1. Weekday Carnival Update


    If you’ve been following The Veda House for some time, you know that I’m a big fan of Weekday Carnival. The images above feature some of the color updates to Riikka’s home. (Mom, photographer, designer, blogger)

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    1. Noor says:

      Wow it is gorgeous I just love it all.

    2. Sandy Cash says:

      Oh My God there are so many talented amazing bloggers out there! Thanks for sharing from your wonderful list. Don’t know where you find them, you clearly have a knack for it and a great eye. Thanks so much Cassie.

    3. JP says:

      I love that little table! That living room in general just looks really fresh and comfy. :)

    4. Trix says:

      I can see why you’re a fan, her house looks beautiful. I really like the clock in the 3rd photo.

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