1. Reader Survey & Giveaway (Ends Friday July 5th)


    Hi guys! Thanks for stopping by often to see what I’ve been up to. I really enjoy sharing things with you and chit chatting about design. I really have grown to love the blog world and I think I’d be a little lost without blogging as part of my daily routine.

    As this blog goes through some design updates this summer, I’d  like to make sure I’m sharing content that you’ll love (and that I love). My freelance business is finally growing and so is this blog, so what would you like to see here in this space? Anything missing? Want more of something? Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

    Please take the super quick (4 questions) survey HERE.
    Once you’re done, leave a comment below letting me know you’ve completed it.
    Your comment enters you in to this little giveaway provided by one of my awesome clients, Always Something (blog and shop coming this summer!)

    * Set of hand-printed cards were made in Toronto Canada – Snap + Tumble Letterpress Goods

    1. bianca says:


      The survey didn’t work. Problem with question 4.

      Your blog is perfect… (sorry I’m a french speaker)


    2. Anna Taylor says:

      I tried to take the survey for you but it keeps prompting me to answer the last question even though I’ve checked a box. Might just be a glitch on my end. Will keep trying.

    3. rahel says:

      completed (:

    4. Claire says:

      completed it!

    5. Anna Taylor says:

      Was able to complete it this time!

    6. Mara says:

      I completed the survey!

    7. Lo says:

      Took the survey, thanks!

    8. Kristin S. says:

      I took the survey too.

    9. Kristina M says:

      completed the survey!

    10. Tanea says:

      Completed! =)

    11. Chelsea says:

      Survey done!

    12. alicia says:

      Yay! Wasn’t able to do it this morning either, thought maybe it was just my ipad. Got it completed now tho!
      Also, those cards are beautiful! Love the simple patterns and shapes.

    13. Nuvea says:

      Finished it! Great blog by the way.

    14. Marissa says:

      completed :)

    15. Naomi says:

      Finished the survey! Curious about the design updates!

    16. Kari says:

      Finished. Easiest survey of my life! Thanks!

    17. Kory says:

      Woohoo! Answered the survey! :)

    18. Laura says:

      done! easy :)

    19. andrew flynn says:

      i look forward to your posts every week!

    20. Kelisha says:

      I’ve completed the survey and great job with your blog! it’s amazing :)

    21. Kelisha says:

      I’ve finished the survey! Can’t wait to see the improvements! :D

    22. Completed! It’s so great of you to ask for reader feedback – I love that idea!!

    23. Natalie says:

      I hope my answers will be helpful for you lady! And happy belated birthday! :)

    24. emily says:

      survey. check.

    25. Megan Maria says:

      Completed the survey! Hopefully it helped!

    26. monika says:

      I completed the survey! Thanks! :)

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    28. maillot psg says:

      Current blog, fresh information, I read it from time to time!!…

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