1. Mineralia


    I’ve been super interested in Minerals lately and I think it’s solely based on their beautiful colors. I don’t know anything about rocks/minerals except that as a kid I used to collect them and keep them as the most precious things I owned. Thinking about investing in one of these beauties from Mineralia.

    1. Amy says:

      oh god. I’m on their tumblr way too much! you should go for the aquamarine & stilbite ;)

      ps…your blog has been extra lovely lately!

    2. Kate says:

      I will always remember my rock collection—always.

      I just love your taste so much. =]

      • veda says:

        I have such fond memories of collecting rocks, so I will always remember mine as well. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your sweet comment :)

    3. Kate says:

      Minerals seem to be everywhere lately, but I especially love the ones with big, blocky segments like you showed. Have you seen Free People’s soap sculpted to look like different minerals?

    4. […] know that I’m a fan of rocks, minerals and crystals. I’ve posted about them here and here. This is my personal mini collection, ranging in size, shape, and color. Currently I have these […]

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