1. Hermes 3000


    A few years I acquired a lovely mint typewriter, a Hermes 3000. He sat on my shelf looking pretty, but wasn’t really functioning. Right before the holiday I deduced to get that bad boy out, order a new ink tape and learn how to clean all the keys. I was pretty proud of myself for getting him up and running and now, I’m kind of addicted. The sound is amazing!

    *photo taken by Veda House

    1. Mirka says:

      Every time I see a typewriter in a thrift store, my heart skips a bit. I especially love those with the circle keys, and just looking at them makes me kinda feel like a writer, haha.

    2. Kory says:

      You know I’ve always wanted a typewriter. I feel like there’s something special in hand writing letters, but there’s also something special about that type written letter.. It can take you back a few decades. So cool.

    3. Ginger says:

      I have a couple of typewriters in my little collection that are needing a service and new ribbons but I can’t find anyone locally to help me. Would you mind sharing your process and suppliers?

      My favorite is also mint green and it types in italics!

      • veda says:

        I just removed the ribbon from my machine and shopped on Amazon for a ribbon that looked like the one I had. There are video tutorials online that can explain how to take the ribbon off and how to install a new one.

        I didn’t really use any “tools” really. I used a flashlight to see under the keys to clean them. I primarily used q-tips to clean the gunk off the keys and for the sticky keys, I used a little WD-40 to loosen them up. Youtube was a great resource for me.

        Let me know if you have any other questions.

    4. Kate says:

      Typewriting is the best! I’m glad you are all into it!


    5. Bill M says:

      Congratulations on the 3000.
      I have several and they are all great machines.
      I do need to warn you about WD-40 (yes, even though there are supposedly pro typewriter repair people use it) it will kill you machine eventually. WD-40 is NOT a lubricant it is a water displacement compound made for the Atlas missle. Use a good oil, and NEVER on the segment, like sewing machine oil, Hoppee’s gun oil or Starrette machinists oil, very sparingly on only those places needing luvricated. Dry graphite or a good dry Teflon lube like used on bicycle cables can be used on the type bars at the segment.

      Nice blog. I will visit again and I promise few if any long comments like this one.

      • veda says:

        Thanks for stopping by Bill. Really great suggestions for cleaning up Hermes. I really appreciate it and hope to see you around again :)

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