1. Studio Hours: The start of a bedroom Makeover


    One room at a time, I’ve been making way through the house – redecorating this and that. I’ve finally made it to the bedroom, which has ironically been the most neglected room of the house. I’m still trying to wrap up the details, get a few additional artwork pieces framed, a DIY here and there, and then I’ll be ready to share the whole room.

    Until then, I wanted to share this amazing print I just bought from West Elm. This Highland Cow print is in collaboration with Minted.com and I couldn’t be happier with the character this piece brings to the room. I’ve also got my eye on this double exposure Diptych¬†of the dessert.

    Another piece I’ve collected is this amazing handmade pillow from Scout & Whistle. I look forward to pulling the finishing touches together!

    Happy almost Friday!!


    1. Kelly Brito says:

      Happy almost Friday!
      When you started with “One room at a time” it hit me that this is probably what I need. Instead of trying to change the whole thing at once, I should focus on doing it one room at a time. Well, thanks! =D

      • veda says:

        Glad I could help. I feel like I’ve always got my eye out for things for the whole house, but I try to limit my focus to one room. It helps with the whole feeling like you’re making progress as well when you can say “yeah! that room’s done now”. Good luck!

    2. I just posted yesterday on my blog about my own bedroom makeover! So exciting (: I absolutely love the Highland Cow Print as well…

    3. Bre says:

      I’m focusing on one room at a time, too. :) But dang girl, you’ve got skills. Always love your interior diggs. AND THAT PRINT + the wood. So pretty!

      • veda says:

        Thanks for stopping by Bre and thanks for the sweet comments about my home. One room at a time is really the only way to do it!

        Love the photo of your corner of your living room you posted on Instagram today. Love that floor lamp!

    4. Kate says:

      I can’t wait to see the finished product. I absolutely love the cows! Too cute.

    5. This buffalo print is pretty incredible. Kind of a grown up version of Sharon Montrose’s Little Darlings.
      It’s pretty funny cause I live in Amsterdam, but my interior tend to look like more of a Californian home. It’s all about antlers, cow skin, aztec prints, cactus… I guess it’s my way to bring the warm weather in.

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