1. Recent Work : Starting the VH Rebranding Process


    OMG…”REBRANDING”. Just saying the word is exhausting. It’s soooo hard to sit down and determine how you want to represent yourself. You want something memorable and ownable. You need something cohesive and complete. This and that…. or maybe that and this…?

    It’s going to take me a little while to get this sorted out, but I thought I’d mention that I’ve started for two reasons. Reason 1: Now I’m accountable for making this happen. (hooray!) Reason 2: I’d love all the advice I can get.

    Follow along with the images that have been inspiring the process —-> here. I’ll keep you guys updated and hopefully share my process along the way. oh geez.

    1. such a beautiful set of images! i’m so excited to see what you come up with…what your brand becomes!

    2. amy says:

      I hear ya – branding for yourself is the toughest. I know you’ll come up with something so very ‘Cassie’ though. Can’t wait to see! :)

      • veda says:

        It’s good hearing from you Amy. Your recent rebranding adventure has inspired me to just take the leap and figure things out finally. Your brand is lovely btw :)

    3. Amy S says:

      good luck! i can’t wait to see what you come up with. xx

    4. twiggs says:

      i so know what you’re talking about! i just went through a rebranding month, that started just as a slight redesign of the blog and ended up with a total new portfolio website, a new logo, a new brand, a new facebook page (damn those almost 2000 fans are going to take me ages to conquer again!), and a whole redesigned blog, but i feel so good1 everything is organized and people are giving me the most fabulous feedback about how wonderful it is! and i’m happy! and this moodboard is beautiful, love the soft colours and the slight watercolour inspiration. i also added that to mine!

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    6. jamie says:

      i’m going through this right now… and it’s so so draining. i’m starting to wonder if i’m really all that creative after all! thanks for sharing in your process… nice to see other people out there going through the same thing.

      i’ve got my fingers crossed for many creative and productive vibes, coming your way!
      – jamie

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