1. Recent Work: Photo Styling For Clementine Daily


    A few weeks ago, Erin Loechner and I started talking about getting together for another collaboration. I used to contribute regularly to her design blog Design For Mankind in a feature called “Graphic Trends”. Her and I work really well together and we were both eager to start something up again.

    With the universe working magic and good timing, Erin had just launched her newest adventure, Clementine Daily. This space is a place for the every-day woman to stop by for a daily dose of authentic inspiration in the form of original content, beautiful photography, & lovely articles (about home, health, entertaining, trends, etc).

    I’ve been hired by Erin to be a photo stylist for Clementine Daily. I’ve be assigned to style and photograph 5 articles a week and I couldn’t be more excited. Since we both work so well together, this project has felt like a dream! Can’t wait to continue sharing some of the photos with you guys.

    Read some Clementine Posts:
    ( Freshen Up, PumpkinProducts, Army Jacket, Organization, & Royal Blue )

    1. Angel Y. says:

      Congrats on the gig! I’ve been loving Clementine Daily in the past few weeks. This shoot looks great Cassie!

    2. Anna says:

      That’s awesome, congrats! I’ve really liked everything I’ve read (and seen) on Clementine Daily, looking forward to seeing your work!

    3. Kia Perry says:

      Love this Cassie! I’m excited to see more from this project!

    4. alicia says:

      That is SO awesome, congrats! Also, so random that you were the one posting the graphic trends column on designformankind, I only started following your blog quite a bit later but do remember the column.

    5. We are SO SO SO lucky to have your amazing eye and talent, Cassie! All my love!

    6. Amanda says:

      So lovely. I can’t wait to see what you two do together! That jacket is dynamite, by the way :)

    7. Alecia says:

      so exciting Cassie! Congrats!

    8. Jessica says:

      So awesome, Cassie! What a perfect avenue for transitioning into the work you love and want to be doing. So pumped for you and can’t wait to see what comes of it! xo

    9. Melinda says:

      Congratulations, Cassie!

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