1. Inspired By: Gamma Folk, Brooklyn-Based Jewelry Line


    I was reading one of my daily blog reads, Miss Moss and ran into the work of Jewelry brand Gamma Folk. The Jewelry line is based out of Brooklyn New York and is full of fun braided pieces. The lookbook for Collection #2 is just as beautiful as the pieces themselves. You can read more about them and shop here. Enjoy!

    *Update: After posting this, Design Sponge posted a really great interview with lily Piyathaisere of Gamma Folk. If you want another look into the life of a creative business owner, you should read it!

    (Miss Moss / Gamma Folk)

    1. these are so gorgeous! the varying materials go so well together.

    2. Thanks so much for the post! xx

    3. I find them a little bit to long and thick to wear it as necklaces, but they would be perfect for so many other things ! Absolutely gorgeous.

    4. Kate says:

      WOW! These are gorgeous. I love that large tassel one.

    5. Wow – thanks for the intro! I love all their pieces! I already have a couple on my wishlist :) Plus, I love supporting my local Brooklyn designers!

    6. Amy (Oh, My) says:

      Oh wow, these are beautiful! Love the crafty feel of them x

    7. Those colors are so gorgeous! And such a great way to add a little texture to your look. Thanks for sharing, Happy Friday!

    8. Jessica says:

      Pretty gorgeous stuff! I pride myself on being frugal Scottish stock, but lately I’ve been on the hunt for some new jewelry that is a little more “me.” I would not mind one bit if some of these pieces showed up at my door!

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