1. Notables No. 32 (Design Edition)


    Hello everyone! I hope you all had an amazingly productive week :) I’m been focusing my energy on working with new clients as well as creating more original content for this blog space. My goal is to share almost ALL original content with very little being pulled from the internet. It’s a big undertaking considering that usually means taking a bunch of photos and then editing them, but that’s my favorite part of the whole process! Excited to keep sharing

    Notables This Week (all related to design):

    1. The Noma Authentic website is amazing!
    2. Branding for Tabarka Studio
    3. Lovely lovely CD packaging
    4. I’m in love with this illustration
    5. This 2014 Gem & Mineral calendar

    6. The Monogram 1950 book
    7. Packaging for Etta + Billie
    8. Wedding invitation / Ketchup & Mustard
    9. “E” A Piano album / cover by┬áTang Ho lun

    1. Angel Y. says:

      My goal is also to focus more on creating original content. It’s a lot of work but extremely rewarding. :) The Tabarka Studio branding has been one of my favorite projects of the year. Going to check out some of the others you’ve listed here. Amazing finds Cassie!

      • veda says:

        Thanks Angel! I’ve been finding a lot of really cohesive and stunning branding projects recently. Super inspiring!

        Good luck on creating content :)

    2. Allison says:

      still lovin’ on your site’s new look… these ‘notable’ posts look amazing with the style changes!

      • veda says:

        Thanks so much Allison. This post was one of those that really “drove” a lot of how I wanted to change things around. I knew that with this kind of post I wanted the capabilities to use columns for organization. So glad you like the update!

    3. The Noma Authentic website looks amazing – can’t wait for its launch!

    4. Joy @ OSS says:

      I hear you too on the more original content thing…I’ve been working on it myself. Thanks for all the cool links to check this weekend!

    5. Kate says:

      #4 illustration makes me think of one of my most favorite Kate Bush music videos.

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