1. Studio Hours: The Kinfolk Cookbook


    I’m sure everyone has seen this by now (at least the cover design), but OMG guys!!!! The inside is beyond beautiful. I’m loving the new trend where cookbooks go beyond just sharing recipes, they are sharing personal life stories associated with the recipe.

    I feel it brings the food to life and almost makes it feel like their traditions are your new traditions. If you haven’t picked up your copy of The Kinfolk Table, I definitely advise you to do so. If you’re not a big recipe fan, the book is just beautiful to look at at showcases the lives of many creative people.

    Has anyone tried any of the recipes in the book yet? If so, what has been your favorite so far?

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    1. alicia says:

      Your photos are beautiful.

    2. Alecia says:

      I don’t have the book yet – but everyone has been posting about it. It just isn’t something I can splurge on right now- so I am living vicariously through other bloggers that are talking it up.

      It looks beautiful though.

    3. Jo says:

      The book looks very beautiful!

      I like how you styled an entire shoot, instead of just showing some pages; it seems to fit their aesthetic very well too.

    4. Stacia says:

      Cookbooks like this are my favorite kind. I also love cook books that are mostly pictures of the step-by-step process instead of few photos and long text explanations. This book sounds wonderful.

    5. Vanessa says:

      Beautiful photos!! I’ll have to grab a copy of that book, I’ve heard great things. :)

    6. Angel Y. says:

      Who doesn’t love a beautiful book? I’m so glad Kinfolk is doing well. I’m happy you’re enjoying your cookbook!

    7. Kate says:

      As always, gorgeous photos!

    8. It’s totally on my book wishlist (with the Monocle Guide of a Better Living, which seems to be a must have too). I love that it’s more than just a cookbook, they actually succeeded at keeping the spirit of the magazine, so it’s still all about people and their stories, in the first place, and then about recipes. I love how much important the human being is for them.

    9. Jade says:

      I’ve put this one on the Christmas list for the husband, although I have a feeling I might be splurging and buying it a bit earlier!

    10. Noor says:

      I am not really a fan of kinfolk but I did read some bad reviews about the book.

    11. Kelly Brito says:

      Your photos are lovely! I love the whole concept of Kinfolk and always loved their work. But early this year, I bought an online subscription that was such a waste of my time and money. $40 thrown through the window… The membership didn’t offer me anything free visitors didn’t have, the emails I sent to their support went unanswered. Kinfolk became a disappointment to me. =(

      Although it is undeniable that their idea is great, today I stick to Fete and other similar magazines…

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