1. Podcast: Your Elusive Creative Genius


    I stumbled upon this podcast/video at the perfect time. I was feeling the morning blues of being uninspired and naturally…I was blaming myself for being uninspired. I kept asking myself..”I have a dream job, why can’t I just pull it together?” I came across this TED talk with Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat.Pray.Love) and she just blew me away. So much that I listened to it twice (she kind of talks fast too).

    She does a really good job at examining the creative process and performance expectations. She has also developed a unique way of dealing with the constant pressure of needing to be successful…she calls this solution “the disembodied creative spirit”. Here’s my takeaways from the talk.

    Podcast Takeaways:
    – Is is right that you are afraid of what you were put on this earth to do? Afraid of not succeeding. Afraid of never being able to succeed again.
    – Creative are naturally a little bit “undone”, but why do we have to be linked to suffering?
    – We need protection from the results of our work
    – Consider a separation, yet collaboration with your creative “self” instead of being so dependent on it.

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    1. Kayla says:

      I loved this so much. Thank you for sharing! I’ll probably listen to this every time I feel stuck. My favorite part was the story about the poet who felt her poem come thundering to her, so much so that the ground shook. Beautiful.

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