1. Lesson Learn-ing: Take an E-course


    I’m a big believer of continuing your education way past your school days. I also believe that there is no reason why the learning can’t be fun. I’d suggest taking an e-course to strengthen your blog, or learn a few extra things about your freelance process/business.

    I’ve had my eyes on a few classes that I hope to get around to taking in 2013.
    1. Braid E-course: Braid is a creative and consulting company that is now offering e-courses. I’m particularly interested in the Dream Customer Catcher class. Check it out here.
    2. Oh Joy RX: Joy of Oh Joy offers brand brainstorming, career advisory, portfolio development, and product feedback. Learn more here.
    3. Alt Summit/ Alt Channel: A diverse mix of classes for only $15 each. A new class is offered every few days. I’ve got my eye on the “Media Kits That Will Make You Money” class by Victoria Hudgins. View all December classes here.

    Have you guys taken an e-courses or attending any conferences that you’ve found to be valuable to your career or personal development. I’d love to hear about them!

    1. Brandi says:

      Have you heard of Skillshare? They offer a variety of online and in-person classes. I’ve taken a number of them and have enjoyed them all!


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    3. Kate says:

      Thanks for these links! My goal for 2013 is to learn more and these are exactly what I’m looking for!

    4. Noor says:

      I also love to learn about new things. Thanks for the links.

    5. Kathleen says:

      Thanks for sharing our ECourse, Cassie! Are you going to Alt Summit this year? See you there?

      • veda says:

        Oh I wish I were going to Alt Summit. I’m going to have to just take some of their online sessions until some extra finances fall into my lap. hehe.. Enjoy the trip and be sure to tell me all about it!!

    6. Kory says:

      I signed up for three of the Alt classes! They’ll be my first e-courses, but I’m really excited for them! I think an e-course is a great way for people around the country to connect and learn different things from fellow bloggers! :)

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