1. Sonnenzimmer


    Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi have merged their talents as fine artists, print makers, and graphic designers to create Sonnenzimmer. They specialize in making a wide variety of hand-crafted posters, prints, books and packaging. They have a 7- year history together that seems to have built an amazing ongoing collaboration. I find a lot of inspiration from their work and feel like aspects of the pieces translate to what I hope to achieve in my graphic design work. What do you think about Sonnerzimmer?

    1. Anni says:

      So cool to see a name I recognize on here! We have one Sonnenzimmer print already, and we’re getting another through a Kickstarter campaign for a local grocery. Love their work!

    2. Cyn | decyng says:

      I like their work! really interesting.

    3. Alyce says:

      oh, I really love their color palettes. I love good collaborations. I could see them expanding into other mediums (wallpaper, fabrics, etc). lovely!

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