly considered in interior design focused minds even until a while ago, and I feel that you see more and more of them everywhere on the internet. I love the kind of clean and minimalist look of this one. For something a little bit more playful, maryanne moodie’s weavings are absolute delight.

    4. stephanie says:

      hi cassie – i really love the notables posts. i always save them for when i feel uninspired, and love browsing around and discovering your favorites. but i’m also very curious to see what new features you’ve got lined up!

    5. 79ideas says:

      ye-e-ey. happy that you like the mallorca’s cottage and thanks for the mention.
      i enjoyed all of your favorite things from the week and love denim – especially jumpsuits :)
      wish you a happy new week.
      greetings from prague.

    6. maggie says:

      i love notables! keep! :) also, so happy you’re sharing more on instagram lately. love seeing you pop up in my feed.

    7. ooo love the overalls – ! so cute!

    8. Sally says:

      I love this series, you always find the loveliest things! That boho house is super cool!

    9. Kelly Brito says:

      Oh, I love denim overalls! But I sure think they don’t match anyone. Some people really look terrible in it. =/ But some people really know how to pull off the look -and when it’s done right… oh goodness! It’s not a piece of garment, it’s an statement!

    10. Kerry Rose says:

      Yes, I do love this series! In fact its one I look forward to most. Discovering little things like those lovely bracelets makes me rather happy!

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