1. Recent Work: The Design Confidential Business Cards


    Hope everyone enjoyed walking down memory lane with me yesterday when I shared my favorite posts to write and produce content for. It was a nice reminder for me to see how far this little blog has grown over the past year. Exciting stuff!

    Today, I wanted to share another element of The Design Confidential rebranding I’ve been working on with owner, Rayan Turner. The complete branding overhaul started with creating a few moodboards to nail down our direction. Next we moved onto logo creation and a mini branded photoshoot. After that, we designed (and eventually developed) a brand new website. Lastly, Rayan and I worked together to concept and create a few additional branded pieces like new business cards and  a media kit. The finishing touches are being added to the complex web redesign…but I’ll be sharing that soon!

    If you are interested in completely overhauling your creative brand baby, send me an email and let’s chat. My favorite projects to work on are projects like this…with like minded creatives who have a passion for their craft and desire to share their work with others. It’s such a fun community!

    (cards printed here)

    1. Amanda says:

      I love what you’ve done with this rebrand. The typography is clean and minimal, which feels exactly right. Excellent work!

    2. Kory says:

      Wow! I love how unique these are! Great work, as usual, Cas! :)

    3. Josefin says:

      Oh, really nice logotype! You are so talented. I read a lot of blogs written by design freelancers, strangely enough so many of them resemble each other closely in style/layout etc, while yours is just on a completely different level (in the best possible way!) Love reading it!

      • veda says:

        Thank you so so much for your feedback and kind words. I strive really hard to make this space as much “me” as possible and create original content. I’m so glad you are able to see that and you feel I’m transparent enough. Happy new year!

    4. Alyssa says:

      Amazing work as usual! The colors are lovely. And what’s just as beautiful are your photos. I wish I had your photo editing skills! Any tips?

      • veda says:

        Thanks for the kind words Alyssa. My biggest tip for photography is using a great lens for shooting indoors and natural light (no studio lights). For my camera, I use a Canon T2i with a 50mm 1.4mm lens for all my indoor shots. Hope that helps a bit!

    5. Camille says:

      Really refreshing work! Love the clean typography and geometric angles/lines.

      Mind if I reblog and/or pin to Pinterest?

    6. Rashi says:

      Stunning work! That logo is brilliant.

    7. Bre says:

      So very unique – wonderful work lady. :) Do you mind me asking what printer you guys used? Always in the market to add more to my list!! xx.

    8. Nathaniel says:

      You’ve done a sensational job with these. Unique, sleek and chic (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

    9. You are very talented and a creative person. New fan of your job!

    10. Ellie says:

      Wow, you’ve done it so well… If only every business cards looked like these!

    11. Marie L. says:

      Good job with these business cards! You are a very talented person.

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