1. Veda News: Lazy weekends


    Last Friday I debated and debated whether of not I wanted to blog. Ultimately, my mind was already on the weekend and I didn’t have a creative thread in me. I choose to take the weekend to continue working on a few personal projects. I feel like my house is in a state of half started projects, most of which are related to wedding stuff or my guest room makeover (coming to the blog soon!)

    I’m not complaining though. I feel like lots of exciting things are happening right now, so the sense of unfinished is kind of fun….so many possibilities in the works.

    Anyway…I’m rambling ( I do that a lot). Hope your weeks starts off on the right foot and here are a few images of randomness that is happening in my home these days.

    ( Photos )

    1. Well, Happy Monday! These photos are gorgeous :) And I had a nice, lazy weekend as well – those are the best! I’m excited to see more of your wedding and guest room projects! Exciting!! Enjoy the start to your week!

    2. Kate says:

      I love your attitude!

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